Malicious email volume

Rebecca Moody made this Freedom of Information request to Sea Fish Industry Authority as part of a batch sent to 459 authorities

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Dear Sea Fish Industry Authority,

Please find below my FOI request regarding malicious emails sent to the department.

The date range for the requests is from 2018 to present day. The data shall include a breakdown by year and by individual departments (e.g. separate departments, agencies, or public bodies within the main government agency), if applicable.

1. How many malicious emails have been successfully blocked?
2. What percentage of malicious emails were opened by staff?
3. What percentage of malicious links in the emails were clicked on by staff?
4. How many ransomware attacks were blocked by the department?
5. How many ransomware attacks were successful?

Yours faithfully,
Rebecca Moody

FOI, Sea Fish Industry Authority

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Thank you

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