Magistrates' court.

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Dear Sir or Madam,
Could you please answer the following question. Is High Peak Magistrates' court, located at Peak Buildings, Terrace road, Buxton, Derbyshire, a court de-facto or a court de-jure?

Yours faithfully,


Customer Services (CSHQ),

Dear Jon

Thank you for your e-mail. I apologise for the delay in replying. Please would you clarify what you mean by these two expressions. H M Courts Service staff are not legally trained or permitted to give such advice so you may wish to seek independent legal advice.

R D Meek

Russell Meek
Customer Service Unit
H M Courts Service
0845 456 8770

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Dear Customer Services (CSHQ),
Thank you for your reply, it confirmed for me the embarrasing position you are in as you don't want to publicly announce that all courts in the UK are de-facto courts, deriving all their assumed power from colour-of-law statutes. There are no De-jure courts in the UK anymore (courts of LAW), I already knew the answer to my request, I just wanted to show others by way of watching you sidestep the question like you have done. You insulted both mine, and your own intelligence by suggesting that a) you do not comprehend the terms I used, and b) that you are neither qualified or authorised to answer. By the way b) cancels out a), as if you did not understand the terms I used, then how would you know if you were qualified or authorised to answer, sometimes you just make yourselves look silly, but hey-ho you represent a fraudulent de-facto court "service", so we should expect nothing else!

Thank you for your "trouble"

Yours sincerely,


jon left an annotation ()

Defacto: Exercising power or serving a function without being legally or officially established: a de facto government; a de facto nuclear storage facility; A DE FACTO COURT!

Veronica Chapman left an annotation ()

De jure: A Court of Justice. A Common Law court.

(In other words NOT a de facto court which is set up for PROVIDING THE SERVICE OF ADJUDICATION. A service that can be refused, if one does NOT wish to CONTRACT for said adjudication services)

nova left an annotation ()

They're even pointing me to this question!!! When do we ever get an honest answer from government if it demonstrates their tyrany and corruption?

jon left an annotation ()

I suppose by pointing you here, Torbay council are admitting themselves that this request answers your question, and there are NO DE JURE COURTS!!!