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Michael Edwards made this Freedom of Information request to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,
Please tell me who holds the maintenance contract for Wirrals CCTV system and could you please supply the procedure for reporting faults in relation to the CCTV system.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Edwards

InfoMgr, FinDMT, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Mr Edwards

Thank you for your recent request made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Wirral Borough Council do not have a contract for the routine maintenance of the authority's CCTV cameras, however there is a contract in place for ad hoc repairs and replacements. This contract is currently held by Quadrant Security Group after a tendering process.

Details of the contract can be found on The Chest at the link below

Faults are reported either by Joint Merseyside Police and MF&RS Control Room, Bridle Road, Bootle, or by the Council's Urban Traffic Control (UTC) service in the Cheshire Lines Building. These faults are reported to the Council Control Room. UTC check with BT to ascertain whether the issue is a line fault, and, if not, inform Quadrant of any necessary repairs. UTC then inform the Council Control Room of the outcome.

I hope this information is of interest to you.

Kind regards

Andy Henderson
Information Management Officer

Information Management
Legal & Democratic Services
Transformation & Resources Department
Wallasey Town Hall
Brighton Street
CH44 8ED 

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Michael Edwards left an annotation ()

Once again a very muddled response the CCTV was passed too Merseyside police taking the Councils responsibility away staff redundant and control room closed.
This answer puts the council control room as the hub of everything, faults reported too and outcome reported too also why do they need to know if they have nothing to do with CCTV?