Managing Information Rights Requests

Mr Owen made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Automatic anti-spam measures are in place for this older request. Please let us know if a further response is expected or if you are having trouble responding.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,

I am looking to update my research regarding what software solutions are currently used to manage and track FOI, Subject Access and other DPA/GDPR related disclosure requests and would be most grateful if you would provide me, under the Freedom of Information Act, the following details.

The details I require are:
• What, if any, software is used for managing and tracking FOI, Subject Access, DPA disclosure requests and complaints?
• If purchased software is used, what was the start date, duration and value of the contract?
• Is there an extension clause in the contract and, if so, the duration of the extension?
• Has a decision been made yet on whether the contract is are being either extended or renewed?
• Who is the senior person/s (outside of procurement) responsible for managing the FOI, Subject Access, DPA disclosure request process?

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Ewan Owen,

Dear Ewan Owen,

Thank you for your email which we received on the 28 November requesting

We aim to answer your request no later than 29th December, which is 20
working days from the date we received it. If we are unable to meet this
deadline we will contact you to explain the reason.

If you have any queries about this letter please contact us.

Yours sincerely

Information Rights Team

[email address],

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Dear Ewan Owen,

Please find attached the response to your request of 28th November for
information on Managing Information Rights Requests.

Yours sincerely

Information Rights Team

[email address]