Maternity provision for fixed-term post-doctoral researchers

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Dear All Souls College, Oxford,

I am trying to find out more about maternity provision for post-doctoral researchers in Cambridge and Oxford, and hope you can answer the following questions for me:

1) Does your college employ Junior Research Fellows, or have an equivalent paid fixed-term post-doctoral research position?

2) If so, are such researchers eligible for maternity leave and pay? Please give details of any existing policy, and whether it has been applied in the last five years.

3) If maternity leave is taken by a JRF or post-doctoral researcher on a fixed-term contract, is the duration of the position extended by an amount of time equivalent to the time taken as leave, so that research time and funding is not lost as a result of taking leave? Please provide any details.

Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.

Yours faithfully,

J Iqbal

Sarah Beaver, All Souls College, Oxford

Dear Mr Iqbal,
In answer to your inquiry under the FOI Act, I can confirm:
(1) The College employs Post-Doctoral Research Fellows on 5 year fixed term fellowships.
(2) Post-Doctoral Research Fellows are eligible for maternity leave and pay in accordance with the University policy: as approved by the Warden and Fellows. (See Statute III, Clause 17(ii) g of our statutes at ). Fellows on maternity leave receive their full pay, including housing allowance where eligible, during the first six months of leave and, where eligible, may also claim housing allowance during the period of maternity leave where their entitlement to pay under the University's contractual maternity pay scheme has expired but they are still eligible for statutory maternity pay. This policy has been followed in the case of two Post-Doctoral Research Fellows taking maternity leave in the last five years.
(3) Statute III, Clause 1 (vii) (b) provides that the Fellowship of those taking such parental leave may be extended for a period no longer than the period of leave. These Fellowship extensions for periods of maternity leave have also been granted in the last five years for one or more separate periods of maternity leave.
Yours sincerely,
Sarah Beaver

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