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mary hartley made this Freedom of Information request to Trent Valley Internal Drainage Board

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Trent Valley Internal Drainage Board,

I refer to your response to y FOI dated 24th July, of 15th August and have the following further questions. I have retained the initial numbering for ease of response:

1. Trent Valley IDB was constituted in April 2012, was the present management involved with any of the pre amalgamation Boards?
1(b) How was it agreed the Board would join the Consortium? Please provide Minutes of Meetings from a Steering Group or Shadow Board at which this was discussed.
2. Which third party organisation undertook soft market testing on behalf of the Board? Was a written specification provided against which soft market testing was undertaken? How many different options were sought? How did the Board quantify its decision to join a consortium? What were the drivers to quantify the Board decision i.e. quality, price?
3. The first year of the Board was 2012/13. If tenders or quotations were submitted as in 2 above, how did the fee of £107,000 consortium recharge compare to tender prices previously given?
4. How does the figure for Consortium management compare with tender prices received under the soft market testing for 2012/13. Did any of those soft market bodies/companies approached offer a fixed fee?
5(a) Please supply full Minutes from any Shadow Board/Steering Group meeting at which decisions were made.
(b) How many third parties expressed interest - who was approached?
6. How many third parties made proposals, were any of the proposals at fees or prices less than £107,000?
7(a) Internal Auditor - Internal audit does not consider value for money, it comments on internal governance and compliance with financial regulations. I repeat the question, how does the Board measure value for money against the provided service?
(b) What are the key performance indicators against which the management service is measured?

Meeting 3 April 2012 4 Apologies. P Baines had taken the appointment at Newark suggests this person was previously known to all. Was this the case, was the position advertised?
10. Delegated Authority - Trent Valley IDB does not have a Chief Executive or Engineer yet the Board has approved delegated authority for financial payments, appointing staff etc? How is it possible that one public body can delegate its financial authority to another public body?
Meeting 24 May 2012 16.3 Website - is being updated. When will that be done? The website has a paucity of information.
Meeting 31 January 2013 Income and Expenditure "Support Services" refer to estimates in the region of £124,000 for Consortium charges. How does this figure compare to the original estimated cost of Consortium charges to the Board. What figure had other interested parties proposed for Management?
Meeting 21 March 2013 Water Management Consortium Minute 2. "Members felt the Consortium's officers should keep a low profile in the matter". I understand from this that Consortium charges have not complied with EU Procurement regulations or the Public Contract Regulations. Please confirm.

Yours faithfully,

mary hartley

Carol Davies,

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Dear Carol Davies,

I would draw your attention to the Information Commissioners Office and the FAQ "what makes a request valid" available at: The FOI 2000 covers information, not documents therefore all the points raised in my request are valid. Can you please also direct me to the Board's Publication Scheme in accordance with Board obligations as a Non Departmental Government Body

I await your full response as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely,

mary hartley

Carol Davies,

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Dear Mrs Hartley

Please find attached a letter and attachment in response to your e-mail below.


Carol Davies

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Carol Davies,

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Dear Madam,

Please find attached the response to your e-mail below.


Carol Davies
PA to A. McGill, CEO
Trent Valley Internal Drainage Board

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