Dear Bristol City Council,

Can I see a full itinery/diary of the trip?

Who paid for Mr Rees' travel, accommodation and expenses?

How much did this cost? Please break this down by invoice.

Who else from Bristol City Council or the Labour Party went on the trip?

Who paid for their travel, accommodation and expenses?

Yours faithfully,

Frank Church

Freedom of Information, Bristol City Council

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Dear Mr Church


In response to your FOI  request please find attached the itineraries for
China and Malaysia.


The International Manager accompanied the Mayor on the visit to China. No
officers or politicians accompanied the Mayor to Malaysia.


Costs for China:


Flights:  The business class flights for the Mayor to China were fully
externally funded by Guangzhou municipal government and therefore the
costs are unknown. Bristol City Council spent £1037 for economy flights
for the accompanying Officer, the International Manager.


Accommodation: The 2 x night’s accommodation for the Mayor and
accompanying Officer were externally funded and so no costs incurred.


Meals were funded by Guangzhou Municipal and the Fortune 500 Forum who was
holding the conference therefore costs are unknown.


1078.83 RMB equivalent to £121 was spent while in Guangzhou. Details in
the table below in RMB.


Cash value spent RMB Item
50 RMB Taxi
47 RMB Taxi
58 RMB Taxi
122.43 RMB Refreshments – for a meeting held in the hotel
512.90 RMB Refreshments – for a group meeting held in hotel
38.50 RMB Airport meal for accompanying officer
110 RMB Postage of Bristol gift to Mayor of Kuala Lumpar who
Mayor of Bristol was visiting but left in hotel
140 RMB Express ironing of suit and shirt by hotel on arrival
as unable to check in to room before the conference
and meetings started
1078.83 total


Costs for Malaysia


The flight from Guangzhou to Malaysia, and then from Malaysia to Bristol
were funded by company YTL and 1 night accommodation. All meals funded by
YTL. As YTL funded all costs are unknown. 


Kind regards





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