This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Management training in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI):'.

 Alistair Pedlow 
18th October 2023  
Dear Alistair Pedlow, 
Your Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) Request 
I am writing in response to your request which was received by London North Eastern 
Railway (“LNER”) on 26/09/2023 seeking details concerning LNER's approach to 
handling race-related grievances and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) training 
within the organisation.  
Duty to Confirm or Deny  
LNER has carefully reviewed your request and can confirm that we do hold information 
that falls within the scope of your queries. However, it is important to note that while the 
information we possess is of a similar nature to what you have requested, it may not 
directly answer your specific questions. We trust that the information we provide will 
nonetheless offer valuable insights into the areas you are interested in. 

To summarise your request, you are interested in understanding how LNER addresses 
issues related to race and ED&I within the organisation. Specifically, you have asked for 
the number of managers trained to handle race-related grievances in line with ACAS 
guidelines. Additionally, you are seeking details on the number of senior and line 
managers who have undergone ED&I training, the reasons this training was deemed 
necessary, when the training initiative began, and any documentation to confirm that this 
training has taken place over the last two years. 
Part 1 - Race-Related Grievances Management 
  •  Number of Qualified Managers: Information on the number of managers 
specifically trained and designated to handle race-related grievances, in 
accordance with ACAS guidance. 
In response to your query about the number of managers specifically trained to handle 
race-related grievances in accordance with ACAS guidance, I must clarify that our 
systems for recording such training have evolved over the years. As a result, training 
details are now captured in individual personnel files. Due to the extensive nature of 
these records, it would be disproportionate to review each one to determine the specific 

training each manager has received. We may be able to report on this more effectively in 
the future, and if we do so I will ensure I follow up on your request. 
However, I can assure you that our training in 'Investigatory Interview Skills' has been 
both comprehensive and wide-reaching, covering a broad spectrum of roles across 
multiple management units within LNER. For example, roles as varied as 'Driver Team 
Manager' in Operations & Safety and 'Employee Experience Business Partner' in People 
Management have been included. This training is indicative of our commitment to 
ensuring that a diverse range of job functions are adequately prepared to handle 
sensitive matters, including race-related grievances. 
To elaborate, this training has been inclusive of roles from front-line customer-facing 
positions to those in operations, safety, people management, commercial relationships, 
business services, and engineering. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures that our 
commitment to effective grievance handling is not confined to a single department but is 
a company-wide ethos. 
Part 2 - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) Training 
Senior and Line Managers: Details on how many senior and line managers have 

undergone ED&I training. 
As of early 2023, approximately 85.38% of our front-line managers have completed at 
least an in-depth in-person training session focused on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. 
It is important to note that while metrics are useful, they do not capture the ful  scope of 
our commitment to ED&I. Some of our training and engagement activities are more 
holistic in nature, aimed at improving awareness, fostering open discussions, and 
enriching experiences. These initiatives may not always be quantifiable, but they are 
equal y vital in embedding a culture of inclusion throughout our organisation. 
Rationale for Training: Explanation as to why this training was identified as a need 
within the organisation. 
The importance of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion training in today's diverse and 
globalised world is self-evident. It is akin to asking why safety measures are important in 
a manufacturing plant or why customer service is crucial in retail. ED&I is not just a 'nice-
to-have'; it is an essential component of responsible and ethical business practice. 
While specific training initiatives may come and go, our commitment to ED&I has been a 
constant. As an example, I have included links to the 2021 and 2022 ethnicity pay 
reports in Annex 1. These reports are part of our proactive efforts to attract applicants 
from ethnic minority backgrounds and to ensure transparency in our operations. 

•  Our internal 'Key EDI Moments' calendar has been in operation for at least three 
years, marking significant dates and events that are crucial for fostering an inclusive 
work environment. This year, we transitioned our calendar to a live feature on our 
ED&I Intranet page. This was executed in col aboration with our Inclusion Network 
and Internal Communications Team, with the aim to actively promote and amplify 
awareness of significant ED&I moments. By doing so, we aspire to foster a more 
inclusive culture and stimulate dialogue around these pivotal topics within our 
organisation. Recent initiatives include sharing personal stories from our colleagues 
during key commemorative periods such as South Asian Heritage Month, National 
Inclusion Week, and Black History Month. These stories serve as a platform for 
expressing diverse perspectives and experiences, contributing to a richer 
understanding and appreciation of the varied backgrounds and cultures represented 
in our workforce. Through these activities, we continue to embed the principles of 
equality, diversity, and inclusion into the fabric of our organisational culture, ensuring 
that we cultivate a supportive and enriching environment for all our team members. 
•  In 2021, we conducted confidential focus groups through Business in the Community 
to better understand the barriers in attraction, progression, and retention of 
colleagues from ethnic minority backgrounds. The insights gained from these 
sessions have been instrumental in shaping our current and future ED&I strategies. 
•  Also in 2021, we implemented Equality Impact Assessments across both customer 
and colleague-facing activities. Training on how to complete these assessments has 
been delivered to over 100 colleagues. A steering group was established to review 
and provide feedback on al  assessments bi-weekly. This process ensures that all 
future projects at LNER consider equality, diversity, and inclusion right from the 
planning stage. 
•  In 2022, we revamped our careers website to prominently feature our ED&I themes, 
outlining our commitments to potential candidates. Our job adverts are carefully 
crafted to use inclusive language and highlight key elements of our ED&I strategy, 
such as inclusion, diversity, and health and wel being. 
•  Recognising the role of social media in job searches, we have created content that 
focuses on diversity. For instance, our campaign for National Apprenticeship Week 
featured two of our newest col eagues who are part of our apprenticeship scheme. 
We are also exploring targeted advertising to reach underrepresented groups. 
•  We actively support our colleagues' involvement in Muslims in Rail, an independent 
organisation aimed at fostering diversity in the rail industry. In 2022, we participated 
in several recruitment events organised by Muslims in Rail. 

•  In collaboration with Business in the Community, we facilitated a listening forum in 
February 2022, resulting in a report that has informed our talent acquisition 
strategies. These include inclusive recruitment training for hiring managers and data 
monitoring to understand trends in applicant drop-out rates. 
•  We launched a Ramadan guide in 2022 to promote tolerance and respect for 
religious practices among safety-critical roles. Listening to our colleagues is crucial 
for our ED&I approach. In 2022, we sought to understand their views on what could 
be done to improve inclusion at LNER. Our Employee Experience team col aborated 
with Network Rail teams at Kings Cross Station for a deep dive into the local culture 
through an ED&I lens. Our Speak from the Heart employee engagement survey 
showed a 70% score for inclusion from ethnic minority employees. 
By integrating these various initiatives, we aim to create a holistic and effective ED&I 
strategy that not only complies with but exceeds standard practices, thereby making 
LNER an inclusive and diverse place to work. 
Commencement Date: Information on when this ED&I training initiative was 
The ED&I training initiative at LNER is not a new endeavour but rather an evolving, long-
standing commitment. Our approach to ED&I has been continual y refined over the years 
to adapt to changing technologies, societal expectations, and organisational 
Supporting Documentation: Request for evidence or documents to confirm that 
this training has taken place over the last two years. 
Regarding supporting documentation of ED&I training, it is important to note that this is a 
self-run initiative within LNER. As such, the primary form of documentation we have are 
a list of names along with confirmation of attendance (depending on the training 
delivered). Given the nature of the data, it is unlikely I can provide literal evidence 
without compromising the privacy of the attendees. What I can offer, however, are 
anonymised statistics that give an overview of attendance and completion rates for the 
Championing ED&I – Face-to-Face Training for Front Line Managers 
  •  Our organisation prioritised Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) training for front 
line managers, launching this initiative in early Quarter 2 of 2023. The training 
sessions were conducted between April 25th and July 6th, 2023. 
Attendance Statistics 

  •  York: A total of 49 managers attended the training sessions held in York. 
•  London: In London, 24 managers participated in the training. 
  •  Overall Attendance Rate: Across both locations, the percentage of managers who 
attended the ED&I training is approximately 85.38%. 
These statistics serve as our record for the training initiative, affirming our commitment 
to fostering an inclusive work environment. 
ED&I Training for New Starters and Ongoing Initiatives 
  •  As part of our commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I), all new 
starters at LNER undergo an initial 90-minute ED&I training session during their 
induction. This training not only equips them with essential knowledge but also 
aligns them with our business strategy on ED&I. It delves into the Equality Act 
2020, addressing protected characteristics, bullying and harassment as well as 
other forms of discrimination. 
Collaboration with Goss Consultancy 
  •  In the fiscal year 2022/2023, LNER partnered with Goss Consultancy to enhance 
our initial induction training. The aim was to provide a more in-depth 
understanding of ED&I in its entirety. 
Ongoing Rol out 
  •  This revamped programme is not a one-off; it continues to be rolled out across the 
business, reinforcing our commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse work 
Col aboration with Pearn Kandola for Inclusive Leadership Training 
  •  LNER is currently in discussions with Pearn Kandola, a leading firm in business 
and DEI consultancy services, to deliver Inclusive Leadership training to our 
executive team. Pearn Kandola has over 40 years of experience in transforming 
organisations through their psychology-backed approaches. The roll-out of this 
training will commence following feedback from our executive team
Completion of Mandatory E-Learning on ED&I 

•  We have a mandatory E-Learning programme in place, titled "Inclusive LNER," 
which focuses on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I). This programme is part 
of our ongoing commitment to foster an inclusive work environment. 
  •  Over the last two years, a total of 686 colleagues have successfully completed this 
E-Learning course. This number includes managers across various departments, 
further emphasising our organisation-wide commitment to ED&I. 
If you are not content with this response, you have the right to ask for an internal review 
within a reasonable period (which LNER believes is no more than 40 days from the date 
of this letter). In the first instance you should contact me again to request this. When 
making your request, you should specify which aspects of the response you are 
challenging. LNER wil  deal with your request as soon as possible and aim to respond 
within 20 working days following receipt. 
If you choose to exercise that right, and are not satisfied with the outcome of the review, 
you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner by contacting: 
The Information Commissioner’s Office,  
Wycliffe House,  
Water Lane,  
SK9 5AF.  
Yours sincerely, 
Abigail Coates 
London North Eastern Railway Limited 

Annex 1

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