Maths offer-holder and applicant statistics

Waiting for an internal review by St John’s College, Cambridge of their handling of this request.

Dear St John’s College, Cambridge,

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I kindly
request some raw data from you regarding university applications
for the 2013 entry, 2014 entry, 2015 entry and 2016 entry G100 Maths

* the highest UMS top 3 average for all offer holders and rejected applicants
*Number of total applicants and number of offer holders with 3 AS subjects, 4AS subjects, 5AS subjects and 6AS subjects
*Number of total applicants and number of offer holders intending to do 3 A2 subjects, 4A2 subjects and 5A2 subjects
* Number of pooled offer holders
*Total number of applicant and offer holders
*Total number if offer holders who met their offers
*Number of applicants interviewed
*Highest and lowest interview scores for all interviewed and all offer holders

Yours faithfully,
Future Maths Hopeful

Dear St John’s College, Cambridge,

I was wondering whether you could respond to the questions I set earlier as I see it has been delayed. Normally, by law, the authority should have responded promptly.

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Thank you very much in advance
Yours faithfully,

Maths Hopeful

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