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Reason for asking

After recently completing a course of full time education in january i began to claim for jobseekers while looking for work.
on my forst interview at the local jobcentre before and descussion of anything such as personal circumstances i was placed imediately onto daily contact. under this i am required to attend the job centre when my advisor makes appointments (usually 2 or 3 per week), and email my advisor daily with each days work search activity, jobs applied for, and forward all email responses to applications.

I asume schemes such as this are intended for job seekers identified as needing help or motivation towards looking for work. as i was placed on this scheme before and other descussion there clearly cant have been identified as needing this extra support.
after finding the criteria for being placed on daily work search reviews and pointing out that i had no possible reason to suspect met this criteria and was in need of this aditional support i was told this i was not on daily work search reviews but was placed on daily contact not.

After being told that this was a nation scheme for all new job seeker claims, but finding nothing whatsoever online about this online i doubt that they are being honest.

What i am asking

1. What schemes other than daily work search reviews are available to job centres to demand claimants are in daily contact with the job centre?
2. Are there schemes or regulations which allow jobcentre plus to insist that people claiming job seekers contact them daily with no reason whatsoever to suspect that they need any aditional support?

Yours faithfully,

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Frank Zola left an annotation ()

Dear rus, DWP may refuse your request, based on how you are presenting your name, see

On "and email my advisor daily with each days work search activity, jobs applied for, and forward all email responses to applications" Have you been requested to do this in writing?

ruspj left an annotation ()

I have nothing in writing instructing me to be in daily contact with them.
I did receive an email telling me what to send - daily activity, jobs applid for, where they were found, how it was applied for, and to forward email responses.
Didnt realise about needing a full name.

Do you recomend waiting for a response or just resending with a name?

ruspj left an annotation ()

Resent with name & added aditional details

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Dear Rus
Please find attached our response to your recent Freedom of Information
Yours sincerely
DWP Central Freedom of Information Team

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