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Malicious Complaints From Neighbour

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

When a person is anonymously reported as working while claiming benefits, what is the procedure followed for investigation as i have had to move out because of a neighbour who is constant;y making complaints about evem tho i have moved away as it caused my mental health to suffer and my son has told me she has said to the Job Centre that i am working when not (I am also waiting on an operation for medial ligament tear and cruciate damage so can hardly walk)

If the malicious or other report is by telephone, are the numbers of the anonymous caller/s recorded and kept.

If the malicious or other report is by E-mail, are the E-mail addresses of the anonymous reporters recorded and kept.

How would the DWP differentiate between a genuine call or a malicious call made against a claimant.

When would an investigator open an investigation into a complaint made against a claimant when there is an allegation that they are working.

If an anonymous malicious complaint is made regularly about a claimant using either telephone or E-mail and it is from the same person. Or a series of regular complaints are made by two members of a family or extended family against an individual, at what point would the DWP consider this malicious.

At what point would the DWP's own investigators engage the services of an investigator to conduct surveillance on an individual by watching their home and following them to track their movements.

If a person believes they have had multiple malicious complaints made against them, what can they do to find out how many complaints have been made against them, and when.

What can a person do to find out who has made such malicious complaints against them, such as requesting a recorded telephone number or E-mail address obtained by the DWP.

Yours faithfully,

Yours faithfully,

Bryan Taylor

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