Mailroom and Records Summary

Neil Down made this Freedom of Information request to Liverpool City Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Liverpool City Council,

1. Does the Council manage its own incoming mail or is this service outsourced?
2. If outsourced who is the current provider, when did the contract start and what is the contract term?
a. Was this contract awarded via any Frameworks e.g. CCS RM1063?
b. What is the cost of the incoming mail service within the Council?
3. Is any of the incoming mail scanned or is it physically transported across the Council?
a. What is the volume of incoming mail per day/week/month received by the Council?
b. Is the scanning linked to any Document Management systems?
c. If so can you confirm which ones are used within the Council?
4. If the service is provided in house how many staff are involved in:
a. Sorting the incoming mail
b. Distributing incoming mail
9. How is your returned mail processed?
10. What is your average number of daily returned mail items?
11. Does the Council currently scan documents at department level?
12. Please outline which departments and average daily volumes.
b. Is there a standard within the Council?
11. Are there any special stationary types used?
12. Do you use pre-printed inserts
13. Does the council scan records?
14. If yes could you please supply daily volumes of record scanning?
15. Can you please provide the contact details of the Councils IT Director?
16. Can you please provide the contact details of the Council’s Business Transformation Officer?
17. Could you please supply org chart?

Yours faithfully,
Paul Keefe

Finance and Resources, Liverpool City Council

Information request
Our reference: 554673

Office of the Chief Executive, Liverpool City Council

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Information request
Our reference: 554673