Mayor of Liverpool - Joe Anderson and Elliot Lawless the facts need to be exposed.

A L Radnedge made this Freedom of Information request to Liverpool City Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Joe Anderson and Elliot Lawless

Will the city of Liverpool council supply the following information?

[1] How many times has Joe Anderson held talks with Elliot Lawless over the Elliot group properties and has Joe Anderson ever been paid by this person or his company?

[2] How many properties have the Liverpool city council to date sold to [Mr. Lawless] and his company or 3rd party agents over the past six years?

[3] Has the Mayor acted for the Elliot group and Elliot Lawless - promoted or been to his sites, approved any properties or got the "Liverpool to echo" to give his company good PR?

Has Frank McKenna "Downtown In Business" ever paid the Mayor or his staff any fees, to push deals into the Elliot group could you ask the mayor this?

[4] Did the Mayor have Cllr Ann O'Byrne act and make sure a number of properties went to Elliot Lawless and his company this is according to the Mayors own staff from 2018 and it is on record, she was overseeing a project with a row of houses that were to be given to Elliot Lawless, and no other builder, could the Mayor recall this matter?
Ref: Percy Street and Upper Parliament Street.

[5] What is the total sum of unpaid bills due to the council along with unpaid 106 fees from Elliot Lawless and all his companies to date?

[6] What is the total amount of local jobs that this person has added to the city of Liverpool and what has his company added to the infrastructure for the city so far his office has said 2780 jobs full time in Liverpool?

[7] In 2018 the Mayor's office and staff were all told that Elliot Lawless had set up a roadshow in the Middle east to sell the new 3 towers £250 million projects, in fact, [Roger Mann] was fully aware of this, as was Cllr Richard Kemp both are on record, the company acting for Elliot was "Experience invest from London" the sales team were all recorded over one week, and made a number of statements, linking the Mayor of Liverpool and others to Elliot Lawless and that the Mayor is on hand to Mr Lawless, could the mayor recall this?

Then the staff made a comment that ex Liverpool football player had gone into a partnership deal with [Elliot Lawless] and was also involved in yet a new hotel in Liverpool "Vincent’s"
However, the pair fell out and legal action was taken by the footballer's other partners who owned a top restaurant in the city, Elliot was told to stop using the Liverpool players good name in the Middle east. The Mayor's office was told this, as was Cllr Millar and others.

[8] Then in June 2018 four days before BBC went on air with "Exposed" Panorama 8 files were sent to a number of persons in the city of Liverpool, the Mayor was one of them, along with BBC reporter Roger Phillips, Pete Price, Cllr Gary Millar, there was total silence from all, why then did the Mayor not act or call in the SFO with regards to members of his own staff on the take?

[9] Why did the Mayor then reject a free offer from experts who were all working on a 16 month 890 report that linked [Nick K] and others to fraud, why did the Mayor not act when he Roger Mann, along with Cllr Kemp were all told of the other expert who states "Liverpool is in for a CATASTROPHIC shock" in 2020/21 if the LCC and the Mayor carry on working this way with crooks and members of his own staff for hire to developers, will the Mayor please explain? This as it's all on record, on e-mails and Cllr Gary Millers e-mails.

In fact, a copy was sent to London to the NCA in 2019 for the record from one of the Mayors own staff member in the 4th floor Cunard building.
Roger Mann's LCC Legal log of all the e-mails are on the record as is the recording.

Yours faithfully,

A L Radnedge

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Mr Radnedge,


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