M42 Flooding

Thomas made this Freedom of Information request to Highways Agency

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The request was successful.

Dear Highways Agency,

It is reported to us that the drainage system that allows rain water to escape from the surface of the highway was blocked on the M42 near junction 3 on 13/07/2012, causing a build of rain water on the road surface.

please can you confirm if there were reports of any defects to the drainage system before/on the night of the collision or, if any work had been carried out previously to the drainage along this section of road.

Further to the above can you confirm if there were any other
incidents near to or on this section of the road on thesame night and what the reported causes were.

Yours faithfully,


Thank you for your email to the Highways Agency.
If you are reporting a real time incident which requires immediate
attention please call the Highways Agency Information Line on 0300 123
The Highways Agency is responsible for operating, maintaining and
improving the Strategic Road Network in England on behalf of the Secretary
of State for Transport.  This consists of the Motorway network and the
Major Trunk roads. A map of the roads for which we are responsible can be
found here
If your email relates to an issue which is not on the strategic road
network, for example a suburban, local or residential road, you should
forward your email to the relevant Local Authority who should be able to
assist you. You can find details of Local Authorities using the search
facility on the direct.gov website at:
Your email will be passed to the relevant team within the Highways Agency
and they will respond to you within a maximum of 15 working days.
If you have made a request under the Freedom of Information Act your
request will be dealt with in line with our guidelines which are published
here: [3]http://www.highways.gov.uk/freedom-of-in...
Yours sincerely
Highways Agency Information Line

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Dear Mr Thomas,

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.

The below is a duplicate of request 137689-4c745221 which you also submitted on the 9th Feb. Any response will be issued against that request.

Kind regards,

Highways Agency Information Line
Tel: 0300 123 5000
Email [Highways Agency request email]

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