This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Management Structure (Including Contact Details) for Childrens and Adult Services'.

Linda Clegg
Children’s Services
Karen Barrick
Robert Arrowsmith
Jeanette Richards
Jessica Byrne
Paul Lee
Head of Service
Head of Service
Head of Service 
Head of Service 
Head of Service 
Placements / Permanence 
Policy, Planning & 
Assessment, Social Work 
Education Excellence
Operations & Safeguarding 
& Early Help
Service Lead - Children  
Service Lead
Multi Agency 
Services Lead 
in Care, Leaving Care &  
QA, Inspections, Systems 
Safeguarding Hub & 
Access to Learn
Children with Disabilities
& Sector Led Improvement
Service Lead, 
Service Lead School 
Service Lead 
Public Health, Service 
Assessment and Social 
Placement Services
Lead  Planning and 
Work Team
Service Lead 
Service Lead 
Service Lead, Youth 
Service Lead 
Early Help & Early Years
Justice & Participation
Review & Quality
Special Educational Needs 
& Disability (SEND)