Mandatory TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reports

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Dear Bradford College,

This request relates to UK Legislation, specifically TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections.
Q. Are you responsible for any buildings with more than 12kw of air conditioning present?
Q. Who is the responsible person for ensuring that your buildings are inspected and reports lodged, please provide the name, address, email address and direct telephone number of the responsible person.
Q. If your TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Certificates are in place, what is their expiry date?
Q. What was the order value of the works placed with the Company who undertook the work?
Q. How many Certificates were produced?
Q. Was the TM44 Inspector independent as required under the Regulations?
Q. Name of the Inspector or Organisation.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Evans

Joanna Green, Bradford College

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Joanna Green

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Joanna Green, Bradford College

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Dear Sir

Thank you for your interest in Bradford College. I am sorry for the delay in responding. Please find the information you have requested attached.

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Joanna Green
Clerk to the Corporation