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Rebecca Moody made this Freedom of Information request to Stabilisation Unit as part of a batch sent to 459 authorities

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Dear Stabilisation Unit,

Please find below my FOI request regarding malicious emails sent to the department.

The date range for the requests is from 2018 to present day. The data shall include a breakdown by year and by individual departments (e.g. separate departments, agencies, or public bodies within the main government agency), if applicable.

1. How many malicious emails have been successfully blocked?
2. What percentage of malicious emails were opened by staff?
3. What percentage of malicious links in the emails were clicked on by staff?
4. How many ransomware attacks were blocked by the department?
5. How many ransomware attacks were successful?

Yours faithfully,
Rebecca Moody

Information Rights (Sensitive), Stabilisation Unit

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Afghanistan related enquiries

The UK evacuation operation has now ceased. The security situation in
Afghanistan remains extremely volatile. There is an ongoing and high
threat of terrorist attack. The potential for terrorist attacks,
particularly around Kabul airport, remains very high. British nationals
remaining in Afghanistan need to consider carefully the risks should they
attempt to leave by any route. We advise against all travel to
Afghanistan. We continue to closely monitor events in Afghanistan. Please
check our travel advice for our latest advice for British nationals, and
subscribe for updates.

The British Embassy in Kabul has suspended in-country operations. All UK
diplomatic and consular staff have been temporarily withdrawn. The ability
to provide consular support to British nationals is extremely limited and
is being provided virtually. If you are a British national in Afghanistan
and need to speak to a consular officer call the FCDO on +441908 516666
(or 01908 516666 in the UK). The FCDO cannot offer advice on the safety of
travelling to any alternative departure point.

British nationals who remain in Afghanistan are strongly encouraged to
[2]register their presence in order to receive important updates. This
will enable us to validate the numbers of British nationals seeking
assistance, and to provide essential information to British nationals that
remain in Afghanistan, when it becomes available.

If you are an Afghan national and are eligible or have been approved for
assistance under the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP),there
is more information here:

If you are a non-British national in Afghanistan, or are the family member
of a non-British national in Afghanistan, and in need of assistance,
please see
or call +44 2475 389 980 (or 02475 389 980 in the UK).

Current and former locally employed UK government staff, ie those who were
employed directly by the UK government, not through a third party, should
apply to ARAP following this link:

Further information on the ARAP scheme can be found here:

If you have already applied for ARAP, and would like an update on your
application, please re-send your query here:
[7][email address]


Non-Afghanistan related Consular Assistance for British Nationals  


If you are a British national seeking urgent consular assistance, please
call the Consular Assistance Team on 020 7008 5000 (or +44 20 7008


ATAS Certificates


Email [8][email address] if you have a query about your application. We
are unable to reply to any query on an application.




Contact the Legalisation Office if you need an update on an application or
if you have a general enquiry: [9][email address], Telephone:
03700 00 22 44
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, [10]Find out about call charges




Please see guidance on [11]Applying for a visa to come to the UK or
contact [12]UK Visas and immigration for help.


Travel Advice

If you require travel advice for your destination country, please visit
the [13]Travel Advice pages, which contain the latest information on
coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and areas where the
FCDO advises against travel. You can also subscribe to travel advice
email alerts for your destination and monitor the FCDO coronavirus travel
advice page. You can follow FCDO Travel social media channels
on [14]Twitter, [15]Facebook and [16]Instagram. If you have a question
about the advice or a topic that is not covered, [17]please submit an


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7. mailto:[email address]
8. mailto:[email address]
9. mailto:[email address]

Information Rights (Sensitive), Stabilisation Unit

Dear Rebecca,

Please note we have received this request three times. We will acknowledge and process one of your requests and you will be notified of this shortly and aim to provide and answer that covers all of the three business areas you have requested information for.

Kind regards

Information Rights Unit
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

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