Lisa made this Freedom of Information request to Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Dear Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust,
1 How many applications for Mutually Agreed Relocation have been successful.
2 How many applications for Mutually Agreed Relocation have been unsuccessful.

Show these in pay bands and positions within the trust.

Yours faithfully, Lisa Penniall

Lisa left an annotation ()

Mutually Agreed Redundancy Scheme. For clarification.

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Good afternoon

In reply to your request for information under the FOI Act, please find enclosed with this email the Trust's response.

Issued by Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Executive Office

[Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust request email]

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David Roberts left an annotation ()

Finally! Well done YAS!

Jamie left an annotation ()

David I am at a loss as to why you feel it is ok for a public funded provider to stonewall genuine requests for information?
I for one am interested to know how well my tax contributions are spent and who is at fault if it appears that the money is not being well spent.
The fact that the same person has asked valid questions should not be penilised unless the questions were foolish or irrelivent.
People in public office need to be accountable for their actions and not duck questions that may show their lack of skills needed for the post they are in.

David Roberts left an annotation ()

Because the person requesting this information makes requests this organisation on an almost daily basis. Sometimes for information already provided in other requests, sometimes appearing to deliberately ask for time consuming information to cause as much difficulty as possible, sometimes requests information from other organisations relating to YAS. It's appears to be some sort of continual vendetta against YAS. There doesn't ever appear to be anything productive that happens with the information that is requested and to be quite frank, it's simply getting tedious to see these numerous requests every time I log on. A lot of the information requested can be found with a simple Google search. For someone that is apparently concerned with how public money is spent, it seems odd to me that they are not bothered about the time and cost it takes to respond to such regular repetative requests. That's why. Genuine requests, not a problem, that's what this site is for.