Manufacturers safety instructions. (pil) 1990/1991

Waiting for an internal review by Ministry of Defence of their handling of this request.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Through our recent further investigations, following speaking with medics administrating the vaccines in the Gulf War 1991, they have stated that there was zero manufacturers safety information (pil) that came with the vaccines themselves. Our particular interest lies with the pertussis vaccines supplied by companies Wellcome & MerieuxUK.

Who is at fault here?

1, Were the companies instructed to leave them out?
( If so please provide the data)

2, Or did MOD receive the supplies and organise the manpower to remove them from approximately 70,000 + doses, which would be a huge task & a substantial paper trail.

We have searched through the Background into countermeasures/immunisation /FFT links erc many many times to find an explanation to this unfortunately without success.

Is there data? Or are the 2 companies at fault here?

Thankyou in advance for this information .
Just a reminder that we have several whistle blowers (gov payroll) on board already and currently in talks with a further person in recent weeks.
Our lawyers are Hilary Meredith Beckham, for those with values/integrity that match those that defend King & Country. Whistle blowers are being treated with 100% confidentiality.
We have no desire to hold those whom work with integrity to account in this matter, just those whom are complicit to covering up the previous corruption .Whether that be 30+ years ago or in the present.

Kind Regards,

Gavin Roberts
On behalf of sick veterans and the families of our fallen veterans, that passed without justice to enable them to fully Rest in Peace.

SG SecFin-Sec Gp Mailbox (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Roberts,


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Dear SG SecFin-Sec Gp Mailbox (MULTIUSER),

Thankyou for your reply. Very interesting that there is no data here. It seems the corruption went deeper than MOD/Porton Down alone.

Kind Regards,

gavin roberts