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LSE Digest
1 August 2015 – 31 July 2016

Report of the Acting Chair of the Court of Governors
Report of the Director of the School
Welcome from the Interim Director
Report of the Directors 
Compendium of Information for 2015-16
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Staff on the LSE payroll as at 1st January 2016
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2nd version, revised 26 April 2017
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 1 I 

I 2 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Acting Chair of the Court of Governors
I am honoured to have been appointed Acting Chair
closure of the central buildings, but we all look forward
of the Court of Governors and Council. I have a long
to the improved space the development will bring.
history with LSE as a School Governor since 2005 and
Vice Chair since 2014, a member of Council since 2008
It was announced in June that the School would launch
and I was Chair of the Audit Committee 2010 to 2014.
an ambitious programme designed to build a global
I am delighted that Dame Shirley Pearce will assume
community of leaders dedicated to changing policy, 
the role of Chair of the Court of Governors and Council
practice and public dialogue around inequalities. The
on 1 January 2017.
programme  was  developed  by  the  School’s
International Inequalities Institute and created with a
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Professor
grant of £64.4m from The Atlantic Philanthropies, the
Craig Calhoun for his contribution to the continued
largest philanthropic donation in LSE’s history.  
success of the School during his four years in office to
31 August 2016. Professor Julia Black will continue to
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone,
drive LSE forward as interim Director from 1 September
governors, office holders, academic and professional
2016 until the new Director is in post. I am pleased that
services  staff  who  work  so  hard  for  the  good
Dame Nemat (Minouche) Shafik, Deputy Governor of
governance of the School. I look forward to continuing
the  Bank  of  England  and  LSE  Alumna,  will  take  up
to work with you all over the coming year.
office  as  the  16th  Director  of  the  School  on  1
September 2017.
Alan Elias
There  is  no  doubt  that  the  outcome  of  the  EU
Acting Chair of Court and Council
Referendum on 23 June 2016 presents new challenges
for the School over the coming months and years, but
it also creates opportunities. LSE is well placed to offer
technical expertise on many aspects of the UK’s exit
from  EU  and  we  will  be  running  a  programme  of
events  on  related  issues  to  contribute  to  the  public
We have completed and implemented a review of our
Governance  arrangements  and  Senior  Management
Structure  initiated  by  my  predecessor,  Lord  Paul
Myners, whom I thank.
Elsewhere, the School thrives and develops. In January
2016 Council adopted a new Education Strategy which
will continue the School’s strong tradition of interaction
between research, teaching and learning. It seeks to
improve the experience our students have while at the
School and prepare them for the increasingly complex
and challenging world into which they will graduate.
The  major  building  work  on  the  Centre  Building
Development at the heart of our estate has continued
over  the  past  year.  The  demolition  phase  is  almost
complete  and  we  will  soon  start  to  see  the  new
buildings rising upwards. Student facilities have been
developed  across  campus  to  compensate  for  the
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 3 I 

Report of the Director of the School 
When this report is published, I will have stepped down
Lincoln’s Inn Fields / The Paul Marshall Building, our
as Director of the School. I remain enthusiastic about
next major building project. Since the announcement,
LSE and its potential. Serving the School remains one of
LSE and Grafton Architects have been busy setting up
the  most  important  things  I  have  done  and  I  will
the project arrangements to ensure everything goes
continue  to  serve  as  Centennial  Professor  in  the
smoothly as the teams will be working together for the
Department of Sociology. The School’s key priorities for
next six years until the building is finished and occupied
2015-16 were to put in place a Strategic Plan, with a
in  2021.  We  can  look  forward  to  a  world  class,
core  focus  on  teaching  excellence,  research  of
flourishing campus.
international quality and effective public engagement.
In 2015-16, LSE Advancement enjoyed another record
At the top of our agenda was our vision to improve
year  in  philanthropic  income  secured  for  strategic
substantially  the  quality  of  our  educational
School  projects,  with  £85m  raised  from  alumni  and
programmes. This is central to the School’s mission and
friends, trusts, foundations and business partners. This
its  finances,  because  student  fees  are  our  major
total  included  the  largest  gift  ever  received  by  LSE
revenue  source.  LSE  has  a  global  reputation  for  its
(£64.4m from the Atlantic Philanthropies to create the
research  and  we  want  to  ensure  its  teaching  is
Atlantic  Fellows  programme  at  the  International
regarded  in  the  same  light,  recognised  for  its
Inequalities Institute), the largest gift from an alumnus
innovation, its dynamic learning environment and its
(£10m  pledged  by  Firoz  Lalji  to  endow  the  Centre
interdisciplinary focus. We want our graduates to be
forAfrica), and a record year for the LSE Annual Fund
well informed, with critical and analytical skills that are
(more  than  £1m  raised  from  3,369  donors).  The
globally  transferable  and  well  regarded.  An  LSE
Annual Fund supported 93 initiatives across LSE during
education is rigorous preparation for future careers and
the year, including 87 that directly enhance the student
citizenship  worldwide.  Professor  Paul  Kelly,  as  Pro-
experience. Over £4m in philanthropic research grants
Director  for  Education,  introduced  a  new  Education
was  generated  through,  or  in  collaboration  with,
Strategy. He and I announced in February 2016 that
Research Division.
LSE  would  invest  £11m  in  education  and  student
experience  over  the  next  three  years.  We  also
2015-16  has  been  a  successful  year  for  the  School.
introduced a new timetable which allowed for more
There are key external challenges ahead, not least in
time  for  beyond-the-classroom  teaching  and
relation to the Higher Education Bill and Brexit, but my
embedding research into taught programmes to offer
sense is that the School is in a strong position to take
new experiences for students; this includes assessing
these on. It has been a privilege to serve the School and
class participation and group activities, field trips within
I wish Professor Black and indeed the whole School
London, experiential research projects and Lent Term
every success.
exams.  These  developments  will  be  vital  as,
disappointingly, we saw a further drop in LSE’s student
satisfaction rating in the latest National Student Survey
Professor Craig Calhoun
(NSS), released in August 2016. The School’s leadership
intends to address this challenge head on and I know
that  Professor  Black  will  prioritise  this  during  her
LSE’s Centre Building Redevelopment continues apace
and will create a state-of-the-art, flexible and highly
sustainable academic and teaching building. In April
2016,  LSE  announced  that  Dublin  based  practice
Grafton Architects had been selected as the winners of
the international architectural competition to design 44
I 4 I LSE Digest 15-16

Welcome from the Interim Director
LSE is an extraordinary institution. I am delighted to
programmes.  We  are  committed  to  investing  in
have been appointed Interim Director from September
education and engaging with our students to enhance
2016  and  will  continue  my  work  as  Pro-Director
our world class provision.
(Research) simultaneously, whilst the School recruits a
new Director.
External Environment
The School Management Committee is leading on our
I  must  pay  tribute  to  Professor  Calhoun  for  his
response to the outcome of the EU referendum. This
exceptional contribution during his term as Director.
includes  the  School’s  academic  and  intellectual
My  primary  goal  during  2016-17  is  to  continue  to
response,  its  Communication  and  Public  Affairs
implement  the  School’s  strategy,  building  on  our
strategies, and the status of progress with developing
significant strengths and addressing areas where we
plans to mitigate potential negative implications and
need  to  improve,  alongside  managing  the  rapidly
to exploit new opportunities that may arise from the
changing  political  context  in  the  wake  of  the  EU
outcome of the EU referendum. The School has reacted
Referendum and the Higher Education Bill.
swiftly to collect data/information to assess its level of
exposure to any immediate impact and is putting in
Education Strategy
place actions to mitigate potential threats. Whilst the
Professor Paul Kelly, Pro-Director (Education), recently
School  has  identified  threats  to  its  institutional
published  the  LSE  Education  Strategy  2015-2020,
interests, for example the future of research funding
which  sets  the  path  for  the  School  to  lead  in  the
and the status of EU national staff and students, it also
provision  of  research-informed  social  science
sees  an  opportunity  to  play  a  proactive  role  in
education. An LSE education is designed for students
influencing  the  media,  public,  policy  makers  and
who are keen to engage critically with their discipline
politicians as they react to, and in the latter cases lead,
and  real  world  challenges,  and  who  want  to  equip
the process of exiting the EU and redefining the UK’s
themselves, professionally and personally, for the world
relations with Europe and the world.
into which they will graduate.
In the short term, and most urgently, the School is keen
LSE is making an extra investment of £11m over the
to reassure its EU national staff and students that they
next three years to enhance the education we provide
are welcome, secure and vital to the success of LSE. It
and  students’  experience.  This  year,  we  have
is also proactively engaging with the Brexit negotiation
established a full complement of activities focused on
preparations to try and shape the landscape facing LSE 
supporting our students to realise their educational and
and feed LSE expertise into the ministers and officials
professional  ambitions.  We  have  launched  LSE  LIFE,
working  on  Brexit  in  UK  and  Europe.  The  School  is
which is a new academic, personal and professional
aiming to offer support to government whilst using
development  centre  for  LSE’s  students  on  both
every opportunity to lobby for protection for our staff
undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes;
and students and the security of EU research funding.
this will provide them with ongoing opportunities to
We are also keen to be on the front foot to protect our
develop academic, communication and research skills,
EU  funding  and  status  within  the  EU  as  a  research
learn languages, get advice on personal effectiveness
partner. We want to protect our reputation as a world
and  in  making  life  choices,  and  gain  insights  into
leading, international facing University.
graduate  recruitment  and  career  paths.  We  have
introduced  the  new  Education  Career  Track,  which
In  the  longer  term  the  School  wants  to  continue  to
supports  LSE  teaching  staff  and  provides  the
attract the best international students and develop and
opportunities  for  the  development  of  specialist
deliver a teaching offer that fully reflects and examines
educators  who  wish  to  build  their  careers  through
the impact of Brexit. LSE wants to engage the public
teaching and educational leadership. Alongside this, a
and share our research and knowledge. We also want
new  Pro-Director  Vision  Fund  has  been  launched  to
to use our knowledge and capacity to advise, train and
support  the  development  of  innovative  LSE
support civil servants and policy makers as they devise
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 5 I 

Welcome from the Interim Director
a Brexit plan and use our research capability to examine
the consequences of Brexit and the policy options now
available to the UK government and the EU.
Since the result of the referendum, the School and the
higher education sector have been operating within an
uncertain external environment and it is anticipated
that  this  will  continue  for  some  time.  We  are  fully
cognisant that the implications of Brexit are not the
only  challenge  facing  LSE  and  the  higher  education
sector as there is a range of changes ahead. The School
is  engaging  with  the  government’s  programme  of
reform to higher education regulation, as expressed
through the Higher Education and Research Bill, the
review  led  by  Professor  Lord  Stern  of  the  Research
Excellence Framework (REF) and the introduction of the
Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). We are mindful
to consider the potential threats and opportunities for
LSE arising from the Brexit situation, alongside a range
of  influential  external  changes.  This  changing
landscape  will  impact  on  the  way  that  the  School
works  and  we  have  teams  across  our  Professional
Service Divisions seeking to understand how it will do
so and to plan how we respond.
Financial position
LSE is fortunate to be in a strong financial position. We
are  grateful  that  our  Financial  Statements  show  a
healthy  cash  flow  that  allows  us  to  invest  in  our
campus and in the quality of education we provide.
However,  we  are  conscious  that  the  external
environment may impact on our income and we will
closely  monitor  the  financial  impact  and  plan  for
I look forward to the challenges ahead and consider it
an honour to act as Interim Director until the School
welcomes my successor Minouche Shafik in September
Professor Julia Black
Interim Director, LSE
I 6 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors
Purpose and strategy
In pursuing our strategy we will continue to focus on
our six key strategic themes:
The LSE’s Council adopted the LSE Strategy 2020 in
December 2015. Our strategy orients the School to the
We will substantially improve the quality of our
next stage in its continuing development and sets out
educational programmes including the overall
specific areas of focus for our activity as we seek to
student experience, and develop opportunities for
keep  advancing  the  quality  of  our  teaching  and
the brightest students regardless of their
research whilst retaining the vitality and public impact
of the work carried out by our students and staff.
We will strengthen our commitment to equity,
The  School  approaches  this  strategy  aware  of
diversity and inclusion and take relevant action
significant  challenges  facing  the  institution  and  the
throughout the institution.
wider higher education sector; these include:
We will continually improve faculty quality,
•  Sharp decline in proportion of the School budget
research performance and intellectual innovation
provided direct from UK government funding, with
and enhance the quality of our Professional
direct grants falling from nearly 80 per cent to less
Services staff.
than 10 per cent and the consequent
We will lead (and continue to be recognised in
transformation into a university funded mainly by
leading) in innovative, international
student fees.
interdisciplinary, and issue-oriented social science.
•  Intensified competition from both UK and
We will enhance and diversify our revenue streams.
international universities (and research and
educational provision in other organisations), many
6  We will secure an estate and other facilities
of which have improved performance and are
commensurate with our standing and aspirations.
continuing to innovate in technology, educational
Departments and Professional Service Divisions within
programmes and their global reach.
the School have already begun to integrate these aims
•  Educational performance and productivity
into their own strategic and operational plans and the
inconsistent with our high aspirations and
Council receives a regular update from the Director on
impressive performance in research. 
the School’s progress in meeting these aims.
In approaching the development and delivery of our
The goal of this strategy is clear: to enable LSE to thrive
strategy the School has had to make a number of
and to show in the future the brilliance it has exhibited
strategic choices. The Council recently reaffirmed
in the past, to achieve the highest intellectual quality,
their commitment to:
and to contribute to society.
•  Building a core faculty committed to both
Strategic review of the 2015-16 Financial
education and research.
•  Focussing on social science and closely related
The 2015-16 results represent another strong financial
fields that contribute knowledge to understanding
performance  for  the  School.  Student  numbers  have
and changing society, collaborating with but not
grown  in  line  with  current  plans,  we  have  made
seeking to expand into other major dimensions of
significant  investments  in  improving  the  student
academic work.
experience,  increased  the  number  and  quality  of
•  Strengthening face-to-face education and the
academic staff, sustained high quality research activities
intellectual community at our central London
and  for  a  second  successive  year  secured
campus and developing thriving educational,
transformational philanthropic investment to support
research, and public engagement at this campus;
the work of our interdisciplinary institutes.
this may be complemented by programmes
overseas or benefit from technological innovation.
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 7 I 

Report of the Directors
Table 1 – Summary financial data         2015-16
Operating income
Donations and endowments
Total income
Operating expenses
Earnings before interest, tax, 
depreciation and Amortisation (EBITDA)
USS past service deficit provision
Interest and other finance costs
Operating surplus before
other gains and losses
Gains on investments
Change in the fair value of hedging
financial instruments
Comprehensive income / deficit for 
the year
Balance sheet
Fixed assets
Endowment assests and invstments
Net current assests
Creditors over one year
Pensions liabilities and provisions
Net assests
Building and infrastructure investment
Cash and cash equivalents
Net funds
Student numbers
Postgraduate – taught
Postgraduate – research
Full time student numbers
Part time
Others (visiting, executive)
Average ful time equivalent staff numbers
Staff costs as a percentage of income before donations
I 8 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors 
Table 2 – EBITDA (based on net unrestricted earnings before interest payable, taxation and

Changes in accounting standards and
philanthropic gifts on the basis of the funds
the new Higher Education Statement of
actually received during the year.
Recommended Practice
•  The inclusion in the SOCI of the present value of
The 2015-16 Annual Accounts have been prepared in
the School’s commitment to fund past service
accordance with the new 2015 Higher Education State-
deficits in the USS and SAUL pension schemes.
ment  of  Recommended  Practice  (SORP).  This  super-
•  The inclusion of the School’s interest rates swaps at
sedes the 2007 SORP and aligns accounting for higher
fair value.
education with Financial Reporting Standard (FRS)102.
Last year’s figures, including the opening balance sheet
•  Changes to the way income from contracts, dona-
have been restated to reflect the changes required by
tions and grants is recognised. 
the 2015 SORP. 
The  changes  to  the  way  income  is  reported  may,  in
This has had a significant impact, for example reducing
certain  circumstance,  lead  to  the  recognition  of  an
reported net assets at 31 July 2015 from £509.9m to
entire grant or gift as income in the year of receipt even
£417.9m – see note 29.
if its use is restricted to meeting expenses many years
into  the  future.  We  are  developing  our  internal
References  in  this  Strategic  Review  to  year-on-year
reporting  to  ensure  we  can  track  between  periods,
movements and the financial plans of the School are
related revenues and expenditures.
made on a basis consistent with the new SORP. 
The effect of these accounting changes will be more
The main changes the new SORP brings to the financial
volatile figures reported in the Consolidated Statement
statements are: 
of Comprehensive Income and Expenditure than in its
•  The Income and Expenditure statement and
predecessor, the Income and Expenditure Statement.
Statement of Recognised Gains and Losses (STRGL)
In anticipation of this change, the School has moved
are replaced with a single Statement of
to focus its financial planning towards an “Earnings
Comprehensive Income (SOCI).
(based on unrestricted earnings) before interest paid,
tax, depreciation and amortisation” (EBITDA), measure
•  As a result, new endowments and changes in the
of income and expenditure. 
market value of endowments are both reflected on
the face of the SOCI. We will usually report
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 9 I 

Report of the Directors 
League table measures
THE World University Rankings
THE World Reputation Rankings
QS World Rankings
National Student Experience Poll
National Student Survey (Q22)
The Times/Sunday Times
University Guide
Guardian University Guide
Complete University Guide
Estate measures
Academic estate 
Category A
(condition categories)
Category B
Category C
2015-16 Income – £349.0m including gain on investments
2015-16 Total expenditure and change in fair value of interest rate swaps £317.9m
I 10 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors 
As a result of the Atlantic Philanthropies and Firoz Lalji
In summary, the Statement of Consolidated Income for
gifts we received this year, Donation and Endowment
2015-16 shows a surplus for the year of £31.2m, £1.0m
income  recognised  in  the  year  was  almost  £30m.  In
unrestricted and £30.2m restricted.
addition  to  securing  the  future  of  two  of  our  new
interdisciplinary  centres,  these  gifts  will  provide
The  EBITDA  measure  is  less  volatile  as  it  excludes
additional income of £52m over the next five years.  
provisions for future costs and non-cash revenues such
as  unrealised  investment  gains,  movements  in
The restated 2014-15 figures shown in Table 1 include
derivatives or pension provisions. The School’s Council
a one-off charge related to the School’s contribution to
has  adopted  a  preliminary  target  of  10  per  cent  of
the USS pension scheme’s past service deficit. The 2015
revenue for this measure. This is required to meet our
SORP  requires  that  the  present  value  of  the
interest and capital repayments, to fund further capital
commitment  to  meet  a  share  of  the  deficit  be
investment and allow sufficient flexibility to support the
recognised in the accounts, which its predecessor did
new academic initiatives that ensure the School remains
not. The deficit is based on the last triennial valuation in
innovative. Table 2 shows the School’s EBITDA trend in
March  2014,  but  as  the  new  funding  arrangements
recent years and our forecast for it over the next few
were not agreed until November 2015, it is charged in
years. We expect it to increase after the completion of
2014-15  rather  than  being  reflected  as  an  opening
the  Centre  Building  development  when  we  can
accommodate some modest growth in full time student
numbers. A combination of strong student recruitment,
The  financial  statements  comprise  the  results  of  the
a significant and sustained contribution from ancillary
School, consolidated with the results of its subsidiaries.
activities  and  strong  financial  management  have
Our  subsidiaries’  operations  are  vacation  letting  of
delivered substantial surpluses in recent years and 2015-
16 continues this pattern. This underlines the strength
exploitation  of  intellectual  property,  operation  of
of the School’s operating model and demonstrates that
executive  education  programmes,  and  overseas
we are well placed financially to deal with our short and
fundraising. For commercial, legal and taxation reasons
longer  term  challenges  and  commitments  while
these activities are channelled through limited companies
continuing to invest in our campus.
which, where appropriate, transfer their profits to the
In  an  increasingly  competitive  environment  we  are
School through an annual payment of Gift Aid.
pleased to have increased our operating income from
In addition, the School is a partner in the TRIUM Executive
fees, grants, research, residences and other operating
MBA programme with New York University and HEC in
activities by 6.1 per cent. However, this was exceeded
Paris.  The  School’s  share  of  this  programme  is
by growth in operating costs of 7.4 per cent and while
incorporated on a proportional basis.  
much of the excess was planned investment in faculty,
academic initiatives and student support, tight controls
The LSE Students’ Union is a separately constituted body
over our indirect costs will be critical during the period
over which the School does not exert significant influence
of economic uncertainty which lies ahead.
and it is not consolidated in these financial statements.
Table 4 – Income analysis
Tuition fees
Funding Council grants
Research grants
Other income
Investment income, 
Total income before endowments 
and donations
Donations and endowments
Total income
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 11 I 

Report of the Directors
Table 5 – Full time students and plans
Ensuring financial sustainability
appropriate examined on a standalone basis before any
The School’s ambition is to continue as a world leader
final  decision  is  made.  This  allows  for  a  quantified
in research and teaching in the social sciences, so the
assessment  of  the  sustainability  of  the  individual
generation  of  sustainable  surpluses  is  essential  to
elements of the Plan and of the Plan as a whole.
provide  the  flexibility  necessary  to  invest  in  the
As part of this financial planning process a range of
academic initiatives this ambition requires.  
financial and non-financial measures including those
Each  year,  the  School’s  Council  as  governing  body,
set  out  in  the  next  table  are  tracked  and  reviewed
approves  a  10-year  Financial  Plan  that  captures  and
when  the  Plan  is  agreed  and  regularly  thereafter
quantifies the Strategic and Operational plans of the
through  the  year.  The  move  to  the  2015  SORP  has
School  and  sets  them  alongside  a  prudent  and
necessitated modifying them as consistent comparative
transparent set of assumptions. The financial results
data is not available at present.
portrayed in the Plan are measured against a range of
Investing in a world-class estate
targets, and then tested against the risks identified in
Developing the campus and our ambition to orientate
the School’s Strategic Risk Register to ensure we have
it towards Lincoln’s Inn Fields is central to the Strategic
a  reasonable  expectation  of  delivering  a  sustainable
Plan – we will invest at least £360m over the next 10
long  term  position.  The  first  year  of  the  2016  Plan
years  in  the  redevelopment  of  the  campus,  starting
represents the School’s operating budget for 2016-17.
with the Centre building site, and continuing with 44
Any significant investments, such as those proposed for
Lincoln’s Inn Fields.  
the redevelopment of 44 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, or recent
investments  in  improving  student  experience,  are
Great buildings on campus will provide a world class
measured  and  tested  against  the  Plan  and  where
academic  environment  for  our  students  and  faculty,
I 12 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors
facilitating  path  breaking  research,  supporting
for our students as we know this is an important part
recruitment  and  retention,  creating  connections
of the LSE experience and a critical factor in attracting
physically  and  intellectually  and  enabling  innovative
the diversity of students that gives the School its unique
and  interactive  teaching.  Off-campus,  the  School  is
working to increase the provision of accommodation
Full time students in 2015-16
Funding strategy
The School’s strategy is to fund proposed capital
development on a portfolio rather than building-
by-building basis, using cash flow and cash reserves
to  leverage  external  grants  and  donations  and
periodically raise cash through long-term debt as
Over the past five years we have generated £276m
in operating cash (an annual average of 12.6 per
cent of income). During the development phase for
the Centre Buildings we except this to fall a little
below  this  average  but  once  the  building  is
available in 2021 our planned student growth will
see this figure rise back to its historic level.
Operating revenues and costs
Origin of full time students in 2015-16
The School received nearly 18,000 applications for
full time undergraduate study in the academic year
2015-16 (Table 5). We made offers to 21 per cent
of  applicants  and  enrolled  9  per  cent  as  new
undergraduate students. We have an average of
11.8  applications  per  place  for  undergraduate
study, a level that has remained strong in recent
At  the  postgraduate  level,  we  enrolled  3,970
students, two-thirds of whom were from outside
the UK and EU. We have an average of just under
five applications for every place.
Support for learning – 
cent of the total number enrolled at the School had full
Scholarships and bursaries
funding. This funding includes a maintenance grant
The School is recognised by the Economic and Social
and fees paid from School resources or through exter-
Research Council as a Doctoral Training Centre (DTC).
nal sources such as the Research Councils or philan-
2015-16 was the fifth cohort to enter, setting a steady
thropic support.
state of 150 funded students. Including the new ar-
In  2013  the  School  launched  a  new  flagship  stu-
rivals to the DTC, the new intake to the School’s fully
dentship scheme that supports outstanding research
funded  studentships  and  other  awards,  over  65  per
students by fully funding their postgraduate research
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 13 I 

Report of the Directors
at the School. During 2015-16 the School had 103 new
will be able to recruit academic staff to the new track
fully funded studentships, 55 per cent of the total num-
for the first time, and will be able to call on transition
ber enrolled at the School. This scheme provides for a
funding to do this.  Nearly £3.0m has been set aside
maintenance grant and fees to be paid from School re-
from  the  financial  plan  to  enable  departments  to
sources or through external sources such as the Re-
appoint such staff and then integrate them into their
search Councils or philanthropic support.
staffing budgets over a three year period.  In addition,
academic  contribution  pay  has  been  focussed  on
The  School  has  two  flagship  funding  schemes  for
rewarding  academic  staff  who  deliver  excellent  and
doctoral  students  –  its  own  LSE  PhD  Studentship
innovative education within departmental programmes. 
scheme which had 173 fully funded students across all
years, and the Economic and Social Research Council
The main capital investment relates to objective two on
Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) scheme with a further
producing  able  and  sophisticated  graduates.  The
150.  In  addition,  PhD  students  are  funded  by
School identified the ground floor of the Library as the
philanthropic support and other Research Councils and
ideal  place  to  create  an  academic,  personal  and
some institutes and departments provide scholarships.
professional development centre, LSE LIFE. This centre
All these awards provide a maintenance grant and fees.
opened on schedule and on budget on 19 September
Additionally,  the  School  sets  aside  other  funds  to
and it provides students with one place for all of the
support  conference  attendance  and  support  for  the
development  opportunities,  resources  and  support
writing up period, available to all PhD students.
provided by all the different School services. The centre
is  also  a  flexible  space  within  which  departmental
Support for learning – New Education
programmes can host the use of innovative assessment
methods on their courses or complement their taught
In  2015  the  School  launched  its  5-year  Education
provision  with  applied  and  experiential  learning
Strategy with the three key strategic objectives that:
LSE departments lead in the provision of excellent
The investment in education also provides a new Pro-
disciplinary and interdisciplinary education.
Director  “Vision”  Fund,  of  £100,000  p.a.  for  three
LSE graduates are well informed, critical, analytically
years to fund programme-level enhancement projects
sophisticated and globally employable.
and  institutional  research  into  developing  LSE
education. Finally, the investment includes professional
Students  and  staff  interact  to  build  a  dynamic
service staffing to support educational provision at LSE.
learning  community  that  reflects  the  School’s
This includes a team for the LSE LIFE centre, but also a
distinctive identity.
post to provide increased data management capacity
As part of the School’s commitment to this strategy an
to deliver better management information for decisions
additional  investment  of  over  £11m  has  been
on  educational  design  and  development,  a  student
earmarked in the School’s Financial Plan beginning in
communications post to develop the channels through
2015-16 with a £3.5m investment in the creation of
which the School communicates with its students, two
the innovative LSE LIFE space in our Library and the
educational development posts to work with academic
recruitment  of  additional  staff  in  our  Teaching  and
staff on their teaching and a small Educational Strategy
Learning Centre.
Unit, to support the Pro-Director Education, and the
School  more  widely,  in  implementing  the  Education
The first objective of excellent disciplinary education is
financially supported through the creation of a career
track for academics whose main contribution to LSE
Higher Education Funding Council of
will be through leading courses and programmes that
England (HEFCE) grants
are  “excellent”.    The  track  was  approved  at
The School’s primary sources of direct public funding
Appointments Committee in June 2016, with the first
are  HEFCE  grants  and  Research  Council  funding  for
staff “migrated” from existing “teaching only” roles in
research  projects.  HEFCE  funding  comprises  three
August.  During 2016-17 academic year, departments
elements,  quality  related  research  funding  (QR),
I 14 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors
Table 5 – UG and PGT application, offer and enrolment numbers
UG (first degree)
Total applications
Total offers
Total enrolments (new entrants)
Registration targets
Applications per place
Enrolment rate (enrolements / offer)%
Total applications
Total offers
Total enrolments (new entrants)
Registration targets
Applications per place
Enrolment rate (enrolements / offer)%
teaching funding and knowledge exchange funding,
Research grants and contracts
titled Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF).
2015-16 has been a successful year for research at LSE.
A  strategy  to  grow  our  grants  portfolio  has  seen
HEFCE  funding  for  teaching  is  largely  confined  to
increased funding from Research Council UK (RCUK)
HEFCE initiatives to mitigate the impact of fees on the
and other UK government sources. This along with an
diversity and access of students to higher education
increase in commissioned research by the Department
and the higher costs of delivering teaching in Central
for  International  Development  (DfID)  funded
London.  The  School’s  research  block  grant  (QR)
International Growth Centre, helps to push research
increased by £2.0m to £18.8m in 2015-16 as a result
income over the £30m mark for the first time. A further
of  our  outstanding  success  in  the  2014  Research
£1.1m  research  income  generated  by  the  School’s
Excellence Framework (REF). LSE was placed at or close
subsidiary, LSE Enterprise Ltd, takes the consolidated
to the top in the rankings of research quality and while
group income to £31.5m.
this 12.1 per cent increase is welcome we note that
academic department costs have risen by 12.5 per cent
The  School  continues  its  success  under  the  Horizon
since 2013-14. This highlights the continuing pressure
2020 and other European Commission programmes.
the School faces to balance the costs of world-class
Eighteen new awards with a contract value of £10.6m
research with the revenues that it generates.
commenced during the year.  
We  received  £3.0m  in  2015-16  in  HEIF  funding  to
The Centre for Economic Performance, funded by the
support  Knowledge  Exchange.  This  money  is
Economic  and  Social  Research  Council  (ESRC)  since
supporting  and  developing  a  broad  range  of
1990, has secured continuation funding for a further
knowledge-based  interactions  between  universities
five years to October 2020. 
and the wider world, which will result in economic and
The introduction of FRS102 has a relatively small impact
social  benefit  to  the  UK.  The  School  welcomes  the
on the reporting of research grant income, with the
Funding Council’s commitment to this funding stream
2014-15  accounts  being  restated  from  £27.1m  to
and we are currently finalising our three-year strategy
for its deployment.
Funding for research will be a particular focus for the
coming year as we continue to assess the implications
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 15 I 

Report of the Directors
of  the  EU  referendum.  Although  the  Treasury’s
and consultancy activities (table 6). As well as attracting
commitment to underwrite awards is welcome news,
staff  and  students,  these  activities  make  a  valuable
at least in the short term, we are lobbying for the UK
contribution  to  the  financial  health  to  the  School,
government  to  support  science  and  research  in  its
contributing over a fifth of the School’s income. The
Brexit negotiations.  
lower than inflation increase in residence and catering
income  reflects  the  impact  of  closing  part  of  the
Our  success  rate  in  converting  research  applications
campus during the Centre Building redevelopment and
continues to exceed 24 per cent.
timing differences between each year’s Summer School
Other income
revenue. Other Services Rendered income fell following
The School derives significant value from its academic
the  cessation  of  a  business  stream  and  the  one-off
reputation and resources, through additional activities
financial returns generated in 2014-15.
such as the operation of student residences, catering
Table 6 – Analysis of Other Income
Residences and catering
University of London International Programmes
LSE Enterprise Ltd
Other service rendered and other activities
Residence and catering
a commercial basis. During 2015-16 £1.5m was paid to
With over 4,000 bed spaces in 12 halls of residence
the School through Gift Aid, £0.8m as a contribution to
and in University of London halls, the School is able to
the School’s general reserves and £0.7m earmarked for
offer a guaranteed place to all first year undergraduate
further investment in academic research.
students and accommodate 41 per cent of all full time
The International Growth Centre
students. Unlike the numerous commercial providers
Other  Income  includes  £10.4m  (2014-15  –  £6.3m)
of student accommodation in London, we can offer 31
related  to  the  School’s  International  Growth  Centre
week contracts to undergraduate students making our
(IGC)  partnership  with  the  DfID.  This  partnership
residences far more affordable. We are able to do this
promotes sustainable growth in developing countries
by generating income from operating many of our halls
by providing demand-led policy advice and research. In
on a commercial basis during vacation periods. 
total the £51m investment by DfID over four years has
The offer of affordable accommodation to our students
enabled  the  School  to  establish  15  in-country
is central to our recruitment strategy and, through a
programmes  in  14  countries  (Bangladesh,  Ethiopia,
partnership with Urbanest we provided 484 additional
Ghana,  India  (Bihar  state  and  Central),  Liberia,
beds at Westminster Bridge from September 2015. We
Mozambique,  Myanmar,  Pakistan,  Rwanda,  Sierra
aim to add more places in the coming years through a
Leone, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia) as
combination  of  partnership  agreements  and,  where
well as 10 research programmes spanning topics such
affordable, developing our own halls.
as  trade,  agriculture,  macroeconomics  and  human
LSE Enterprise Limited
The School is keen to apply the social science expertise
Summer Schools
of LSE academics to researching and resolving issues
Amongst  the  most  successful  of  our  non-traditional
across as wide a range of policy, social and business
educational  activities  is  our  London  Summer  School
areas as possible, and where appropriate to do this on
Programme, which once again saw increased numbers
I 16 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors
this year. We now run three sessions, each of three
Investment Income
weeks’ duration, in June, July and August. With 6,143
Investment income comprises investment returns from:
students attending this year, it is the largest university
working  capital  cash  balances  held  on  deposit;
summer school in the UK and is enormously diverse.
coupons from the bond portfolios we hold to fund our
The  LSE  Summer  School  means  that  the  campus
capital development programme and our short-term
remains  intensively  used  during  the  summer,  with
endowment commitments; and dividends from equity
strong demand for rooms in our residences. In addition
investments  held  for  long-term  growth.  The  School
to  this,  a  separate  Executive  School  attracted  284
adopts a “total return” approach to the investment of
its long-term funds, so a significant proportion of re-
turns are unrealised and reported as Gains on Invest-
Two overseas schools also operated during 2015-16, in
ment in the Statement of Comprehensive Income and
Beijing and Cape Town, with 373 students attending.
Expenditure.  The  bonds  in  our  capital  development
International Programme
portfolio will be held to maturity, so are not reported at
Under a collaboration agreement, the School partici-
their market value at the balance sheet date.  
pates  in  the  University  of  London  International  Pro-
Investment performance continues to deliver excellent
gramme,  which  sees  our  academic  material  taught
results despite significant market volatility during 2015-
under the University of London badge to over 20,000
16. In 2015-16 the Growth Portfolio unit price appre-
students around the globe annually. This study leads to
ciated  9.8  per  cent  and,  when  combined  with  our
the award of a University of London degree via distance
Gift-matching (shorter term investment duration) port-
learning. The School plays a key role in the direction
folio achieved a 9.1 per cent return. Over five years the
and quality assurance processes of the programmes in
Growth Portfolio has returned 8.0 per cent per annum.
which it is involved.
Table 7 – Summary of investment returns split between restricted and unrestricted funds
Investment income
Gain on investments
Cash and cash equivalents
Endowment and donations received in
Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, this year has
seen two more large gifts. The Firoz and Najma Lalji
The presentation of philanthropic gifts to the School in
Foundation has given £10m to name and support the
the  financial  statements  can  be  difficult  to  follow,
Firoz  Lalji  Centre  for  Africa;  and  the  Atlantic
though a little less so with adoption of the 2015 SORP.
Philanthropies Foundation has given £64.4m to support
In summary, endowments and grants are recognised in
the Atlantic Fellows programme, which will train the
the SOCI as they are received unless they relate to a
next  generation  of  leaders  seeking  to  influence  and
capital grant, in which case the funds are recorded as
facilitate changes in global policy and practice to enable
deferred income until the project is complete, when
greater equality, opportunity and outcomes for all. This
the income is reported in the SOCI. 
is the largest ever donation to the School and firmly
establishes  fundraising  as  a  core  component  in  the
Building on last year’s success in securing £30m funding
financial planning for the School’s future.
from Paul Marshall to establish the Marshall Institute for
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 17 I 

Report of the Directors 
The Marshall gift consists of £10m to fund the Marshall
•  Explore  opportunities  to  collaborate  with  other
Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship
universities to encourage fund managers to develop
and  a  £20m  contribution  to  the  44  Lincoln’s  Inn
new socially responsible investment products.
Field/Paul Marshall Building. As at 31 July 2016, £6m
In addition to representing the School’s desire to avoid
had been received: £2m was recorded (in 2014-15) as
supporting industries which do direct harm through
income  and  £4m  as  deferred  income  which  will  be
indiscriminate  arms  and  tobacco  manufacture,  this
released to income upon completion of 44 Lincoln’s Inn
represents a positive commitment from LSE to support
the  transition  to  the  low-carbon  economy.  We  are
In addition to these magnificent gifts, 2015-16 was a
proud  of  our  rigorous  and  innovative  academic
record year for the School’s Annual Fund which, with
contributions on climate change and the environment,
other fundraising, brought the total cash received in
and also of our own high environmental standards on
the year to nearly £30m, the highest ever achieved.
campus,  and  it  is  right  that  our  investment  policy
reflects this work. Our investment approach and assets
Table 8 – Summary of gifts and donations
held are set out later in this report.
received in 2015-16
Atlantic Philanthropies
Total operating expenditure, as defined by the 2015
SORP,  increased  by  1.3  per  cent;  however,  that
Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa
overlooks the one-off impact in 2014-15 of the charge
Ludwig Lachman Research Fellowship
related  to  the  USS  pension  scheme.  Without  this
Annual Fund
distortion, total expenditure would have increased by
Frank Robert Anton Memorial Prize
7.2  per  cent,  significantly  faster  than  underlying
Lee Family MSc Scholarship Fund
income growth. This is the result of a range of planned
Professor Saw Swee Hock –
investments  including  hiring  additional  faculty,
South East Asia Centre
investment in the Education Strategy and the creation
Named Scholarships
of a number of inter-disciplinary Institutes and Centres.
Staff costs
An academic institution’s most valuable resource is its
staff – our salary and related costs to sustain them in
Socially Responsible Investment Policy
2015-16 were £167.0m and staff costs as a proportion
of income rose by 0.7 percentage points to 53.6 per
During 2015-16 the School developed and adopted a
new Socially Responsible Investment Policy (SRIP). The
School has adopted the six UN Principles for Responsi-
Year-on-year  staff  costs  increased  by  6.2  per  cent
ble Investing, recognising that doing so is an effort to
reflecting  141  (3.4  per  cent)  additional  full  time
better align it as an investor with broader objectives of
equivalent staff members and 3.2 per cent relating to
a  better  society.  Consistent  with  the  LSE  Council’s
the  annual  pay  award,  automatic  pay  increments,
statutory fiduciary responsibilities as charity trustees,
discretionary pay awards, the impact of the changes in
the School will specifically:
the  USS  and  SAUL  pension  schemes  and  national
insurance employer contributions.
•  Avoid direct investments made in tobacco
manufacture or indiscriminate armaments and in
Pension schemes
companies whose business is significantly focused
LSE  staff  are  eligible  to  join  the  Universities
on extraction of thermal coal or tar sands.
Superannuation Scheme (USS) or the Superannuation
Arrangements  of  the  University  of  London  (SAUL),
•  Seek to reduce, as far as possible, investments
depending  on  the  grade  of  their  post  and  the
placed indirectly through investment funds in these
restrictions imposed by USS.  
I 18 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors 
Staff costs
Net movement in pensions provisions
Other operating expenses
Operating expenses
Interest and other finance costs
Total expenditure before other gains and losses
At their last triennial valuations both schemes reported
Equity and Diversity
deficits: USS £5.3bn and SAUL £60m. After extensive
LSE is committed to building a diverse, equitable and
consultation USS closed its final salary section for all
truly inclusive university.
members with effect from 1 April 2016, introduced a
Through the implementation of transparent policies,
salary cap of £55,000 on defined benefits contributions
practices and procedures, the School has due regard to
and increased the employer and employee contribution
our  duties  under  the  Equality  Act  2010,  and  to  the
rates to 18 per cent and 8 per cent respectively. On 1
protected characteristics detailed in the Act. The School
April 2016 SAUL closed their final salary scheme and
seeks to fulfil this commitment by ensuring that our
now  offer  an  uncapped  “career  averaged  revalued
policies, training and development reflect the principles
earnings” (CARE) scheme for contribution rates of 16
laid down in this statement, as well as our obligations
per cent and 6 per cent for employers and employees
under the law.
The  School  is  committed  to  embedding  and
As the School is contributing to a deficit repayment
mainstreaming  equity,  diversity  and  inclusion.  This
plan for both schemes, the estimated present value of
includes  communicating  and  monitoring  policies,
our commitments to enhanced future contributions
procedures and practices, to ensure that all are inclusive
are required, under the 2015 SORP, to be recognised
and  equitable,  that  the  record  of  the  School  is
in the financial statements. Based on our estimates of
understood and evaluated effectively, that information
future pay costs and a suitable discount factor (see
is published and made available, that good practice is
note 18), these provisions are £37.5m and £1.2m at
shared, that complaints are taken seriously and action is
31 July 2016 for USS and SAUL respectively. This is not
taken,  and  that  new  initiatives  are  proposed  and
the  same  as  the  School’s  share  of  the  total  scheme
implemented to foster equitable treatment for all at LSE.
deficit which, as it is not separately identifiable, does
not require disclosure.
This policy is applicable to all students, staff, applicants
and visitors. The principles of non-discrimination and
Low gilt yields continue to put upward pressure on the
equity also apply to the way in which staff and students
valuation of both schemes’ liabilities, further widening
should treat each other, visitors, contractors, service
the funding gap. The latest estimates suggest USS and
providers, suppliers, former staff and students and any
SAUL have deficits of £10.0bn and £203m respectively.
other  persons  associated  with  the  functions  of  the
The next triennial valuation due in March 2017 is likely
to  lead  to  further  changes  to  benefits  and/or
contributions. The School remains committed to the
Other operating expenses
provision  of  attractive,  robust  and  cost  effective
Other costs, which include expenditure on academic
pension  arrangements  for  all  its  staff  and  will  work
departments, institutes, subsidiary company activities,
constructively with all stakeholders to ensure that the
student accommodation, bursaries and premises costs,
School’s  contributions  do  this  in  the  most  effective
have increased by £9.3m (8.7 per cent) from last year
manner possible.
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 19 I 

Report of the Directors 
(Table 9). Within that large increase: scholarships, and
Balance sheet
bursary  spend  increased  by  £1.8m  (8.6  per  cent)  to
We  are  pleased  to  report  continued  strength  in  the
£22.5m;  spend  on  the  School’s  refurbishment
School’s consolidated balance sheet.  Our strategy is to
programme and investment to reduce carbon emissions
ensure that the balance sheet remains strong to ensure
increased  £2.2m;  and  the  School  leased  additional
we remain an attractive partner for long-term funding,
space,  on  a  short  term  basis  to  accommodate  new
be  it  from  those  offering  philanthropic  partnership,
initiatives such as the interdisciplinary Institutes and to
government grants or financial investors.
allow  for  the  relocation  of  staff  while  the  Centre
Capital programme and estates
Buildings are redeveloped. These leases will end shortly
after the Centre Buildings and 44 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
projects are completed.
Redevelopment of Centre Buildings
Depreciation over the last five years has grown from
(total project cost £125m)
3.4 per cent to 3.6 per cent of total expenditure and is
Library developments
set  to  increase  further  over  the  next  five  years,
5 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
reflecting the School’s investment in infrastructure and
Interest payable
We  aim  to  secure  an  estate  and  other  facilities
Interest payable comprises interest payments on the
commensurate with our standing and aspirations. Our
School’s borrowings and, for the first time in 2015-16,
ambition  is  that  our  estate  be  judged  of  good  and
an  interest  charge  based  on  the  agreed  future
functionally  suitable  condition.  To  this  end,  we
contributions relating to pension scheme past service
continue to invest significant resource in refurbishment
developments, the School spends in excess of £6m per
The School continues to look for savings and value for
annum on long term maintenance across the estate.
money opportunities to make the most effective use of
During 2015-16, £27.5m was invested in buildings and
its  resources.  The  procurement  team  have  delivered
equipment comprising three significant investments:
savings  of  over  £3m  in  each  of  the  last  two  years
(annual  savings  based  on  comparison  with  average
•  The demolition of the old Centre Buildings and site
tendered, or incumbent supplier charges). In 2014-15
clearance in preparation for the new building.
(the most recent available data) the team achieved a
•  In our Library, the fourth floor was converted into
procurement influence of 83 per cent against £60.5m
additional student study and work space and on
of spending which could potentially be influenced by
the ground floor an innovative new centre for
procurement processes. 
academic, personal, and professional development
Our sustainable procurement goal is to procure goods
– LSE LIFE – has been created.
and  services  in  ways  that  maximise  efficiency  and
•  The acquisition of a property on the north side of
effectiveness while minimising social, environmental
Lincoln’s Inn Fields that is now housing the
and other risks. 
Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social
At the year end the amount due to trade creditors was
equivalent  to  14  days  of  purchases  from  suppliers.
In 2015-16 work began to plan the development of
Nothing was due to be paid under the Late Payments
the  44  Lincoln’s  Inn  Fields  site.    An  architectural
of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. The School’s
competition was run under the auspices of the Royal
policy is to pay agreed invoices in accordance with the
Institute of British Architects and, in April 2016, LSE
agreed terms of payment, which are available on the
announced  that  Dublin  based  practice  Grafton
School’s website.
Architects had been selected as winners. This exciting
I 20 I LSE Digest 15-16
I LSE Digest 11-12

Report of the Directors 
new  development  for  the  School  will  house  the
concluded that, while the market value of the School’s
departments  of  Accounting,  Finance,  Management,
estate is realistically higher than book value, this would
their  associated  research  centres  and  the  Marshall
not provide the reader with any better understanding
Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship
of  the  School  or  its  finances  so  we  will  continue  to
FRS 102 permits the “rebasing of property or classes
report our fixed assets at their historic cost. The option
of property to market value on 1 August 2014”. After
to adopt a revaluation policy remains available and it
careful  consideration  the  Finance  Committee
will be considered periodically in future.
Table 9 – Summary balance sheet (group)
Tangible and intangible assets
Total non-current assets
Current assets
Cash and cash equivalents
Total current assets
Creditors: falling due within 1 year
Net current assets
Total assets less current liabilities
Creditors: falling due after 1 year
Pension provision
Restricted reserves
General reserve
15 year campus investment programme (cumulative)
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 21 I 

Report of the Directors 
Table 10 – Actual cash inflows and outflows 2015-2016 and forecast cash flows 2016-2018
disseminating  knowledge  to  address  major  socio-
The  generation  of  cash  to  meet  current  and  future
economic challenges across the globe will always carry
obligations as they fall due is the life blood of any well
certain risks. Effective risk management increases the
run  organisation.  Without  it,  however  strong  the
likelihood of the successful achievement of the School’s
academic reputation or the quality of its infrastructure,
strategic objectives, whilst at the same time protecting 
the School will not be financially robust and sustainable
its reputation and sustainability.
and will lack the flexibility to invest in faculty, initiatives
Risk management Processes
and infrastructure. Our strategy is to make our cash
The School Management Committee (SMC) monitors
balances work hard before they are required to fund
and reviews emerging and changing risks throughout
our capital plans.
the year. Its process are reviewed by Audit Committee,
and  a  termly  report  is  made  to  Council.  The  most
The School is an exempt charity within the meaning of
recent update was approved at Council meeting on 
the  Trustee  Investment  and  Charities  Act  2005  and
7 June 2016. 
recognised as a charity by HM Revenue and Customs.
The Strategic Risk Register acts as the main tool for the
Commercial trading activities undertaken by the School
evaluation of risk. The management of each strategic
are  operated  through  its  subsidiary  companies  and
risk is formally assessed by the risk owner at least once
attract  VAT  where  applicable.  Indirect  tax  (VAT)  and
each term and reviewed by the SMC, which ensures
payroll  taxes  (PAYE  and  National  insurance
that  the  risks  are  being  actively  managed,  with  the
contributions) collected and paid amounted to £9m
appropriate  strategies  in  place.  The  Strategic  Risk
and  £46m  respectively.  As  we  receive  £51m  from
Register aligns with the School Strategic Plan 2020.
departments, we are a net contributor to HM Treasury. 
Each strategic risk (SR) is graded with a level of risk
tolerance.  Once  tolerance  has  been  defined,  SMC
evaluates what action needs to be taken to address the
Understanding our risks
risk. The School’s approach is to minimise its exposure
The  School’s  mission  of  discovering,  advancing  and
I 22 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors 
to reputational, compliance and financial risk, while
•  SR2: That fewer high quality students choose LSE
accepting and encouraging an increased degree of risk
because of competitive and related factors. 
in pursuit of its mission and objectives. It recognises
•  SR3: That the School lacks consistency in
that its tolerance for risk varies according to the activity
innovating and monitoring the academic portfolio. 
The School remains mindful that student dissatisfaction
Professional  service  area  risk  registers  ensure  key
with teaching quality and educational experience may
operational  risks  are  identified  and  managed  at  the
affect the long term perception of the value of a School
appropriate level within the organisation. High-profile
degree in terms of employability and relevance. Other
operational risks are monitored by SMC in the central
internal  factors,  such  as  established  structures  for
Operational  Risk  Register.  Internal  Audit  undertakes
programme allocation, may affect the School’s income
reviews of key areas throughout the year which are
from student fees. 
reported to the School’s Audit Committee. Academic
Risks  are  monitored  through  the  School’s  Annual
The international profile of its student body means that
Monitoring exercise.
the  School  monitors  issues  such  as  the  UK  Border
Agency’s  student  visa  policy,  and  the  way  political
All major projects have individual risk registers and risk
language around immigration might foment a hostile
assessment is incorporated into planning and decision-
environment to foreign staff and students, particularly
making  processes.  Risk  assessment  training  and
following on from Brexit, as external factors which may
awareness  is  promoted  through  the  management
deter some students from applying to study in the UK.
structure by the Risk Manager.
An over-reliance on key markets may also make the
Strategic Risks
School  vulnerable  to  developments  by  global
The result of the vote on the United Kingdom’s position
competitors, or geo-political events.  
in  the  European  Union  on  23  June  2016  (Brexit)
Business model
presents both risks and opportunities to the School’s
•  SR4: That the School fails to generate enough rev-
strategic aims. With its potential to restrict the freedom
enue from other activities to support academic ex-
of movement of EU students and staff, not to mention
cellence or innovation. 
the  impact  on  access  to  funding  and  legislative
structures, there is no doubt that Brexit could change
•  SR5: That the School is unable to offset increases
the entire environment in which the School operates.
in costs with sufficient revenue growth to keep up
The  persistence  of  uncertainty  will  doubtless  bring
with better funded competitors, further loss of
short and medium term challenges, but it is clear that
public funding, and spiralling costs (eg, pensions).
the School will need to take a strategic view of the
The School is aware of increasingly strong competition
threats and opportunities in order to generate positive
facing its ancillary programmes, both in the UK and
longer term outcomes. The Directorate continues to co-
abroad,  and  the  emergence  of  private  providers
ordinate work on the immediate impact of Brexit across
remains  an  issue  that  will  need  to  be  monitored
the full range of the School’s activities, considering the
carefully  in  the  coming  years.  The  drive  to  diversify
implications  for;  student  and  staff  recruitment  and
revenue  away  from  student  fees  has  also  led  to  an
retention  in  2016-17  and  2017-18;  research  grant
increased focus on philanthropic development. 
applications in development and awards held for EU
funded  research  projects;  capital  projects  underway
School employees participate in two pension schemes,
and short-term philanthropic giving.  
USS and SAUL. While some steps have been taken by
trustees  to  improve  the  long-term  sustainability  of
In  this  context,  the  School’s  Strategic  Risk  Register
these schemes, concerns remain about their long term
explores risks to its business model under three main
headings: Recruitment, Business Model and Research. 
In terms of Brexit, the respective Project Boards for the
•  SR1: That fewer high quality students choose LSE
Centre Buildings Redevelopment and 44 LIF projects
because of educational factors. 
continue  to  closely  monitor  the  potential  and  real
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 23 I 

Report of the Directors 
implications on budgeted costs and other related risks. 
of  the  School  are  set  out  in  our  Memorandum  and
Articles of Association. The public benefit objectives
include  education  and  research,  but  the  School’s
•  SR6: That the School’s research quality, reputation
ambitions go significantly beyond the intrinsic benefits
and impact decline. The cuts to research grants and
of those activities. Since its foundation, LSE has sought
public funding, and LSE’s ranking in the REF exercise
to apply teaching and research to improve society, and
that goal remains unchanged today, except that the
•  SR7: That the School fails to maintain the academic
School’s global reach is greater than ever.
quality of LSE faculty.
Our beneficiaries
The School continues to face serious competition to
The beneficiaries of LSE activities include students who
recruit and retain its best faculty. The challenge remains
benefit  from  their  education  at  LSE,  academia  as  a
to ensure that an effective reward policy is developed
whole  which  benefits  from  research,  and  broader
to attract new talent and retain existing faculty while
society which benefits from both, with well-educated
ensuring long-term affordability. The establishment of
graduates contributing to academia, the professions,
REF Strategy Committee as a standing committee of
public service, commerce and industry, and society in
the School allows long term planning and control of
many fields and our research influencing public policy
research  issues,  while  the  School  continues  with  its
for the good of society. 
rigorous approach to research mentoring and appraisal.
Widening participation and raising aspiration
The  continuing  work  on  support  and  incentives  for
At LSE we believe that all school and college students
externally funded research also mitigates these risks. 
should  have  the  opportunity  to  go  on  to  higher
In terms of the impact of Brexit on research, the School
education regardless of their background, and that it is
still benefits from EU funding until the UK leaves the
our social responsibility to encourage and support them
EU and the UK government has agreed to underwrite
in exploring their options and making decisions about
any existing funding that might otherwise have been
their future. We have always sought to recruit the best
jeopardised in the exit process. The School will aim to
students, irrespective of socio-economic background,
increase grant applications to UK research councils, as
though we recognise that limited endowment funding
well  as  increase  efforts  to  gain  funding  from
constrains our ability to offer “needs blind” admission
foundations  and  other  philanthropic  sources.  The
to students.
Russell Group has identified that its overall priority is to
LSE  works  with  schools  and  colleges  in  the  UK  and
secure  full  associated  country  status  for  the  UK
offers  a  range  of  activities  aimed  at  students,  their
participation in EU programmes. Eleven non-EU states,
teachers  /  advisors,  and  adult  learners.  These
including Iceland and Norway, participate in Horizon
programmes are free for schools and colleges, being
2020  on  the  same  basis  as  Member  States,  and
fully funded by LSE and through the generous support
funding under the programme is available globally. 
of  private  donors.  These  initiatives  include  the
The School will continue to monitor the impact of the
impending Brexit on staff recruitment, both in terms of
Visits  to  schools  and  colleges –  LSE  works  with
any likely visa changes and the effects of the tone of
schools  and  colleges  in  order  to  provide  bespoke
the debate on immigration. Irrespective of the funding
sessions  to  raise  awareness  of  higher  education,  to
environment, a serious risk to the School is of a “talent
raise aspirations and motivate students. Popular topics
drain”  of  academic  staff.  Any  strategy  for  research
include: thinking about and choosing your university;
must address this risk at its core, as the loss of key staff
the  UCAS  application  process;  student  finance  and
could affect the standing of the School relative to other
budgeting; student life; applying to and studying at
research institutions. 
LSE: and personal statement workshops.
Public benefit
LSE  Choice –  LSE’s  flagship  widening  participation
In this section we set out some of the many ways in
enrichment programme for students in Years 12 and
which the School delivers public benefit. The objectives
I 24 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors 
13.  Held  at  LSE’s  Campus,  this  programme  works
focuses on inspiring children to “aim high” and
intensively with a cohort of up to 180 students each
make informed choices to reach their potential
year to provide stretching academic input and the tools
when planning for their future.
for  successful  application  to  LSE  and  other  Russell
• Preparing for a College Education (ACE) and ACE
Group universities.
High Days.
Moving On – aims to ease students’ transition from
•  Year 11 Summer School – a social sciences Summer
primary to secondary school by showing that change
School providing students with the opportunity to
happens  throughout  life  and  can  be  a  positive
experience some of the subjects available at LSE
experience.  It  also  serves  as  an  opportunity  to
including Economics, History, Sociology,
familiarise  young  people  with  higher  education.  It
Government and Law.
includes  activities  to  promote  independence  and
resilience, takes in a campus tour and culminates in a
•  Pathways to Law (London), delivered in partnership
“graduation ceremony”.
with University College London, The Legal
Education Foundation (formerly The College of
Student  tutoring –  LSE  students  work  in  schools,
Law) and The Sutton Trust.
under  the  supervision  of  teachers,  to  help  students
with their academic work. Tutoring usually involves LSE
• Alison Wetherfield Law Programme – this law
students tutoring for approximately an hour per week
programme comprises specialist law master classes
at a school or college for a nine-week period, working
and a national conference for students in Years 12
with students on a one-to-one or small group basis.
and 13.
The scheme benefits both the school children (in Years
• The Politics Conference
6  to  12)  and  our  undergraduate  and  postgraduate
students who gain important work experience and take
• BSc Management Taster Day
part in a valuable community programme.
• Student shadowing
Other examples of our outreach work with schools and
• Open days
colleges, most of which are supported by current LSE
students working with staff, include:
• Public lectures
•  The LSE Mentoring Scheme – aims inter alia to help
• Advising the Advisors Conference (information and
mentees to improve their performance in key stage
guidance for teachers).
assessments and at GCSE and A Level.
• Routes into Languages
•  Introduction to Social Sciences – a one-day
• LSE FOCUS – a newsletter for schools and colleges.
programme aimed at Year 10-12 students to
support their A Level and university choices.
• Email an Alum – first-hand advice from graduates
on what to expect at LSE and where an LSE
•  Promoting Potential – the Programme, comprising
education might lead.
a three-day Spring School and two further top-up
days, provides opportunities for African-Caribbean
Financial support
boys from state secondary schools to explore the
LSE  is  committed  to  ensuring  that  students  from  all
range of subjects available to them at university.
social and economic backgrounds continue to apply to
The programme also supports participants further
the School and that no-one is deterred from doing so
development of key skills including research,
because  of  financial  considerations.  Tuition  fees  are
networking and debating.
top-sliced to provide a generous scholarships budget
with  schemes  in  place  to  fund  undergraduates  and
•  The Black Achievement Conference – held during
postgraduates.  The  School’s  Access  Agreement  for
Black History Month, this event for students in
2016 continues to build on past success, committing
Years 10-12 and their parents  carers highlights the
half  of  the  additional  fee  income  created  by  the
positive achievements in the black community. It
introduction  of  variable  fees  (for  UK  and  other  EU
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 25 I 

Report of the Directors 
undergraduates)  in  2006,  to  be  used  for
exhibitions,  music  concerts,  online  photographic
undergraduate  bursaries,  outreach  and  on-course
galleries, and our popular annual “Space for Thought”
support. The bursaries are available for all students in
Literary  Festival.  This  year’s  theme  was  Utopias  and
receipt of a full or partial means tested maintenance
speakers  included  Robert  Harris,  Professor  A  C
loan and do not have to be repaid. 
Grayling, David Aaronovitch and Anna Pavord. Events
for  children  featured  the  Moomins  and  Alice  in
Overseas  undergraduates  and  taught  postgraduates
from  all  backgrounds  are  able  to  access  additional
School schemes, which provide awards with a range of
LSE opened its doors to students for the first time on
values assessed on need. There is a separate extensive
10  October  1895.  The  LSE  120th  anniversary
scheme for PhD students. In addition, the School has a
programme sought to raise awareness of the School’s
range of scholarships, funded by external donors and
history and heritage among students, staff, alumni and
foundations, which again support study at all levels.
the general public. The programme included a history
On-course financial help is available, in the form of the
timeline and in-depth history blogs, widely shared on
School’s Student Support Fund. This fund was spent in
social media, a pop up exhibition and the introduction
full  in  2015-16,  owing  to  the  School’s  ongoing
of a campus history tour. LSE was also the subject of a
commitment to support PhD students in their writing-
BBC Proms interval talk in September 2015.
up period, and to its deployment in cases previously
The  extensive  Centre  Buildings  project  provided  an
served  by  the  Government’s  Access  to  Learning
opportunity to discover what lies beneath the LSE. The
excavation was carried out by Archaeology South-East
Public Events
/ CAA based at UCL and was an opportunity to find
The School’s location in central London and our close
out  more  about  the  peripheral  areas  of  Saxon
links with Westminster, Whitehall and the City help to
Lundenwic. The dig uncovered 2,000 pieces of pottery;
maintain our reputation as the place where the world
over 8,000 pieces of animal bone and approximately
comes to debate. Everyone is welcome to attend LSE’s
3,000  fragments  of  Roman  and  Saxon  building
public  events,  where  some  of  the  most  influential
material from around 1,000 archaeological features.
figures  in  the  social  sciences  and  public  life  can  be
Assessment will take place in the coming year but initial
heard. LSE’s Public Events programme includes lectures,
assessments indicate evidence for three main periods
debates, discussions and concerts. In order to maximise
of activity; the Middle – Late Saxon period (c 700-1000
the opportunity for those outside London and overseas
AD); the medieval period (c 1066-1600) and the post-
to benefit from the programme, many were also made
medieval period (c 1600-1900).
available online by video or podcast, with debate being
sustained through social networking and syndication
The School has a strong tradition of social awareness
via  channels  such  as  Twitter,  Facebook,  RSS,  iTunes,
and engaging with the wider community. LSE supports
Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, etc.
such efforts through its dedicated Volunteer Centre. In
In  2015-16,  there  were  11.9  million  views  of  the
2015-16, the Centre saw a huge amount of interest
School’s  rich  media  offerings  via  video  and  audio
from  students  who  wanted  to  get  involved  in
volunteering and our research shows that over 37 per
cent of them do during their time at LSE, including 48
Arts and LSE’s 120th anniversary
per cent of LSE undergraduates. We had almost 800
LSE  has  an  open  campus  in  the  heart  of  London,
students attend our two volunteering fairs. 
generously  furnished  with  an  interesting  range  of
sculptures and installations for all to enjoy. The works
LSE students complete a wide range of roles including
continue to be accessible to the public through their
mentoring,  campaigning,  fundraising,  marketing,
inclusion in StatueFindr, an app providing a guide to
research  and  many  more.  The  Volunteer  Centre  has
public works of art in Westminster. The School provides
worked with over 400 charities this year to help them
a range of other art and entertainment programmes
recruit  volunteers,  invited  over  80  charities  onto
which are free of charge and open to all. These include
campus for volunteering fairs, panels and other events
I 26 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors 
and hosted an event to celebrate the commitment of
burning issues of the day and influence public policy.
LSE students to volunteering and fundraising.
The  work  of  many  of  our  research  centres  and
academic  departments  has  direct  relevance  to  our
Students’ feedback indicates that when they volunteer
charitable aims and the delivery of public benefit. A
their skills improve, it improves their LSE experience,
few examples include the following: 
they are more likely to feel part of the university, and
more likely to feel that they are making a difference in
•  The prevention and relief of poverty: the
their  communities.  We  are  proud  to  be  making  a
International Growth Centre, the Centre for the
difference, both to the students and to those reached
Analysis of Social Exclusion, the Centre for
by their volunteering.
Economic Performance, and the Department for
International Development. 
LSE Library is one of the largest social sciences libraries
•  The advancement of health or the saving of lives:
in Europe, with designated status from Arts Council
LSE Health and Social Care, and the Centre for
England, and unusually amongst university libraries it is
Human Rights. 
open to members of the public who need to use its
The  advancement  of  citizenship  or  community
collections. Since opening the new exhibitions gallery in
development: LSE Cities, the Centre for the Analysis of
May 2015 at the entrance to the building the Library
Social Exclusion, the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy
has  curated  four  exhibitions,  including  “Women,
and  Social  Entrepreneurship,  the  International
Peace,  and  Security”  and  “Charles  Booth’s  London:
Inequalities Institute and the What Works Centre for
mapping  Victorian  lives”.  Each  exhibition  has  been
Local Economic Development. 
open  to  the  public,  free  of  charge  and  has  been
accompanied by a range of lectures as part of the LSE
The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution
public lecture series attended by over 600 people. 
or reconciliation or the promotion of religious or racial
harmony  or  equality  and  diversity:  the  Centre  for
We  have  also  loaned  items  from  the  collections  for
Human Rights; Diplomacy and Strategy (IDEAS); the
exhibitions at other institutions including one of the
Department of International Relations, the Department
suffrage  banners  titled  “Dare  to  be  Free”  to  the
of Government, the Gender Institute, the Crisis States
Whitworth Gallery, Manchester; over 20 items from our
Research Network, the Middle East Research Centre,
Kibbo  Kift  archives  to  the  Whitechapel  Art  Gallery,
and the Centre for Women, Peace and Security.  
London; and a notebook from the Booth collection to
the Museum of Childhood, London.
The  advancement  of  environmental  protection  or
improvement: Grantham Research Centre, Centre for
The Library has developed an education and outreach
Climate Change Economics and Policy, Department of
programme to build on our existing work with schools
Geography and the Environment. 
and  community  groups.  Activities  have  included
facilitated archival research and A-level course work
The relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill
support,  “History  of  Feminism”  GCSE  handling  and
health,  disability,  financial  hardship  or  other
debate workshops, and introductions to the Women’s
disadvantage:  the  Centre  for  the  Analysis  of  Social
Library.  So  far  we  have  provided  enriching  learning
Exclusion, LSE Health and Social Care, the Department
experiences  for  over  600  secondary  school  students
of  International  Development,  the  International
and nearly 200 adult learners. We have continued to
Growth Centre, the Centre for Economic Performance,
support  LSE’s  Widening  Participation  programmes,
and the Suntory and Toyota International Centre for
hosting  visits,  tours  and  training  for  hundreds  of
Economics and Related Disciplines. 
school-aged  students  interested  in  pursuing  higher
Research  that  has  hit  the  headlines  in  the  past  year
•  World-first study by Dr Sara Evans-Lacko revealing
The School prides itself on a policy of engagement and
that workplace depression is a major global issue,
the provision of research which seeks to address the
costing countries and companies billions of dollars;
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 27 I 

Report of the Directors 
•  Research by LSE’s Department of Management
Thank you 
showing that home working loses its appeal for
We would like to thank the many generous donors and
both companies and staff over time as it becomes
sponsors, without whom LSE’s public benefit activities
the “norm” rather than the “exception”;
would not be sustainable at their current scale. The
School is indebted to the enthusiasm and engagement
•  Dr Grace Lordan’s paper on regular brisk walking
of  members  of  the  LSE  Council,  who  receive  no
being the best exercise to keep weight down,
remuneration for their services as charity trustees.
compared to other forms of exercise; 
•  Professor Emily Jackson’s HEIF project in which a
fictional beauty brand called Timeless in a “pop-
up” shop in London’s Old Street Station engaged
women with the issue of how social egg freezing
might impact work, relationships and society; 
•  Paper from Professor Walter Holland (LSE Health
and Social Care) on routine NHS health checks
wasting money;
•  Dr Leo Cheliotis’s paper on migration which
revealed that Greek border controls allowed
migrants to bypass them and may have been part
of a deliberate policy to boost domestic economies
and garner party-political support;
•  LSE Gender Commission report which called for
radical change to make significant progress in
closing the inequality gap;
•  LSE’s International Inequalities Institute study
showing that women make up a smaller and
smaller fraction of those with high incomes, the
closer you get to the top;
•  LSE research from Dr Rosalind Arden proving that
dogs – like people – have measurable IQs and their
intelligence can be tested;
•  Professor Michael Murphy’s research showing that
different levels of migration have not led to
different rates of population ageing within the UK
•  LSE London report showing that buy-to-let tax
changes will push up the rents of sitting tenants;
•  Department of Sociology report showing there are
relatively few working class actors and that they
earn less than their middle class equivalents
because of a “class ceiling”.
I 28 I LSE Digest 15-16

Report of the Directors 
Directors of the School and members 
Mr Mark Molyneux
of Council –
Lay Governor and Chair of the Finance Committee
During the year and up to the date of signing of 
(until 31 July 2016)
the financial statements were: 
Mr Roger Mountford
Lord Myners
Lay Governor, Chair of Health and Safety Committee
Chair of the Court and Council and
and (from 1 August 2016) Chair of the Finance
Remuneration Committee
(until 8 March 2015)
Mr Ali Nikpay
Mr Alan Elias
Lay Governor (from 1 August 2016)
Vice Chair of the Court and (from 22 March 2016)
Acting Chair of the Court and Council and
Professor Terhi Rantanen
Remuneration Committee
Academic Member (from 1 August 2016)
Dr Susan Liautaud 
Mr Syed Mahatir Sakib Pasha
Student Member 
Vice Chair of the Court and Chair of the Ethics Policy
(until 10 December 2015)
Ms Harriet Spicer
Professor Craig Calhoun
Lay Governor
Director of the School (until 31 August 2016)
Ms Elizabeth Stheeman
Professor Julia Black 
Lay Governor and Vice-Chair of the
Pro-Director (Research) and (from 1 September 2016)
Finance Committee (from 1 August 2016)
Interim Director of the School
Ms Busayo Twins
Professor Jason Alexander
General Secretary of the Students’ Union 
Academic Member
(from 4 July 2016)
Ms Virginia Beardshaw CBE
Professor David Webb
Lay Governor and Acting Chair of Nominations
Pro-Director (Planning and Resources) and
Chief Financial Officer
Ms Nona Buckley-Irvine
Ms Hateema Zia
General Secretary of the Students’ Union 
Student Member 
(until 3 July 2016)
(from 10 December 2015)
Professor Matthew Engelke
Academic Member (until 31 July 2016)
Members of the Council not Directors 
Ms Tina Fahm
of the School –
Lay Governor and Chair of the Audit Committee
Professor Emily Jackson
Mr John Hughes 
Vice Chair of Academic Board
Lay Governor 
(from 1 September 2016)
Mr Nigel Hugill
Professor Paul Kelly
Pro-Director (Teaching and Learning)
Lay Governor (until 31 July 2016)
(until 31 July 2016)
and Chair of Estates Committee
Professor Martin Loughlin
Professor Janet Hunter
Vice Chair of Academic Board (until 31 August 2016)
Academic Member (until 31 July 2016)
Professor Simona Iammarino
Company Secretary –
Academic Member (from 1 August 2016)
Mr Andrew Webb 
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 29 I 

Compendium of Information for 2015-2016
This compendium of information provides a comprehensive historical record of Honours conferred
on  LSE  Alumni,  Governors  and  Honorary  Fellows;  new  Honorary  Fellows/Graduates;  changes  to
academic office holders; deaths of members of the LSE (notified); degrees; scholarships and prizes
awarded during the 2015-16 Academic Year.
Any queries or suggestions for improving this document and/or factual errors may be notified to
Jane Pugh
Governance, Legal and Policy Division
tel: 0207 955 6866
email: x.xxxx@xxx.xx.xx. 
I 30 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE staff, alumni and governors were among those receiving awards this year.
Knights Batchelor
Sir David R Norgrove – MSc(Econ) Economics 1, Occasional Student, 1972 
Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Professor Dame Henrietta L Moore 
Dame Heather V Rabbatts 
– MSc International Relations, 1978
Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Professor Anthony C W Finkelstein CBE – MSc Analysis,Design & Management of
Information, 1982
Mr David S Joseph CBE – BSc Geography, 1990
Mr Malcolm P Llewellyn CBE – BSc Geography, 1980
Professor Linda Mcdowell CBE
Mr David K Miles CBE
Miss Lucy N Shaw CBE – Occasional Student, 1991
Order of the British Empire 
Ms Alison J Allden OBE – MSc Analysis,Design & Management of Information, 1989
Miss Hannah K T Corbett OBE – MSc (Econ) Politics of the World Economy, 1996 
Ms Ruth A. Kaufman OBE
Mr Philip S Mason OBE – BSc Economics, 1980
Ms Jessica M Steele OBE – MSc Social Anthropology, 1993
Member of the Order of the British Empire
Miss Rowena O Macaulay MBE – MSc (Econ) Social Policy & Social Work, 1991
Medallist of the Order of the British Empire 
Mr David M Hando – BSc Government, 1959
Order of Bath Companion
Mr Jeremy P Moore – MSc (Econ) History of Political Thought, 1979
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 31 I 

Honorary Fellows and Graduates
In 2015 the School conferred Honorary Degrees on:
Peter Sutherland KCMG
Professor David Harvey
The Rt Hon The Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE

In 2016 the School elected the following as Honorary Fellows
Angela Camber
Professor Dame Judith Rees
Brian Smith

Retiring Academic Office Holders
Dr Jonathan Hopkin
Advisor to male students
Dr Sunil Kumar
Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor Martin Loughlin
Vice Chair of Academic Board
Professor Robin Mansell
Professor Eric Neumayer
Vice Chair of the Appointments Committee
I 32 I LSE Digest 15-16

Sir Claus Moser, Emeritus Governor
Died 4 September 2015
Professor Michael J Wise, Honorary Fellow
Died 13 October 2015
Baron Howe of Aberavon, Honorary Graduate
Died 9 October 2015
Professor Maurice Fraser, Head of European Institute 
Died 12 February 2016
Stephen Wheatcroft
Died 26 April 2016, Honorary Fellow and Emeritus Governor
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 33 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Prof Wim Van Der Stede Professor
Mrs Liz Venning Student Info Centre Assistant
Professor Craig Calhoun, Director 
Mr Marcus Witzky LSE Fellow
Professor Julia Black, Pro-Director Research
Mr Tom Zhang Guest Teacher
Professor Paul Kelly, Pro-Director Teaching and
Professor David Webb Pro-Director Planning and
Dr Catherine Allerton Associate Professor
Prof Rita Astuti Professor
Academic Departments
Dr Richard Axelby Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Mukulika Banerjee Associate Professor
Dr Laura Bear Associate Professor
Dr Dalal Benbabaali Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Ahmed Abdalla LSE Fellow
Dr Ben Bowles Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Justin Adams Administrator
Dr Fenella Cannell Associate Professor
Mr Dimos Andronoudis LSE Fellow
Miss Dee Chanter Research Team Coordinator
Dr Vasiliki Athanasakou Assistant Professor
Miss Susannah Crockford VLE Editor
Ms Becky Baker MPhil/PhD Programme Manager
Mr Adam Crowther Seligman Library Assistant
Ms Betty Barone Guest Teacher
Mr Ryan Davey Postdoctoral Fellow
Prof Alnoor Bhimani Professor
Dr Amit Desai Occasional Research Officer
Dr Lydie Cabane Research Officer (TransCrisis)
Mr Ivan Deschenaux Moodle/VLE Editor
Mr Jose Carabias Palmeiro Assistant Professor
Dr Brendan Donegan Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Stefano Cascino Assistant Professor
Miss Andrea Elsik Administrative Officer
Dr Yasmine Chahed Lecturer
Prof Matthew Engelke Professor
Dr Narisa Chauvidul-Aw Guest Teacher
Dr Tobias Eule Research Fellow
Mrs Chris Constantinou Guest Teacher
Ms Katharine Fletcher Moodle/VLE Editor
Ms Judith Day Guest Teacher
Dr Alice Forbess Research Officer-Creative
Dr Prajakta Desai LSE Fellow
Miss Lynsey Dickson MSc AOI Programme Manager
Ms Dena Freeman Occasional Senior Research
Dr Pascal Frantz Lecturer
Dr Martin Giraudeau Assistant Professor
Prof Katherine Gardner Professor
Mrs Yvonne Guthrie Departmental Manager
Prof David Graeber Professor
Dr Matthew Hall Associate Professor
Dr Ana Gutierrez Garza Postdoctoral Fellow
Prof Bjorn Jorgensen Professor
Ms Tamara Hale Graduate Admission Assistant
Ms Pauline Khng Occasional Senior Res Officer
Miss Alice Harrison Seligman Library Assistant
Dr Liisa Kurunmaki Associate Professor
Mr Thomas Herzmark Occasional Research
Mr Danny Leiwy Guest Teacher
Mr Lukas Loehlein LSE Fellow
Dr Jason Hickel Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Nadia Matringe LSE Fellow
Miss Yan Hinrichsen Departmental Manager
Dr Andrea Mennicken Associate Professor
Mr Geoffrey Hughes LSE Fellow
Prof Peter Miller Professor of Management
Prof Deborah James Professor
Mr James Johnston LSE Fellow
Dr Julia Morley Lecturer
Dr Nick Long Assistant Professor
Mr Christopher Noke Associate Professor
Dr Mary Montgomery LSE Fellow
Dr Tommaso Palermo Lecturer
Mr Fuad Musallam Moodle/VLE Editor
Dr Kavita Patel Project Manager
Miss Zainab Nafeel Seligman Library Assistant
Prof Peter Pope Professor of Accounting
Prof Jonathan Parry Associate Professorial Research
Prof Michael Power Professor
Miss Dorothy Richards MSc Programme Manager
Dr Mathijs Pelkmans Associate Professor
Mr Martin Rogers Video Producer
Mr Andrea Pia LSE Fellow
Mr Abteen Sai Guest Teacher
Mr Jay Raj Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Hanna Silvola Guest Teacher
Mr Dave Robinson Guest Teacher
Dr Ana Simpson Assistant Professor
Dr Michael Scott Associate Professor
Prof Ane Tamayo Professor
Dr Alpa Shah Associate Professor
Mr David Trodden Guest Teacher
Dr George St Clair Occasional Research Officer
Mr David Twardowski LSE Fellow
Prof Charles Stafford Professor
I 34 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Dr Hans Steinmuller Assistant Professor
Prof Oliver Volckart Professor
Mr Vikramaditya Thakur Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Patrick Wallis Professor
Dr Alice Tilche Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Helen Yaffe LSE Fellow
Mrs Renata Todd Administration & Coms Officer
Miss Xun Yan Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Anna Tuckett Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Franz Zobl Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Harry Walker Assistant Professor
Dr Gisa Weszkalnys Assistant Professor
Dr Matt Wilde Postdoctoral Fellow
Mr Di Wu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Deborah Adams Department Administrator
Mr Karun Adusumilli LSE Fellow
Economic History
Prof Philippe Aghion Professor
Mr Nicolas Arsalides Guest Teacher
Dr Olivier Accominotti Associate Professor
Dr Esteban Aucejo Lecturer
Dr Gerben Bakker Associate Professor
Prof Oriana Bandiera Chair in Economics
Prof Lars Boerner Assistant Professor
Dr David Baqaee Assistant Professor
Prof Anne Booth Guest Teacher
Mr Andres Barrios-Fernandez LSE Fellow
Dr David Chilosi LSE Fellow
Miss Samira Barzin Guest Teacher
Dr Peter Cirenza Course Tutor
Sir Charles Bean Professor
Dr Jordan Claridge LSE Fellow
Mr Matteo Benetton Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Neil Cummins Assistant Professor
Dr Gianluca Benigno Associate Professor
Ms Sandra De Pleijt Marie Curie Research Fellow
Prof Erik Berglof Director of the IGA
Dr Kent Deng Associate Professor (Reader)
Prof Timothy Besley School Professor
Mrs Priscilla Frost Administrator
Mr Marcus Biermann Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miss Pei Gao Research Fellow in Economic History
Dr Mohan Bijapur Departmental MSc Tutor
Dr Leigh Gardner Assistant Professor
Dr Margaret Bray Reader in Economics
Dr Peter Howlett Associate Professor
Mr Albert Brue-Perez LSE Fellow
Prof Janet Hunter Professor
Dr Gharad Bryan Lecturer
Dr Alejandra Irigoin Associate Professor
Prof Robin Burgess Chair in Economics
Ms Helena Ivins Administrative Officer
Mr Carlo Cabrera Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Youngook Jang Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Gianpaolo Caramellino Grad Teaching Assistant
Mr Enrique Jorge Sotelo Grad Teaching Assistant
Prof Francesco Caselli Norman Sosnow Chair
Ms Tracy Keefe PG & Special Projects Admin
Miss Laura Castillo Martinez LSE Fellow
Mr Niall Kishtainy Guest Teacher
Mr Patrick Coen Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Leonard Kukic Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Thomas Collins Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Joseph Lane Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Frank Cowell Professor of Economics
Dr Tim Leunig Associate Professor
Mr John Curtis Department Manager (Operations)
Ms Loraine Long Administrative Officer
Miss Tiloka De Silva LSE Fellow
Dr Debin Ma Associate Professor
Miss Alexia Delfino Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Flora Macher Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Wouter Den Haan Professor
Dr Chris Minns Associate Professor
Mr Etienne Desjardins Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Mary Morgan Professor
Dr Swati Dhingra Lecturer
Ms Sumiyo Nishizaki Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Weihan Ding Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Andrea Papadia Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Jeremiah Dittmar Lecturer
Mr David Pavon Prado Marie Curie Research Fellow
Mr Hao Dong LSE Fellow
Ms Pacharaporn Phanomvan-Na-Ayudhya Guest
Dr Christopher Dougherty Associate Professor
Mr Michel Dummar Azulai LSE Fellow
Prof Albrecht Ritschl Professor
Ms Dita Eckardt Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Juan Roses Vendoiro Professor
Dr Andrew Ellis Lecturer
Prof Tirthankar Roy Professor
Mr Miguel Espinosa Farfan LSE Fellow
Mrs Linda Sampson Departmental Manager
Mr Hugo Esteves-Vilares Grad Teaching Assistant
Dr Eric Schneider Assistant Professor
Dr Erik Eyster Associate Professor
Prof Max-Stephan Schulze Professor
Prof Leonardo Felli Professor
Ms Rebecca Simson Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Greg Fischer Lecturer
Mr Joao Sousa Da Cunha Marie Curie Res Officer
Mr Pedro Franco De Campos Pinto Grad Teaching
Mrs Judy Stephenson Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Brian Varian Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Alessandro Gavazza Professor
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 35 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Dr Matthew Gentry Lecturer
Mr Guzman Ourens Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Maitreesh Ghatak Professor of Economics
Prof Gerard Padro-I-Miquel Professor
Miss Giulia Giupponi Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Martin Pesendorfer Professor
Mr Matthieu Glotz Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Michele Piccione Professor
Mr Pedro Goncalves-Sequeira-Alves Graduate
Mr Jonathan Pinder LSE Fellow
Teaching Assistant
Mr Frank Pisch LSE Fellow
Miss Miriam Grossmanova ICEF Project Manager
Prof Steve Pischke Professor
Miss Jiajia Gu LSE Fellow
Prof Chris Pissarides Regius Professor
Dr Vassilis Hajivassiliou Associate Professor (Reader)
Miss Rachel Plume Faculty & Grad Admissions
Prof John Hardman Moore Professor of Economics
Prof Javier Hidalgo Professor
Ms Prarthana Prabhakar Grad Teaching Assistant
Mr Tillman Hoenig Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Colin Qiu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Amir Hosseini Guest Teacher
Prof Danny Quah Professor
Ms Mingyi Hua Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miss Shan Rana Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miss Yueling Huang Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Ronny Razin Professor
Dr Ethan Ilzetzki Lecturer in Economics
Prof Ricardo Reis Professor
Prof Richard Jackman ICEF Project Director
Mr Wolfgang Ridinger Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Rustam Jamilov Guest Teacher
Prof Peter Robinson Tooke Prof of Economic
Dr Keyu Jin Lecturer
Science and Stats
Miss Sarah Johnson UG Programme Manager
Miss Claudia Robles-Garcia Grad Teaching Assistant
Mr Diego Jordan Sierra Grad Teaching Assistant
Dr Marcus Roel LSE Fellow
Miss Dana Kassem LSE Fellow
Mr Federico Rossi LSE Fellow
Mr Seyed Kharazi Guest Teacher
Mr Giuseppe Rossitti Graduate Teaching Assistant
Lord Mervyn King School Professor
Mr Kilian Russ Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Henrik Kleven Professor
Ms Bhargavi Sakthivel Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Aleksander Kloda Guest Teacher
Dr Thomas Sampson Lecturer
Miss Charlotte Knights Dept Manager (Planning &
Mr Francesco Sannino LSE Fellow
Dr Marcia Schafgans Associate Professor
Mr Felix Koenig LSE Fellow
Prof Mark Schankerman Professor of Economics
Miss Chiara Kofol Guest Teacher
Mr Claudio Schilter LSE Fellow
Dr Tatiana Komarova Lecturer in Economics
Dr Pasquale Schiraldi Lecturer
Ms Sevim Kosem Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Arthur Seibold LSE Fellow
Mrs Kasia Krajniewska Guest Teacher
Dr Myunghwan Seo Lecturer in Economics
Dr Camille Landais Lecturer
Mr Alessandro Sforza LSE Fellow
Dr Jonathan Leape Associate Professor
Dr Judith Shapiro Undergraduate Tutor
Miss Seohyun Lee Guest Teacher
Dr Kevin Sheedy Assistant Professor
Prof Gilat Levy Professor
Miss Xuezhu Shi Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Matthew Levy Lecturer
Mr Gary Simpson Department Office Coordinator
Mr Nicola Limodio Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Peter Sinclair Guest Teacher
Prof Alan Manning Professor of Economics
Miss Nikita Singh Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Angelo Martelli Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Shantanu Singh Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Luis Martinez Martinez-Armas LSE Fellow
Mr Adi Soenarjo Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr William Matcham Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Roberto Sormani LSE Fellow
Mr Panos Mavrokonstantis LSE Fellow
Dr Johannes Spinnewijn Lecturer in Economics
Dr Guy Michaels Associate Professor
Mr Manuel Staab LSE Fellow
Dr Pascal Michaillat Lecturer
Mr Ken Starling Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Clement Minaudier Grad Teaching Assistant
Profld Nicholas Stern IG Patel Chair
Mrs Shubhra Mitra Grad Admissions Administrator
Dr Daniel Sturm Associate Professor
Mr Niclas Moneke Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof John Sutton Sir John Hicks Chair
Dr Francesco Nava Lecturer
Prof Balazs Szentes Professor
Mr Han Ng Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Arthur Taburet Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Rachel Ngai Associate Professor (Reader)
Mr Eddy Tam LSE Fellow
Ms Jennifer O'Connell MSc Programmes Manager
Ms Clarissa Tan Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Tom O'Keeffe LSE Fellow
Ms Emma Taverner PA to Head of Department
Dr Taisuke Otsu Reader
Mr Luke Taylor Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Gianmarco Ottaviano Professor
Prof Silvana Tenreyro Professor
I 36 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Ms Meng Tian Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Simona Milio Guest Teacher
Mr Kostas Tokis LSE Fellow
Miss Charlotte Milne Executive MSc Programme
Dr Dimitri Tsomokos Guest Teacher
Ms Daria Turekova Dept Office Administrator
Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis Associate Professor
Dr Kalliopi Vacharopoulou Departmental Website
Miss Anna Murton MSc Programme Administrator
and Social Media Ed
Dr Esra Ozyurek Ozyurek Baer Associate Professor
Prof John Van Reenen Prof of Econ & Director of
Prof Paul Preston Professorial Research Fellow
the CEP
Ms Jenny Robottom MPhil/PHD Prog Manager
Mr Roger Vicquery Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Tim Rogers Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Michael Vlassopoulos Guest Teacher
Dr Waltraud Schelkle Associate Professor
Mr Maxim Waller Guest Teacher
Dr Marco Simoni Associate Professor
Mr Torsten Walter Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Umit Sonmez Contemporary Turkish Studies,
Ms Kathleen Watts Graduate Admissions Manager
Prog Mgr
Mr Luc Weber Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr David Spence Senior Research Fellow
Mr Mark Wilbor PhD Programme Manager
Mr Pieter Tuytens Moodle Editor
Ms Alice Williams Departmental Moodle Editor
Dr Jonathan White Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Lisa Windsteiger LSE Fellow
Ms Paula Zoido-Oses Moodle Editor
Mr Junichi Yamasaki Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Alwyn Young Professor of Economics
Dr Shengxing Zhang Assistant Professor
Mr Tianle Zhang Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Ashwini Agrawal Assistant Professor
Mr Gabriel Zucman Associate Professor
Miss Shahnaz Ahsan Executive MSc Programme
European Institute
Ms Gina Antwi Graduate Intern
Prof Ulf Axelson Professor
Mrs Sabina Allam-Patel MSc Programmes Manager
Ms Janet Bacastow Associate Programme Director
Ms Sonja Avlijas LEQS Editorial Assistant
Dr Konstantinos Baltas LSE Fellow
Prof Nick Barr Professor
Dr Elisabetta Bertero Lecturer in Finance
Prof Iain Begg Professorial Research Fellow
Mr Lorenz Bretscher LSE Fellow
Dr Abel Bojar LSE Fellow in European Political
Miss Helen Broad Portfolio Programme Manager
Mr Rhys Cadman Graduate Admissions Assistant
Mr Stuart Brown Editor/Researcher
Miss Jennifer Carr MSc Administrator
Ms Sarah Ciaglia Moodle Editor
Dr Georgy Chabakauri Assistant Professor
Mrs Clara Cook Executive MSc Prog Administrator
Dr Pedro Saffi Chauffaille Saffi Guest Teacher
Dr Steve Coulter LSE Fellow
Mr Hoyong Choi Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Paul De Grauwe Head of Department
Dr James Clark Course Tutor
Dr Spyros Economides Associate Professor
Ms Brenda Clarkson-Williams Administrator
Ms Sophie Elgood Institute Manager
Ms Mary Comben Student Services Manager
Prof Kevin Featherstone Eleftherios Venizelos Chair
Mr Panos Couzoff LSE Fellow
Miss Charlie Fiddy MSc Programme Administrator
Dr Vicente Cunat Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Pasquale Foresti LSE Fellow
Ms Claudia Custodio Guest Teacher
Prof Maurice Fraser Professor in Practice
Dr Jon Danielsson Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Eddie Gerba LSE Fellow
Dr Amil Dasgupta Associate Professor
Prof Simon Glendinning Professor
Mr Miklos Farkas Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Sara Hagemann Assistant Professor
Prof Daniel Ferreira Professor
Dr Robert Hancke Associate Professor
Dr Margarida Soares Figueiredo Soares Guest
Ms Lise Herman Moodle Editor
Prof Sara Hobolt Sutherland Chair in European
Mrs Estrella Frutos Casarrubios Associate
Programme Director
Mr Julian Hoerner LSE Fellow
Prof Raffaella Giacomini Guest Teacher
Dr Abby Innes Assistant Professor
Mr Sergey Glebkin LSE Fellow
Dr Jennifer Jackson Preece Associate Professor
Dr Juanita Gonzalez Uribe Assistant Professor
Dr Mareike Kleine Associate Professor
Dr Moqi Groen-Xu Assistant Professor
Dr Jan Komarek Assistant Professor
Mr David Haller Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Lukas Lehner Project Support Assistant
Mr Brandon Han Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Trenton Marlar Project Support Assistant
Mr Jasper Heeks Graduate Intern
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 37 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Ms Yukiko Higashi Associate Programme Director
Ms Alex Hyde Occasional Research Fellow
Dr Dirk Jenter Associate Professor
Ms Hazel Johnstone Departmental Manager
Dr Christian Julliard Associate Professor
Dr Sumi Madhok Associate Professor
Dr Thomas Kirchmaier Occasional Principal
Prof Diane Perrons Professor
Research Fellow
Dr Ania Plomien Assistant Professor
Dr Peter Kondor Associate Professor
Dr Leticia Ines Alexandre Sabsay Assistant Professor
Mr Alexander Koriath Guest Teacher
Ms Amanda Shaw Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Balazs Krusper Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Nicole Shephard Project Support Officer
Dr Lucius Li LSE Fellow
Dr Eleni Sifaki LSE Fellow in Gender
Dr Paula Lopes Lopes Cocco Research & Teaching
Prof Wendy Sigle Professor
Miss Kate Steward MSc Manager
Dr Dong Lou Associate Professor
Ms Nydia Swaby Casual
Dr Igor Makarov Associate Professor
Dr Alyosxa Tudor LSE Fellow
Dr Beatriz Mariano LSE Fellow
Dr Sadie Wearing Lecturer in Gender, Culture &
Prof Ian Martin Professor
Mr Joseph Meegan Digital & Print Prod Officer
Dr Kalpana Wilson Guest Teacher
Dr Kyle Moore LSE Fellow
Dr Philippe Mueller Assistant Professor
Geography and Environment
Dr Yves Nosbusch Guest Teacher
Mr Yonatan Nuguse Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Gabriel Ahlfeldt Associate Professor
Miss Olga Obizhaeva Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Andrea Ascani LSE Fellow
Dr Martin Oehmke Associate Professor
Prof Giles Atkinson Professor
Miss Catherine O'Riordan MSc Administrator and
Dr Jenn Baka Assistant Professor
Projects Officer
Miss Kate Baker Guest Teacher
Miss Samantha Osborne Graduate Intern
Miss Fanny Blanc Project Support Officer
Dr Daniel Paravisini Paravisini Maggi Associate
Mr Emanuele Campiglio LSE Fellow
Professor (Reader)
Dr Felipe Carozzi Assistant Professor
Prof Richard Payne Guest Teacher
Dr Ryan Centner Assistant Professor
Mr Pedro Peixoto Teixeira Occ Research Assistant
Prof Sylvia Chant Professor
Ms Catherine Perry MSc Administrator
Prof Paul Cheshire Professor
Prof Christopher Polk Professor
Mr Sam Colegate Departmental Manager
Dr Rohit Rahi Associate Professor
Mr Sebastiano Comotti Project Support Assistant
Ms Osmana Raie Departmental Manager
Mr Davide Contu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Domingos Romualdo Senior Lecturer in Practice
Dr Riccardo Crescenzi Professor
Miss Brenda Sherwin Administrative Assistant
Ms Muna Dajani Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Greg Sproston MSc Finance Student Assistant
Miss Katherine Dawson Grad Teaching Assistant
Dr Andrea Tamoni Assistant Professor
Mr Mark De Jong Guest Teacher
Mr Mesut Tastan LSE Fellow
Prof Simon Dietz Professor
Mr Simon Tuck Finance and Projects Officer
Ms Amanda Gaddes Graduate Administrator
Mr Makhan Uppal MSc Finance Student Assistant
Prof Steve Gibbons Professor
Prof Dimitri Vayanos Professor
Mr Joel Gill Guest Teacher
Dr Andrea Vedolin Assistant Professor
Mr Ashley Gorst Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Michela Verardo Associate Professor
Dr Ben Groom Associate Professor
Prof Kathy Yuan Professor
Prof Vernon Henderson School Professor
Ms Luana Zaccaria Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Christian Hilber Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Kostas Zachariadis Assistant Professor
Dr Nancy Holman Associate Professor
Dr Hongda Zhong Assistant Professor
Prof Simona Iammarino Professor
Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand Associate Professor
Mr Alexander Jaax LSE Fellow
Mr Mark Jenkin Graduate Administrator
Gender Institute
Miss Harriett Johnson Graduate Administrator
Prof Gareth Jones Professor
Ms Annette Behrens Casual
Dr Neil Lee Assistant Professor
Mr Alessandro Castellini LSE Fellow
Dr Murray Low Associate Professor
Ms Ilana Eloit Casual
Dr Alan Mace Assistant Professor
Prof Clare Hemmings Professor
Mr Lee Mager UG Prog Mngr/Exec Asst to HOD
Dr Marsha Henry Associate Professor
Dr Michael Mason Associate Professor
I 38 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Dr Melanie Mccabe Guest Teacher
Dr Eva Heims LSE Fellow
Dr Claire Mercer Associate Professor
Dr Steffen Hertog Associate Professor
Miss Alessandra Mossa Project Support Assistant
Dr Mark Hill LSE Fellow
Prof Susana Mourato Professor
Prof Simon Hix Professor
Prof Eric Neumayer Professor
Dr Jonathan Hopkin Associate Professor (Reader)
Mr David Nguyen Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallve Associate Professor
Mr Do-Young Oh Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof James Hughes Professor
Prof Henry Overman Professor
Dr John Hutchinson Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Charles Palmer Assistant Professor
Dr Ryan Jablonski Assistant Professor
Dr Richard Perkins Associate Professor
Dr Leigh Jenco Associate Professor
Mr Jose Pfaffmann Fiori Project Support Assistant
Mr Corey Jentry Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Paula Prenzel Project Support Assistant
Prodam Tessa Jowell Professor in Practice
Mrs Jordana Ramalho Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Paul Kelly Professor
Prof Andres Rodriguez-Pose Professor
Mr Sean Kippin Managing Editor, Democratic Audit
Mr Sefi Roth LSE Fellow
Dr Bill Kissane Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Megan Ryburn LSE Fellow
Dr Brian Klaas LSE Fellow
Dr Romola Sanyal Assistant Professor
Dr Sebastian Koehler LSE Fellow
Dr Hyun Shin Senior Lecturer in Geog & Urban
Dr Mathias Koenig-Archibugi Associate Professor
Dr Olmo Silva Associate Professor
Dr Denisa Kostovicova Associate Professor
Mr Thomas Smith Guest Teacher
Prof Chandran Kukathas Chair in Political Theory
Prof Michael Storper Prof of Economic Geography
Dr Frederick Laker LSE Fellow
Mrs Meredith Whitten Moodle Project Support
Dr Valentino Larcinese Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Austin Zeiderman Assistant Professor
Mr Raymond Lee Research and Programmes
Miss Suhjin Lee LSE Fellow
Mr Thomas Leeper Assistant Professor
Mr Johan Ahlback Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Chun Lin Associate Professor
Dr Joseph Baines LSE Fellow
Prof Christian List Prof. of Political Science & 
Dr Gordon Bannerman Occ Research Assistant
Mr Jack Blumenau LSE Fellow
Prof Martin Lodge Professor
Mr Jann Boeddeling Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Alexandru Marcoci LSE Fellow
Prof Sumantra Bose Professor
Mr Nicola Mastrorocco LSE Fellow
Dr Nicole Boyce Departmental Manager
Dr Omar Mcdoom Assistant Professor
Prof Michael Bruter Professor
Mr Brett Meyer LSE Fellow
Mr Kenneth Bunker Research Assistant, Democratic
Dr Paul Mitchell Associate Professor
Ms Mona Morgan-Collins LSE Fellow
Mr Muheez Busari MSc Programme Administrator
Mr Dominic Muir Administrative Assistant
Miss Elisa Cencig Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Lukas Obholzer LSE Fellow
Dr John Chalcraft Associate Professor (Reader)
Prof Edward Page Webb Professor of Public Policy
Mr Carl Cullinane Research Assistant
Dr Francesco Panizza Professor
Ms Emma Curry Office Administrator
Ms Nina Pasquali UG Programme Administrator
Mrs Flavia De-Mattos-Donadelli Graduate Teaching
Ms Seeta Persaud Managing Editor
Prof Anne Phillips Graham Wallis Chair in Political
Prof Torun Dewan Professor
Dr Vesselin Dimitrov Associate Professor (Reader)
Miss Artemis Photiadou Managing Edtr, British
Dr Roch Dunin-Wasowicz Managing Editor, LSE
Politics & Policy
BrexitVote Blog
Dr Marco Pinfari Guest Teacher
Prof Patrick Dunleavy Professor of Pol Science &
Ms Diana Popescu LSE Fellow
Public Policy
Dr David Rampton Guest Teacher
Prof Katrin Flikschuh Professor
Dr Elisa Randazzo LSE Fellow
Ms Mollie Gerver Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Bernardo Rangoni Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Sarah Goff LSE Fellow
Dr Stephanie Rickard Associate Professor
Dr Hanan Haber LSE Fellow
Mr James Robins Departmental Website Manager
Miss Sarah Harrison Assistant Professorial Research
Ms Catherine Robinson Deputy Dept Manager
Miss Paola Romero Graduate Teaching Assistant
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 39 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Prof Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey Professor
Ms Ruth Fitzharris Research Programme
Miss Livia Schubiger Assistant Professor
Dr Marco Scipioni LSE Fellow
Prof Timothy Forsyth Professor
Miss Carla Seesunkur Undergrad Programme Mgr
Dr Geoff Goodwin LSE Fellow
&Student Advisor
Dr Stuart Gordon Assistant Professor
Ms Sue Sharkey Programme Administrator
Prof Duncan Green Professor of Practice
Ms Serena Sharma LSE Fellow
Dr Elliott Green Associate Professor
Ms Desiree Shayer Shayer-Mcleod Grad Teaching
Dr Lloyd Gruber Assistant Professor
Mrs Susan Hoult Robinson Hoult PhD Programme
Prof John Sidel Sir Patrick Gillam Chair
Prof David Soskice School Professor
Prof Jude Howell Professor
Dr Kai Spiekermann Associate Professor
Dr Rachel Ibreck LSE Fellow
Ms Rosamund Taylor Managing Editor, LSE
Prof Naila Kabeer Professor
BrexitVote Blog
Prof Mary Kaldor Professorial Research Fellow
Mr Luke Temple Managing Edtr, British Politics &
Dr Sohini Kar Assistant Professor
Prof David Keen Chair in Complex Emergencies
Prof Mark Thatcher Professor
Mr Tom Kirk Occasional Research Officer
Dr Eiko Thielemann Associate Professor
Dr Anna Macdonald LSE Fellow
Prof Tony Travers Director of British Government at
Dr Shirin Madon Associate Professor
Dr Laura Mann Assistant Professor
Dr Laura Valentini Associate Professor
Dr Mary Martin Senior Research Fellow
Ms Helena Vieira Managing Editor LSE for Business
Mr Michael Mbate Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Kate Meagher Associate Professor
Mr Tom Ward Leverhulme Network Facilitator
Ms Caroline Miringu Casual
Dr Joachim Wehner Associate Professor
Prof Thandika Mkandawire Chair in African
Mr Matthew Whiting Guest Teacher
Development Studies
Dr Stephane Wolton Assistant Professor
Dr Philipa Mladovsky Assistant Professor
Dr David Woodruff Associate Professor
Dr Joana Naritomi Assistant Professor in
Dr Lea Ypi Associate Professor
Development Econ
Mrs Dru Nelson Deputy Department Manager
International Development
Mr Gonzalo Nunez Chaim Research Officer
Ms Samira Oliveira Noronha Project Support
Dr Miriam Abu Sharkh Principal Research Fellow
Mr Shamel Al Azmeh LSE Fellow
Dr Georgina Pearson Project Support Assistant
Mr Ali Ali Post-Doctoral Research Officer
Ms Lucy Pickles Msc Course Administrator
Prof Tim Allen Professor
Mr Ger Purcell Programme Manager
Dr Ruben Andersson Postdoctoral Fellow
Prof James Putzel Professor
Mr Pritish Behuria LSE Fellow
Dr Henry Radice Research Fellow
Miss Allison Lee Benson Hernandez Project Support
Dr Iavor Rangelov Assistant Professorial Research
Dr Mayling Birney Assistant Professor
Mr Hannes Rieken Occasional Research Officer
Prof Catherine Boone Professor of Comparative
Miss Anouk Rigterink Research Officer
Ms Sabine Selchow Research Fellow
Prof Teddy Brett Professor
Dr Sandra Sequeira Assistant Professor
Mr Peter Campbell Departmental Manager
Prof Ken Shadlen Professor
Ms Stephanie Campbell Project Support Assistant
Dr Mahvish Shami Assistant Professor
Miss Sarah Carr Events and Communication Officer
Ms Pon Souvannaseng LSE Fellow
Mrs Ingrina Carson Programme Officer
Miss Dominika Spyratou Departmental Research
Mr Benjamin Chemouni Grad Teaching Assistant
Unit Manager
Prof Tim Dyson Professor of Population Studies
Ms Elia Trippel Project Support Assistant
Dr Vesna Dzelilovic Associate Professorial Research
Dr Rim Turkmani Research Fellow
Dr Rajesh Venugopal Assistant Professor
Miss Regina Enjuto-Martinez LSE Fellow
Prof Robert Wade Professor of Politics
Prof Jean-Paul Faguet Professor
Ms Felicity Ward Msc Course Administrator
Dr Tasha Fairfield Assistant Professor
Dr Diana Weinhold Associate Professor
Mr Nicolas Fehlandt Project Support Assistant
Mr Adam Xu Project Support Officer
I 40 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
International History
Dr Gagandeep Sood Assistant Professor
Dr Kristina Spohr Associate Professor
Dr Roham Alvandi Associate Professor
Prof David Stevenson Stevenson Prof of
Ms Sarah Ashraf Graduate Teaching Assistant
International History
Prof Nigel Ashton Professor
Mr Ian Stewart Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Marc Baer Professor
Dr Paul Stock Assistant Professor
Dr Benjamin Bankhurst Guest Teacher
Dr Lauren Young Guest Teacher
Ms Aurelie Basha Basha I Novosejt LSE Fellow
Dr Valeria Zanier Guest Teacher
Dr Antony Best Associate Professor
Prof Vladislav Zubok Professor
Mr Mathew Betts Executive Committee Officer
Mrs Nayna Bhatti Postgrad & Research Prog Mgr
International Relations
Mr Bastiaan Bouwman Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Chris Brennan Guest Teacher
Dr Jonathan Agensky LSE Fellow
Dr Robert Brier LSE Fellow
Dr Kirsten Ainley Assistant Professor
Dr Rachel Bright Guest Teacher
Prof Christopher Alden Professor
Miss Susana Carvalho Web Resource Editor
Dr Reza Arabsheibani Guest Teacher
Prof Steve Casey Professor
Dr Leo Baccini Assistant Professor
Miss Phoebe Chow Guest Teacher
Ms Justine Baird Project Support Assistant
Miss Rosalind Coffey Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Tarak Barkawi Reader
Mr Barnaby Crowcroft Guest Teacher
Dr Martin Bayly LSE Fellow
Mr Alexandre Dab Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Federica Bicchi Associate Professor
Mr Vlad Dobrenko Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof William Callahan Professor
Miss Milada Fomina MSc Programmes 
Ms Alison Carter Secretary
Dr Nicola Chelotti LSE Fellow
Dr Marvin Fried Guest Teacher
Prof Jeffrey Chwieroth Professor
Miss Demetra Frini Departmental Manager
Prof Christopher Coker Professor
Dr Sajjan Gohel Guest Teacher
Dr Katerina Dalacoura Associate Professor
Mr Anton Harder Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Ida Danewid Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Tanya Harmer Associate Professor
Dr Janina Dill Assistant Professor
Prof Janet Hartley Professor
Ms Viviane Dittrich Guest Teacher
Dr Timothy Hochstrasser Associate Professor
Prof Toby Dodge Kuwait Professor
Dr Alessandro Iandolo Assistant Professorial
Miss Alena Eis Occasional Research Assistant
Research Fellow
Dr Robert Falkner Associate Professor
Ms Anne Irfan Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Maria Fotou Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Eleanor Janega Guest Teacher
Miss Rachel George Project Support Assistant
Dr Heather Jones Associate Professor
Prof Fawaz Gerges Professor
Prof Matthew Jones Professor
Dr Julia Gray Assistant Professor
Dr Paul Keenan Assistant Professor
Dr Jurgen Haacke Associate Professor
Dr Natalia Kibita LSE Fellow
Miss Anissa Haddadi Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Joanna Lewis Assistant Professor
Mr Mark Hoffman Assistant Professor
Dr Tim Livsey Guest Teacher
Prof Christopher Hughes Professor
Dr Nicholas Ludlow Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Andrew Jillions LSE Fellow
Dr Konstantina Maragkou Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms Irena Kalhousova Project Support Assistant
Mr Alex Mayhew Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Sidharth Kaushal Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Sophia Moesch Guest Teacher
Dr John Kent Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Jeppe Mulich LSE Fellow
Mr Adnan Khan BSc IR Programme Administrator
Dr Paul Mulvey Guest Teacher
Mr Arthur Kilgore LSE Fellow
Miss Emma Peplow Guest Teacher
Ms Lucy Korsakov Project Support Assistant
Prof Anita Prazmowska Professor
Ms Martina Langer Secretary
Dr Svetozar Rajak Associate Professor
Dr Tomila Lankina Associate Professor
Mr Michael Rupp Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr George Lawson Associate Professor
Dr Padraic Scanlan Assistant Professor
Mr Lukas Linsi Project Support Assistant
Mr Isaac Scarborough Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Uzma Lone Research Programme Administrator
Dr Kirsten Schulze Associate Professor
Mr Aaron Mckeil Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Taylor Sherman Associate Professor
Dr Jens Meierhenrich Associate Professor
Mr Max Skjonsberg Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Covadonga Meseguer Associate Professor
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 41 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mrs Romy Mokogwu Administrator/PA to HoD
Mr Jacob Bronsther Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Pedro Moraya Barros Project Support Assistant
Mrs Gosia Brown Executive LLM Programme
Dr James Morrison Assistant Professor
Ms Natalya Naqvi LSE Fellow
Mr Giuseppe Capillo Administrative Assistant
Ms Hannah Navon Project Support Assistant
Mrs Harriet Carter Department Manager (Ops &
Mrs Yulia Netesova Occasional Research Assistant
Prof Iver Neumann Montague Burton Chair
Prof Damian Chalmers Professor
Mr Andreas Nohr Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miss Lewina Coote Finance Officer
Ms Estelle Ou Project Support Assistant
Mr Robert Craig Guest Teacher
Ms Hilary Parker Departmental Manager
Dr Debbie De Girolamo Guest Teacher
Mr Tom Paskhalis Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Floris De Witte Assistant Professor
Miss Cheryl Quek Project Support Assistant
Dr Dominic De-Cogan Guest Teacher
Ms Elena Samarsky Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Niamh Dunne Assistant Professor
Dr Ulrich Sedelmeier Associate Professor
Prof Neil Duxbury Professor
Mr Cohen Simpson Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Andrew Dyson Assistant Professor
Dr Indraneel Sircar Occasional Research Officer
Miss Enfale Farooq Undergraduate Programme
Prof Karen Smith Professor
Dr Taylor St John LSE Fellow
Ms Michele Finck LSE Fellow
Mr Dimitrios Stroikos Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Jonathan Fisher Guest Teacher
Dr James Strong LSE Fellow
Dr Tatiana Flessas Associate Professor
Mr Bugra Susler Project Support Assistant
Prof Conor Gearty Professor
Ms Gabrielle To Research Programme Administrator
Dr Carsten Gerner Beuerle Associate Professor
Prof Peter Trubowitz Professor
Ms Alison Grant Executive Officer
Ms Caroline Varin Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Julius Grower Guest Teacher
Mr Kohei Watanabe Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Veerle Heyvaert Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Miranda Wei Project Support Assistant
Mr Simon Hicks Research Assistant
Dr Peter Wilson Associate Professor
Prof Jeremy Horder Chair in Criminal Law
Mr Marc Winrow Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Devika Hovell Assistant Professor
Mr Jack Winterton Project Support Assistant
Dr Stephen Humphreys Associate Professor
Miss Sophie Wise Events and CIS Administrator
Mr Hamish Hunter Guest Teacher
Dr Stephen Woolcock Associate Professor
Miss Rozia Hussain Knowledge Exch& Impact Serv
Mr Yixiao Zheng Project Support Assistant
Delivery Mgr
Dr Pablo Ibanez Colomo Associate Professor
Dr James Irving Guest Teacher
Prof Emily Jackson Chair
Mr Imran Afzal Guest Teacher
Mr Lee Jackson Web Development Officer
Miss Maggie Ainley Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Stephen Jenner Postgrd Exams & Assessment
Ms Tola Amodu Guest Teacher
Mr Marcus De Matos Araujo Batista Des M Guest
Mr Anthony Jones Guest Teacher
Prof David Kershaw Chair in Law
Dr Louise Arimatsu Guest Teacher
Dr Jan Kleinheisterkamp Associate Professor
Mr Eduardo Baistrocchi Associate Professor
Ms Insa Koch Assistant Professor
Prof Robert Baldwin Professor of Law
Mr Leslie Kosmin Guest Teacher
Dr Anne Bandle Guest Teacher
Prof Niki Lacey School Professor
Mr Nigel Banerjee Guest Teacher
Prof Andrew Lang Professor
Mr Bradley Barlow Communications Officer
Mr Conor Langan Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Rachel Barnes Guest Teacher
Miss Signe Larsen Graduate Teaching Assistant
Anne Barron Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Sarah Lee Service Delivery Mngr Undergraduate
Dr Chaloka Beyani Associate Professor
Prof Julia Black Professor of Law
Miss Anna Lisowska Executive LLM Programme
Mr Antony Blackburn-Starza Guest Teacher
Dr Michael Blackwell Assistant Professor
Prof Michael Lobban Professor
Dr Jacco Bomhoff Associate Professor
Prof Martin Loughlin Professor of Public Law
Dr Jo Braithwaite Associate Professor
Ms Orla Lynskey Assistant Professor
Prof Michael Bridge Cassel Professor of Commercial
Dr Paul Macmahon Assistant Professor
Prof Susan Marks Professor of International Law
I 42 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Dr Julie Mccandless Assistant Professor
Mr Simon Witney Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Ewan Mcgaughey Guest Teacher
Ms Lucy Wright Executive LLM Programme 
Dr Emmanuel Melissaris Associate Professor
Ms Grainne Mellon Guest Teacher
Mr Aaron Wu Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Eva Micheler Associate Professor
Mrs Rachel Yarham Doctoral Programme Adminis-
Dr Kai Moller Associate Professor
Prof Niamh Moloney Professor
Ms Elena Zaccaria Guest Teacher
Mr Frederik Muelke Project Support Assistant
Prof Linda Mulcahy Professor
Dr Jo Murkens Associate Professor
Prof Andrew Murray Professor
Miss Kemi Adedayo Programme Coordinator
Mrs Rebecca Newman Postgraduate Programmes
Ms Shweta Agarwal Guest Teacher
Mr Diogo Quintas Aguiar-De-Carvalho-Magalhaes
Dr Patrick O'Brien LSE Fellow
Guest Teacher
Miss Kencho Ongdi Administrative Assistant
Miss Cristina Alaimo LSE Fellow
Dr Philipp Paech Assistant Professor
Dr Ricardo Alonso Maranon Associate Professor
Ms Sarah Paterson Assistant Professor
Dr Tamara Ansons Behavioural Lab Projects
Prof Jill Peay Chair in Law
Mr Manuel Penades-Fons LSE Fellow
Prof Gautam Appa Casual
Mr Nicholas Petrie Occasional Research Assistant
Prof Sarah Ashwin Professor
Dr Federico Picinali Assistant Professor
Dr Alberto Asquer Guest Teacher
Prof Thomas Poole Professor
Mr Manos Avgerinos Guest Teacher
Prof Alain Pottage Professor
Prof Chrisanthi Avgerou Professor
Dr Peter Ramsay Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Yally Avrahampour Assistant Professor
Miss Helen Reece Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Satkeen Azizzadeh LSE Fellow
Dr Meredith Rossner Assistant Professor
Prof Harry Barkema Professor of Management
Dr Solene Rowan Associate Professor
Ms Sharon Barnes Academic Planning Manager
Mr Matthew Rowley Department Manager
Dr Nuno Barros-De-Oliveira Guest Teacher
Dr Ian Roxan Associate Professor
Prof Michael Barzelay Professor
Miss Pauline Sabouret Project Assistant
Dr Simon Bastow LSE Fellow
Dr Nicholas Sage Assistant Professor
Mr Leo Beattie Research Programme Administrator
Dr Paolo Saguato LSE Fellow
Ms Kelly Benson MSc Programmes Manager
Ms Mickie Sahrle Service Delivery Mngr (Postgrad
Dr Daniel Beunza Assistant Professor
Prof Gwyn Bevan Professor
Dr Margot Salomon Associate Professor
Dr Uta Bindl Assistant Professor
Mr David Salter Guest Teacher
Mr Jordi Blanes I Vidal Associate Professor
Dr Astrid Sanders Assistant Professor
Miss Stephanie Boncey Programme Coordinator
Mr Edmund-Philipp Schuster Assistant Professor
Mr Muhammad Boodoo LSE Fellow
Dr Andrew Scott Associate Professor
Dr Jonathan Booth Assistant Professor
Prof Gerry Simpson Professor in International Law
Mr Marco Botero Vivas MA107 Management Peer
Dr Joseph Spooner Assistant Professor
Mrs Aleksandra Stipanovich Moodle Support
Mr Dimitris Boucas Guest Teacher
Dr Igor Stramignoni Assistant Professor
Ms Eimear Breathnach Programmes Coordinator
Miss Rachael Taylor Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Henrietta Burr MSc MISDI & Man Sciences
Dr Shiva Thambisetty Ramakrishna Associate Pro-
Miss Erin Cai MA107 Management Peer Tutor
Mr Chris Thomas Assistant Professor
Miss Laura Canter Programme Coordinator
Miss Mandy Tinnams Health & Safety Co-ord./ Es-
Prof Amitav Chakravarti Professor of Marketing
tates Officer
Miss Gauri Chandra Occasional Research Assistant
Mr David Vitale Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Chia-Chi Chang Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Emmanuel Voyiakis Vogiakis Associate Professor
Miss Jia Jing Chin MA107 Management Peer Tutor
Dr Charlie Webb Associate Professor
Ms Stephanie Cloots Senior Faculty Affairs Officer
Dr Mike Wilkinson Associate Professor
Miss Becky Coggins Programme Manager
Miss Karen Williams LLM Exams & Assessment 
Miss Kirsty Conway Faculty Affairs Co-ordinator
Dr Antonio Cordella Lecturer
Mr Daniel Wiseman Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Tony Cornford Associate Professor
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 43 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Dr Christine Cote Guest Teacher
Dr Connson Locke Senior Lecturer in Practice
Prof Jackie Coyle-Shapiro Chair in Organisational
Dr Juan Lopez-Cotarelo Guest Teacher
Mr Colin Love Guest Teacher
Mr Mike Cushman Guest Teacher
Dr Daniela Lup Assistant Professor
Mr Nilesh Dattani Senior Undergraduate Tutor
Dr Kristof Madarasz Lecturer in Management
Ms Chiara De Poli Research Assistant
Miss Sana Malik Malik MG207 Help Session Tutor
Miss Laura Delfitto Marketing and Communications
Prof David Marsden Chair in Industrial Relations
Dr Silvia Masiero Research Officer
Prof David De-Meza Chair in Management
Dr Alicia Mejia Mejia-Salazar Guest Teacher
Ms Jane Dickson Research Officer
Miss Iana Messetchkova Project Support Assistant
Miss Situ Diwan Office Co-ordinator
Mrs Maryane Mwaniki MSc Mgmnt & Exchanges
Dr Eddy Donnelly Guest Teacher
Progamme Manager
Miss Gemma Edmenson MSc HRO Programme 
Prof Om Narasimhan Professor
Ms Rita Nemeth Programme Assistant
Prof Saul Estrin Professor
Dr David Newton Guest Teacher
Dr Barbara Fasolo Associate Professor
Mrs Jill Nurse Guest Teacher
Dr Valentina Ferretti LSE Fellow
Miss Nenna Opara Faculty Affairs Manager
Miss Kate Forman Programme Portfolio Manager
Dr Emanuel Ornelas Associate Professor
Prof Carola Frege Professor
Miss Catherine Osley Finance & Operations
Prof Luis Garicano Professor of Management &
Prof Ignacio Palacios-Huerta Professor of 
Dr Hayley German Guest Teacher
Mrs Laura Gnata Postgraduate Programme Admin-
Miss Priyanka Pandey Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Revi Panidha Guest Teacher
Miss Liz Griffith Snr Marketing & Communications
Miss Sapna Patel Alumni Relations Coordinator
Prof Sandy Pepper Professor in Practice
Ms Joanne Hay Departmental Manager
Mr Ashley Perry Project Support Administrator
Dr Ralph Hibberd Research Officer
Ms Lucy Porter Events and Communications Officer
Mr Kingsley Ho MA107 Management Peer Tutor
Dr Fei Qin Assistant Professor
Miss Monika Hockenhull Programme Administrator
Dr Veronica Rappoport-Redondo Assistant Prof
Dr Gus Hosein Guest Teacher
Dr Tara Reich Assistant Professor
Mr Vincent Hotyat Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Diane Reyniers Professor
Mr Vahan Hovhannisyan Guest Teacher
Dr Shasa Riza Assistant Professor
Miss Der-Wei Huang Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Vladimir Roitch Guest Teacher
Mr Yufei Huang Guest Teacher
Dr Jorn Rothe Director of Studies
Mr Imran Iqbal Research Manager
Dr Yona Rubinstein Professor
Mr David Jarrett Guest Teacher
Ms Abhivyakti Saxena Occasional Research
Dr Brittany Jones Director of Studies
Prof Jannis Kallinikos Professor
Mr Jacob Sayer Casual
Dr Satoshi Kanazawa Associate Professor (Reader)
Mr Tim Schmalle MA107 Management Peer Tutor
Dr Heather Kappes Assistant Professor
Dr Susan Scott Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Ruth Kaufman Guest Teacher
Ms Lisa Sezer Occasional Research Assistant
Prof John Kelly Guest Teacher
Dr Maha Shaikh Guest Teacher
Mr Faisal Khan Digital Marketing Officer
Mr Jim Shen MA107 Management Peer Tutor
Mr Rob Kirkland MSc Programmes Manager
Dr Emma Soane Assistant Professor
Dr Ela Klecun Klecun-Taylor Assistant Professor
Dr Carsten Sorensen Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Else Knudsen Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Lourdes Sosa Gonzalez Associate Professor
Prof Sarosh Kuruvilla Professor of Management
Prof Richard Steinberg Professor
Ms Eva Le Grand Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Vishal Talwar Guest Teacher
Dr Reda Lebcir Guest Teacher
Ms Juliane Thieme Project Support Assistant
Dr Hyun-Jung Lee Assistant Professor
Dr Catherine Thomas Associate Professor (Reader)
Prof Roger Levy Guest Teacher
Miss Caroline Thurtle Undergraduate Programme
Ms Carolyn Lewis Guest Teacher
Dr Chunyun Li Assistant Professor
Mr Charlie Tickle MSc Electives Portfolio
Dr Jonathan Liebenau Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Michelle Liu MA107 Management Peer Tutor
Miss Anna Titov Project Support Assistant
I 44 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mr Arnaud Vaganay Guest Teacher
Mr Mikey Kusnetsov Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Alina Vasile Graduate Intern
Dr Andy Lewis-Pye Associate Professor
Mr Patrick Veenstra Guest Teacher
Dr Thomas Lidbetter LSE Fellow
Dr William Venters Assistant Professor
Mr Aaron Lin Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Jean-Michel Villot MSc Management
Dr Arthur Lloyd-Philipps Guest Teacher
Programme Administrator
Dr Arne Lokka Associate Professor
Miss Maxine Westley-Lowe Programme
Miss Xue Lu LSE Fellow
Coordinator (MSc Mgmnt & Exch)
Miss Rebecca Lumb Research, Comms & Events
Ms Fran White Research Coordinator
Dr Edgar Whitley Associate Professor (Reader)
Mr Rob Matsick Administrator
Prof Leslie Willcocks Chair in Information Systems
Dr Amal Merhi Guest Teacher
Prof Paul Willman Chair in Human Resources
Prof Adam Ostoja-Ostaszewski Professor
Dr Katerina Papadaki Associate Professor
Dr Chia-Huei Wu Assistant Professor
Dr Emilio Pierro Guest Teacher
Mr Gordon Yam MA107 Management Peer Tutor
Mr Daniel Quiroz Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Mingliang Zhang MA107 Management Peer
Dr Matina Rassia Guest Teacher
Mr Barnaby Roberts Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Amol Sasane Professor
Miss Somaya Gamal Ebrahim TRIUM Head of
Dr Robert Simon Associate Professor
Central Ops/Prgm Delivery
Dr Jozef Skokan Associate Professor
Mrs Hrilina Lock Head of Trium Recruitment &
Dr Alex Smith Guest Teacher
Prof Gregory Sorkin Chair in Management Science
Ms Shona Macfarlane TRIUM Director of
& Maths
Dr Konrad Swanepoel Associate Professor
Ms Elizabeth O'Neill TRIUM Executive Director
Prof Jan Van Den Heuvel Professor
Mr Daniel Partington TRIUM Programme
Dr Laszlo Vegh Assistant Professor
Dr Luitgard Veraart Associate Professor
Miss Georgina Whitham Recruitment & Admissions
Prof Bernhard Von Stengel Professor
Dr James Ward Course Tutor
Dr Tony Whelan Guest Teacher
Mr Junwei Xu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Michael Yiasemides Guest Teacher
Dr Peter Allen Assistant Professor
Dr Giacomo Zambelli Associate Professor (Reader)
Mr Abdulla Al-Othman Grad Teaching Assistant
Prof Mihail Zervos Chair
Prof Martin Anthony Professor
Mr Georgios Zouros Guest Teacher
Miss Kate Barker Departmental Manager
Ms Rebecca Batey MSc Programme Manager
Media and Communications
Dr Tugkan Batu Assistant Professor
Dr Julia Boettcher Assistant Professor
Dr Nick Anstead Assistant Professor
Dr Elena Boguslavskaya Guest Teacher
Dr Shakuntala Banaji Assistant Professor
Prof Graham Brightwell Professor of Mathematics
Prof Charlie Beckett Director of POLIS
Dr Nicholas Cron Guest Teacher
Ms Cath Bennett Departmental Manager
Dr Christoph Czichowsky Assistant Professor
Dr Alicia Blum-Ross Research Officer
Dr Albina Danilova Associate Professor
Dr Bart Cammaerts Associate Professor
Mr Ewan Davies Casual
Dr Sarah Cefai LSE Fellow
Dr Christopher Dowden Guest Teacher
Mrs Alexandra Chernyavskaya Project Support
Mrs Jackie Everid UG Programmes Manager
Dr Sam Fendrich Guest Teacher
Prof Lilie Chouliaraki Chair
Mr David Ferguson Guest Teacher
Prof Nick Couldry Professor of Media, Comms &
Dr Pavel Gapeev Associate Professor
Soc. Theory
Prof Olivier Gossner Professor of Mathematics
Mr James Deeley Research Administrator
Ms Elisabeth Grieger Guest Teacher
Dr Paolo Dini Associate Professorial Research Fellow
Mr Philip Johnson Guest Teacher
Mr Michael Etheridge Msc Administrator
Dr Eleni Katirtzoglou Guest Teacher
Dr Seeta Gangadharan Assistant Professor
Mr Hoi Kong Guest Teacher
Miss Nicole Garnier MSc and UG Administrator
Dr Ioannis Kouletsis Course Tutor
Dr Myria Georgiou Associate Professor
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 45 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Ms Emma Goodman Research Officer
Mr Krisztian Posch Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Leslie Haddon Senior Research Fellow
Dr Tamara Shengelia Guest Teacher
Dr Ellen Helsper Associate Professor
Mr Koen Slootmaeckers Grad Teaching Assistant
Mr Yanning Huang Project Support Assistant
Dr Jen Tarr Assistant Professor
Mr Cesar Jimenez Martinez Project Support
Ms Gillian Urquhart Departmental Manager
Mr Ben Wilson LSE Fellow
Ms Paula Kiel Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Sharif Labo Research Officer
Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method
Prof Sonia Livingstone Professor
Ms Claire Local Research Assistant
Prof Jason Alexander Professor
Prof Robin Mansell Professor
Ms Anna Bartsch Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Samuel Mejias Research Officer
Dr Jonathan Birch Assistant Professor
Dr Bingchun Meng Associate Professor
Prof Luc Bovens Professor of Philosophy
Dr Wallis Motta Motta Guarneros LSE Fellow
Prof Richard Bradley Professor
Ms Zoe Olukoga Graduate Intern
Dr Susanne Burri Assistant Professor
Dr Shani Orgad Associate Professor
Mr Andrew Buskell LSE Fellow
Miss Svenja Ottovordemgentschenfelde Research
Dr Peter Dennis LSE Fellow
Dr Heather Dyke LSE Fellow
Dr Antonella Passani Research Officer
Ms Goreti Faria Da Costa E Silva Occasional Re-
Dr Jean-Christophe Plantin Assistant Professor
search Assistant
Dr Alison Powell Assistant Professor
Prof Roman Frigg Professor
Ms Miriam Rahali Research Assistant
Ms Katherine Furman Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Terhi Rantanen Professor
Prof Wulf Gaertner Guest Teacher
Ms Corinne Schweizer LSE Fellow
Mrs Catherine Greene Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Julian Sefton-Green Principal Research Fellow
Dr Casey Helgeson Research Officer
Ms Catherine Speller Research Officer
Mr Tom Hinrichsen Administration & Coms Officer
Dr Mariya Stoilova Research Officer
Miss Andrea Ledwig Taught Programmes Manager
Dr Damian Tambini Associate Professor
Dr Anna Mahtani Assistant Professor
Dr Shenja Van Der Graaf Research Officer
Prof David Makinson Professor
Dr Wendy Willems Assistant Professor
Mr Christopher Marshall Grad Teaching Assistant
Dr Rafal Zaborowski LSE Fellow
Miss Becky Matthams Department Manager
Miss Xiaoxi Zhu Moodle Editor
Dr Joseph Mazor Assistant Professor
Ms Julia Ziemer Assistant to POLIS Thinktank
Miss Silvia Milano Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Marie Milofsky Guest Teacher
Mr James Nguyen Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Michael Otsuka Professor
Prof Miklos Redei Professor
Ms Helen Addison Guest Teacher
Dr Bryan Roberts Assistant Professor
Mr Imre Bard Research Officer
Mr Ewan Rodgers Marketing & Coms Manager
Dr Ewa Batyra Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Thomas Rowe Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Ken Benoit Professor
Mr Asbjorn Schmidt Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Aude Bicquelet Course Tutor
Dr Katie Steele Associate Professor
Ms Laura Bronner Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Alex Voorhoeve Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Vikas Chandra Guest Teacher
Mr Adam White Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Flora Cornish Associate Professor
Prof John Worrall Professor of Philosophy of
Ms Simi Dosekun LSE Fellow
Mr John Fyson Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Elena Gonzalez-Polledo Course Tutor
Psychological and Behavioural Science
Dr Dominik Hangartner Associate Professor
Ms Esther Heyhoe Grad Teaching Administrator
Miss Amna Amer Occasional Research Assistant
Prof Jon Jackson Professor
Dr Frederic Basso Assistant Professor
Dr Alasdair Jones Assistant Professor
Prof Martin Bauer Professor
Dr Ben Lauderdale Associate Professor
Prof Catherine Campbell Professor of Socia
Ms Elena Mariani Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr David Marshall Guest Teacher
Ms Natalia Concha Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Catherine Mcgowan Guest Teacher
Miss Jacqueline Crane Sevice Delivery Manager,
I 46 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Grad Programmes
Mr Wilson Guzman Guzman Espinoza Graduate
Dr Marina Everri Marie Curie Research Fellow
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Terri-Ann Fairclough PhD Prog. & 
Prof Allan Hackshaw Casual
Communication Administrator
Miss Priya Halai Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Bradley Franks Associate Professor
Prof Anthony Hall Professor
Dr Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo Assistant Professor
Ms Sarah Helias Research Student Admin/Dept
Dr Alex Gillespie Associate Professor
Web Editor
Dr Ilka Gleibs Assistant Professor
Miss Amanda Henwood Occasional Research
Mr Brett Heasman Blog Administrator
Dr Caroline Howarth Associate Professor
Dr Moshi Herman LSE Fellow
Prof Sandra Jovchelovitch Professor
Dr Timothy Hildebrandt Assistant Professor
Prof Saadi Lahlou Chair in Social Psychology
Prof John Hills Professor of Social Policy
Dr Sophie Le Bellu Marie Curie Research Fellow
Mrs Audrey Hind Occasional Research Officer
Mr Luke Mcguire Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Michael Holland Casual
Miss Lucie Mungapen Occasional Research Assist.
Miss Therese Holmqvist Executive MSc Programmes
Mr Michael Muthukrishna Assistant Professor
Mr Jose Ortiz Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Armine Ishkanian Assistant Professor
Dr Anam Parand Research Officer
Prof Stephen Jenkins Professor
Dr Tom Reader Assistant Professor
Prof Mireia Jofre-Bonet Casual
Ms Jane Roberts Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miss Maya Joharchi Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Viviane Schwager Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miss Rosie Jones UG Programme Manager
Dr Jan Stockdale Senior Lecturer in Social
Miss Dianne Josephs Programme Administrator
Dr Panos Kanavos Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Chris Tennant Guest Teacher
Dr Georgios Kavetsos LSE Fellow
Dr Jana Uher Marie Curie Research Fellow
Dr Katy Keenan Research Officer
Miss Malavika Venkata Subramanian Occasional
Mr Anthony King Executive MSc Programme
Research Assistant
Ms Ly Voo Multimedia Editor/Technician
Mr Paulus Kirchhof Casual
Prof Martin Knapp Professor
Social Policy
Mr Dario Krpan LSE Fellow
Ms Laura Kudrna Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Liz Bailey Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Sunil Kumar Lecturer in Social Policy & Devt.
Mrs Estela Barbosa LSE Fellow
Ms Kate Laffan Guest Teacher
Dr Kieron Barclay Research Officer
Ms Samantha Lattof Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Jeroen Bax Casual
Dr Tiziana Leone Assistant Professor
Dr Mrigesh Bhatia Lecturer in Health Policy
Prof David Lewis Professor
Dr Tania Burchardt Associate Professor
Prof Jane Lewis Chair in Social Policy
Dr Leonidas Cheliotis Assistant Professor
Dr Tracy Lin LSE Fellow
Dr Ernestina Coast Associate Professor
Mr Errol Lobo Health Programmes Officer
Dr Joan Costa-Font Associate Professor
Dr Grace Lordan Assistant Professor
Dr Konstantina Davaki International Health Policy
Dr Jeroen Luyten LSE Fellow
Student Plac
Dr Mark Lyons-Amos LSE Fellow
Prof Hartley Dean Professor
Dr Stephen Mangen Associate Professor
Mr Jeffrey Demarco Guest Teacher
Prof Alistair Mcguire Chair in Health Economics
Prof Paul Dolan Professor of Behavioural Science
Mr Mansoor Mir Guest Teacher
Dr Sonia Exley Assistant Professor
Prof Elias Mossialos Chair in Health Policy
Ms Stephanie Finney MSc Programme Manager
Prof Eileen Munro Professor
(Global Health)
Prof Michael Murphy Professor of Demography
Mrs Angela Fitzgerald Programme Administrator
Prof Mikko Myrskyla Professorial Research Fellow
Prof Marcus Flather Casual
Mr Huseyin Naci Assistant Professor in Health Policy
Dr Timo Fleckenstein Associate Professor
Prof Tim Newburn Chair in Social Policy and
Mrs Marsha Fu MSc Programme Administrator
Dr Matteo M Galizzi Assistant Professor
Dr Jeroen Nieboer Post-doctoral Research Officer
Dr Arjan Gjonca Associate Professor
Miss Debra Ogden Deputy Departmental Manager
Dr Alice Goisis Research Officer
Ms Anne Okello Programme Administrator
Prof Emily Grundy Professor
Dr Adam Oliver Associate Professor (Reader)
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 47 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Dr Berkay Ozcan Assistant Professor
Dr Ayca Cubukcu Assistant Professor
Mrs Ninjeri Pandit Casual
Dr Manali Desai Casual
Dr Irene Papanicolas Assistant Professor
Prof Nigel Dodd Professor
Ms Julia Philipp Occasional Research Assistant
Mrs Louise Fisher Departmental Manager
Dr Coretta Phillips Associate Professor
Dr Janet Foster Associate Professor
Prof David Piachaud Professor of Social
Dr Sam Friedman Assistant Professor
Dr Carrie Friese Associate Professor
Prof Lucinda Platt Professor of Social Policy &
Dr Gunter Gassner Course Tutor
Miss Jacquie Gauntlett Journal Manager
Prof Anne Power Professor
Dr Suzi Hall Assistant Professor
Miss Diana Quirmbach LSE Fellow in Health Econ/
Dr Ursula Henz Associate Professor
Health Policy
Ms Nazia Hussein LSE Fellow
Dr Sanna-Leea Read Assistant Professorial Research
Prof Bridget Hutter Professor
Dr Kay Inckle Course Convenor
Mr Damian Roberts Departmental Manager
Ms Anna Johnston Cities Prog. & Soc. Events
Mr Peter Robinson Guest Teacher
Dr Caroline Rudisill Associate Professor
Ms Joanne Kalogeras Guest Teacher
Dr Isaac Sasson LSE Fellow in Population Health
Dr Martina Klett-Davies Guest Teacher
Ms Maria Schlegel Events and Communications
Dr Daniel Laurison Research Officer
Mrs Louisa Lawrence Service Delivery Mngr (Ops)
Dr Hakan Seckinelgin Associate Professor (Reader)
Mrs Sian Lewin Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Amanda Sheely Assistant Professor
Miss Clara Lyons Student Liaison, Events and
Dr Michael Shiner Associate Professor
Comms Assist
Dr Isabel Shutes Assistant Professor
Dr David Madden Assistant Professor
Dr Matthew Skellern LSE Fellow
Dr Pat Mcgovern Associate Professor (Reader)
Prof Mark Stabile Casual
Dr Lisa Mckenzie LSE Fellow
Dr Kitty Stewart Associate Professor
Dr Michael Mcquarrie Associate Professor
Ms Kate Summers Guest Teacher
Ms Cynthia Meersohn LSE Fellow
Mr Stefano Testoni Occassional Research Officer
Dr Claire Moon Associate Professor
Mr Matthew Townsend Graduate Teaching
Miss Georgia Nichols Project Support Assistant
Dr Nathalie Nuyts Research Assistant
Mr Thijs Van Den Broek Research Officer
Ms Liene Ozolina-Fitzgerald Guest Teacher
Dr Sotirios Vandoros Casual
Ms Linda Pedersen Graduate Teaching Assistant
Ms Sarah Walker Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Edward Pertwee Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mrs Clare Wenham LSE Fellow
Prof Mike Savage Martin White Chair
Prof Anne West Professor
Ms Erin Scheopner Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Agnieszka Zbieranska Occasional Research
Mr Richard Seymour Guest Teacher
Dr Don Slater Associate Professor (Reader)
Ms Mona Sloane Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Attila Szanto Assistant Planning Manager
Prof Charis Thompson Professor
Dr Fabien Accominotti Assistant Professor
Prof Fran Tonkiss Professor
Dr Suki Ali Associate Professor
Prof Judy Wajcman Anthony Giddens Chair
Dr Robin Archer Associate Professor (Reader)
Dr Leon Wansleben Assistant Professor
Mr Riad Azar BJS Editorial, Events & Media
Mrs Dawn Bailey Journal Manager
Miss Kalynka Bellman MSc & MPhil/PhD
Dr James Abdey Course Tutor
Dr Beatrice Acciaio Assistant Professor
Mrs Manmit Bhambra Guest Teacher
Mr Rafal Baranowski Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Chetan Bhatt Professor of Sociology
Dr Matteo Barigozzi Assistant Professor
Mr Matthew Brown Undergraduate Programme
Prof Pauline Barrieu Professor
Dr Erik Baurdoux Associate Professor
Prof Richard Burdett Professor
Dr Wicher Bergsma Associate Professor (Reader)
Mrs Paz Concha-Mendez Moodle Administrator
Dr Luciano Campi Associate Professor
Ms Amanda Conroy Guest Teacher
Dr Umut Cetin Associate Professor (Reader)
I 48 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mr Philip Chan Guest Teacher
Prof Wlodzimierz Rabinowicz Philosophy, Logic &
Dr Yining Chen Assistant Professor
Scientific Method
Miss Veronica Cheng Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Anton Hemerijck Social Policy
Dr Angelos Dassios Associate Professor (Reader)
Prof Caglar Keyder Sociology
Mr Baojun Dou Guest Teacher
Prof Woody Powell Sociology
Ms Najla Elhezzani Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Steven Ellis Undergraduate Administrator
Emeritus Professors & Teachers
Prof Piotr Fryzlewicz Professor
Dr Sara Geneletti Inchauste Assistant Professor
Dr Bala Balachandran Accounting (Teacher)
Dr Shaojun Guo Research Officer
Prof Richard Macve Accounting (Teacher)
Miss Stella Hadjiantoni Guest Teacher
Prof Stephan Feuchtwang Anthropology (Teacher)
Mr Andy Ho Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Martha Mundy Anthropology (Teacher)
Mr Charlie Hu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Dudley Baines Economic History (Teacher)
Dr Anastasia Kakou Guest Teacher
Prof Colin Lewis Economic History (Teacher)
Dr Kostas Kalogeropoulos Associate Professor
Prof David Jones Geography & Environment (Prof)
Prof Kostas Kardaras Professor
Dr Robert Boyce International History (Teacher)
Ms Myrsini Katsikatsou Research Officer
Prof Chris Brown International Relations (Teacher)
Dr Tobias Kley Research Officer
Prof Margot Light International Relations(Teacher)
Ms Meena Kotecha Guest Teacher
Dr John Carrier Law (Teacher)
Dr Jouni Kuha Associate Professor
Prof Carol Harlow Law (Teacher)
Dr Clifford Lam Associate Professor
Prof Trevor Hartley Law (Prof)
Mr Cheng Li Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Robert Reiner Law (Teacher)
Miss Shiju Liu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Prof Peter Abell Management (Teacher)
Mr Ian Marshall Research Administrator
Prof Larry Phillips Management (Teacher)
Dr Milt Mavrakakis-Vassilakis Guest Teacher
Prof Jonathan Rosenhead Management (Teacher)
Miss Sarah Mcmanus MSc Prog Administrator
Dr Steve Smithson Management (Teacher)
Dr Gelly Mitrodima LSE Fellow
Prof Norman Biggs Mathematics (Teacher)
Prof Irini Moustaki Professor
Miss Imelda Noble Departmental Manager
Mr Xinghao Qiao Assistant Professor
Research Centres and Institutes
Mr Karsten Shaw Guest Teacher
Prof Christopher Skinner Professor
Asia Centre
Prof Lenny Smith Professor
Prof Fiona Steele Professor
Mr Keith Tritton Centre Manager
Dr Hao Xing Associate Professor
Ms Pratibha Yadav Guest Teacher
Centre for Analysis for Social Exclusion
Prof Qiwei Yao Professor
Ms Xiaolin Zhu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miss Cheryl Conner PA/Administrator
Miss Yajing Zhu Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Rikki Dean Project Support Assistant
Ms Emily Jones Graduate Intern
Centennial Professors
Dr Eleni Karagiannaki Research Fellow
Dr Abigail Mcknight Associate Professorial Research
Prof David Stark Accounting
Prof Adam Kuper Anthropology
Ms Polina Obolenskaya Research Officer
Sir Tony Atkinson Economics
Ms Ellie Suh Occasional Research Officer
Prof Per Krusell Economics
Ms Surangana Sureka Project Support Assistant
Prof Torsten Persson Economics
Dr Polly Vizard Associate Professorial Research
Prof Dani Rodrik Economics
Prof Tito Boeri European Institute
Ms Liz Vossen Project Support Assistant
Prof Peter Hall European Institute
Prof Mary Evans Gender Institute
Centre for Analysis of Time Series
Prof Keith Hart International Development
Prof Carlota Perez International Development
Ms Jill Beattie Centre Administrator
Prof Thomas Piketty International Inequalities
Mr Hailiang Du Munich Re Programme Research
Prof Hobart Peyton Young Mathematics
Dr Ofer Engel Research Officer
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 49 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Ms Lyn Grove CATS Centre Manager
Miss Maria Molina Domene Research Officer
Dr Ralph Rayner Professorial Research Fellow
Ms Kieu Nguyen Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Erica Thompson Munich Re Programme
Ms Harriet Ogborn Executive Assistant
Research Officer
Dr Hilary Steedman Oulton Occasional Principal
Mr Edward Wheatcroft Research Officer
Research Assistant
Prof Henry Wynn Professorial Research Fellow
Mr Simone Pedemonte Project Support Assistant
Dr Nick Powdthavee Associate Professorial Research
Centre for Economic Performance
Mr Alexander Reitzenstein Project Support Assistant
Mr Shimon Agur Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Nigel Rogers Research Centres Manager
Mr Thilo Albers Occasional Research Assistant
Ms Isabelle Roland Economist Research Assistant
Mr Michael Amior Occasional Research Officer
Miss Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela Research Economist
Miss Esther Arenas Arroyo Project Support Assistant
Mr Mateo Salazar Rodriguez Project Support
Mr Iain Bamford Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Anita Bardhan-Roy Information Manager
Mr Ilia Samsonov Project Support Assistant
Ms Julia Bewerunge Project Suppport Assistant
Miss Maria Sanchez Vidal Research Economist
Miss Giulia Bovini Project Support Assistant
Mr Matteo Sandi Research Economist
Mr Horst Braeunlich Occasional Research Assistant
Ms Daniela Scur Research Assistant
Miss Jo Cantlay Events Co-ordinator
Ms Anna Valero Sivropoulos-Valero Research
Mr Luca Citino Project Support Assistant
Dr Andrew Clark Professorial Research Fellow
Mrs Camille Terrier Occasional Research Assistant
Mrs Linda Cleavely Assistant to the Director
Mr Guglielmo Ventura Research Assistant
Mr Jonathan Colmer Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Rui Vieira Marques Da Costa Project Support
Mr Casper Da Costa Luis Occasional Research
Miss Ingrid Von Schiller Project Support Assistant
Mr Sergio De Ferra Research Officer
Mr George Ward Research Officer
Mr Gerard Dericks Iii Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Nele Warrinnier Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Rocco D'Este Project Support Assistant
Mr Cody Xuereb Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Helen Durrant Research & Publications
Ms Mary Yacoob Finance and Personnel
Mr Dennis Egger Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Andrew Eyles Research Assistant
Centre for Macroeconomics
Mrs Sarah Fleche Research Officer
Mr Simon Franklin Research Economist
Mr Thomas Drechsel Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Anna Graham Administration &
Miss Martina Fazio Occasional Research Assistant
Communications Officer
Mr Martin Hannon Administrative Assistant
Miss Silvia Granato Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Garrick Hileman Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Nicolas Gunkel Project Support Assistant
Mr Filip Rozsypal Research Officer
Mrs Celine Harion Project Support Assistant
Miss Coralie Simmons Centre Manager
Mr Gabriel Heller Sahlgren Project Support
Centre for Study of Human Rights
Mr Hanwei Huang Occasional Research Assistant
Mrs Claudia Hupkau Research Economist
Mr Awol Allo LSE Fellow
Miss Pamina Karl Project Support Assistant
Mr Andrey Kuvshinov Research Officer
Ms Alice Kuegler Project Support Assistant
Miss Sara Ulfsparre MSc Human Rights
Mr Keith Lai Project Support Assistant
Ms Monica Langella Research Officer
Prof Richard Layard Director of Wellbeing Prog.
Miss Renata Lemos Occasional Research Officer
Mr Anthony Lepinteur Project Support Assistant
Ms Mehrun Absar Administrative Assistant
Mr Yan Liang Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Andrew Goldfinch Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Maria Lopez Uribe Occasional Research Assist.
Ms Laura O'Keefe Centre Manager
Dr Stephen Machin Research Director of CEE
Dr Fiora Salis Marie Curie Research Fellow
Mr Stephan Maurer Project Support Assistant
Mr James Snowden Occasional Research Assistant
Ms Sandra Mcnally Occasional Senior Research
I 50 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Crisis States Centre
Miss Eva Lee Executive Assistant
Dr Stefania Lovo Research Officer
Miss Wendy Foulds Programme Manager – Justice
Miss Jo Miller Institute Administrator
and Security
Dr Antony Millner Associate Professorial Research
Education Research Group
Ms Jenny Mills Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Myra Mohnen Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Philip Noden Assistant Prof Research Fellow 
Mr Mehfuz Mollah Occasional Research Assistant
Mrs Michal Nachmany Occasional Research
Financial Markets Group
Miss Isabella Neuweg Policy Analyst & Research
Mr Diego Battiston Occasional Research Assistant
Mrs Liz Bunting Centre Manager
Dr Paola Ovando Pol Marie Curie Postdoctoral
Ms Shweta Dabholkar Casual
Mr Simeon Djankov Occasional Professorial Re-
Miss Corina Panici Occasional Research Assistant
search Fellow
Mr Ben Parfitt Senior Media Relations Officer
Miss Andreea-Octavia Englezu Occasional Research
Miss Ginny Pavey Institute Manager
Prof Dame Judith Rees Professorial Research Fellow
Mr Karamfil Todorov Occasional Research Assistant
and Vice Chair
Mr Hao Xu Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Stuart Rodgers Institute Administrator
Ms Estelle Rouhaud Research Project Officer
Grantham Research Institute 
Dr Misato Sato Research Officer
Ms Geraldine Satre-Buisson Project Support
Dr Alina Averchenkova Principal Research
Fellow,Climate Policy
Ms Anna Schroeder Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Dr Bezabih Ayele Ayele Research Officer
Dr Joana Setzer Research Officer
Dr Elizabeth Baldwin Research Officer
Mr Merlin Sibley Website & Digital Communication
Mr Geoffrey Barrows Research Officer-Trade &
Climate Change
Mr Gregor Singer Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Ajay Bhave Research Officer
Dr Dave Stainforth Associate Professorial Research
Dr Alex Bowen Principal Research Fellow
Dr Francois Cohen Research Officer
Mr Thomas Stoerk Occasional Research Assistant
Prof Declan Conway Professorial Research Fellow
Dr Swenja Surminski Senior Research Fellow
Dr Florence Crick Research Officer
Dr Luca Taschini Assistant Professorial Research
Dr Carole Dalin Research Officer
Ms Jana Davidova Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Alessandro Tavoni Assistant Professorial 
Dr Antoine Dechezlepretre Associate Professorial
Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Dr Ling Teh Research Officer
Dr Baran Doda Research Officer
Miss Eileen Tipoe Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Chris Duffy Policy Communications Manager
Miss Anastasia Ushakova Occasional Research
Mr Damien Dussaux Research Officer-Trade &
Climate Change
Mr Bryan Vadheim Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Shaikh Eskander Research Officer
Mr Bob Ward Policy & Communications Director
Prof Sam Fankhauser Professorial Research Fellow
Mr Alexis Zenghelis Principal Research Fellow
Dr Roger Fouquet Associate Professorial Research
Hellenic Observatory
Mr Teevrat Garg Research Officer
Dr Caterina Gennaioli Research Officer
Dr Rebecca Bryant Associate Professorial Research
Mr Christopher Grainger Occasional Research
Dr Angelos-Stylianos Chryssogelos Post-Doctoral
Mr Fergus Green Occasional Research Assistant
Research Fellow
Prof Cameron Hepburn Professorial Research
Mrs Ismini Demades Hellenic Observatory Manager
Dr George Kyris Neapolis University Post-Doctoral
Miss Xueyue Hu Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Ara Jo Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Polly Liouta Hellenic Observatory Events 
Dr Karly Kuralbayeva Research Officer
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 51 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mr Dimitris Sourvanos Occasional Research
Mr Ricardas Juskevicius Occasional Research 
Ms Aleh Stankova HO & LSEE Administrative
Miss Anita King Project Support Assistant
Mr Robert Lowe Deputy Director of Middle East
IGA: Africa Centre
Miss Chelsea Milsom Projects Coordinator
Mrs Aitemad Muhanna-Matar Assistant Professorial
Mrs Syerramia Ohene Events and Communications
Research Fellow
Miss Sandra Sfeir Administrator
Mr Ian Sinclair Administrator
Miss Ribale Sleiman-Haidar MEC Communications
Ms Lindsay Aqui Managing Editor of Cold War 
Mr Rodrigo Torres Nunez Occasional Research
Mr Tom Bailey Strategy Project Assistant
Dr Dayna Barnes Pinto Post-Doctoral Fellow
IGA: Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia
Mr Joseph Barnsley Communications Officer
Mr John Collins Executive Director
Sir Robert Cooper Senior Dahrendorf Fellow
Miss Zoi Koustoumpardi SEAC Centre Manager
Prof Michael Cox Academic Director
Miss Le Vo Graduate Intern
Ms Indira Endaya Administrator South East Asia
IGA: South Asia Centre
Mrs Mireia Franch Franch-Campos Administrator
Ms Olivia Gippner Dahrendorf PD Fellow 
Mr Timothy Aldcroft Administrator
(EU- China)
Mr Pranav Gupta Project Support Assistant
Ms Julia Himmrich Dahrendorf Associate to Senior
Dr Nilanjan Sarkar Development Manager
Miss Falguni Tewari Project Support Assistant
Dr Emilia Knight Centre Manager
Miss Marta Kozielska Events Assistant
IGA: US Centre
Miss Cora Lacatus Dahrendorf Associate, US Group
Ms Aleksandra Milonova Dahrendorf Comm. &
Ms Denise Baron Podcast Editor
Events Assitant
Miss Sophie Donszelmann Graduate Intern
Prof Ian Morris Philippe Roman Chair in History and
Mrs Stephanie Frey Administrator
International Affairs 
Mr Chris Gilson Editor and Research Assistant
Dr Cristian Nitoiu Dahrendorf PD Fellow 
Dr Nicholas Kitchen Assistant Professorial Research
Dr Timothy Oliver Dahrendorf PD Fellow 
(EU-North America)
IGA: Women, Peace & Security
Mr Jay Pan Project Support Assistant
Mr Craig Smith Executive Programme Assistant
Prof Christine Chinkin Director, Centre for Women,
Mr Alex Soderholm Events/Policy Briefs)
Peace & Sec.
Mr Luca Tardelli Executive Programme Convener
Miss Zoe Gillard Centre Manager - Woman Peace &
Ms Natalia Telepneva Dahrendorf Associate, Russia
Miss Cherry Yu Dahrendorf Associate to 
Indian Observatory
Dr Ruth Kattumuri Principal Research Fellow
IGA: Middle East Centre
Mr Kevin Shields Programmes Assistant
Miss Katie Bates Occasional Research Assistant
Institute of Global Affairs
Miss Valeria Cetorelli Research Officer
Dr Filippo Dionigi Research Fellow
Mr Ant Bagshaw Institute Manager
Mr Ferdinand Eibl Research Officer
Ms Geri Miric Executive Assistant
Dr Fatima El Issawi Assistant Professorial Research
Ms Piroska Nagyne Mohacsi Programme Director
Ms Evelyn Pauls Project Support Assistant
Ms Courtney Freer Research Officer
I 52 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Institute of Public Affairs
Mr Qi Zhang Research Consultant
Miss Jade Zhao Hub Co-ordinator
Ms Asmaa Akhtar Comms & Events Officer
Dr Babken Babajanian MPA Programme Tutor
International Inequalities Institute
Miss Michelle Batten MPA Programme Manager
Mr Andrew Brennen Executive Programmes
Ms Katharina Hecht Moodle Administrator
Develoment Manager
Mr Mark Rucci Project Support Assistant
Mr John Denham Professorial Research Fellow
Ms Liza Ryan Institute Manager
Mrs Shreya Desai Executive MPA and MPP
Programmes Admin
LSE Cities
Miss Rachel Fox Project Support Assistant
Miss Jessica Frankland MPA Programme
Mr Muhammad Adeel Research Officer
Miss Nicole Badstuber Occasional Research
Ms Ashley Lau Alumni Database Assistant
Miss Jessica Leonard Executive Programmes Officer
Miss Anitra Baliga Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Zoe Paxman IPA Project Coordinator
Mr Ankit Bhardwaj Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Benjamin Stevenson MPA Student Assistant
Mr John Bingham-Hall Occasional Research
Mr Paul Sullivan Institute Manager
Ms Lynette York MPA Student Advr, Life Coach&
Mr Aron Bohmann Occasional Research Assistant
Admin Manager
Dr Ed Charlton Research Officer
Mrs Emily Cruz UA Outreach Manager
International Growth Centre
Mrs Sarah Davis Management Accounts
Miss Claudia Andresco Hub Co-ordinator
Mr Leonel De Oliveira Executive and Administrative
Miss Bruce Berghmans Research Programme
Dr Helia Faria Da Costa E Silva Research Officer -
Mr Florian Blum Research Consultant
Mr Hugh Cole Country Programme Director
Dr Nuno Miguel Ferreira Da Cruz Assistant
Mr Mike Cole Chief Financial Officer
Professorial Research Fellow
Miss Raphaelle Delmotte Monitoring and
Dr Graham Floater Works Package Leader
Evaluation Officer
Mr Peter Griffiths Editorial Coordinator/Officer
Miss Leonie Dressel Economist for the Country
Ms Catarina Heeckt Project Coordinator
Mr Adam Kaasa Director, Theatrum Mundi
Mr Michael Gomez Finance Administrator
Ms Sobia Kaker Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Ryan Guillot Contracts Assistant
Miss Julia King Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Charlie Haines Communications Officer
Miss Emma Meadows Advisor and Assistant
Miss Fatima Ibrahim Finance Administrator
Mr Francis Moss Information/Graphic Designer
Miss Amanda Jinhage Policy Economist
Mr Ninad Pandit Research Officer
Miss Upaasna Kaul Managing Editor, Web &
Miss Stephanie Parr Executive MSc Programme
Dr Adnan Khan Research & Policy Director
Ms Alexandra Peca Amaral Gomes Research Officer
Miss Joanne Lai IGC Economist-London
Mrs Enora Robin Occasional Research Assistant
Ms Sarah Logan IGC Economist-London
Mr Philipp Rode Associate Professorial Research
Mrs Sarah Lyness Evaluation & Comms Director
Ms Elizabeth Mirhady Contracts Manager
Mr Andrea Rota Web Developer & Ops Manager
Miss Claudia Niruban Finance Systems Supervisor
Prof Richard Sennett Professor
Mr Michael Pearson IGC Communications Assistant
Mr Andrew Sherwood Centre Manager
Miss Elisabetta Pilati Events Officer
Mr Justinien Tribillon Project Support Assistant
Miss Jeanett Rosbak Hub Co-ordinator
Dr Savvas Verdis Senior Research Fellow
Miss Barbara Singlar Contracts Manager
Miss Ella Spencer Evaluation Manager
LSE Health and Social Care
Dr Julia Tobias Policy Economist
Mr Jo Underwood Chief Administration Officer
Mr Aris Angelis Research Officer
Mr Shahid Vaziralli IGC Hub Economist (Research
Ms Katja Behrendt Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Emilie Courtin Research Officer
Ms Emilie Yam Policy Communications Manager
Ms Alessandra Ferrario Research Officer
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 53 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
LSEE - Research on South Eastern Europe
Mrs Hala Hourani Project Coordinator
Mr Sahan Jayawardana Occasional Research
Ms Tena Prelec LSEE Administrator
Mr Anthony Kelly Administrative Assistant
Ms Elizabeth Kreling Global Health Initiative Mgr
Mannheim entre for Criminology
Miss Chantal Morel Research Officer
Dr Zlatko Nikoloski Assistant Professorial Research
Prof Jennifer Brown Seminar and Communications
Mr Ioannis Papagaryfallou Administrative Assistant
Dr Maria Raikou Occasional Research Fellow
Mr Carlos Javier Riumallo Herl Occasional Research
Miss Bayo Adelaja Research Assistant
Dr Andres Roman Urrestarazu Research Officer
Ms Annette Bauer Research Fellow
Mr Maximilian Salcher Research Officer
Prof Jennifer Beecham Professorial Research Fellow
Miss Azusa Sato Occasional Research Assistant
Ms Eva Bonin Assistant Professorial Research Fellow
Mr Kai Schulze Occasional Research Assistant
Ms Nicola Brimblecombe Assistant Professorial
Miss Emmy Shearer Occasional Research Assistant
Research Fellow
Dr Victoria Simpkin Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Bernard Casey Principal Research Fellow
Miss Eleonora Skentzou Occasional Research Assist
Dr Michael Clark Associate Professorial Research
Miss Erica Visintin Research Assistant
Mr Martin Wenzl Research Officer
Ms Adelina Comas-Herrera Assistant Professorial
Miss Gemma Williams Research Officer
Research Fellow
Dr John Wright Associate Professorial Research 
Ms Jacqueline Damant Research Officer
Dr Francesco D'Amico Research Officer
Dr Anwen Zhang Research Officer
Mrs Margaret Dangoor Research Involvement Mgr
Miss Janice Dickson Project Support Assistant
LSE Housing & Communities
Ms Josie Dixon Assistant Professorial Research
Ms Eileen Alexander Occasional Research Assistant
Dr Sara Evans Associate Professorial Research
Miss Alice Belotti Research Assistant
Ms Laura Lane Research Officer
Dr Jose Luis Fernandez Associate Professorial
Dr Bert Provan Occasional Senior Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Ms Jessica Rowan PA/Administrative Assistant
Dr Julien Forder Associate Prof Research Fellow
Mrs Nicola Serle Project Co-ordinator, LSE Housing
Dr Emily Freeman Assistant Professorial Research
LSE London
Ms Catherine Henderson Assistant Professorial
Research Fellow
Mr Marshall Bradley Project Support Assistant
Mr Bo Hu Research Officer
Miss Melissa Fernandez Assistant Professorial 
Miss Valentina Iemmi Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Mr Rajendra Kadel Marie Curie Research Officer
Mr Ulises Moreno-Tabarez Administrative Assistant
Dr Derek King Assistant Professorial Research
Miss Kiana Otsuka Occasional Research Assistant
Ms Kathleen Scanlon Bradley Assistant Professorial
Mr Daniel Lombard Research Officer
Research Fellow
Ms Klara Lorenz Occasional Research Assistant
Ms Juliette Malley Assistant Professorial Research
LSEE - Research on South Eastern Europe
Dr Joanna Marczak Research Officer
Ms Tena Prelec LSEE Administrator
Mr David Mcdaid Associate Professorial Research
Marshall Institute for Philanthropy
Ms Anji Mehta PSSRU, SSCR Finance & Impact
and Social Entrepreneurship
Miss A-La Park Assistant Professorial Research
Ms Sarah Carter Ex Assist to Director of Marshall
Ms Margaret Perkins Research Officer
Prof Julian Le Grand Professor
Dr Linda Pickard Associate Professorial Research
Ms Wiebke Wenzel Institute Manager
I 54 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mr Amritpal Rehill Research Officer
Central Administration
Mrs Esther Sidley Executive Assistant
Academic Registrar’s Division
Dr Wagner Silva-Ribeiro Research Officer
Mr Tom Snell Research Officer
Ms Catherine Baldwin Director of Recruitment &
Ms Madeleine Stevens Assistant Professorial
Research Fellow
Miss Alix Cork Business Systems Support Officer
Dr Michela Tinelli Assistant Professorial Research
Mr Mark Devlin Management Information Officer
Miss Katherine Mitchell Graduate Intern
Ms Marija Trachtenberg Research Officer
Mr Max Palmer-O'Connor Executive Assistant
Ms Lisa Trigg Assistant Professorial Research Fellow
Mr Mark Thomson Academic Registrar
Miss Emma Wilson Casual
Mrs Corinne Turner GA Comms & Customer
Prof Gerald Wistow Occasional Professorial
Services Manager
Research Fellow
ARD: Graduate Admissions 
Mr Raphael Wittenberg Associate Professorial
Research Fellow
Mrs Indra Appleby Technical Manager
Ms Marianna York-Smith Research Officer
Mr Rob Appleton Technical Specialist
Dr Valentina Zigante Research Officer
Mr Simon Beattie Head of Admissions
Ms Hafiza Begum Graduate Admissions Assistant
Spatial Economics Research Centre 
Dr Julia Biggane Graduate Admissions Selector
Mr Charles Braham Senior Graduate Admissions
Mr Neeraj Baruah Geographic Info Specialist
Miss Jamila Nigmatulina Research Assistant
Ms Yvonne Brewster Graduate Admissions Selector
Mr Ted Pinchbeck Research Economist
Mrs Sabina Chowdhury Graduate Admissions
Mr Tanner Regan Research Assistant
Mrs Margaret Couling Graduate Admissions
Miss Sophia Douglas Graduate Admissions
Ms Jane Dickson Centres Manager (STICERD/CASE)
Ms Ruth Fortmann PODER Fellow
Ms Lily Fogden Undergraduate Admissions
Mr Joe Joannes Information Systems Administrator
Admin & Assesor
Ms Gisela Lafico Comms & Administration Officer
Mrs Nadia Ghaffar Graduate Admissions Assistant
Mr Yusuf Osman IT Support Officer
Mr Tom Ireland Graduate Admissions Administrator
Ms Kerrie Quirk Executive Officer
Miss Judith Josiah Graduate Admissions 
Mr Goya Razavi Ebrahimi Project Support Assistant
Miss Angela Swain Grants Administrator &
Miss Beckie King Senior Graduate Admissions
Director's Sec.
Mr Nic Warner Information Technology Manager
Ms Gemma Longmire Graduate Admissions
Mr Guo Xu Occasional Research Assistant
Mr Philip Louvros Graduate Admissions
Systemic Risk Centre
Ms Surinder Notay Admissions Selector
Prof Ronald Anderson Occasional Senior Researcher
Mrs Lordina Osei-Asante Graduate Admissions
Mr Christoph Aymanns Research Officer
Mr Huaizhi Chen Occasional Research Officer
Miss Yaz Ozturk Graduate Admissions Admin
Mr Balazs Csullag Occasional Research Officer
Ms Vali Pappa Senior Graduate Admissions
Mr Lerby Ergun Research Officer
Dr Ann Law Centre Manager
Miss Charlotte Pearson Senior Graduate
Miss Amy Lo Events Coordinator & Office Assistant
Admissions Administrator
Dr Katja Neugebauer Research Officer
Mr Bryan Pilkington Deputy Graduate Admissions
Mr Alper Odabasioglu Research Officer
Mr Andreas Uthemann Research Officer
Mr Daniel Przybylski Senior Graduate Admissions
Miss Yiying Zhong Occasional Research Officer
Mr Mark Seager Graduate Admissions
What Works Centre
Dr Catherine Sumnall Grad Admissions Selector
Mr Sevrin Waights Research Economist
Mr Abel Tao Office Manager
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 55 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
ARD: Registry
Miss Lydia Halls Senior Student Services Adviser
Miss Rose Harris Deputy Manager, Financial 
Ms Farnaz Ayrom-Walsh Deputy Registry Manager
Support Office
Mr Peter Chiazzese Registry Assistant
Mr Chris Hunt Deputy Advice Manager
Ms Ashley Cootes Senior Registry Administrator
Mr Martin Johnson Assessment Regulations Mngr
Miss Nicola Foster Deputy Registry Manager
Ms Nicola Morgan Deputy Advice Manager
Ms Kyriana Georgiou Delisle Casual (Invigilators)
Miss Bethan Ovens International Student Visa
Mr Thomas Hewlett Assistant Registrar
Advice Manager
Miss Anna Izdebska Deputy Registry Assistant
Ms Sue Plater Financial Support Manager
Miss Patricia Lawrence Registry Assistant
Mr Benjamin Sharpe Graduate Intern
Mr Christopher Llewellyn Senior Registry
Miss Kavita Sidhu Senior Assistant - Financial
Miss Saba Masood Registration Assistant
Miss Astrid Soiza Assessment Regs. & Complaints
Ms Chiara Milani Deputy Registry Manager
Mr Daniel Peel Registry Assistant
Mr Giles Taylor Senior Assistant, Financial Support
Ms Sharan Purewal Senior Registry Administrator
Mr Salvatore Ridino Registry Assistant
Miss Catherine Todd Deputy Manager, Financial
Mrs Susan Schreeche-Powell Senior Registry
Support Office
Administrator (Exams)
Miss Yixian Zhao Notetaker
ARD: Student Recruitment Office
ARD: Student Wellbeing Service
Miss Selim Baek Student Recruitment Office
Ms Claire Barnes Counsellor
Mrs Jan Birley Dyslexia Tutor
Miss Elizabeth Battle Marketing Coordinator
Miss Sheila Blankfield Adviser to Neurodiverse 
Mr Will Breare-Hall Student Recruitment & Study
Abroad Mngr
Mr Sebastian Boo Adviser to Neurodiverse Students
Mr James Brown Student Recruitment Officer
Mrs Fay Brownsword Dyslexia Tutor
Mrs Alice Else Student Recruitment Officer
Mr Michael Bryant Counsellor
Mr Yohei Guy Student Rec. & Study Abroad
Miss Sarah Davis Administrative Assistant
Mr Paul Glynn Counselling Service Manager
Miss Hannah Lawrence Marketing Coordinator
Ms Stef Hackney Locum Disabillity Adviser
Miss Sarah Mullen Student Recruitment
Ms Sue Haines Disability Well-being Admin/Ops
Mr Dan Newby Student Recruitment Officer
Ms Linda Kelland Neurodiversity Services Manager
Mr Bertram Silvera Marketing Coordinator
Miss Stacey Kurn TLC Counselling Receptionist
Miss Alison Taylor Market Intelligence Officer
Miss Joanne Leong Notetaker
Miss Sabiha Teladia Student Recruitment
Ms Ruth Mccutcheon Student Counsellor
Ms Christine Nancarrow Counsellor
Miss Amy Tijou Student Rec & Study Abroad
Ms Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena CBT Counsellor
Mr Adam Sandelson Head of Student Wellbeing
Miss Katie Wilkinson Student Recruitment
Mr Andrew Shorrock Counsellor
Graduate Intern
Ms Sarah Slater Disability & Wellbeing Service
Mr Philip Wood Marketing Officer
Ms Beth Lucy Yarwood Smith Marketing
Mrs Monika Smolar Counsellor
Coordinator (CRM)
Mr Peter Whitney Administrative Assistant
Miss Jenna Yeh Marketing Coordinator
ARD: Sytems
ARD: Student Service Centre
Mr Andy Kaufman Systems Developer
Miss Mrs Hannah Bannister Head of Student
Ms Elena Lo IT Systems & Student Information
Services Centre
Miss Laura Dyson Snr International Student Visa
Mr Dominic Millns Student Record System Support
Ms Cheryl Edwardes Deputy Head of SSC
Mr Robert Mintrum ARD Systems Developer
Mr Carl Goodwin Student Services Adviser
Mr Mike Page Head of Systems & Business
Dr Giovanni Graglia Asst. to Head of SS & Grad.
Assoc. Deans
Miss Nena Tomasevic ARD/Business Process Mngr
I 56 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
ARD: Teaching Quality Assurance &
Mr John Butler LSE Choice Sociology Teacher
Miss Eleanor Buxton Student Ambassador
Miss Zhiyao Cao Student Ambassador
Miss Ann-Marie Foxcroft QA Administrator/
Miss Sihana Cara Student Ambassador
Research Degree Officer
Miss Beth Carlow Student Ambassador
Ms Casey Hawkins Communications Manager
Miss Jainicca Chandrasekaram Student
Mr Richard Leppington Surveys Manager
ARD: Timetables
Miss Joey Chee Student Ambassador
Mr Wi Lic Cheong Student Ambassador
Ms Mandy Li Deputy Timetables Manager
Mr Jonathan Chesterman LSE Choice Teacher
Ms Linda Taylor Timetables Manager
Miss Charlotte Chiew Student Ambassador
ARD: Undergraduate Admissions 
Mr Russell Child LSE Choice Teacher
Mr Fraser Clark Student Ambassador
Mr Tom Bahlstrand Nilsson Undergrad Admissions
Miss Gillian Doyle LSE Choice Teacher
Admin and Assessor
Miss Kristina Durcakova Student Ambassador
Ms Hollie Brown Undergrad Admissions & Access
Mr Andy Edwards LSE Choice Teacher
Mr Mokhtar Elbanhawi Student Ambassador
Miss Andrea Henrichfreise Undergraduate
Miss Rachael Ellens Student Ambassador
Admissions Officer
Miss Erica Falkingham Student Ambassador
Mr Alexander Ingold Undergraduate Admissions
Miss Di Fan Student Ambassador
Mr Saaber Fatehi Student Ambassador
Miss Carolyne Jewell Admissions Administrator
Miss Pavandeep Gill LSE Choice Teacher
Miss Samantha Jordan Registry Assistant
Miss Natasha Glendening Student Ambassador
Ms Liz King Admissions and Access Specialist
Mr Jack Glynn Student Ambassador
Miss Natalie Lacey Admissions Administrator
Mrs Kyungu Gordon-Walker LSE Choice Teacher
Ms Deb Nicholls Admissions and Access Specialist
Mr Florian Griesmeyer Student Ambassador
Miss Katie Poulter Snr Admissions Assessor &
Mr Josh Hardman Student Ambassador
Mr Louis Helsby Student Ambassador
Mr Adrian Roye Admissions Administrator
Mr Avision Ho Student Ambassador
Mr Bilal Sabbagh Admissions Assessor &
Miss Mayowa Igbalajobi Student Ambassador
Miss Sangeetha Ilanko Student Ambassador
Miss Lorna Stevenson Access and Admissions
Ms Katya Ivanova WP Coordinator
Ms Syajila Jamel Student Ambassador
Mr Ben Weston Admissions Administrator and
Mr Shamal Joshi Student Ambassador
Miss Jessica Jourja Student Ambassador
ARD: Widening Participation
Mr Faisal Khan Student Ambassador
Mr Khiew Khiew Student Ambassador
Miss Suad Abdi Student Ambassador
Mr Mohib Khurram Student Ambassador
Ms Aysha Abdul Khader Student Ambassador
Mrs Kateryna Law LSE Choice Teacher
Miss Lola Afolabi Student Ambassador
Miss Jessica Lawrence Student Ambassador
Miss Ayushi Aggarwal Student Ambassador
Miss Rebekah Lee Student Ambassador
Mr Mohammed Ahad Student Ambassador
Miss Marquie Leelatham Student Ambassador
Mr Volkan Aktepe Student Ambassador
Mr Hamid Majeed Student Ambassador
Mrs Angela Aldridge LSE Choice Teacher
Miss Naomi Manzie Student Ambassador
Mr Miles Allen Student Ambassador
Miss Tina Marfo Student Ambassador
Mr Dimitris Angeletos LSE Choice Teacher
Miss Katy Minshull Student Ambassador
Miss Kristi Antoniou Student Ambassador
Mr Aditya Modi Student Ambassador
Mr Benjamin Aw Student Ambassador
Miss Hayat Mohamed Student Ambassador
Miss Kasha Babla Student Ambassador
Ms Rahma Mohamed Student Ambassador
Mr Sumit Bagri Student Ambassador
Miss Zahrah Mohammad Student Ambassador
Mr Jamie Ball Student Ambassador
Ms Sophia Mousoulides WP Co-ordinator
Mr Mike Bates LSE Choice Teacher
Mr William Mullinger Student Ambassador
Miss Zoe Bennett Student Ambassador
Miss Zahra Muneer Student Ambassador
Miss Sukhneet Bhatia Student Ambassador
Mr Hanif Osman Student Ambassador
Ms Diane Bindman LSE Choice Teacher
Mr Jantzen Pang Student Ambassador
Mr George Burton Student Ambassador
Miss Ana Parvescu Student Ambassador
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 57 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Miss Preetbir Pasricha Student Ambassador
Miss Nellie Smith Office Receptionist Apprentice
Mr Ashish Patel Student Ambassador
Miss Tamara Williams Estates Admin Assistant
Miss Pavitra Patel Student Ambassador
Ms Jennifer Williams Financial Administrator
Dr Vas Pavlika LSE Choice Teacher
Estates: Capital Development
Mrs Rosie Pethica Widening Participation Officer
Miss Celin Phoen Student Ambassador
Ms Lauren Allier Assistant Project Manager
Mrs Joanna Pink Widening Participation Officer
Ms Sarah Beck Principal Project Manager
Miss Abir Qazilbash Student Ambassador
Miss Gabi Bingelyte Project  Manager
Mr Amarpal Rai Student Ambassador
Mr Robert Conchie Senior Project Manager
Mr Adam Rajah Student Ambassador
Mr Martyn Fisher Assistant Director Capital Devt
Mr Danyaal Rawat Student Ambassador
Mr Nicholas Garwolinski Senior Project Manager
Mr Peter Richards LSE Choice Teacher
Mr Ken Kinsella Director of Capital Development
Miss Jessie Rossington Student Ambassador
Mr Anthony Lobo Senior Project Manager
Mr Aidan Ryan LSE Choice Teacher
Miss Emma Lovegrove Senior Project Manager
Mr Paul Sammon LSE Choice Teacher
Ms Barbara Moldawa Assistant Project Manager
Miss Selbi Sasioglu Student Ambassador
Mr Phillip Newsham Senior Project Manager
Miss Becky Saxby WP Coordinator
Mrs Emeline Sztrakos Carbon Reduction Manager
Miss Meera Shah Student Ambassador
Mrs Lisa Ward Carbon Reduction Manager
Ms Ria Shah Student Ambassador
Estates: Facilities Management
Ms Alisha Shaparia Student Ambassador
Miss Emma Shi Student Ambassador
Mr Richard Allen Team Leader
Mr Daniel Sippel Student Ambassador
Mr Chris Allister Head of Facilities
Ms Alexandra Smith Widening Participation Officer
Miss Edina Dudas Facilities Assistant
Miss Chantel Soza Student Ambassador
Mrs Jossette Edwards Leigh Cleaning and
Mr Alexander Spalding Student Ambassador
Environment Manager
Ms Clare Stansfield LSE Choice Teacher
Miss Jodie Everid Facilities Assistant
Miss Yow Tan Student Ambassador
Mr Michael Gaid Account Executive
Ms Maddie Teo Student Ambassador
Ms Amy Hickson Venue Co-ordinator
Miss Emily Thomas Student Ambassador
Mr Richmond Larbi Facilities Assistant
Mr Bryan Thor Student Ambassador
Mr Daniel Print Account Executive
Mrs Sam Twombley LSE Choice Teacher
Ms Rachel Ward Conferences and Events Manager
Ms Kirsty Wadsley Head of Widening Participation
Mr Brian Williams Room Bookings Executive
Miss Olivia Williams Student Ambassador
Estates: FM Maintenance
Mrs Wendy Willson LSE Choice Teacher
Mr Athur Wong Student Ambassador
Mr Paul Atkinson Store Person
Mr Hayden Wong Student Ambassador
Mr Vhonaci Barrett Assistant Maintenance Techn
Ms Jade Wong Student Ambassador
Mr Gary Beaumont Senior Maintenance Technician
Miss Laura Wright Student Ambassador
Mr Kalil Berzangi Maintenance Technician
Mr Quentin Wu Student Ambassador
Mr Allan Blair Director - Facilities Management
Miss Akosua Yeboah Student Ambassador
Mr Wayne Bowen JIB Approved Shift Electrician
Miss Danqing Ying Student Ambassador
Mr Malcolm Callender Senior Supervisor
Mr Tim Yip Heung Win Student Ambassador
Mr David Cheong Maintenance Technician (Painter
Mr Michael Zhan Student Ambassador
and Decorator)
Mr Steve Clogg Maintenance Technician
Estates Division
Mr David Felstead Maintenance Supervisor
Estates: Administration
Mr Peter Fennelly Head Storekeeper
Mr Paul Franklin Head of Maintenance
Mr Jas Amole Financial Controller
Mr Tony Hough Maintenance Technician
Mrs Mandy Crane Office Manager
Mr Steven Jessup JIB Approved Shift Electrician
Miss Phoebe Dunster Capital Devt Team Secretary
Mr Jerell Kirnon Plumbing Apprentice
Mrs Mandy Hooker Head of Admin and
Mr Jimmy Maslen Senior Maintenance Technician
PA to Director of Estates
Mr Cline Mcintosh Electrical Installation Apprentice
Miss Susan Parsons Facilities Management Team
Mr John Meads Carpenter
Mr Bob Meecham Senior Maintenance Technician/
Mr Julian Robinson Director of Estates
I 58 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mr Mo Miah Senior Maintenance Technician/Fitter
Mr Shaun Jordan Day Security
Mr Karl Myles Electrician
Mr Brendan Kelly Day Security Officer
Mr Felix Nelson Helpdesk Technician
Mr Roohullah Khan Security Team Leader (NAB)
Mr David Ogwok Maintenance Technician
Mr Kidd Kidd General Service Porter
Mr Hitesh Patel Helpdesk Technician
Mr Ronnie Klein Day Security Deputy Team Leader
Mr Jaime Rojas-Campana Assistant Maintenance
Miss Kathleen Lee Receptionist
Mrs Fei Li Security Officer
Mr Ross Ruscoe Senior Maintenance Technician/
Mr John Linehan Day Security Officer
Mr Timothy Linehan Day Security
Mr Steven Ryan Maintenance Supervisor
Mr Gary Magee Day Security Team Leader
Miss Jasinder Sidhu Helpdesk Manager
Mr Max Makanka-Mbenza-Bitolo Day Security
Mr Daniel Smith Maintenance Technician
Mr Will Tappin Snr Maintenance Tech/Shift
Mr Ian Marston Day Security Team Leader
Mr Duberley Maya Murillo General Porter
Mr Alan Wade Senior Controls Engineer
Mr Desroy Mcpherson General Service Porter
Estates: FM Peacock Theatre
Mr Rhazid Mendez Night Security
Mr Rashul Mohideen Night Security Deputy Team
Miss Yuhua Chen Peacock Theatre Assistant
Mr Sam Gaid Peacock Theatre Manager
Mr Richard Mulcahy Assistant Head of Security
Miss Celia Ledgerwood-Walker Peacock Theatre
Ms Roisin Mulcahy Property Officer
Mr Stan Neil Day Security Officer
Mr Christopher Murray Peacock Theatre Assistant
Mr Christian Noungang Kouoh Night Security
Miss Penny Nakou Peacock Theatre Assistant
Mr Godwin Ogbeide Day Security Officer
Estates: FM Security
Mr Frankie Okunnu Day Security Team Leader
Ms Toyin Olomoofe Day Security Officer
Miss Terezia Abraham Receptionist
Mrs Sylwia Parsons Receptionist
Mr Jerry Addo-Gamson Night Security
Mr Michael Pollard Night Security
Mrs Divine Ajah Day Security Officer
Mr Tanzeem Qureshi Day Security Officer
Mr Peter Anastasi Day Security Team Leader
Mr Sarbaraj Rai Day Security Officer
Mr Daniel Beckley Day Security Officer
Mr Byron Richards Day Security
Mrs Paula Beezer Day Security Officer
Mr Juan Ruiz De Ocenda General Porter
Miss Barbara Bialek Day Security Officer
Mr Shailendra Sapkota Day Security Officer
Mr Tansel Cetindal Deputy Security Team
Mr Graham Shillabeer Deputy Head of Security
Mr Faruk Ssekabira Night Security
Mr Ousman Cham Day Security Officer
Mr Surya Sunwar Day Security
Mr Derek Chin General Service Porter
Ms Veronika Szadvari Receptionist
Mr Kenneth Chukwueke Day Security Officer
Mr William Teah Night Security Team Leader
Mr Joseph Djagbo Day Security Officer
Mr Paul Thornbury Head of Security
Mr Bruno Dos Santos Silva Porter SAR
Mr Charles Umearokwu Night Security
Miss Helena Dywicka Day Security Officer
Mr Aleksandar Urosevic Day Security Officer
Mrs Becky Erhabor Day Security
Mr Boban Velickovski Technical Systems Manager
Mrs Beena Farmah Receptionist
Mrs Natalia Waslowicz Day Security Officer
Mr Trevor Fullerton General Porter
Miss Anna Zieba Deputy Team Leader
Miss Egle Gajauskaite Day Security
Estates: FM Sustainability
Mr Usman Ghani Day Security
Mr Raj Gopaul Day Security
Mr Martin Bolton Environmental and Sustainability 
Mr Chris Hamlin General Service Porter
Mr Antonio Higuita Salas Porter
Mr Jonathan Emmett Sustainability Projects Officer
Ms Irene Huls Day Security
Mr Dan Reeves Residences Sustainability Officer
Mr Gottlieb Isliker Night Security Deputy Team
Miss Elena Rivilla-Lutterkort Sustainability Officer
(Waste and Procurement)
Mr Raji Issa Day Security Officer
Estates: Post Room
Mr Abdul Jatta Day Security Officer
Mr Spencer Javangwe Deputy Security Operations
Mr Richard Burgos Post Room Assistant
Miss Hannah Emery Post Room Operative
Mrs Yanli Ji Receptionist
Mr Ossie Husbands Post Room Assistant
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 59 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Ms Helen-Louisa Jordan Post Room Assistant
Mr Ben Hancock Head of Payroll
Mr Pawel Opaska Post Room Operative
Mrs Sejal Harsiyani Cashier
Mr Tony Simpson Post Room Supervisor
Mr Michael Herlihy Financial Systems Support
Mr Dave Tyndall Post Room Assistant
Estates: Property and Space Management
Mr Glen Humbles Head Of Purchasing
Mrs Concha Hutchins Accounts Assistant
Ms Nancy Baltouna Graduate Intern
Mr Christopher Anderson Systems Manager
Mr Alex Kpadeh Accounts Assistant (Residences)
Mr Matthew Boyd Assistant Estates Surveyor
Mrs Elena Landon Assistant Financial Controller
Ms Sandy Carter Technician
Mr Simon Lee RCSD Accountant
Miss Nabila Cruz De Carvalho System
Mr Alexander Nokes Fees Analyst
Administration Assistant
Miss Sally Oates Deputy Head of Purchase Ledger
Mr Richard Jenden Director of Property and Space
Mr Mark Papworth Residences Purchasing Assistant
Mr Steve Parsons Tax Manager
Mrs Francesca Ruscoe Moves and Logistics
Mrs Sue Perry Payroll Administrator
Ms Naomi Richardson Financial Planning and
Mrs Amisha Varghese Assistant Space Planning
Analysis Manager
Mr Glenn Ruane Head of Fees Income Credit Cntrl
Estates: Sports Ground
& Cash
Mrs Linda Sclanders Fees Coordinator
Mr Stephen Butter Head Groundsperson
Mr Norbert Severin Deputy Head of Payroll
Mr Joshua Sloman Sportsground Apprentice
Mr Stuart Sharkey Head of Purchase Ledger
Mr Ben Waters Deputy Head Grounds Person
Mr Craig Smith Finance Administrator
Mr Chuwie Teape Fees Advisor
Mr Yannis Tsolkas Financial Planning & Analysis
Finance Division
Miss Renata Urbanczyk RCSD Accounts Manager
Mr Keith Adams Systems Accountant
Mrs Sherry Vaid Chief Cashier
Ms Vaiva Bajoriene Payroll Administrator
Ms Ashley Wang Financial Controller
Mr Mark Beale Head of Finance (RCSD)
Mrs Sara Whyte Office Manager
Mrs Margaret Benjamin Fees Advisor
Miss Neisha Wong Accounts Administrator
Mrs Roshni Bhudia Accounts Assistant
Miss Irin Wu Financial Accountant
Mr Malcolm Bird Income and Credit Manager
Miss Penny Yiasemidou Financial Controller
Mr Mike Black Head of Financial Operations
Mr Dom Burchnall Payroll Adviser
Governance, Legal and Policy  
Mrs Valliny Cardoso Accounts Assistant
Mrs Noeline Coeur-De-Lion Fees Advisor
Mrs Stephanie Allison Ethics Manager
Mrs Dee Cordwell Purchasing Assistant
Miss Sue Donnelly LSE Archivist
Mrs Karen Cross Accounts Payable Clerk
Mr Ray Donovan-Hill Secretary to the Academic
Mr Pete Crowe Purchasing Adviser
Miss Sandra Daly Fees Advisor
Mr Robin Hoggard Acting Director & Director of
Mr Ali Dezyanian Deputy Systems Accountant
Government Relations
Mr Isi Dossouhon Deputy Cashier
Mr Eoin Mac Hale IGC Country Governance
Mrs Sarah Ekunwe-Ike Accounts Assistant
Ms Victoria Ellah Financial Planning Analyst
Mr Andrew Webb Acting School Secretary
Mr Mike Ferguson Director of Finance Division
Ms Joy Whyte Inclusion Development Officer
Ms Celeste Francis Purchasing Assistant
GLPD: Directorate and Support Team
Ms Ellen Fraser Financial Planning & Analysis Mgr
Mr Rudy Ghosh Tax Specialist
Mrs Hilary Bagshaw Assistant Secretary
Miss Laura Gilbert Financial Planning & Analysis
Miss Paroj Banerjee Equity,Diversity and Inclusion
Mr Andrew Gladin Head of Financial Planning &
Prof Craig Calhoun Director of the LSE
Ms Isabella Chan Athena SWAN Project Officer
Mr Matt Grierson Credit Controller
Dr Alex Free Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Co-ord
Ms Sarah Hadland Deputy Head of Purchasing
Prof George Gaskell Special Adviser to the Director
I 60 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Human Resources
Miss Francesca Guiso Occasional Research Assistant
Miss Selina Hannaford Senior Executive Officer
Mrs Clair Harrison Executive Assistant
Ms Heena Ahmed HR Administrator
Miss Geraldine Healy Administrative Assistant to
Miss Heather Anderson HR Adviser
the Director
Ms Sofia Avgerinou Head of HR Services &
Mrs Nita Khambatta Administrative Assistant to the
Operational Policy
Miss Emma Bennett HR Adviser
Mrs Nicola Lewis Administrative Assistant
Miss Carly Bernard HR Adviser
Miss Dominika Mazurek Executive Assistant
Ms Meeta Bhatt HR Adviser
Ms Veronique Mizgailo Business Continuity Man-
Mrs Paula Bruton HR Partner
Mrs Suzanne Christopher Organisational Learning
Miss Cecilia Okereke Exec. Officer to Chief Operat-
ing Officer
Mrs Jen Ciarleglio HR Consultant
Mrs Carolyn Solomon-Pryce Equality and Diversity
Mr Rhys Clarke HR Administrator
Miss Michelle Coates HR Administrator
Prof David Webb Pro-Director and CFO
Mr Chris Connolly HR Partner
Mr Andy Wilson Executive Officer
Mrs Inga Crouch HR Adviser
Mrs Marlene Worrell Executive Assistant
Ms Aoife Doyle HR Partner
GLPD: Governance Team
Mr Juan Du-Plessis HR Operations Coordinator
Ms Louise Handley Head of Employee Relations
Ms Joan Poole Assistant Governance Officer
Ms Fran Hannan HR Partner
Mrs Jane Pugh Governance Officer
Ms Seema Haria HR Manager, Reward &
Ms Jayne Rose Head of Governance
GLPD: Legal and Compliance Team
Mrs Becky Harris HR Adviser
Miss Rachel Hope HR Manager, Information &
Mr Dan Bennett Risk Manager
Mrs Melanie Boucher Head of Health & Safety
Mrs Laura Jenkins HR Adviser
Mr Kevin Haynes Head of Legal Team
Mr Riyad Joomun Pensions Administrator
Miss Caroline Hong Legal Officer
Miss Chetna Joshi HR Analyst
Ms Rachael Maguire Records Manager
Mr Nikhil Kalghatgi HR Adviser
Miss Lisa Von Schlippe Health & Safety Advisor
Mrs Annie Klu HR Adviser
GLPD: Secretary's Office
Miss Rachel Knight HR Adviser, Analysis and
Miss Marta Gajewska Executive Assistant to the
Mr Raj Lakhani HR Manager
School Secretary
Ms Nicola Littlewood HR Manager
LSE Nursery
Miss Luisa Loughlin HR Manager, Pensions
Mrs Stella Aguirre Nursery Officer
Miss Amy Mamawag HR Administrative Assistant
Miss Sherin Ahmed Nursery Officer
Ms Sophie Mayall HR Administrator
Ms Doris Buckle Chef
Mrs El Michael HR Consultant, Policy Development
Mrs Bedia Bulut Early Years Centre Administrator
Ms Sharon Moore HR Manager, Pensions & Benefits
Mrs Janine Bye Deputy Manager
Ms Lisa Morrow Senior HR Partner
Mrs Mirei Carlitos Senior Nursery Officer
Miss Laura Nicholson HR Administrator
Miss Mamou Diangana Nursery Assistant
Mr Shoyeb Osbourne HR Adviser
Mrs Mamselle Jackson Nursery Manager
Miss Porcia Ossei HR Partner
Mrs Carmenza Jimenez-Tigreros Nursery Assistant
Mrs Natalie Pancheri HR Policy Adviser
Mr Anthony Martin Nursery Officer
Ms Sarah Pedder HR Manager
Miss Nacha Ndila Nursery Officer
Mrs Wendy Ramsay HR Administrator
Mrs Olivia Parra Navarrete Nursery Assistant
Mr Robert Reder HR Analyst
Ms Raquel Ruales Nursery Assistant
Mr Indi Seehra HR Director
Miss Dinise Sagwete Nursery Assistant
Mr Mandip Singh HR Administrator
Ms Jackie Smith Nursery Officer
Mr Dan Smith Senior HR Analyst - Info & Systems
Miss Camila Villegas Robledo Nursery Assistant
Mrs Christina Tagliarini HR Adviser
Mrs Tirsit Yimer Nursery Assistant
Ms Sara Talbi HR Administrator
Miss Neelam Talewar Head of HR Transformation
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 61 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
IMT: Communications
Mr Toby Taylor-Willis HR Partner
Miss Emma Ward HR Administrator
Miss Jessica Akinwumi-Reid Communications
Mr Chris Watt Head of Organisational Learning
Miss Niamh Ryan Communications Officer
Information Management and
IMT: Copy Shop
Miss Bridget Cummings Supervisor
Mr Nicholas Deyes Director of Information,
Dr David Khabaz Photocopying Assistant
Management & Technology
Miss Nicci Shall Copy Shop Assistant
Mr Mark Gabriel HPC Service Manager
IMT: Customer Services
Mr Harmish Mehta Graduate Intern
Miss Eunice Tse Student Communications Assistant
Mr Hamish Beath IT Help Desk Adviser
IMT: Academic Support Team 1
Miss Jasmine Dudman IT Help Desk Adviser
Mr Henry Eshel Laptop Surgery IT Advisor
Mr Arion Deol Senior Support Specialist
Miss Abi Fasoranti IT Help Desk Adviser
Mr Ian Harvey Support Officer
Mr Ali Issa IT Help Desk Adviser
Mr Alvin James Support Specialist
Mr Nicos Kyriacou Service Management Officer
Mr Dave Kelly Support Officer
Miss Yoana Marinova IT Help Desk Adviser
Mr Henry Kyemba Support Officer
Miss Sophie Mcgrath IT Help Desk Adviser
Mr David Morris Academic Support Manager
Miss Floriana Molone Head of Customer Services
IMT: Academic Support Team 2
Mr Pablo Mompart IT Help Desk Adviser
Mr Yi Ng Laptop Surgery IT Advisor
Mr Francis Ade-Oguns Support Officer
Mr James O'Rourke Laptop Surgery IT Advisor
Mrs Angela Aubertin Academic Support Manager
Mr Rahul Ravji Laptop Surgery IT Advisor
Mr Taj Chowdhury Support Officer
Miss Linh Tran IT Help Desk Adviser
Miss Karon James Senior Support Specialist
Miss Ling Ling Wei IT Help Desk Adviser
Mr Linton Monerville Support Officer
IMT: Database Administration
Mrs Kafayat Mustapha Support Officer
Mr Kuldip Purewal Support Specialist
Mr Roy Bhurtha Analyst Programmer
IMT: Applications
Mr Nigel Boeg Application Support Analyst
Mr Steve Earley Database Administrator
Mr John Harris Head of Applications
Mr Ali Lindsley Database Services Manager
Mr Jakub Pawlowski Support Assistant
IMT: Department Support Team
IMT: AV and Teaching Spaces
Mr Chris Andrews Support Specialist
Miss Ada Aldea Teaching Spaces Assistant
Mr Sebastiaan Eldritch-Boersen Support Specialist -
Mr Michael Betts Support Specialist
Assistive Tech.
Mr Mubarak Bux Teaching Spaces Support Officer
Mr Robin Ellis Support Officer
Mr Yong Cai Teaching Spaces Assistant
Mr Adam Gale Administrative Support Manager
Miss Clarissa Ching Teaching Spaces Assistant
Mr Colm O'Sullivan Support Officer
Mr George Desmond Teaching Spaces Support
Mr Jaspal Sagoo Support Officer
IMT: Development
Mr Chris Head Teaching Spaces Support Officer
Mr Daniel Kim Teaching Spaces Assistant
Mr Derek Alexander Senior Analyst Programmer
Miss Maria Lavrentyeva Teaching Spaces Assistant
Dr Caroline Hague Senior Analyst Programmer
Mr Dan Roberts AV and Teaching Spaces Manager
Miss Jenny Lee Development Support Assistant
Mr Aingaran Sivanesan Teaching Spaces Assistant
Mr Zulfikar Rashid Analyst Programmer
Mr Priyesh Varshani Teaching Spaces Support
Mr Ron Riley E-Development Manager
Mr Chen Wang Senior Analyst Programmer
IMT: Central Reprographics
Mr David Seng Chai Yong LSE for You Support
Mr Simon Hill Reprographics Manager
IMT: Finance & Administration
Mrs Elena Vitan Office Assistant
Mr Agustin Cabrera Tilve Senior Administrator
Mr Thomas Coombs Purchasing & Finance Officer
I 62 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mr James Harvey Departmental Manager
Miss Simran Masand SADL Senior Ambassadors
Ms Louise Hatcher PA to Director of Information
Miss Katie Mason SADL Senior Ambassador
Management & Technology
Mr Eugene Mcgeown SADL Senior Ambassador
Miss Marium Parvez Purchasing & Finance Officer
Mr Darren Moon Learning Technologist
Mr Noo Thomson Project Support Assistant
Miss Sarah Ney Assistant Learning Technologist
Mr Darren Winter Management Accountant
Miss Helen Page Designer
IMT: Information Security
Miss Melissa Patel SADL Senior Ambassadors
Mr Milan Popovcic Assistant Learning Technologist
Ms Jia Fu Information Security Officer
Dr Jethro Perkins Information Security Manager
Mr Kristian Roger Learning Technologist
IMT: Infrastructure
Dr Jane Secker Copyright and Digital Literacy
Mr Manjit Assi Systems Specialist
IMT: Network Data
Ms Stephanie Hellings Service Quality and
Transition Manager
Mr Matt Bernstein Senior Network Specialist
Mr Chris Roberts Head of Infrastructure
Mr Jeff Fern Network Specialist
Mr Ed Spick Networks Manager
Mr Michael Koh Network Specialist
IMT: Integration and Data Management
Mr Robert Mertling-Blake Network Specialist
Mr David Skeen Network Specialist
Ms Jennifer Falls Application Analyst
Mr Martin Slade Network Specialist
Mr Dieu Ly Application Analyst
IMT: Network Voice
Mr Matthias Opitz Web Developer (PHP)
Ms Susanne Weber Systems Analyst
Mrs Caz Hill Telephonist/Administrator
IMT: IT Training
Miss Trish Pierrelouis Telephonist/Administrator
Mr John Simpson Network Engineer
Mr Sifat Ahmed Student Training Advisor
IMT: Programme Management Office
Miss Aastha Arora Student Training Advisor
Mrs Jeni Brown Training Manager
Ms Georgia Bergson Project Support Assistant
Miss Kelly Bui Student Training Advisor
Mrs Genein Cox-De Sousa Project Support Officer
Miss Lauren Ging Student Training Advisor
Miss Suzanne Creasey Head of Programme Man-
Ms Linda Heiden Training Specialist
agement Office
Ms Nina Keleher IT Training Administrator
Mrs Naushin Galmani Project Support Assistant
Ms Sue Morton Training Specialist
Miss Aleksandra Jeruzel Project Manager
Mr Kartik Panwar Student Training Advisor
Mrs Gerta Karageorgi Business Analyst
Mr Till Sander Student Training Advisor
Mrs Rekha Lad Business Analyst Team Leader
Mr Nedelin Velikov IT Trainer
Ms Aba Maison Project Manager
IMT: Learning Technology & Innovation
Mr Michael Maloney Senior Project Manager
Mr Jamie Moss Project Manager
Mr Geetesh Abbott SADL Senior Ambassadors
IMT: Service Management & Service Desk
Mr Taofiq Akinpeju Student Training Advisor
Miss Helen Axe Assistant Learning Technologist
Miss Umulkheyr Ayeh Service Desk Analyst
Mr Chandra Bhandari SADL Senior Ambassador
Mr Shaun Digpal Service Desk Analyst
Mr Peter Bryant Head of Learning Technology &
Mrs Janet Ferguson Telecommunications
Miss Athina Chatzigavriil Learning Technologist
Miss Maya Linstrum-Newman IT Help Desk Advisor
Miss Djelila Delior SADL Senior Ambassadors
Miss Liz Mcnaughton Service Desk Manager
Miss Geraldine Foley Assistant Learning
Mrs Yvonne Ward Senior Service Desk Analyst
IMT: Student and Open Spaces Support
Mr Christopher Fryer Systems Administrator
Ms Sonja Grussendorf Learning Technologist
Mr Daniel Lewis Support Officer
Miss Vikki Hui SADL Senior Ambassadors
Mrs Ade Olayebo Student Support Manager
Mr Maik Kleinschmidt Designer
Mr Peter Pereira Support Officer
Ms Sarah Leach Learning Technologist
Mr David Young Student Support Specialist
Mr Laurent-Oliver Liote Graduate Intern (Learning
Tech Info)
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 63 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
IMT: Systems
Mr John Heyworth Language Centre Manager
Mr Rick Barns Systems Specialist
Mr Michael Jacob Language Teacher
Mr Michael Bragg Systems Specialist
Mrs Nobuko Leslie Language Teacher (Japanese)
Mr Paul Gee Senior Systems Specialist
Mr Esteban Lozano Guest Teacher
Mr Paul Jackson Systems Specialist
Dr Hong Lu Coordinator of Exec Prog 
Mr Yannis Lagogiannis Systems Specialist (Apple)
Confucius Inst
Mr Michael Mcfarlane Systems Specialist
Dr Roser Martinez-Sanchez Language Teacher
Mr Daniel Simpson Systems Specialist
Mr Puneet Singh Systems Manager
Ms Helen Mayer Teaching and Learning Facilitator
Mr Selva Veerappan Systems Specialist
Mr Michael Mcgarvey Language Co-ordinator (ELT)
IMT: Web Content
Mr Craig Meegan Office Manager
Mr Andrew Mitchell Coordinating Language
Ms Kornelia Deppe Corporate Web Content Editor
Ms Louise Schuller Analyst/ Web Designer
Miss Marcelle Morabo Language Teacher (French)
IMT: Web Production
Mrs Susanne Muller-Menckens Language Teacher
Ms Catherine Bellamy Corporate Web Editor
Dr Rhodri Nicholl Casual
Mr Ben Durant Assistant Web Producer
Miss Florence Niclot Language Co-ordinator
Mr Richard Meheux Production Manager
Mr Arthur Wadsworth Web Producer - Academic
Mr Fang Pan Co-ordinating Language
Mr James Pavitt Co-ordinating Language Teacher
Language Centre
Ms Tatiana Pazem Casual
Ms Cecile Alais Language Teacher (French)
Mr Rafael Cruz Penas Cruz Co-ordinating
Mrs Yoko Aldous Guest Teacher
Language Teacher (Spanish)
Ms Ines Alonso-Garcia Teaching and Learning
Dr Roser Pujadas Pujadas Comas D Argemir Guest
Mrs Benvinda Alves Language Teacher (Portugese)
Mr Simon Roberts Co-ordinating Language Teacher
Mr Michael Beaney Co-ordinating Language
Teacher (EAP)
Dr Katya Rogatchevskaia Language Teacher
Miss Stephanie Beltrando Language Teacher
Mrs Martina Rohr Guest Teacher
Mr Nadim Mahjoub Ben Mohamed Mahjoub
Mr Martin Sarzier Guest Teacher
Language Teacher (Arabic)
Miss Onna Schneller Receptionist
Mr Halim Benzine Language Teacher (French)
Mr Christopher Sciberras Coordinating Language
Mrs Natasha Bershadski Language Teacher (Russian
Teacher (EAP)
Mr Jerome Bertherat Language Teacher (French)
Dr Lijing Shi Assistant Language Co-ordinator
Mr Nick Byrne Director
Mr Francois Simon Assistant Language
Ms Mercedes Coca Language Co-ordinator 
Co-ordinator (French)
Mr Allan Simpson Guest Teacher
Mr Pierre Dagonnot Language Teacher (French)
Dr Peter Skrandies Language Co-ordinator(German)
Miss Flavia D'Angelantonio Language Teacher
Dr Olga Sobolev Language Co-ordinator (Russian)
Mr Jean Souvignet Language Co-ordinating Teacher
Ms Maria Do Prado Course Administrator
Ms Alison Standring Language Co-ordinator (EAP)
Mr Florian Fischer Guest Teacher
Miss Gemma Stansfield Co-ordinating Language
Mrs Irina Forbes Guest Teacher
Teacher (EAP)
Ms Catherine Gaitte Language Teacher (French)
Mr Michael Tavares Graduate Intern
Ms Patricia Gaudron Language Teacher (French)
Ms Sarah Taylor Co-ordinating Language Teacher
Mrs Anna Giuffria Language Teacher (Italian)
Mr Luay Hasan Language Teacher (Arabic)
Miss Sandrine Victor Guest Teacher
Mrs Doris Hermann-Ostrowski Language Teacher
Dr Angus Wrenn Co-ordinating Language Teacher
Ms Lourdes Hernandez Martin Lang Coord
Dr Catherine Xiang Language Co-ordinator
(Arabic) & Coord Span Project
I 64 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mrs Hongyi Xin Language Teacher (Mandarin)
Ms Yukie Yagioka Guest Teacher
Mr Dusan Pokrajac Library Assistant
Miss Ye Zhang Casual
Mr Gordon Read Print Collections Manager
Ms Claire Taplin Library Assistant (Technical 
Mr Ashley Ward Reshelver
Library: Academic Services Group
Mrs Ellen Wilkinson Assistant Librarian
Library: Collection Services
Mr Martin Reid Head of Academic Services Group
Library: Acquisitions Services
Ms Nancy Graham Research & Support Academic
Liaison Mgr
Miss Laura Allen Senior Library Assistant
Ms Anna Grigson Head of Collection Services
Miss Rita Andreou Library Assistant
Library: Enquiry Services
Mr Bill Barker Assistant Librarian (Serials)
Miss Wendy Butcher Library Assistant
Mr Richard Collings Services Development Librarian
Ms Claire Delahunty Senior Library Assistant - 
Miss Ellen Grace Library Assistant
Miss Sarah Hayward Library Assistant, Enquiry Serv-
Mrs Bernadette Divall Library Assistant
Ms Eugenia Gozalo-Velasco Library Assistant
Mrs Refhat Hussain Library Assistant
Ms Jennifer Harding Library Assistant
Mr Ivan Teece Library Assistant
Mr Andy Jack Web Editor for the Library
Mr Clive Wilson Senior Assistant Librarian
Ms Karen Paine Senior Library Assistant
Library: Learning Support Services
Ms Andrea Reid Subscriptions Manager
Mr Neill Roberts Senior Library Assistant
Miss Maria Bell Learning Support Services Manager
Ms Chantal Tucker Assistant Librarian 
Miss Eleanor Payne Education Officer
Procurement & Access
Ms Sonia Gomes Pedro Areias Gomes Library
Library: Archives & Special Collections
Library: Central Services
Mrs Fabiana Barticioti Assistant Archivist
Mr Indy Bhullar Information Librarian
Mrs Jane Appleton Office Assistant
Mrs Kate Higgins Assistant / Project Archivist
Mr Daniel Arduino Collections Assistant
Dr Gillian Murphy Assistant Archivist
Mr Thomas Carter Digital Library Developer
Ms Anna Towlson Archives & Special Collections
Mrs Alison Cummerson Library Assistant
Miss Angele David-Guillou Library Assistant
Miss Sinead Wheeler Reading Room Supervisor
Mr Marius Dicomites Membership Supervisor
Mr Nick White Archives Cataloguer
Mrs Peta Ellis Exec. Asst to Director of Lib Services
Library: Collection Management
Ms Maggie Jamieson Library Assistant
Ms Sonia Mcgilchrist Central Services and Finance
Ms Monica Butler Reshelver
Mr Graham Camfield Senior Assistant Librarian
Mr David Meech Departmental Manager
Mr George Carey Reshelver
Ms Emma Pizarro Library Assistant
Mr Neil Claridge Reshelver
Miss Gemma Read Library Assistant
Miss Sheila Coaseley Collections Assistant
Ms Joanne Taplin-Green Service Manager
Mr Luke Danes Collections Assistant
Miss Fran Ward Circulation Supervisor
Miss Heather Dawson Assistant Librarian
Ms Nicola Wright Director of Library Services
Ms Pauleen Fernandez Library Shelver
Library: Metadata Services
Mr Clive Graham Library Assistant
Miss Lisa Grant Reshelver
Mrs Rena Akhadova Library Assistant
Mr Dean Hinks Collections Assistant
Mr Marcin Boczkowski Library Assistant
Mr Paul Horsler Assistant Librarian
Miss Emma Booth Snr Library Asst, Cataloguing &
Miss Jasmin Louis Reshelver
Mr Paul Mcfarlane Shelving Supervisor
Mr Robert Drinkwater Library Assistant
Mrs Mary Morris Reshelver
Mr Paul Flannery Senior Library Assistant
Mrs Carlota Pasiliao Book Cleaner
Ms Clare Hudson Assistant Librarian
Mr Daniel Payne Ast. Librarian, Collection 
Mr Solomon Hughes Assistant Librarian
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 65 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
LSE Advancement
Ms Roberta Marchesin Digital Library Assistant
Mr Peter Spring Assist Librarian Discovery & Digita
Miss Shona Aitken Development Manager
Miss Helen Williams Discovery and Metadata Mgr
Mr Francis Allen Data Administrator
Library: Research Support Services
Ms Suze Anderson Head of Major Gifts
Ms Valerie Antwi Alumni Relations Assistant
Miss Nathalie Cornee Research Info. & Open Access
Miss Anjali Aravindham Annual Fund Assistant
(Telephone Fundr.)
Ms Dimity Flanagan Academic Support Librarian
Miss Leigh Archibald Office Manager/HR Informa-
Ms Ruth Orson Library Assistant (Research Services)
tion Officer
Library: Resources & Innovation
Ms Christina Bains Annual Fund Assistant
(Telephone Fundr.)
Mr Ed Fay Head of Digital Scholarship & Innovation
Miss Amanda Bastos-Moreira Ethical Screening
Library: Teaching Support
Mr David Berridge Annual Fund Caller Manager
Ms Galina Alexander Library Assistant
Mrs Prerna Bhatt Data Entry Assistant
Ms Liz Galloway Library Assistant
Mrs Diane Bond Donor Relations Manager
Mr Simon Machell Assistant Librarian
Ms Emilia Brown Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.)
Miss Mei Pang Electronic Course Packs Assistant
Miss Jessica Burrell Donor Relations Assistant
Miss Vilma Pikelyte Library Assistant (Teaching
Miss Nicola Butler Leadership Giving Executive
Ms Reyes Castellano Casquete Constituency
Mr Paul Whitehouse Library Assistant
Communications Officer
Library:Digital Scholarship & Innovation
Miss Martha Christie Fundraising Research Officer
Ms Nia Clark Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.)
Mr Laurence Horton Data Librarian
Mr Ben Cooper Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.)
Mr Neil Stewart Digital Library Manager
Ms Ally Corbridge Annual Fund Assistant
Library: Service Assessment &
Tel Fundr)
Miss Kimberley Corina Research Executive
Miss Carly Crockett Fundraising Research Officer
Mrs Trudy Gamblin Library System Officer
Miss Sabrina D'Anjou Development Associate
Ms Eva Jirjahlke User Experience Researcher
Miss Kathryn Darling Business Partnerships Officer
Mrs Yvonne Olusoga LMS Project Support Officer
Mr Jonny Digby Annual Fund Assistant (Telephone
Ms Jo Tate Projects & Development Manager
Mr Christopher Doneley Development Events
LSE 100
Mrs Elizabeth Donnelly Development Manager
Mr Cevat Aksoy Guest Teacher
Mrs Elaine Dowarka Data Entry Assistant
Dr Maria Brock LSE Fellow
Mr James Driscoll Donations & Finance Manager
Dr Maria Chen LSE Fellow
Mrs Linda Earl Development Assistant
Dr Diego De Merich LSE Fellow
Miss Elsa Esberger Annual Fund Assistant
Dr Joseph Downing LSE Fellow
(Telephone Fundr.)
Ms Marina Franchi Guest Teacher
Mr Robert Fenton Events and Reunions Manager
Dr Irina Iordachescu Guest Teacher
Miss Georgina Funnell LSE Annual Fund Telephone
Miss Ellie Knott Graduate Teaching Assistant
Miss Camilla Luxford TLASS Course Administrator
Miss Sid Gjeci Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.)
Ms Natasha Marhia LSE Fellow
Mr Alex Gray Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.)
Mr Fernando Morett Orozco Guest Teacher
Mr Elias Grindheim Annual Fund Assistant
Miss Rian Mulcahy Graduate Teaching Assistant
(Telephone Fundr.)
Ms Claire O'Donnell LSE Fellow
Miss Elinor Hatt Student Engagement Executive
Mr Chris Parkes LSE Fellow
Mr Joe Homshaw Annual Fund Assistant
Ms Jessica Templeton Deputy Director
(Telephone Fundr.)
Ms Marta Wojciechowska Graduate Teaching 
Ms Claire Hooi Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.)
Mrs Viet Anh Hua Development Executive
Mr Alexander Hughes Fundraising Research
Miss Angharad Hughes Development Executive
I 66 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mrs Liz Jaggs Campaigns Comms & Marketing
Mr Haris Shahzad Annual Fund Assistant
(Telephone Fundr.)
Ms Felicity Jones Head of Foundation Partnerships
Mrs Kate Stevens Business Analyst
Mr Ryan Kelly Annual Fund Assistant (Telephone
Miss Elle Swire LSE Annual Fund Telephone
Ms Allison Kemmis-Price Principal Gifts Manager
Mr Julian Szego Deputy Director for Operations
Mr Chris Kendrick Development Communications
Miss Anita Treso Donations and Finance
Mr Louis Klineberg Annual Fund Assistant
Mrs Veronika Tugendraich Garwolinski
(Telephone Fundr.)
Development Manager
Mr Raul Konkka-Lozano Annual Fund Assistant
Ms Lindsay Turner International Alumni Executive
(Telephone Fundr.)
Miss Nathalie Van Der Elst Annual Fund Assistant
Miss Amy Kowalska Annual Fund Assistant
Mr Carsten Vogel Foundation Partnerships Senior
(Telephone Fundr.)
Miss Barbora Kudzmanaite LSE Annual Fund
Miss Aratrika Wahid Annual Fund Assistant
Telephone Supervisor
(Telephone Fundr.)
Mr Oleg Kurochka Annual Fund Assistant
Ms Phoebe Ward Annual Fund Assistant (Telephone
(Telephone Fundr.)
Miss Heather Lacey Events Officer
Ms Sara Watkins Annual Fund Assistant (Telephone
Miss Camilla Langlands Global Alumni Programme
Ms Clare Wilkins Development Manager
Miss Harriet Lavin Annual Fund Assistan
Mr Derek Winterbottom Head of LSE Annual Fund
(Telephone Fundr.)
Mr Christopher Yates Director of Global
Miss Alexandra Leeming Annual Fund Assistant
(Telephone Fundr.)
Mr Jarek Zaba Stewardship & Communications
Ms Karen Lippoldt Deputy Director of Constituency
Miss Boya Zhao-Robinson Annual Fund Assistant
Mr Owen Lowry Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.)
(Telephone Fundr.)
Miss Sveta Mardar International Alumni Executive
Mr Simon Marsh Campaigns & Planning Manager
LSE Careers
Miss Samira Mezroui Foundation Partnerships
Mr Daniel Anderson Student Helper
Ms Elizabeth Mills Annual Fund Assistant
Ms Flossie Baker Student Helper
(Telephone Fundr.)
Mrs Jennifer Blakesley Director of Careers Service
Ms Abinaya Mohan Annual Fund Assistant
Mr James Bonney Student Helper
(Telephone Fundr.)
Miss Sharon Bray Employer Engagement Manager
Mr Vaios Papanagnou Digital Communications
Ms Morag Brocklehurst Careers Consultant
Miss Haddijatou Browne Employer Enquiries and
Ms Isobel Potter Annual Fund Assistant (Telephone
Data Coordinator
Mrs Jo Carrington Careers Consultant
Ms Zoe Povoas Head of Alumni Relations
Miss Hiba Charlton Careers Consultant
Mr Tony Regan Head of Systems and Data
Miss Viki Chinn Careers Consultant
Mrs Lauren Regester Student Engagement
Mr Edward Clark Student Helper
Ms Anne Clinton Careers Consultant
Ms Mary Reynolds Deputy Director
Mr David Coles Volunteer Co-ordinator
Ms Shontae Romain Annual Fund Manager
Miss Lizzie Darlington Careers Consultant
Ms Justine Rose Executive Assistant to the Director
Mr Scott Fernandes Student Helper
Miss Linda Ruan Fundraising Research Assistant
Mr Scott Hamilton CV Consultant
Miss Naomi Russell Annual Fund Assistant
Mr Shaun Harris Deputy Director of LSE Careers
(Telephone Fundr.)
Miss Ellinor Jensrud Student Helper
Miss Nyusha Samiei Annual Fund Assistant
Mr Aamed Jon Student Helper
(Telephone Fundr.)
Miss Emma Joseph Student Experience &
Miss Annabelle Saunders LSE Annual Fund
Operations Manager
Telephone Supervisor
Mr Aamir Khan Student Helper
Mrs Sarah Savage International Alumni Executive
Ms Shayna Main Careers Consultant
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 67 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Miss Lucy Matthews Student Helper
Mr Peter Carrol Communications Officer
Mr Cormac Mckernan Student Helper
Miss Nicole Choong Conference Office Assistant
Mr Andy Mcmullan Employer Engagement Adviser
Ms Dearbhla Clarke Head of Corporate Marketing
Miss Sara Murfitt Employer Engagement Adviser
Miss Robyn Connelly-Webster Senior Steward
Miss Jenna O'Brien Employer Liaison and Events
Mr Samuel Cox Senior Steward
Mr Enda Coyle Web Producer/Content Manager
Mr Joe Perry Student Helper
Mrs Sarah Coyle Head of Internal Communications
Mrs Suzy Rennison Employer Engagement Advisor
Miss Gemma Crean Steward
Mrs Cornelia Reyes Acosta CV Consultant
Mr Bryan Darragh Graphic Designer
Mrs Catherine Reynolds Careers Consultant
Miss Sherelle Davids Senior Steward
Ms Naomi Robertson Events & Marketing Assistant
Miss Charlotte De Clercq Steward
Miss Louise Rudasingwa Student Helper
Ms Rosemary Deller Managing Editor, LSE Review
Mr Bobak Saadat Graduate Intern
of Books
Mrs Zoe Saleh Data Coordinator
Ms Anna Diamond Steward
Miss Sandip Samra Marketing and
Ms Layla Doyle Steward
Communications Coordinator
Mrs Ailsa Drake Senior Designer
Miss Charlot Schneider Student Helper
Mr Alfred Early Steward
Mrs Shivani Shah Employer Engagement Adviser
Miss Gwenno Edwards Steward
Miss Livi Shaw Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
Miss Louise Gaskell Deputy Head of Events
Miss Laura Silverman Careers Consultant
Ms Candy Gibson Senior Press Officer
Miss Jaime Sim Student Helper
Ms Maya Goodfellow Miliband Programme
Ms Maddie Smith Careers Consultant
Ms Hannah Spencer Student Enquiries Coordinator
Miss Avninder Grewal Video Productio
Miss Jennifer Steven Careers Consultant
Mrs Laura Stewart Departmental Administrator/PA
Ms Annette Haas Finance and Operations Manager
Ms Molly Tarhuni Mezughi CV Consultant
Miss Naya Hadzipani Press and Events Assistant
Mr Craig Terron Student Helper
Mrs Claire Harrison Head of Design Unit
Miss Alice Thornton Student Helper
Miss Suyin Haynes Steward
Miss Hayley Toms Student Helper
Mr Jonathan Ing Senior Digital Designer
Miss Amy Townsend Careers Consultant
Mrs Becky Jacobi Events Executive
Miss Giulia Trojano Part Time Jobs Assistant
Mr Aaron James Steward
Ms Rachel Way Student Helper
Miss Elizabeth Jemiyo Steward
Mr Matthew Wildman Web and New Technologies
Miss Jenny Johanson Senior Steward
Mrs Nicole Karunakaran Communications Assistant
Mr Danny Wilkey Careers Consultant
Miss Ekaterina Khmaruk Steward
Mrs Ceri Willmott Careers Consultant
Miss Asia Lawrance Senior Steward
Mr Andrew Wright Employer Engagement Adviser
Miss Nicole Levy Steward
Ms Naomi Littlejohn Steward
LSE Communications
Miss Lily Lower Senior Steward
Miss Beth Loynes Steward
DrDr Jonathan Adams Research Video Producer
Mr Dougie Loynes Steward
Ms Urooj Akhtar Web Producer/Content Manager
Miss Ffion Meagher Steward
Miss Camila Arias-Buritica Steward
Mrs Fiona Metcalfe Head of External
Miss Martina Armanni Steward
Mr Krishna Aswani Senior Steward
Miss Lianne Mizrachi Steward
Miss Isi Avbulimen Senior Steward
Miss Sooraya Mohabeer Knowledge Transfer Events
Miss Shaneice Bailey Senior Steward
Miss Emma Bakht Events Executive
Ms Amy Mollett Social Media Manager
Ms Jo Bale Senior Press & Communications Officer
Mrs Mina Moshkeri Upton Senior Cartographer
Mr Avinash Balendran Steward
Mrs Liz Mosley Graphic Designer
Miss Megan Brown Office Coordinator/Asst to the
Mr Jalal Movaghary-Pour Steward
Mr Tom Murray Senior Steward
Miss Alice Bryant Steward
Mr Nitesh Nagrath Senior Steward
Miss Terri Callanan Events Executive (International
Miss Maggy Nasuto Senior Steward
& UK)
Mr Sam Nattrass Steward
I 68 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Miss Soozy Nesom Senior Steward
Mr Wayne Tatlow Head of Planning
Miss Olivia Norton Steward
Mr Thomas Watson Planning Officer
Mr Danny O'Connor Head of Press & Information
Miss Pascalle Palmer Steward
Research Division
Mr Nikhil Parmar Steward
Miss Nikeeta Phagura Senior Steward
Ms Ana Alvarez-Serra Grant Applications Manager
Mr Gabriele Piazza Steward
Mr Peter Broekema Grant Applications Manager
Mr James Rattee Video Producer
Mrs Amanda Burgess Systems Development
Ms Hayley Reed Communications Executive
Miss El Rennie Steward
Mr David Coombe Director, Research Division
Mr Alan Revel Head of Events
Mrs Marie Copperwaite Knowledge Exchange &
Mr George Robson Steward
Impact Awards Man
Miss Noita Sadler External Relations Executive
Mr Jon Deer Deputy Director, Research Division
Miss Sivakami Sivakumar Steward
Mrs Jane Ellison Research Awards Manager
Ms Jessica Smith Steward
Miss Yvonne Fraundorfer Research Awards
Mr Amrit Somal Steward
Mr Nigel Stead Photographer
Mrs Maureen Green Research Awards Manager
Miss Andrea Sze Steward
Dr Jack Harrington Grant Applications Manager
Miss Grace Taylor Steward
Miss Jo Hemmings Research Policy Manager
Mr Adrian Thomas Director of Comms and Public
Mrs Kerry Hocken Research Accountant
Miss Julia Howse Grant Applications Manager
Miss Liz Trumble Design Unit Co-ordinator
Ms Tevec Ibrahim Events and Communications
Ms Rachel Tsang Arts Assistant
Miss Alexandra Walsh Steward
Dr Aygen Kurt Research Development Manager
Miss Laura Weigold Senior Steward
Ms Katharyn Lanaro Grant Applications Manager
Ms Fiona Whiteman Corporate Communications
Mr Francis Manu Research Awards Manager
Dr Alessandra Marino Grant Applications Manager
Ms Sierra Williams Managing Editor
Dr Rachel Middlemass Research Impact Manager
Mr Tom Williams Rich Media Producer
Mr Horatio Mortimer Business Liaison Executive
Miss Eleanor Wills Steward
Miss Davina Nauth Research Awards Manager
Miss Lynne Wilson Picture Librarian
Mr Benjamin Nevius Senior Research Awards
Ms Sue Windebank Senior Press &
Communications Officer
Mr Michael Oliver Grant Applications Manager
Ms Jessica Winterstein Deputy Head of Press and
Ms Dorota Rejman Senior Research Awards
Mr Muhammed Yoosoof Senior Steward
Ms Anne Steinhoff Graduate Intern
Mr Liam Young Steward
Ms Elizabeth Tran Grant Applications Manager
Miss Vicky Turnbull Research Awards Manager
PhD Academy
Miss Milena Vasileva Research Awards Manager
RD: Corporate Relations Unit 
Mr Matthew Brack Research Degrees Deputy
Dr Tina Basi Knowledge Exchange Manager
Miss Loraine Evans Research Degrees Officer
Ms Louisa Green Head of Research Degrees Unit
Residential & Catering Services
Dr Sarabajaya Kumar Development Adviser
Ms Kirsty Rawlings PhD Academy Officer (ESRC)
Miss Seema Adia Central Reservations Manager
Mr Khayyam Aslam Casual
Miss Aga Basza Catering Supervisor
Mr Gary Barclay Planning Officer
Miss Samantha Da Costa Staff Accommodation
Ms Hannah Duggan Assistant Planning Officer
Mr Tim Guha Planning Officer (MI)
Mrs Giuliana De Angelis Reservations Supervisor
Miss Georgie Mehta Admin Assistant (Planning)
Miss Niki Ejvet Receptionist
Miss Sarah Miller Senior Planning Officer
Miss Rachael Elliott Head of Residential Life
Mr Evert Nivari Assistant Planning Officer
Miss Jennifer Frances Residential Life Officer
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 69 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Ms Hannah Kearns Residential Services Manager
Miss Diana Gondek Catering Assistant
Miss Joanna Kocialkowska Catering Supervisor
Mr Mark Hawkins Unit Catering Manager
Ms Maria Ponce-Maya Accommodation Assistant
Mr Rob Hingston Chef
Mr Gabor Jega-Szabo Accounts Assistant/Cashier
Mr Juraj Refor Catering Assistant
Mr Marcin Jelinski Catering Assistant
Ms Nora Silva Saenz De Tejad Bar Assistant
Miss Kasia Kempisty Catering Assistant
Mr Ian Spencer Director of Residential Services
Miss Natalja Kijascenko Catering Assistant
Miss Katarzyna Szczesniak Weekend Supervisor
Miss Ewelina Krzak Catering Supervisor
(Part-time Ad-hoc)
Mr Dariusz Kubas Catering Assistant
Miss Alice To Food Development Manager
Ms Paola Lerma Catering Assistant
Miss Fiona Tomasi Business Development Manager
Miss Romina Ligato Catering Assistant
Mr Troy White Residential Services Officer
Mrs Margaret Maguire Catering Assistant
Mr Nicholas Whitworth Sales Advisor
Mrs Janice Mcintosh Administrator
Miss Farzana Zaman Sales Advisor
Mr Justin Mcnally Senior Chef
RSCD Office
Miss Nora Nadoban Bar Assistant
Mr Albert Ofori-Mensah Catering Assistant
Miss Shaun-Dae Clark Accommodation Assistant
Ms Magdalena Opaska Catering Assistant
Mr Imran Khan Project Support Assistant
Mrs Teresa Ospina Catering/Laundry Assistant
Mrs Claire Lea Divisional Administrator
Mrs Nirasha Perera Accounts Assistant / Cashier
Mr Florian Neziri Accommodation Assistant
Mr Lukasz Proszowski Catering Assistant
Miss Phuong Pham Accommodation Assistant
Mrs Alina Ribokiene Catering Assistant
Miss Yassin Salla Accommodation Assistant
Mr Christopher Rodwell Bar Assistant
Mr Michael Warriner Systems Manager
Miss Ewa Rolek Assistant Unit Manager
RCSD: Accommodation Office 
Mr Kajal Roy Catering Assistant
Mr Miroslav Sarmir Catering Assistant
Miss Valerie Brese Accommodation Assistant
Ms Sara Saude Da Costa Catering Assistant
Mr Ashley Cory Residential Services Officer – Halls
Mrs Olga Savickiene Bar Assistant
Miss Rosie Leheup-Foulkes Residences Ambassador
Mr Marcin Siemion Catering Assistant
Ms Sanjana Purker Residences Ambassador
Miss Claudette Small Catering Accounts Manager
RCSD: Catering Services 
Mr John Smith Assistant Chef Manager
Mr John Stevenson Goods Inward Co-ordinator
Mr Moruf Abimbola Catering Assistant
Mr Stephen Swarbrick Unit Manager
Mr Tj Adebisi Catering Assistant
Mrs Barbara Sztaberek Catering Assistant
Mr Stephen Adegoke Catering Assistant
Mr David Tate Assistant Bar Manager
Mrs Ayoka Adeyemi General Assistant
Mr Orlando Teran General Assistant
Miss Karen Agate-Hilton Brunch Bowl Manager
Miss Jolanta Tukaj Catering Assistant
Mr Lateef Awotunde Catering Assistant
Ms Kay Winser Catering Assistant/Cashier
Mrs Kasia Babisz Unit Manager
Miss Malgorzata Zdanowicz Catering Assistant
Mr Alexandru Barna Catering Assistant
RCSD: Marketing Office
Mr John Barrett Residences Catering Manager
Ms Jacqui Beazley Head of Catering Services
Mr Nathan Palmer Marketing Officer
Mr Joseph Borg Staff Dining Room & Functions
Bankside House
Mr Paul Bright Assistant Chef
Mr Ole Agersnap Subwarden
Mrs Angelique Charalambous Secretary/Functions
Miss Kanchana Ambagahawita Subwarden
Miss Michelle Amoakohene Receptionist
Mrs Jurgita Coj Catering Assistant
Mr Richard Anderson Service Manager
Mr Peter Coton Bar Manager
Miss Szilvia Duba Residence Assistant
Mrs Maria Cuevas Catering/Laundry Assistant
Mr Daniel Farrell Maintenance Assistant
Mr Jean Degri Assistant Chef – Temp
Mr Jose Goncalves Residence Assistant
Mr Jose Diaz Catering Assistant
Mr John Hemmings Subwarden
Mr Hassan Fahlane Catering Assistant
Mr Darren Holmes Maintenance Engineer
Mr Alex Galgoczy Catering Assistant
Mr Patrick Igbanoi Accounts Assistant
Mr Barrington Gilbert Catering Assistant
Miss Hollie Jenkins Bar Person
Miss Giada Giuffrida Catering Assistant
Miss Natasha Lobo Residence Assistant
I 70 I LSE Digest 15-16

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Mr Luca Morreale Residence Assistant
Miss Megan Anderson Catering Assistant
Mr Alex Morrisey Residence Assistant
Miss Yelena Davtyan Catering Assistant
Ms Ailbhe O'Loughlin Subwarden
Mrs Gladys Otuo-Serebour Catering Supervisor
Mr Fabio Osorio-Valencia Student Services 
Ms Mollika Tahsin Catering Assistant
Mr George Wood-Greaves Catering Assistant
Mr Zahid Patel Residence Assistant
Mrs Beata Wozniak Catering Assistant
Mr Joshua Pineda Residence Assistant
Mr Said Zibani Chef Manager
Mr Conor Rohan Bar Person
Grosvenor House 
Mr Rahul Sharma Subwarden
Mr Neil Steventon Bar Staff
Mr Simone Bolla Residences Assistant
Ms Neal Suleimanova Senior Subwarden
Mr Roberto Del Monte Front of House Manager
Mr Christopher Tune Bar Person
Miss Elisabeth Gooby Residences Assistant
Mrs Jackie Woodley Facilities Manager
Mrs Soraya Yamada Receptionist
Ms Maria Zhivitskaya Senior Subwarden
Mr Yimin Zhao Subwarden
Bankside House: Catering
High Holborn
Miss Barbara Bartelmann-De-Oliveira Catering 
Mrs Terri Bone Catering Manager
Miss Natalia Buitron Arias Subwarden
Mr Berries Copeland Catering Assistant
Mr Elias Daoud Senior Maintenance Operative
Mr Levente Csaba Zsigmond Catering Assistant
Mr Nathan Freeborn Receptionist
Mr Matthew Davis Assistant Chef
Mr Bhokrj Gurung Residences Assistant
Miss Sandria Francis Catering Assistant
Ms Sarah Jons Service Manager
Mr Hastings Maluza Catering Assistant
Miss Amber Mahal Residences Assistant
Mr Dave Merrills Catering Assistant
Mr Daniel Mogoi Maintenence Assistant
Mr Pierre Ninjoh Catering Assistant
Mr Mohamed Mohamed Residences Assistant
Mr Tamas Noll Catering Assistant
Miss Bally Nandra Facilities Manager
Mrs Omo Oba Catering Assistant
Mr Alex Nyon Maintenance Assistant
Mr Lukas Ongami Catering Assistant
Miss Sophia Quazi Residences Assistant
Mrs Regina Osuoha Catering Assistant
Miss Tanya Rahman Residences Assistant
Mr Kabba Sesay Assistant Chef Manager
Mr David Schaefer Subwarden
Mrs Folake Sobogun Catering Assistant
Mr Ally Smith Term Residence Assistant
Mr Glenn Sparks Chef Manager
Ms Georgina Stewart Accounts Manager
Ms Beverley Wright Assistant Chef
Butlers Wharf 
Miss Yen Wong Subwarden
Mr Samson Woodley Residences Assistant
Ms Katerina Glyniadaki Subwarden
Northumberland House
Mr Gordon Li Subwarden
Mrs Angela O'Rourke Front of House Manager 
Miss Federica De-Santi Term Residence Assistant
Butlers Wharf
Miss Sevilay Erdogan Receptionist
Mr Chas Tume Maintenance Operative
Miss Michelle Hurtado Residences Assistant
Carr Saunders Hall
Ms Kiranjit Phull Subwarden
Mr Davinder Ratra Front of House Manager
Mr Zachary Bacon Residences Assistant
Ms Geetha Reddy Subwarden
Mr Anurag Chandrasekhar Residences Assistant
Mrs Shally Singh Residences Assistant
Mr Scott Gilfillan Subwarden
Miss Ana Zemlicof Residence Assistant
Miss Aleona Krechetova Residence Assistant
Passfield Hall
Ms Xin Liang Residences Assistant
Ms Agnieszka Milek Residences Assistant
Mr Selcuk Bulut Maintenance Person
Miss Minaxi Patel Front of House Manager
Mr Apurv Chauhan Subwarden
Miss Farhana Rahman Residence Assistant
Mr Elliot Emery Residence Assistant
Miss Clementine Starling Residences Assistant
Mr George Evangelou Residences Assistant
Carr Saunders Hall: Catering
Miss Hannah Maxwell Residence Assistant
Miss Andrea Meckova Residence Assistant
Ms Ebun Ademosu Catering Assistant
Mrs Valeria Onofrio Residences Assistant
Mr Olu Akinunle Catering Assistant
Miss Rebecca Potton Residences Assistant
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 71 I 

LSE Staff – 1 January 2016
Summer School and Executive
Mrs Kat Selmoun Front of House Manager
Miss Ibolya Trebert Receptionist
Passfield Hall: Catering
Ms Elizabeth Aitken Acting Director of ULIP and
Head of SSEP
Mr Lateef Awotunde Catering Assistant
Miss Beks Allcock Operations Coordinator
Miss Julie Christiaen Catering Assistant
Mr Sam Astley Operations Manager
Ms Laura Ehrich Catering Assistant
Mrs Cleo Bowen Executive Programme Manager
Ms Selin Esen Catering Assistant
Ms Sarah Brotherton SSEP Programme Assistant
Mrs Abiola Fadeyi Catering Assistant
Ms Teri Dunn Methods Programme Executive
Mr Craig Frampton Chef Manager
Ms Rachel Higham Summer School Programme
Miss Jeanne Martin Catering Assistant
Mr Alberico Ricci Catering Assistant
Mr Robert Igglesden SSEP Programme Assistant
Mr Michael Seal Catering Assistant
Mr Mark Jackson Marketing and Recruitment
Miss Stephane Vanthomme-Zuida Catering
Mr Calvin Lau Digital Marketing and Recruitment
Rosebery Hall
Miss Jessica Plumb Marketing and Recruitment
Mr Stephane Bitty Conference Administrator
Miss Coline Cahuet Residences Assistant
Mr Tom Purser Office Manager
Ms Delyth Flynn Residences Fees
Miss Rosalind Vince Summer School Co-ordinator
Miss Patrese Foster-Douglas Residential Assistant
Mr Simon Vollar Summer School Deputy Manager
Mr Angelo Garcia Gardener
Ms Clare Whelan Executive Programme Manager
Mr Carlos Garcia Quintana Residential Assistant
Ms Rosa Gil Front of House Manager
Teaching and Learning Centre
Mr Andrew Hughes Residential Assistant
Ms Sharon Jackson Subwarden
Ms Lydie Amon TLC Administrator: Education
Mr Tony Jenan Maintenance Person
Miss Meadhbh Mcivor Subwarden
Mr Mark Baltovic Educational Developer
Mr Alan Mercieca Maintenance Person
Mr Christopher Blunt GTA – Qualitative Advisor
Miss Ludmila Monakova Residence Assistant
Mr Chris Doughty Administrator
Mr Ali Siddiqui Residential Assistant
Mr David Faggiani TLC Administrator: 
Mr Philipp St Catherine General Maintenance
Dr Claire Gordon Senior Academic Developer
Ms Rebecca Hardie Hardie Faith Centre Coordinator
Mr Michael Terrington Residential Assistant
Ms Jane Hindle Senior Communications Adviser
Rosebery Hall: Catering
Dr Colleen Mckenna Academic Developer
Dr Neil Mclean Director, TLC
Miss Donna Amedee Assistant Chef
Dr Claudine Provencher Senior Academic Developer
Miss Joanna Dros Catering Assistant
Dr Esther Saxey Academic Developer
Mr Domingos Gomes Da Costa Catering Assistant
Mr Eyob Haile Catering Assistant
University of London International
Mr Alan Mears Chef Manager
Mr Franco Rossini Catering Assistant
Mrs Noreen Townsend Supervisor
Miss Sarah Douglas Publications & Projects Co-
Sidney Webb House
Mr John Ferra Administrative Manager
Mr Florian Allwein Subwarden
Dr Tsan Fung External Study Degree Co-ordinator
Miss Yasmine Di Giulio Subwarden
Mr Simon Jolly Examinations & Finance Officer
Miss Zeynep Kaparoglu Subwarden
Prof Nigel Spence External Study Degree
Miss Anna-Riikka Kauppinnen Subwarden
Ms Dagmar Myslinska Subwarden
Mr Craig Summerton Online Learning Support
Miss Tvisha Nevatia Subwarden
Develop Officer
Mr Andrea Paletti Subwarden
Dr Donald Verry External Study Degree
Ms Carol Thanki Subwarden
Ms Ziyan Wang Subwarden
Prof Amos Witztum Co-Director of the KBTU
I 72 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
BA in Anthropology and Law
BA in History
First Class Honours
First Class Honours
Charlotte Uden
Ciaran James Cooper-Craig
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Alexandra Maria Corbridge
Martina Armanni
Noah D'Aeth
Georgina Sarah Arnold
Ingrid Hampe
Andre Bogues
Scott Victor Abbas Hunter
Erica Janet Falkingham
Kay Hian Lian
Lucy Ganbold
Jane Elizabeth Macpherson
Cecilia Frances Hunt
Mariana Monteiro Grilo Baguenier
Asia Chante Lawrance
Robert Osborne
Georgia Lee
Karolina Partyga
Ellen Lees
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Kelly Rachel Ai-Chen Palmer
Aaminah Amin
Durgesh Hari Prabu
Eleanor Frances Mary Anderson
Catherine Ann Whittle
Lothifa Begum
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Bethany Carlow
Sang Woo Lee
Fatemataz Chowdhury
Peter Edmund John Clark
BA in Geography
Charlotte Mita De Clercq
Anna Mary Diamond
First Class Honours
Kathryn Louise Flynn
Alizay Aaliyah Ali Khan
Andrew Gornall
Misaki Cydnee Beckett
Jack Greenwood
James Joseph Binckes
Joshua Edward Hitchens
Joanna Elizabeth Callender-Wood
Jake Howcroft
Charlotte Marie-Louise Dixie
Thomas Hodd Johnson
Anna Geatrell
Soo Ji Kang
Jordann Hathaway
Dominic Ching Tin Lui
Eleanor Hughes
Thomas Makris
Huw Lloyd
Orla Mcnamara
Oliver Thomas Norman
Samuel Murray
Olivia Norton
Stephanie Offei-Ntow
Mark Steven Plackett
Nikhil Kiran Parmar
Amy Rowson
Sophia Rouas
Alice Saunders
Daveena Solanki
Jessica Amy Smith
Edward Yu Fan Tan
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Alexandre Marc Lindon Whiteside
Peter Benham
Oliver Bolderson
BA in Social Anthropology
Henry Canal
Ezrela Yee-Yan Cheung
First Class Honours
Christopher George Washbourne Freeman
Wai Ting Chan
Anna Garbarczyk
Achille Marotta
Joshua Alexander Grimmett
Maisie Maud Simmonds
Matthew David Howells
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Jenny Hovland Johanson
Flora May Blower
Robert Kennett
Christie Rochelle Pamela Chapman
Nico Lewis
Anna Charlesworth
William John Mayhew
Rachel Chung
Jack Meacher
Hannah Cottrell
Harry Philpot
Craig Gardiner
Sara Mairead Singh
Tugse Gazioglu
Grace Emily Taylor
Rhiannon Kathleen Greener
Makhan Singh Uppal
Fionnuala Gregan
Atsuro Zhai
Stilian Ianev
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 73 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Sarah Lilley
Clarissa Siew Choo Ching
Isabella Luino
Elena Chomatenou
Maria-Alexandra Lulache
Akshita Dhingra
Eloise Morris-Jones
Ashkan Esfandiari
Guy Reading
Fahad Faisal
Emma Kate Russell
Asad Nabil Gabol
Charlot Ellen Schneider
Marc Genet
Sophie Clare Skelding
Sidorela Gjeci
Natalie Strange
Melissa Zhi Hua Goh
Steven Vujasin
Andreas Hadjistyllis
Evelyn Hadjiyerou
BSc in Accounting and Finance
Tom Halford
Yitian He
First Class Honours
Zhihui Hee
Sabrina Ahmad Azhar
Myles Alexander Hodgson
Rhakjesh Paaren Balakrisnen
Emily Huynh
Wi Lic Cheong
Xuan Ji
Marko Drljevic
Mohamad Imaduddin Bin Jis Safri
Louis Frangos
Ranjeev Juty
Shaheer Ibadullah Ghoury
Muhammad Shahab Khan
Syed Zeeshan Z Hashmi
Mayank Rajesh Kumar
Syed Shayyan Zaffar Hashmi
Gary Lai
Florence Anak Joshua
Thibault Lavabre
Muhammad Hassan Khan
Giampietro Lea
Zuzanna Ewa Kraszewska
Danqi Li
Dakshan Krishnamurthy
Mengying Liang
Nicholas Yi Hong Liew
Shyh Jin Liew
Shi Min Lim
Chia Xin Lim
Benjamin Mai
Chamesh Tishanka Mallawarachchi
Lewis Mews
Naomi Ruth Manzie
Himanshu Mongia
Rahul Mehta
Rory Patrick O'Connor
Simrin Raj Sital Motwani
Kasper Hugo Christian Pasanen
Ahmad Adib Bin Mukhtar
Ahmed Sarfraz
Andrew Daniel Njoo
Alex Shaer
Mohammad Numan
Dhruv Shah
Aramide Okufi
Bradley David Sims
Francesca Panduru
Sungmin Son
Sachin Patel
Elle Francesca Swire
Ayush Rawat
Syed Izmal Syed Manshor
Princessa Rellosa
Daniel Tascon
Calum Robertson
Bryan Yen Jun Thor
Kloe Jaya Seechurn
Sue Zann Wong
Tung Tung Shang
Toby Wright
Kiran Singh
Mun Hong Yong
Hin Yan So
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Matthew James So
Syed Tawhid Akhtar
Harold Sebastian Sundvik
Oluwakemi Akinboyewa
Sher Maine Tan
Kristi Antoniou
Wen Ying Tan
Yulu Bai
Han Li Tan
Jack Edward Bettell
Yi Ling Toh
Muhammad Umar Bhatti
Daniel Jin Phern Toh
Muhammad Amirul Hareez Bin Zaharan
Sarah Tsang
Hasan Braha
William Tse
Noor Muhammad Syafirie Bin Che Mahmood
Alexandra Elizabeth Fleur Walsh
Yee Harng Cheong
Nicholas Charles Whitworth
I 74 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Jiyong Wi
Himanshu Chooramun Jhoboo
Ting Wan Wong
Kin Shing Jeremy Lam
Josephine Ka Yin Wu
Kuan-Lin Lau
Yi Hsin Yeoh
Xiang Lee
Boya Zhao-Robinson
Teck Shern Lim
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Wai Shun Man
Amir Zain Bin Amin Hamid
Kopo Andrew Motlhajoe
George Thomas Calder
Celestine Xing-Yi Neo
Brian Ka Sheng Cheng
Ruofan Ni
Lok Him Chow
Lisa Shia Mei Lin Pac Soo
Zlatina Sacheva Dermendjieva
Jian Yong Pang
Muhammad Erkan
Amrish Patel
Anton Fourie
Anisha Puri
Priyashika Giri
Seekha Shah
Cho Ming Jonathan Ho
Meera Mayank Shah
Sarmad Iqbal
Tze Kai Sng
Natasha Saleem Sadrudin Jamal
Jo Joyce Tan
Sanjay Khosla
Pei Hung Tan
Chun Wai Jason Lau
Benjamin Tan Wai Kit
Yik-Fat Alex Li
Shi-Xian Dennis Tay
Weixin Lin
Celine Hung Yann Thai
Kagisano Manyemane
Wen Yong Tiam
James Lal Narula
Mohammad Ali Vehb
Chau Quynh Pham
Zhaoxi Wang
Raja Alia Fatima Raja Abd Aziz
Tze Yue Yap
Kazim Raza
Zongxin Nicholas Yeow
Marios Savva
On Ting Yiu
Anisha Shah
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Haroon Sheikh
Taha Ali Ahmed
Amir Shirinbayli
Mahir Alam
Hou Yi Sow
Mark Awosusi
Julynn Jialing Tan
Yuen Hoy Cheong
Wing Shan Ting
Kerk Wei Chow
Hoang Dong Truong
Djelila Mohamed Fawzy Delior
Ming San Andy Wong
Ruby Dutt
Hayden Ho Ting Wong
Shin Yee Foo
Chennifer Xu
Rui You Ho
Lee Fong Yap
En Leang Hong
Antonia Zonia
Tarekul Islam
Third Class Honours
Jen Wen Lee
Shanali Haider Bokhari
Ker Chyi Leong
Hwansung Moon
Alex Kin Chung Leung
Haider Tung
Ding Yan Lim
Pass Degree
Simran Rajesh Masand
Botazhan Makhambetova
Katie Georgina Mason
Mimi Thabiso Lame Moilwa
BSc in Actuarial Science
Zhi Qing Pao
Sonal Dilip Patel
First Class Honours
Zoe Xiu Yin Poo
Sumit Bagri
Lok Yung Jasmine Sham
Kartikeyan Balasundram
Yiu Hei Shek
Osama Zubair Chhaya
Sneha Solanki
Zheh Yian Chong
Asaawal Tahir
Hay Wo Martin Chung
Yow An Tan
Haichao Fan
Jing Tang
Jun Rong Terence Goh
Shi Man Then
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 75 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Samantha Keziah Grace Odindo Weya
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Sze Ki Wong
Rajan Kabarwal
Yuexi Xiao
Tilak Patel
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Zain Rashid
Elena Bakanova
Zaim Zaman
Mengxuan Ge
Third Class Honours
Chetan Jethwa
Sheevang Makadia
Michael Kar-Ho Man
Toluwalase Opeyemi Osibona
Eugene Mcgeown
Sanghoon Hur
Rody Yuen
BSc in Econometrics and Mathematical
BSc in Business Mathematics and
First Class Honours
First Class Honours
Lukas Bolte
Ines Arondel
Yong Cai
Ryan Bhagat
Manav Chaudhary
Anatoly Bugakov
Amber Gail Gorzynski
Archana Ganeshalingam
Ho Kan Kwan
Yatharth Gulati
Luke Milsom
Gaurav Gupta
Yang En Tan
Nicola Claire Mccabe
Danqing Ying
Melissa Patel
Yasheng Zhang
Neil Sequeira
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Emily Jane Thomas
Kenan Jusufovic
Amisha Unnadkat
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
BSc in Economic History
Geetesh Abbott
Volkan Aktepe
First Class Honours
Haaris Amjad
Bethany Ann Ruth Bloomer
Isimemen Frances Avbulimen
Josh Haydan Carson
Harpreet Kaur Bath
Vikram Saksena Mashru
Saroop Gill
Alexander Sebastian Pettinga
Sailakshmi Gnaneswaran
Russell Luke Phillips
Yeonje Jo
Yasheng Zhang
Saffron Jones
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Harshan Karunakaran
Melissa-Ann Bains
Aanchal Khandelwal
Andrew Bellham
Vithuran Kuganathan
Jessica Davies
Quei Yang Lim
Cameron Dawbarn
Sohail Siddique Mehmood
Tom Constant Hugues Fauchille
Rachel Namale
Harry David Johnson
Ceyda Zilha Ozturk
Yash Pramod Lad
Arpitha Kaggere Paramesh
Shefali Mahender
Janki Dinesh Popat
Harris Mcclure
Zara Louise Preston
Puneet Minocha
Deevyana Pultoo
Theodore Read
Harsh Rajesh Sajnani
Gregory John Rowe
Bablurahman Ullah
Zak Mordechai Dov Sheer
Jasmine Kaur Uppal
Syed Nahian Siddiqi
Jayant Uppal
Oluwabusayo Twins
Yuanchen Wang
Yun Zou
I 76 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Poonam Lodhia
BSc in Economic History with Economics
Chang Song Low
Jiaxin Lu
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Kai Wing Brian Kai Wing Luk
Ross Erwin Charles Hutchinson
Dylan Harry Junger Luke
Manmeet Singh Narula
Siyang Luo
Shem Rong Sen Ng
Alberto Martelli
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Harsha Maturu
Mingu Kang
Andrew Stephen Mitson
Aditya Modi
BSc Economics
Alexander Napier
Shinaz Navas
First Class Honours
Zhi Yi Ng
Krishna Kanyalal Aswani
Terry Ng
Benjamin Chun How Aw
Linh Viet Nguyen
Anoushka Bhatiani
Nikhil Sunil Ohri
Tommaso Cariati
Kaelan Wei Ern Ong
Christopher Chung Ming Chang
Diana Hui Ying Ong
Cheuk Yip Jason Chen
Rahab Aslam Paracha
Naiyuan Chen
Sang Ho Park
Mark Ying Jian Chng
William Daniel Parry
Francine Hang Sin Choi
Alexander Frederick Pereira
Tze To Chow
Chu Yong Poh
Hsieh Li Chua
Prayaven Potharatnam
Chun Hin Chui
Daniel Alexander Poulter
Nikola Dacic
Janice Siang Ling Quah
Phuong Duy Do
Bhavik Hitesh Rajani
Stuart Jonathan Duffy
Linda Ling Ruan
Kristoffer Lysgaard Engkilde
Sharim Saeed
Tsun Wai Fan
Navreen Kaur Sandhu
Fernando Fernandez
Benjamin Matthew Saunders
Jan Friedemann
Joel Jian Wen Seow
Yanwei Ge
Ronak Shah
Anand Goel
Ashil K Shah
Jian Kai Josias Goh
Tharshika Sivaneson
Yaajan Shailesh Govindia
Maria Leonor Caetano Soares Furtado
Sam Gravatt
Byung Chan Song
Dillon Mavji Halai
Rahul Sugand
Isaam Hanif
Ian Wei Chuen Tan
Tongzhou He
Xinyi Tan
Yongda Hu
Xuan Jie Tea
Taraq Mohammad Abu Bakar Khan
Wei Tong Kevin Teo
Vivaan Kukar
Cheng Tong
Adrian Sau Tsing Kwan
Laurynas Tribaldovas
Jonas Seth Kwong
Xianshu Wang
Nicole Ann Li Ling Law
Helei Leo Wang
Yee Guan Jonathan Leaw
Yuqing Wang
Yong En Lee
Annie Wong
Muriel Miryam Levy
Martyn Jing Xiong Wong
Yanyi Li
Jeffrey Ling Yun Ye
Tong Li
Nicholas Dun Yi Yeo
Ryan Chien Ren Liew
David Seng Chai Yong
Madeline Cheng Geok Lim
Jingwen Zhang
Yuxin Lin
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Qi Liu
Muhammad Khairul Muizz Bin Abd Aziz
Zhenxun Liu
Akbar Ali
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 77 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Jeremy Yee Chien Ang
Gaggan Singh Sanghera
Fikret Ediz Avni
Jamie Seed
Tariq Aziz
Anurag Rajeev Shinkar
Filip Kamil Balawejder
Shantanu Singh
Xuefei Bian
Terence Khye Jynn Tan
Samuel Boyle
Shaun Zhi-Yang Tan
Mohd Fahrulradzi Bukhari
Hupchee Tang
Xindan Cao
Marco Tascon
Lok Hang Chan
Sirichat Thanawatcharangkul
Ching Hei Oscar Williams Chan
Hayley Louise Ripley Toms
Jet Yin Chan
Thammaphon Tonitiwong
Jainicca Chandrasekaram
Eric Tso
Josh Kumar Chauhan
Boris Turkin
Wan Jin Cheah
Henry Alessandro Walters
Tung Thanh Dang
Siyuan Wang
Matthew Davies
Henry Wong
Alex Du
Maximillan Yat Kan Wong
Thomas Durston
Charlotte Anne Woodacre
Levi Bryce Epstein
Michael Paul Wilmot Woolf
Zen Yung Foo
Su-Han Yang
Samson Frezgi
Dong Yang
Thomas Gholkar
Wai Hei Yim
Syed Asher Hossain Gilani
Yifei Zheng
Lev Grybov
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Ashwin Gupta
Varun Aggarwal
Patrick James Oliver Hackett
Varun Bhatt
Fangyu Han
Tsz Wei Cheng
Klajdi Dibra
Sean Hirons
Jinge Feng
Ming Kit Max Hui
Shijia Gu
Daniel Ingram
Vagan Khranyan
Joshua Chun Fung Ip
Raul Juhani Konkka-Lozano
Amerprit Kaur Kingra
Alexander Lau
Revant Kunwar
Tran Hong Phuong Le
Anisha Lalli
Derek Kwan Ho Lee
Minuk Lee
Lilian Pei Zhen Lee
Jia Lok Lee
Ka Chun Alexander Lee
Jia Qing Lee
Kelly Ka Hing Leung
Xueying Lee
Yiwen Liu
Yi Liu
Roger Jan Don Man
Wan Yi Winnie Liu
Rohan Mehta
William F H Locke
Muhammad Azzam Bin Mohd Yani
Guangyao Ma
Faizah Omar
Manavi Mehra
James Powell
Kamran Miah
Pranay Rathod
Bhaven Mistry
Seth Wai Kit Selbaraju
Musaddiq Adam Bin Muhtar
Uttam Sharma
Richard Odai
Aingaran Sivanesan
James Michael O'Rourke
Sheyamali Sudesh
Saachi Oza
Chen Tan
James Pavey
Yuhong Tang
Viranchi Phakkey
Ngoc Linh Thi Tran
Haydn Pole
Hay Tong Tsui
Sabrina Sarah Rebrab
Nishaanthan Udayakumar
George Robson
Xurui Yan
I 78 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Mingyun Zhang
Third Class Honours
BSc Environmental Policy with Economics
Ho Chung Leung
Yiqing Wang
First Class Honours
Bjorn Jann Waii Wong
Nasir Bukar Ibrahim
Tsz Wang Enoch Wong
Nikita Antoinette Rodrigues
Pass Degree
Moritz Philipp Schwarz
Yu Ling Luong
Gwen Ka-Lai Wong
Anatoli Meze
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Rosie Hannah Louise Leheup-Ffoulkes
BSc in Economics and Economic History
Misha Mahmood
Amal Niaz Shaikh
First Class Honours
Rimgaudas Stundzia
Sean Matthew Goodier
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
BSc in Geography with Economics
Aemal Asif
Alexander Czepliewicz
First Class Honours
Alexandra Esteve Santos
David James Arnold
Raquel Gallardo Guijarro
Damini Bhatnagar
Benjamin Goodey
Joanne Louise Bywater
Lily Matilda Lower
Isobel Alice Worrall
Thomas Miller-August
Yun Zhang
Amani Mwinyi
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Ryan O'Rourke
Mohadeseh Abdullahi
Niral Panchal
Samuel Ahmed
Parul Soni
Elizabeth Pataraporn Chatjaval
Benjamin Thorogood
Clare Louisa Dooley
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Carwyn Emyr Davies Evans
Kieron Spitter
Henry Foskett
Panisa Todhanakasem
Jieyi Liu
Owen Mcdermott
BSc in Economics with Economic History
Suzanna Margaret Nesom
Christopher Nnamdi Obiekwe
First Class Honours
Havish Sunil Patel
Sheng Wei Demas Koh
Pavitra Pankaj Patel
Sam Povey
Joshua Jomel Pineda
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Ivy Rong Qi
Loon Jay Ng
Ria Ajay Shah
Sajni Thakrar
BSc in Environment and Development
Roman Thompson
William Minh Phat Uong
First Class Honours
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Laura Mai Ehrich
Daniel John Anderson
Mara Schmiedt
Sangeetha Ilanko
Merlin Joseph Veron
Christopher Rhys Norris
Emily Anne Wolff
Third Class Honours 
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Ellie Grace Birkett
Elena Benedetta Bignami
Sujie Choi
George David Burton
Ka Wei Kelly Chung
BSc in Government
Joseph Jacobus Human
Anjli Srivastava
First Class Honours
Niklas Weber
Jasmina Ayinke Bide
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Eleanor Amy Buxton
Deeptanshu Kotru
Robyn Connelly-Webster
Jonathan Andrew Davison
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 79 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Hollie Amy Jenkins
Tessa Hutchinson
Yuen Fai James Lo
Muhammad Yusuf Irshad
Louis Montebello
Jin-Wook Kim
Natasha Maria Rodrigues
Seong Woo Lee
Timothy David Rogers
Piek Qian Liu
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Ingvild Ladegaard Lockert
Benjamin Allsop
Stephanie Nina Menggu
Zheng Yang Jeremy Ang
Omonigho Jodie Momodu
Afaf Asad
Samuel Nattrass
Edward Spencer Clark
Chetan Singh Randhawa
Thomas Edward Coleman
Yunos Siddiqi
Alexander Patrick Dugan
Mohammed Rayhan Uddin
Georgia Rose Grayson
Joshua Tianci Wong
Harriet Hall
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Pascal Stephan Haller
Marat Saulebayev
Da Eun Jung
Third Class Honours
Alexander Rab King
David Lionel Able-Thomas Jr
Oliver Freddie Leese
Aurore Marie Isabelle Mallon
BSc in Government and History
Joshua Oluwafemi
Louis O'Sullivan
First Class Honours
Annabelle Jennifer Saunders
Onyinye Chukwueke-Uba
Xilin Song
Barnaby Schofield Perkes
Tung Wai  Tung Wai Tse
Lukas Paul Schmelter
Joseph Weaver
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Jack Winterton
John Michael Wilkes
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Ellen Wilkie
Veranika Radzisheuskaya
BSc in Human Resource Management and
BSc in Government and Economics
Employment Relations
First Class Honours
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Edward George Oscar Allanson
Lee Daniel Brown
Rawan Alrawi
Georgina Amber Funnell
BSc in International Relations
Ellie Heatherill
James Hunte
First Class Honours
Da Bin Kim
Jamie Ainsworth
Yingting Li
Sophie Alice Barbier
Nitesh Nagrath
Chris Wenzhong Wenzhong Cai
Sae Ha Park
Mukami Nyokabi Kuria
Anita Patel
Jonathan Mitchell Ming Jie Lee
Nigel Zi Xiang Poh
Eu-Gin Asher Lim
Charlotte Spanner
Julia Janina Slupska
Mohammad Imran Tahir
Benjamin Treasure
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Celine Unneberg
Timothy Philippe Aspin
Alfred Yingtao Wong
Fraser Bell
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Paul Bernstein
Ottavia Ampuero Villagran
Alesha Boodram
Samer Ashur
Daniel Bramble
Amal Awad
Hector Bunce
Selim Baek
Arthur Castle
Holly Bedeau
Lidia Everstova
Thomas Benson
Violette Gadenne
Thomas Edward Carmichael
Richard Francis Philip Crawford Glasspool
Frederika Chidi-Ofong
Farid Hamka
Joseph Collison
I 80 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Joseph Cunningham
Noor Jehan Guyer
Marisa Sant'Ana Sucasas Da Costa
Edward Harvey
Erin Duffy
Charlotte Hoiness
Lana Estemirova
Alexander Hradecky
Kie Fujii
Fazeela Jahangir
Gianfranco Nathan Luis Gonzalez Arteaga
Sofia Jamal
Esther Gross
Anjali Janani
Taner Can Guven
Ines Khouaja
Emily Jennah Alshuaibi Haimeed
Matilda Kivela
Robin Harvey
Caleb Boon Chin Loei
Shahnaz Zoe Khan
Lori Looker
Edward Paul Brian Knight
Alexander Meade
Jennifer Liu
Oliver James Brown Milner
Jessica Sarah Miron
Harry James Morris
Sin Tung Ng
Madvee Jane Moteea
Mikhail Pronko
Solin Nawzad
Abir Zahrah Hasnain Qazilbash
Khanh Nguyen
Jia Hui Quek
Guillermo Ordorica Shkurovich
Adil Rashid
Kanan Parida
Ndey Yassin Salla
Alice Smith
Eser Sarachoglou
Lisa Thompson
Taiju Sasaki
James Charles Alexander Wurr
Philip Jasper Schaar
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Riyan Sherif
Natalie Banna
Halynne Hanning Shi
Abinaya Dhivya Mohan
Thiri Pura Sundari Sitharanjan
Defne Tuncer
Sandra Smits
Polina Stepanova
BSc in Management
Alice Tayla
Hiu Tung Rachel Tsang
First Class Honours
Alexandra Tyan
Florian Benedict Dahlhausen
Beatrice Myriam Verez
Andrey Drozdov
Indo Elaine Vickerson
Fabian Egg
Aishwarya Samir Wadhwani
Sarah-Ann Ferguson
Chek Sum Kevin Wong
Natacha Ferreira
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Lucas Gade
Minju Oh
Marcos Guijarro Navas
Cheuk Man Hak
BSc in International Relations and History
Yue Kan
Neelam Saadat Khan
First Class Honours
Sofia Kiliari
Charles Barton
Maria Annikki Ines Lamprecht
Rhiannon Aletheia Clapham
Leonor Landeau
Suyin Esther Haynes
Yu Shun Leung
Zhi Yoong Khiew
Cristina Lopez Fernandez
Valentina Paderi
Sana Malik
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Yana Mashenskaya
Yeva Agayan
Max Robert Paul Muller
Michael Catania
Anneke Maxi Pethoe-Schramm
Tiva Monique Corcoran
Tiziana Marie Polis
Sergio Cortes Allsopp
Rishab Rawat
Francesco Cusimano
Clea Stemitsiotis
Sam Thomas Duxbury
Denise Kai Ern Teo
Henry Davidson Eshel
Stephanie Van Buchem
Beth Louise Flambard
Anastasia Voinova
Luke Flynn
Luise Marie Apollonia Wurlitzer
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 81 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Jianbo Zhang
Christina Whitworth
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Vladimir Youdine
Ruxandra Mihaela Aldea
Adam Zasada
Mara Benz
Yaoyao Zhang
Gursimran Kaur Bhatia
Jenny Zhang
Vinti Biyani
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Victoria Cabarcos
Adrian Ventsislavov Bichakov
Ka Shing Chan
Kun Chung
Chloe Renee Cho Yen Chan
Mant-Yee Jim
Meishan Chen
Matvey Kazarnovskiy
Kai Ho Cheung
Samridh Khandelwal
Yu-Shien Chou
Tsz Ho Lam
Sze Chung Wesley Choy
Mykhailo Lazarenko
Ho Yi Chu
Claire Sheeching Lee
Ali-Reza Daya
Chengda Li
Anand Pradip Dhamecha
Nicholas Zhe Hun Lim
Lisa Engelen
Ibrahim Majid
Amaar Esufally
Rebecca Moon
Patrick Gaweda
Darya Musalnikava
Karan Gupta
Sheuk Sze Felix Ng
Maciej Halbryt
Dinesh Anthony Perera
Nathalie Heneine
Chu Hi Pham
Hong Ngoc Hoang
Kevin Gabriel Uy Siy
Tori Lyager Jacobsen
Maxim Volhin
Oleksandra Kachanova
Victoria Walla
Sharon Karina
Third Class Honours
Zeenat Zarak Jamal Khan
Xinyue Guo
Sahar Khan
Tinghui Yin
Teauk Kim
Jihea Kim
BSc in Management Sciences
Kamil Dariusz Krajewski
Giancarlo Junior Ladi
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Bethany Charlotte Linsley
Hamza Rashid Sheikh
Wai Yu Lo
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Bansaree Mandania
Nissara Thakolsri
Gayatri Mehra
Arif Miah
BSc in Mathematics and Economics
Misha Mussarat
Eamon O'Keeffe
First Class Honours
Yoan Pashov
Aiman Chbary
Celin Si Sing Phoen
Cheng Cheng
Jin Yang Qi
Milos Cukovic
Mayuri Valiyezhuth Rajaram
Ritish Desai
Kayathri Raveendran
Cheuk Hei Jed Fong
Ophelie Marie Marguerite Colette Renard
Joshua Solomon Goldman
Uladzislava Reznikava
Karl Hallgren
Anushka Ruia
Avision Ho
Yael Salem
Zhi Yi Lee
Parth Seth
Kangrui Lim
Darshali Shah
Sicen Liu
Sajan Shah
Simon Rupert Loeschnauer
Huangnan Shen
Shahyan Sarwar Makhdumi
Karishma Thakrar
Kishen Kishorchandra Mandaliya
Nurbike Tulen
Daivik Patel
Izabela Urbanek
Paul Petges
Fabienne Van Buchem
Srshti Putcha
I 82 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Mikhail Rychev
BSc in Mathematics with Economics
Louis Francis Sangan
Mohamed Imthinan Saudulla
First Class Honours
Natish Sharma
Muhammad Tariq Bin Amru
Emily Grace Straiton
Christopher Benson
Thomas Charles Ward
Akshay Bhatt
Zheng Zhou
Borys Iwanski
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Harvey Lawrence
Reha Anand
Ratheshan Sivanantharajah
Dhruv Bhanotha
Andrew Gareth Lok-Yee Wu
Yue Cai
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Henry Chau
Emily-Rose Violet Caine
Jacob Alexander Chenery
Patrick Michael Keane
Yashna Gopal
Junaid Khan
Tanvir Kabir
Samuel Moran-Smyth
Efthymia Korkontzelou
Jai Pancholi
Syinthunon Kugathasan
Kavi Raval
Radhika Nimish Kumbhani
Michael David Seal
Joanne Maure
Sheila Subbiah
Tushaar Abhay Nadkarni
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Zuhair Pirmohamed
Melissa Lauren Davies
Clara Schutz
Hamza Al-Jamal-Al Malik
Sanveer Singh Bhupendar Singh
Brittame Vasanthaswara Srivas
Artemis Stavrou
Benjamin Robert Stirrup
BSc in Philosophy and Economics
Glib Taraban
Kimberly Thien Ton-Tran
First Class Honours
Christina Tryfonos
TSamuel Altmann
Jack Chen Wimpey
Anna Lee Bartsch
Yuxin Zhang
Angus William Hally
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Joseph Herbert
Grisilda Duli
Freddie Earl Marks Jayarajah
Scott Peter Fernandes
Sachin Lees Smart
Louis Georgiou
Yulia Volkova
Licia Johnson
Linxi Ye
Karran Bobby Kent
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Kin Fai Kwok
Laura Alvarez
Juen Lynn Lim
Michelle Young Ming Chiu
Armaan Deepak Mehta
Liam Fedden
Min Woo Nam
Josephine Aimee Frank
Ravi Patel
Nathan Jonathan Hazzan
Kalisha Patel
Carole Hector
Mona Prayag
Donghun Kim
Chantal Slome
Anna Maria Koolstra
William Tchen
Adrian Johannes Kreutzenbeck Perez
Suzanne To
Harish Singh Malhi
Minh Phu Trinh
Zahra Aiysha Muneer
Yunqi Zhuang
Jantzen Chun Yin Pang
Third Class Honours
Nadia Raslan
Saqib Mirza
Wing Ka Emily Yuen
Alex Mulligan
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Ashish Patel
Nga Heng Becky Chan
Zhuoying Xu
Rohit Kumar
Pass Degree
Man Lok Lam
Honnah Ogbechie
Veer Mehta
Rameez Suddle
Pass Degree
Temirlan Kulambayev
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 83 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
BSc in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific
BSc in Social Anthropology
First Class Honours
First Class Honours
Laura Jane Doel
Taofiq Akinbola Akinpeju
Nico Wan Ting Ting Teo
Merren Anderson-Wallace
Michael Waters
James Jack Bonney
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Alex Deamer
Alexander Kourounis
Lewis Humphreys
Matej Kriznar
Geoffrey Keeling
Amelia Lucy Mulcahey
Conor John Rohan
Zainab Nafeel
Dominic Joseph Tighe
Natasha Mia Valladares
BSc in Social Policy
William Wildi
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
First Class Honours
Roisin Bennett-Odlum
Danielle Cutts
Samuel Ebert
Rhea Dattani
Benedict Hughes
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Silke Xenia Juul-Sorensen
Samiha Begum
Aidan Julius Lethem
Ellen Katie Cooper-Tydeman
Natalie Nunn
Wilfrid Craigie
Akosua Achiaa Owusu
Alexander Douglas Fyfe
Julia Clare Ryland
Maya Jodoin
Benedict Arthur Sheehy
Nicole Eloise Levy
David Tamman
Emily Frances Goncalves Parker
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Samuel Winston Peat
Minh Quan Bui
Selbi Sasioglu
Seo Yeon Cho
Helen Dean Schofield
Naomi Akosua Agyei Tawiah
BSc in Politics and Philosophy
Emily Mae Taylor
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
First Class Honours
Seung Gyum Kim
Joseph Grabiner
Bo Liao
BSc in Social Policy and Criminology
Elliot Daniel O'Connor
Henk Soede
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Xiaozhe Wang
Paul Burnside
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Katherine Grant
Yasmin Adib
William Hamill
Rosemary Elizabeth Bartram
Haidee Hunt
Pui Yi Chan
Aroosa Khan
Jessica Coxon
Amal Maimouni
Lukas Anton Dürrnagel
Rebekah Peat
Alfred James Russell Early
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Alexander Edward Hughes
Joshua Seitler
Meng Li
Shing Yun Brian Mak
BSc in Social Policy and Economics
Zeus Kersi Patel
Sanshrav Puri
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Daniel Sippel
Chardee Stephanie Ezadkhasty
Christopher James Tune
Purvaja Srivalli Kavattur
Aleksandra Karolina Wisniewska
Simone Yi Ying Lim
Shamim Miah
Sayona Nakarja
Claire Lisa Nathan
Neerav Thapliyal
I 84 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Yasmin Noorali
Hellen Atinuke Aminat Matesun
Hannah Roby
Madeleine Brodie Savage
BSc in Social Policy and Sociology
Sharmaine Si Ning Tan
Henrietta Turner
First Class Honours
Jeremy Jien Quan Wong
Layla Kate Sidonie Doyle
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
John Kiely
Jennifer Inweh
Constance Elizabeth Marquis
Robin Lewis
Mei Wu
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Adwoa Pokuaa-Akoto
BSc in Statistics with Finance
BSc in Social Policy with Government
First Class Honours
Shiqing Chen
First Class Honours
Bryan You Feng Kum
Alexander Talbot
Eric Leong Yit Tan
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Shaneice Shaneika Bailey
Sang-Min Lee
Valerie Seyram Yawa Brese
Yuri Mulleegadoo
Megan Mckenzie Crockett
Priyal Patel
Patrese Foster
Chun Ki Tang
James Giles
Liam Twomey
Oliver Hill
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Nafissa Kara-Newton
Stephanie Robinson
Adam Lloyd
Yiyuan Shen
Craig Lloyd
Renu Laxman Shiva
Ernestina Marfo
Joshua Thevanesan
Liam Matthews
Jialu Yu
Rachel Mccrickard
Max Zito
Adriana Melchor
Pass Degree
Negin Olya
Zihao Zeng
Ravi Ruia
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
LLB in Laws
Charles James Puttnam
First Class Honours
BSc in Sociology
Krishnaveni Anil
Carolina Bazarova
First Class Honours
Georgia Elizabeth Beatty
Ho Yu Holly Leung
Abby Keegan Buttle
Beth Mooney
Katie Cheuk Yin Chin
Anne Ploin
Ryan Ming-Young Chiu
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Georgie Courtenay-Stamp
Louise Mary Artess
Harry Doe
Grace Eleanor Bennett
Annie Laura Fendrich
Hannah Violet Conway
Janine Godbehere
Besarta Emini
Adele Hayer
Aida Grankina
Claudia Elisabeth Hyde
Sana Noor Jali
Malvika Jaganmohan
Elizabeth Oyepeju Jemiyo
Andrea Man-Ching Kan
Urmi Kabir
Conor James Patrick Langan
Man Hon Leung
Joanne Wai Teng Leong
Valerie Longe
Harmish Chamanlal Mehta
Remy Lauren Martin
Alice Moserova
Rachel Navin
Jumani Robbins
Elena Nicola
Faeezah Tailor
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 85 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Alice Sara Thornton
Oleg Kurochka
Kitty Alice Verboom
Ho Ching Ingrid Lai
Alexandar Vukadinovic
Ching Yee Kelly Lam
Lee Wake
Man Hei Eugene Law
Ivan Ta Kirk Wing
Bryn Laxton-Coglon
Mark Yao Xun Yeo
Taye Joy Le Monnier
Hwee Sheng Jesslyn Yep
Ivan Yu Chun Lee
Yixian Zhao
Jin Yi Mark Lee
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Alexandra Mary Ellen Leeming
Farhan Abdul Rashid
Lorraine Lok Ci Leung
Zaahirah Adam
Kelly Li
Nathan Adler
Julia Nicolette Yuqin Lim
Craig Thomas Agnew
Jia Yi Joey Lim
Safal Ahluwalia
Anna Chee Yie Ling
Joyce Su Yee Ang
Ces Aireen Manoy
Anjali Aravindhan
Emmanuella Omaro Maseli
John Asaad
Michael Mchardy
Varishma Assani
Lois Mensah-Afoakwah
Avinash Balendran
Vladimir Milic
Jamie George Ball
Ki Wing Michelle Miu
Maurice Banerjee Palmer
Fareen Mohmood
John Bargh
Ai Lam Mok
Arnaud Remi Raymond Biancheri
Yan Ling Jessica Ng
Lucy Kathryn Carr
Yung Han Julian Ng
Edmund Chambers
Alexander Rushton Noble
Natalie Annette Chan
Faisal Obeidat
Wai Yin Christy Chan
Peter O'Donnell
Isabella Nga Wun Cheung
Akachukwu Gregory Okoye
Bryan Siu Tung Cheung
Pascalle Dolcie Palmer
Katie Wing Kei Cheung
Sharon Park
Bomee Choi
Heather Keanne Parke
Claire Tiffany Yee Chow
Ana Maria Consuela Parvescu
George Christou
Hasan Patel
Antonia Tung Yi Chui
Hannah Paul-Bhuvanenthiran
Natalie Victoria Wai-Yin Chung
Jakub Pawlowski
Ka Wai Chung
Rohit Pisal
Schiller Juliet Cowley
Isabella Ramchandani
Daniel Cullen
Amarveer Kaur Randhawa
Paris Daly
Dillon Vignesh Ravikumar
Blaithin Lucy Dockery
Alice Rowland
Liam Dunlop
Ravi Rupal
India Willow Fahy
Thomas Ian Ryan
Benjamin Farzaneh
Connor Scott
Millie Foster
Harneet Kaur Sekhon
Masato Fujinaka
Ina Selimic
Geoffrey Gao
Yan Ting Sim
Oriana Gascon
Jacqueline Sin
Alia Noor Gerar
Rebecca Louise Charlotte Steels
Enis Mehmet Hallacoglu
Christy Muki Tan
Aiden John Hepworth
Kavisa Thacker
Frances Hibbert
Giulia Trojano
Vikki Hui
Michelle Wei Ting Tsang
Emily Hunt
Valerie Lok Yan Tsui
Vijievan Jeevathayalan
Manit Tuli
Sadia Khan
Roseanne Elizabeth Wallbank
Tiffany Mei Ling Khoo
Quincy Washington
I 86 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Grace Patricia Webster
Kenneth Koh Tze Wei
Aleksandra Andosova
Marie Elizabeth White
Nicholas Freer-Smith
Anike Wildman
Yossef Lubin
Mali Williams
Iva Mara
Michelle Wai Shan Wong
Karolina Pavlovic
Rebecca Pei Xian Wong
Vasileios Prantsidis
Carol Yu Wen Wong
Adriano Sbroscia
Yui Yee Wong
Larissa Schmidt
Majada Yasmin
Do Minh Long Tran
Emma Yuen
Milena Vasileva
Mairghread Elspeth Yule
Yunan Zhao
Executive Global MSc Management
Haotian Zheng
Second Class Honours (Lower Division)
Hassan Arif
Jan Beckmann
Chun Hei Derek Cheung
Christian Hermann Harding
Adrian Cheuk Hang Chow
Roland Carlos Kemper
Yun Sil Chu
Paul Larkin
Lee Mun Hoi
Alex Riechel
Chun To Iong
Nicolas Jean Christophe Troussard
Shingo Ito
Trevor Alexander Philip Wills
Sanjana Purker
Ranny Wei
Didar Akezhanov
Ying Kei Vivian Wong
Al Anood Faisal Qassim Al Thani
Olivia Caldwell
LLB in Laws (LSE and Columbia)
Zhongxia Chen
Inga Demchenko
First Class Honours
Quinntine Dunford
Arisa Manawapat
Francisco Javier Echeverria
Deborah Pei Le Tang
Rosemary Jane Fisher
Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
Anne-Marie Gilis
Cherry Hoi Ying Liu
Andres Felipe Gomez
Anthea Cathryn Kolitsas
Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Tatiana Kudryashova
Hae Jung Park
Nadja Vedsted Rasmussen
Sidhant Gupta
Shivdeep Shinh
Anais Malezieux
Njabulo Sithole
Victor Pace
Michael Sosa
Leila Uslander
Uzeyir Bayramli
Erin Rose Van Horne
Juliette Both
Oz Waknin
Bastien Andre Chedal
Jinhua Zheng
Charlotte Constance Hahang
Anne-Sophie Hote
Luqman Gbolahan Edu
David Lebret
Ajay Ganti
Paul-Louis Olivier Alexandre Lépine
Jose Meneses
Florian Metz
Enoho Mariam Paul-Ebiai
Yun Mi
Ainur Tabyldiyeva
Aymeline Mei-Ling Monceaux
Yueqi Na
Executive LLM
Matthieu Odoux
Kinza Rehan
Michel Ward
Winluck Wahiu
Wenjing Yang
Charles Rainey
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 87 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Executive Master of Public Administration
Siddharth Padmanabh Merchant
Alexander Reitzenstein
Mahmut Boz
Yiqun Song
Lily Jane Louise Caprani
Xianchen Wu
Hugh Dugmore Cole
Hamza Fassi-Fihri
MPA Dual Degree (LSE and NUS)
Samuel Robert Forrest
Mathieu Gomez
Daniel Gordon
Giacomo Bagarella
Dina Kamal
Miona Milosevic
Li He
Thomas Teltscher
Aakash Jayaprakash
Sayed Ikram Afzali
Fatima Iqbal
Adjoa Boakyewa Anyimadu
Aniko Dobi-Rozsa
MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Sciences Po)
Emma Edgar
David Alexander James Fleming
Craig Larry Goldsby
Genaro Cruz
Jihane Hakimi
Julia Hagen
Ayman Hamza
Tatiana Alexandria Hastings
Felipe Jaramillo
Nikolas Kourkoulas
Leticia Leitao
Shiri Leventhal
Niharika Kaushik
Michael Robinson Lynch
Andres Felipe Sanabria Martinez
Tarah Makarem
Paolo Ernesto Milella
MPA in European Public and Economic
Paul Joseph Murphy
Venkata Narasimham Peri
Sara Beatriz Rocha Banos
Victoria Lisa Nadine Sena
Amena Shrafeddin
Anikka Maya Weerasinghe
MPA in International Development
Modupe Debbie Ariyo
Vusal Behbudov
Nishan James Dias
Stephanie Margaret Campbell
Esben Quedens Harboe
Hana Chambers
Boian Rodriguez Nikiforov
Teresa Raigada Fernández
James Youngman Yoo
Francisco Xavier Abad Guerra
MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Columbia)
Antonella Bancalari Valderrama
Vanessa Alejandra Carrera Yepez
Heonwoo Lee
Louis John Maiden
Ivonne Rocio Leon Hernandez
Dalia Zileviciute-Mirchandani
Andrea Lombardia
Niranjana Narayanan
Tor Kristian Aanestad
Laura Muller
Stav Bar Shany
Takanori Okuda
MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Hertie)
Diana Ortiz-Candelejo
María Patricia Ponce Maya
Philip Grinsted
Felicia Anahita Oschmann
Christian Philip Højberg Unger
I 88 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
MPA in Public and Economic Policy
Daniel Andrés Almeida Chérrez
Ingrid Marie Charlotte Von Schiller
Pamina Karl
MPA in Public Policy and Management
Mari  Magnussen Landsem
Hind Mohammed Metwalli
Jacob Simunovic
David Atehortua
Benjamin Henry Thomas Stevenson
Shaliya Tarini Mariann Fernando
Hiroshi Kado
Pablo Araya
Jessica Levine
Dinker Bhardwaj
Rodrigo Samuel Mujica Varas
George Robert Brighten
Emil Jorge Namur Yunis
Bonggyu Chae
Anika Lee Steig
Chi Yon Choi
Maria Elisabete Codeço Rodrigues
Ali Bayraktar
Maria Ignacia Contreras Mediano
Jérémy Charles Joseph Bégard
Madeleine Clare D'Arcy
Aishwarya Rajarshi Betha
Alyssa Lee Fournier
Carolina Patricia Castillo
Julia Mireille Catherine Hug
Corentin Delepaut
Kyusam Jung
Dana Elman Vishkin
Salimah Kassamali
Diana Carolina Escobar Velásquez
Arthur Chun-Yeung Kong
Felipe Livert
Luis Carlos Medina Mejia
Susana Ester Rubinstain Escobar
Sewar Nasri Rashid Nowwar
Anthony Brian Santorella
Rares Nicolae Pamfil
Rodrigo Reyes Muguerza
MRes in Economics (Track 1)
Apiyada Seriwatana
Sarah Lillian Fuertes Welch
Jun Yang
Luca Citino
Yiting Liu
Andrea Alati
Chavi Meattle
Miguel Maria Charters De Oliveira Bandeira Da
Soohyun Park
Jason Sutjiawan
Patrick Coen
Jaime Alejandro Urrego Mondragon
Martina Fazio
Mark Angus Christopher Wilkinson
Wolfgang Ridinger
Claudia Robles Garcia
MPA in Public and Social Policy
Celine Pascale Violaine Zipfel
Adrien Bussy
Nadimah Mohammed
Martina Zanella
Tatiana Belen Alarcon
MSc in Accounting and Finance
Rebecca Lynn Andreassen
Antonia Sofia Asenjo
Berat Demirci Cörüt
Myra Binti Abdullah
Yasmine Alexandra Di Giulio
Alexander Barrett
Nicole Katerina Fernandez
Leong U Chao
Genevieve Bowler Joy
Khaleel Chaudhry
Ashley Kay Mcadam
Prashant Delip Kumar
Samira Oliveira Noronha
Florian Georg Demann
Marshiella Pandji
Ludwig Martin Dobmeier
Cristina Elizabeth Romano
Xinxin Dong
Yuki Ryogo
Christian Epping
Ruobing Wang
Morten Faye Eriksen
Chang Guo
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 89 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Maneepraewpan Hansavata
Danxian Li
Xinyi Hu
Frank Lin
Jefferson Lee Georges Hue
Ying Liu
Andrey Kulikov
Nikita Malhotra
Kanat Kulmakhanov
Nicholas Michler
Verena Irene Lunkenheimer
Shubhangi Mohan
Jang-Ho Park
Julian Patrick Mueller-Freitag
Matteo Ruozzo
Xuan Yi Ng
Romain Dominique Andre Tanguy
Duc Huy Nguyen
Venu Madhav Tatiparti
Khang Duy Nguyen
Yue Xiao
Kristine Opsahl
Xiaoyang You
Jieke Pan
Yue Yuan
Lu Pan
Xiaolei Zhang
Feri Priatna
Jiayi Zhang
Rachana Bhaskar Raju
Dan Zhu
Nour Rasamny
Qais Safi
Mo'Min Alnabahin
Waseem Samman
Gulara Baratzada
Anna Shabalova
Di Cao
Dolly Sanjay Shah
Jitrinee Chanphati
Nathan Sribalasundaram
Siyu Chen
Patrick Manuel Stahel
Tsz Ching Chung
Nicholas Nylund Straume
Amaury Criscuolo
Shuaike Sun
Richard Danusaputra
Fredrik Svanes
Kristjan De Lucca
Woon Hwee Tan
Alessia Sassicaia Diederich
Nicholas Zhi Yang Tan
Julia Eagleton
Florence Than
Saige Alexandra Epstein
Jenna Michelle Troop
Ramzi Flayhan
Aratrika Fatima Wahid
Sean Foo
Niphat Wattanacheva
Michael Germaschewski
Jingwen Xie
Kunal Goel
Xueying Xu
Nathanael Zhihui Goh
Wen Ya Yock
Eduardo Gonzalez
Yu Zhong
Maximilian Josef Grassl
Shuoying Zhou
Ying Guo
Ruoyao Zhuang
Adrian David Haerle
Yasamin Haghighat
Syed Azm Ahmad
Xu He
Firas Al Balushi
Siliu He
Alexander Ilianov Avramov
Kexin Huang
Muhammad Adil Kaleem Bhatti
Priyanka Jain
Sawanee Chuengsanguansit
Viktor Josefsson
George Francis Alexandre Richard Coombes
Yessen Kambakov
Aleksander Dobrzyniecki
Marwane Karrakchou
Tobias Hannibal Fegth
Surya Khanna
Domitilla Forleo
Sindre Knutsson
Almaz Galiullin
Chester Chun Kai Koh
Stephen Georgieff
Iat Hou Kuan
Sondre Hoyeraal Graver
Mateo Kuljis Cochamanidis
Melis Guclu
Filippo Gabriele La Verghetta
Komal Gupta
Adrian Michael Ladendorf
Manish Gupta
Azer Latifli
Robert Matthäus Hadam
Ching Daisy Lau
Filip Harant
Mark Dominik Lens
Leon Hucht
I 90 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Mayank Jagwani
Hicham Kaddoum
Rujia Bai
Sohaib Khan
Marc Andre Brodmann
Bernadette Wen Hui Khoo
Xinyu Cai
Azize Kicali Temur
Qian Cao
Jani Patrik Kiljunen
Tak Shing Timothy Cheng
Diana Kolesnichenko
Yiqing Gao
Morten Korsveien
Akshay Ashok Joshi
Yohei Kubo
Xinyi Lan
Aigerim Kussimova
Wan Yi Wendy Mei
Sanghoon Lee
Siddhardh Shankar Ruttala
Han Li
Alexander Leo Schausberger
Chin Lin
Benoît Ryan Spiess
Chenfei Lu
Rani Lubna Sadruddin Suleman
Luis Maldonado
Chanittha Vichetpan
Tigran Manucharyan
Yiqiu Wang
Elie Medina
Yiyi Yao
Shreya More
Qinan Zhang
Anna Y Mudrenko
Yue Zhang
Winnie Mulumba
Ioana Sabina Onofrei
Yerzhan Abish
Goanyong Paek
Ulanbek Amanzholov
Kerkyra Pandi
James Paul Denham
Rajvardhan Patil
Bitannia Sisay Fekadu
Indrita Roy Chaudhury
Rosanne Fienga
Nader Saif-Gharavi
Yuan Peng
Aude Salanova
Xiao Peng
Shreya Saraf
Patricia Yossianty Sonata
Lee James Schofield
Qing Xiang
Zohaib Waheed Sheikh
Yash Singhal
MSc Comparative Politics
Sudipta Sinha
Manuel Steven Samuel
Katherine Thomas
Rose Murad
Galyna Tkalenko
Victor Vareille
Prasana Venugopal
MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical
Yue Xie
Petros Yakas
MSc in Accounting, Organisations 
Xinyu Ji
and Institutions
Mohib Khurram
Han Loong Ng
Shyamal Chetan Patel
Leigh Anne Baldwin
Rahul Singh
Max Baur
Aditya Wirabuana Soenarjo
Franziska Burkart
Roger Wiederkehr
Chung Yan Jessica Cheung
Sandie Shan Xu
Qiuyao Feng
Wenting Huang
Thomas Olivier Bijl
Mingye Li
Xin Ding
Chenchen Pan
Jonathan Richard Hambur
Aizhan Sambetbayeva
Thomas Krön
Amal Shakeel
Namrata Narain
Theano Stamou
Arthur Rene Hughes Taburet
Lu Yan
Xiaoyue Zhang
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 91 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Mingyi Hua
Xinyu Cao
Yueling Huang
Magdalena Monika Siembab
Johanna Gudrun Kristjansdottir
Jiayun Tan
Edward Harry Mayhew La Thangue
Wai Shun Wilson Lee
MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical
Mouchen Liu
Economics (2 Year Programme)
Xueyun Ma
Shotaro Nishimura Nakamura
Ashwath P T
Ole Agersnap
Prarthana Prabhakar
Michael Borsky
David Ren
Thomas Lanz
Marek Rojicek
Wenkui Liu
Xue Rong
Weicheng Min
Francesco Ruggieri
Dibya Deepta Mishra
Priyanka Sachdeva
Viktor Rehart
Taha Saei
Shujie Wang
Jakob Paul Schedlbauer
Hasdeep Sethi
Paul Benjamin Diegert
Lihi Shafran
Diego Tomas Jordan Sierra
Rajvi Deepak Shah
Florian Trouvain
Nelu Shashiprabha Wijegunasekera
Pei Yuan Tse
Rui Xu
Luc Weber
Kaige Yang
Patrick Florian Wetzel
Xiaolin Zhang
MSc in Economics
Helena Uta Bolt
Alexander Clive William Bowyer
Nathalie Clare Baker
Richard Cao
Alex Bergsaaker
Andrea Cerrato
Joao Lidio Bezerra Bisneto
Nida Sohail Chaudhary
Thomas Paul Gerard Brzustowski
Suping Chen
Thomas William Collins
Yuxi Dai
Zhuonan He
Luca Dann
Thomas Raymond Hierons
Daniel Dejuan
Shreya Atreyi Kankanhalli
Sabire Ipek Demir
Thomas Olaf Bertil Maassen
Philipp Adrian Fritzsche
Rahel Khaleel Majeed
Arkadev Ghosh
Joris Michael Müller
Raksheta Giridhar
Manon Lolita Palomo
Kexuan Guo
Ciaran Rogers
Marcus Henglein
Yatheesan Jonathan Selvakumar
Amin Hussain
Virginia Sondergeld
Ghada Ahmed Ghuloom Abdulla Ismaeel
Nicholas Gorz Swanson
Travis Hemingway James
Di Song Tan
Yang Jin
Elena Vozmediano Peraita
Sangbae Jung
Josch Benedikt Kamloth
Matthew Samuel Ackerman
Chloe Larkou
Neha Basu
Lucie Sarah Le Rolland
Irene Benito Rodriguez
Han Bit Lee
Lysle Boller
Bhavika Nanawati
Maria Beatriz Picoto Carneiro Cruz Rodrigues
Anthoulla Phella
Sean Duckers
Caitlan Aimee Russell
Hannes Kaspar Frei
Juan Jose Salcedo Cruz
Samuel Douglas Gregory
Mihiri Yasmin Seneviratne
Jannik Hensel
I 92 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Chiara Sotis
Wanyi Yan
Omer Faruk Sozbir
Ken Andrew Starling
Patricia Banus
Sophie Emma Stone
Wenqian Jiang
Clarissa Zhen Lin Tan
Jixin Li
Firat Tecirli
Ainsley Merchant
Susan Wendy Tissiman
Ankita Navanit
Jayant Yadav
Namrata Navanit
Zihao Zhou
Lee Phay
Greg Zolotukhin
Jorge Mauricio Ramos Francalanci
MSc in Economics (2 Year Programme)
MSc in Finance (full-time)
Mete Seref Ahunbay
Faruk Akar
Aniket Baksy
Alexander Ardies
Saloni Goel
Christos Andreas Charalambous
Yuan Hu
Mostafa Chebbo
Ankit Parasrampuria
Joris El Omari
Simon Andrew Pitt
Federico Forlini
Hiranmayee Rajan
Aishwarya Garg
Kavya Saxena
Flavian Michel Gérard Girard
Heather Brooke Scoles
Marc Sebastian Gischer
Lindsey Marie Uniat
Christoph Hubertus Maximilian Grossmann
Ruoqi Zhou
Fabian Heitfeld
Abhishek Vivek Jain
Halin Han
Isak Lindqvist
Shantanu Singh
Jiaxing Ma
Florian Merle
Inyoung Cho
Nicolas Andre Raymond Messier
Tvisha Nevatia
Samuel Tee Ju Ngiam
Hauke Pengel
Haakon Falck Nordskar
Alok Tiwari
Jan Polach
Yue Yin
Thomas Raoux
Nadine Sarwat
MSc in Economics and Management
Yu Xiao
Yue Zhou
Faris Bin Amin
Lana Alkahala
Giovanni Casalegno
Deborah Beqaj
Arthur Magnes
Saniya Bhatia
Yajie Shen
Luca Bottaini
Nicole Ser Hui Tan
Ivo Bozic
Jingjing Cai
Luc Hedley Guillaume Balancy
Martin Bernard Lucas Dominique Dit Cabannes
Marius Maximilian Benden
Hadelyn Jacques C. M. M. Du Chastel De La
Yin Man Chang
Howarderie (Comte)
Fernando José Coloma Ríos
Haojuan Gu
Qianqian Ge
Xiaoyuan Gu
Raj Snehil Juneja
Nicklas Skou Guldberg
Ho Hin Benedict Pang
Konstantin Gurov
Xu Pang
Tomas Hnilica
Kaiyue Ruan
Esmond Zhe Kai Hwee
Michael Schweizer
Jakob Ekeloef Jensen
Yueyi Sun
Kerem Kader
Minqi Wu
Grace Suman Khanuja
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 93 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Ji Won Kim
Charalampos Kragiopoulos
Ben Li
Shinho Lee
Noor Ahmed Mallam-Hasham
Shawn Lim
Xinchi Qiu
Fangzhou Liu
Aishat Abodunrin Raji
Rahmon Ojukotola
Rajarajan Ramamoorthy
Karl John Stanley
Angad Singh Rekhi
Naveen Tanwar
Carmen Roman Fernandez
Anand Vishnu
Mohit Rungta
Richard Charles Wellesley
Kushal Shah
Jibing Zhang
David Michael Sissons
Chun San Siu
Ranju Abraham
Lingzhi Sun
Yuri Balgir
Sebastian Greve Sunde
Hin Fung Victor Cheng
Helen Zeremariam Tesfaldet
Shane Patrick Clark
Andreas Valanides
Rafael Gazzi
Michele Valente
Alexey Grigoryev
Calvin Paul Williams
Andrew David Guichet
Kaicheng Zhang
Duygu Gunes
Chongjie Zhou
Kasim Ali Hussain
Ziqi Zuo
Priyanath Jayasuriya
Maik Langenkaemper
Jeremiah Adereti
Un Meng Lei
Irina Celic
Ruth Nontuthuzelo Mokgokong
Daniel De Yzaguirre Fraile
Nobuyuki Nagamine
Coline Gerard
Merveille Armande Paja Tchouangang
Konstantinos Kontos
Nirav Panchal
Edgars Krumins
Karolina Pioro
Lu Liu
Victor Priputnev
Wadzanai Milcah Mashaya
Giri Darran Rajendran
Michael John Mummery
Camille Antoine Tassi
Vaia Eleni Promogianni
Lilia Trabelsi
Pablo Santos Guemes
Feng Wang
Karl Agust Valfells
Mo Xu Mo
Ruixi Xu
Dan Zhao
Tianming Zeng
MSc in Finance and Economics
MSc in Finance (part-time)
Chung-Lin Chuo
Arjun Dasgupta
Kedar Prakash Mavinkurve
Graeme Douglas
Lukas Von Dem Berge
David James Everitt
Yuxiang Zheng
Takahide Koike
Matthias Palowski
Wajih Syed Ahmed
John Whinnett
Max Bjorn Beitner
Michael Archunan Yoganayagam
Jonas Johannes Braun
Tianniu Fang
Ammar Ul Alam
Fang Yu Foo
Abiodun Balogun
Alejandro Garcia-Salmones Martinez
Swati Avhad Beesen
Prateek Ghosal
Victoria Lynne Blackman
Miao Han
Xu He
Nicholas John Harbist
Lena Kathrin Hosbach
Markus Christoph Heemann
Julij Jegorov
Ivan Ivanov Kotsev
Stephen James Keates
Tong Yun Kwag
I 94 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Arjun Mahalingam
James Mingxu Zhang
Edouard Vincent Marie Mifsud
Francesca Pellegrino
Sharan Pawan Aggarwal
Solenne Johanna Marie Rezvoy
Giulio Maria Carminati
Jiaqi Shao
Omar Chehimi
Mert Tasan
Xiaozhou Chen
Pei Zhao
Georgia Christou
Carl Wilhelm Duncker
Sevan Sinem Demircioglu
Kerstin Marie Fürntrath
Huaqing Fu
Liyun Ju
Yaoji Jiang
Burak Kakdas
Xiaozhang Li
Seonyeob Kim
Ryan Mills
Maciej Michal Kolarz
Soukaina Moussaoui
Chin Jian Lee
Jiri Piza
Gianna Maria Lengyel
Sharvanee Saundarya
Taoran Li
Avery Conghui Shao
Jialin Liu
Amit Soni
Jun Lu
Albert Lawrence Sun
Alexander Marius Le Prince
Ishan Taneja
Martin Thrane Pedersen
Zhetao Wang
Umberto Pilla
Scott Heiran Woldum
Yue Qian
Kuan Yan
Florentin Christian Rack
Begum Ipek Yavuz
Sebastiaan Johan Herman Scholtes
Baiyu Zhong
Saeid Taleghani Esfahani
Jian Wen Tan
MSc in Finance and Economics (Research)
Kai Uwe Von Heydebreck
Manlin Zhang
Xiaoyi Zhang
Jiantao Huang
Ruiyang Zheng
Hanbin Yang
Yanan Zhou
Yirui Liu
Elliott Samuel Aeschlimann Perales
Nazli Guran
MSc in Finance and Private Equity
Anqi Li
Aymeric Pacton
Shivasankar Sivakumar
Adam Al-Said
David Smejkal
Henri Amagat
Pierre Watchi
Pedro Ramon Andrade Fernandez De Mesa
Clifford Gerrit Westland
Anders Joergen Hartmann Bjoerndalen
Chengzhi Zhang
Jean Vianney Cordeiro
Daphne Maud Arnoldine Dovermann
MSc in Financial Mathematics
Luka Gajic
Chen Li
Stefan Luhamer
Miguel Angel Garrido Garcia
Paul Philip Malus
Qingyan Lu
Zhengang Miao
Sergey Shirobokov
Arjun Mohindra
Yue Wang
Robert Ortells I Sesé
Meng Yu
Kim Olthaver Krogh Rants
Shitong Zhu
Patrick Armin Sonnleitner
Xinze Zhu
Tiantian Sun
Maximilian Vogl
Harry Sam Charles Coster
Yuxiao Xu
Andreea Cristiana Gentea
Mi Yang
Kyriakos Georgiou
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 95 I 

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
Jakub Jan Ladysz
Sifan Liu
Yingxing Li
Allan Yong
Ying Liang
Wenjia Lu
Shivang Arya
Jiayin Tong
Charles Henri Bernard Marie Deschard
Keagan Vaughan
Lijin Huang
Jane Yi
Georgios Illampas
Nakul Luthra
MSc in Health, Community and
Vadim Nechaev
Benjamin John Michael Preston
Gulsen Takis
Yinghan Zhang
MSc in Gender (Research)
MSc in International and World History
(LSE and Columbia) 
Juliet Helen Elfield
MSc in Global Media and Communications
Hanne Cecilie Christiansen
(LSE and Fudan)
Rachael Elaine Comunale
Rachel Cox
Logan Carmen De La Barre-Hays
Stephanie Tracy Lau
Daphne Dupont-Nivet
Anja Katharina Noster
Michael Ruslan Edmondson
Lauren Ashley Engelbert
Silvia Adriana Carrasco Arancibia
Kyle Eugene Gosselin
Julie Huard
Anita King
Chenyue Jiang
Breanna Lynne Lohman
Fangming Lu
Ole Jakob Skatun
Luis Mingo Nyssen
Eric Daniel Spierer
Roxanne Navai
Aaron Michael Thomas
Olivia Pecsteen De Buytswerve
Sophie Von Der Tann
Yichong Wang
Jason Edward Dibble
Rui Che
Jared Michael Hudson Flanery
Francesca Marisol Martens Chavez
Wei Chung Hsu
Aaron Michael Kaiser-Chen
MSc in Global Media and Communications
Jacqueline Ly
(LSE and USC)
Laurel Amelia Waterhouse
Nyusha Samiei
Frances Margarita Bajet
Noor Mohammad Eid
MSc in International Employment
Hyunju Kim
Relations and Human Resource 
Aruveetil Mariyam Alavi
Joyce Chuinkam
Tarika Lall
You Li
Nicola Obrist
Donna Susan Mathew
David Myles
MSc in Management
Matthew Pascarella
Karitha Sukhumvat
Emily Akada Waite
Maria Tzigianni
Liting Wu
Miao Xu
I 96 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in July 2016
MSc in Politics and Communication
MSc in Social and Public Communication
Guillem Marcé Rotger
Wenqian Liang
MSc in Risk and Stochastics
MSc in Statistics
Kevin Ganiswarna
Adam Bassett
Stan Cornelius Graumans
Akshat Goel
Rui Kong
Zhongyin Lu
Yun Zhou
Lok Ting Yuen
Zhouyang Chen
Lou Janvier Jacques Gérard Delacoste
Xiaohan Jia
Mengqi Zhang
Samuel Lim
Sili Lu
Zabiullah Kadamzadeh
Lingge Lu
Pui Yue Luk
MSc in Statistics (Financial Statistics)
Hui Pan
Kirin Jain Sinha
Meng Hong Tang
Runying Du
Huilin Tian
Vadim Vasilyev
Xiudi Xian
Hi Cheung Cheung
Giulio Galletti
Dajian Chen
Zhenyu Kong
Cong Cheng
Xiaochuan Li
Runzhou Zhang
Meleah Oleche Okune
Waleed Ahmed Saumtally
Aheli Acharya
Yun Wu
Jing Jing
Yifan Xing
Yijia Li
Liang Zhou
Jiangshan Li
Hengyi Zhu
Marina Scavalli
Peihan Tang
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 97 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Diploma in Health Economics, Policy and
Riya Vijay Jindal
Lucy Jones
David Jugnarain
Narjis Zahra Khan
Charles Yuan-Hui Lo
Matthias Kresser
Kim Nikolaus Leuch
Executive LLM
Martin Chun Ngai Li
Yiu Yeung Adrian Lo
Matteo Mirrione
Vincent Robert Johnson
Stephanie Clare Needleman
Lewis Owen
Miguel Filipe Stokes
Keep Ying Joey Pang
Amy Catherine Petersen
Executive MSc in Behavioural Science
Nicholas Michael Petrie
Ioana Popovici
Francisco Jose Quintana
Roeland Donckers
Natasha Naomi Reurts
Pooja Rawat
Michael Salib
Matthias Schelkens
Zeina Afif
Alex Haydn Shellum
John Cronin
Alexia Nadia Staker
Pathmanathan Govender
Rachael Claire Taylor
Harry Edward Peacham
Ioanna Tsotsa
Kate Barbara Benbow Wessels
Bruno Vanden Berghe
David Weber
Executive MSc in Political Economy of
Marcus Weiler
Ian Hok Cheung Yeung
Jan Jacek Zeber
Julie Jung Min Chevaillier
Khanlar Aghalarov
Jana Malacova
Alejandro Agredano Zermeno
Ben Marshall
Fraser James Alcorn
Vladimir Milev
Emira Al-Dimashki
Emily Hanna Al-Hudairi
Brahim El-Azzouzi
Milena Angelova
Xiang Ao
Master of Laws
Kardelen Nazli Aran
Sigurdur Kari Arnason
Ilaria Arnavas
Fatima  Joy Adeniran
Ani Atoyan
Khawaja Muhammad Akbar
Tsz Chun Edwin Au
Camilla Frances Alonzo
Christoph Badenheim
Zoe Ryann Bantleman
Sofia Bekkali
Cillian Bracken
Filippo Benintendi
Rebecca Curwin
Rhushub Bidd
Thomas Dean
Lydia Bitsakou
Roxane Marie-Charlotte Delmas
Yanis Boudinar
Ariane Cecile Denise Dulcire
Alix Braun
Lucia Dulovicova
Charlette Anne Marie Bunn
Ahmet Bahadir Erkan
Sophie Hélène Marie Catherine Carton De Tournai
Sven David Fischer
Daniela Gloria Castillo Alegría
Richard Mark Flanagan
Nicola Beatrice Cavey
Robert Foley
Sofie Chandra
Carla Goncalves Lobato
Xingyun Chen
Marie Guenter
Seraphina Shujun Chew
Sanna Maarit Huotari
Edward Richard Chin
I 98 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Kirati Chockcanapitak
Tuchakorn Kitcharoen
Haejin Choo
Shinichi Kojima
Huseyin Bahadir Colak
Maria Kyrkousi
Michael Colarossi
Max Lakey
Julia Maria Czaplinska
Abel Chi Hang Lam
Marianne Dagenais-Lesperance
Wing Yan Lam
Dalia Damanhouri
Flavia Andrea Lamarre
Thiebout De Cuyper
Marie Lucienne Monique Lambert
Daniele De Giorgi
Jean-Francois Landry
Alexia Marie Bénédicte De Vaucleroy
Marion Lapage
Maria Demina
Ana Lapiedra Carmona
Rima Desai
Moteleola Olayemi Lasode
Lina Maria Diaz Vera
Théodore Laurent De Rummel
Ameer Hamza Dogar
Siu Hin Law
Daniel Dominguez Palomo
Ajibola Sodiq Lawal
Tina Doychinova Doncheva
Lara Alice Marie India Levet
Raphael Paul Michel Dumoutet
Kristy Sisi Li
Chinelo Ndidi Duru
Ye Li
Clara Louise Ehlers
Grace Angella Lindo
Farheen Faqui-Dawood
Chu Wen Cindy Ling
Alexandra Marie Felchlin
Yuan Liu
Yewei Feng
Audrey Jane Lynch
Gisela Alejandra Ferrari
Chun Keung Mak
Griffith Paul Ferris
Winston Kah-Soon Man
Elise, Alice, Pauline Flecher
Yuk Kin Man
Scott Jacob Robertson Forman
Esteban Martinez Mejia
Charlotte Marie Formont
Theodora Mavromati
Fernando Galeano Granados
Allison Susan Mcclelland
Natalia Gallardo Garrath
Emile Tihomiroff Mcharsky-Todoroff
Payoja Ashesh Gandhi
Samantha Anne Mcmanus
Yiqing Gao
Anmol Dutt Mehta
Siqi Geng
Mady Meiners
Stamatia Gianneski
Roberto Merola Martinez
Danny Grajales Perez Y Soto
Santiago Alberto Miramon
Osman Gazi Gucluturk
Mehfuz Basar Mollah
Yavuz Selim Günay
Faustine Martin Montel
Joel David Hankinson
Maria De Los Angeles De Guadalupe Morales Gon-
Kristiyana Hart
Anna-Lena Hildebrand
Marina Möritz
Bryan William Hollmann
Max Muenchmeyer
Bei Huang
Quentin Olivier Julien Muron
Liqian Huang
Vaidehi Naik
Mary Aurelia Husser
Franjo Nakic
Shunsuke Inoue
Pamela Serina Nantogmah
Abdul Hasib Bin Ishak
Minh Quang Nguyen
Satoshi Izumihara
Laura Nunes Vicente
Nora Jaber
Christian Oberkersch
Shameek Oopuddhye Jankee
Barry Aodhan O'Fiacháin
Srilekha Sita Yasodhara Jayanthi
Charoongsiri Palanitisena
Amber Jeral
Lorenzo Panci
Rhishabh Jetley
Charlotte Lisette Panhuyzen
Gaukur Jorundsson
Georgiana Panteli
Jakub Jost
Tomas Ignacio Pascual Ricke
Koji Kameda
Juan Sebastian Peredo Bernal
Yuta Kanasaki
Heather Maria Pires
Georgia Ilianna Karamani
Pawel Marek Pokorski
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 99 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Titaporn Pongpairoj
Ingy Ahmed Abdelraouf Ali
Luxsanari Prasertsom
Asaiel Ahmed A Alohaly
Dhivya Rajandran
Julio Rodrigo Alvarez Ortega
Niyapunn Rattanavongsri
Monika Wiktoria Auguscik
Graham Reynolds
Sharmin Baldawala
Martha Isabel Rocha Gonzalez
Ilse Bolaños Arteaga
Matias Rodriguez Burr
Asni Binti Che Abd Aziz
Laura Rosseel
Lin Chen
Roman Roussel
Zishan Deng
Anusith Sangnimnuan
Jialu Di
Alsarif Satti
Antoine Paul Jérôme Dufrane
Eirini Savvati
Jiayi Feng
Nico Schröter
María Sagrario Fernández Rupérez
Simon Schwager
Karoline Hovda
Fabrizia Serafim
Phatuthip Jaismut
Louise Marie Sharkey
Nadir Khalil
Surabhi Shekhawat
Tereza Kureckova
Juan Francisco Simone
Kavian Majid Lahooti
Pattariya Sinthawachiwa
Siriporn Laosomboon
Giulia Socci
Yiwen Li
Molthida Songcharoen
Xuanhan Liu
Efpraxia Stathaki
Cesar Augusto Molina Leguia
Taylor Alexander Steele
Ewaen Mariam Osagie
Rocco Steffenoni
Jia Quan
Miriam Stienhans
Paphichaya Ratanagraisri
Oskar Valentin Sundelin
Sneha Raviprakash
Haley Sylvester
Diego Rafael Reyna Garcia
Huixi Tan
Avneesh Kumar Upadhyay
Marie Isabelle Geraldine Tancre
Simona Valkova
Lu Tang
Wanlin Wu
Nattanan Tangsakul
Sarah Jane Wylie
Kobkul Trakulkoed
Yuan Yao
Frederik Konstantin Uller
Ju Yoon
Muhammad Usman
Rui Zhang
Georgia Vathi
Jack-Robert A T Verbruggen
Master of Laws (extended part-time
Navina Vijaysegaran
Tommaso Vinci
Maria Federica Vons
Dimitra Vytogianni
Benedict John Anstey
Lining Wang
Ziyu Wang
MRes in Anthropology
Peter Kien Long Wat
Christopher Webb
Daniel Peter Chomley Wiseman
Clayton Charles Goodgame
Christina Wolf
Kai Ting Wong
Miguel Luis Alcalde
Lo Yiu Wong
Sandhya Irina Fuchs
Yingyan Wu
Luis Carlos Garcia Briceno
Zhengxing Xiao
Anishka Gheewala Lohiya
Xinhui Xu
Nicholas Osborn
Yang Ye
Michael John Taylor
Lei Zhang
Connor Jordan Watt
Yuping Zhang
Danfeng Liu
Suleman Ahmed
I 100 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
MRes in Finance (Route 1)
Daniel Owusu Acheampong
Charlotte Louise Sardeson
Alice N'Deye Tall
Fabrizio Core
Marijana Tubic
Agnese Carella
Naufiku Paulina Ndahafa Hamunime
David Johannes Haller
Louisa Richard Mariki
Fewstancia Munyaradzi
MRes in International Development
MSc in Anthropology and Development
Allison Lee Benson Hernandez
Guoer Liu
Myriam Amri
Michael Mutiso Mbate
Marios Marko Falaris
Daniel Nicolai Schulz
Vishala Ramswami
Kara Amber Blackmore
Geneviève Marcelle Michelle Cartilier
Max Gallien
Natasha Koverola Commissiong
Konstantinos Myrodias
Gangsim Eom
Benjamin Horne
MRes in Political Science
David Jonas
Charlotte Dominique Chini Ramble
Vani Sreekanta
Elisa Cencig
Sou-Jie Melissa Van Brunnersum
Rohan Fergus Harley Green
Giulio Lisi
Shweta Mukund Dabholkar
Kaveh Faraj Pourvand
Elena Codruta Pupaza
MSc in Anthropology and Development
Jan Stuckatz
Francesca Angela Boldrini
Mcdonald Lewanika
Natalia Guidorzi
Shahin Nasiri
Lindsey Michelle Hurtle
James Alexander Yarde
Thea Louise Jung
Megan Mcdermott
Selina Hofstetter
Sonia Rehmani
Donald Klaus Wilhelm Sandmann
MRes in Quantitative Economic History
Tinashe Julius Zimani
Xiaojie Jin
Chung-Tang Cheng
Mariam Hussain Mehdi
Paola Pizzoli
MSc in African Development
MSc in Applicable Mathematics
Awab Ahmed Elmesbah Ali
James Peter Montanana
Dan Aharoni
Lonneke Sophia Noteboom
Elijo Bylykbashi
Beatrice Othol
Faizal Ahmad Mohamed Farook
Sze Hou Leh
Hussein Murtaza Alloo
Alexander Ishi Zeo Mol
Harry Ceredig Dorrance-King
Jessica Laurette Ryan
Jayla Amani Johnson
Jacob Sayer
Sandra Kajuju Kiogora
Christopher Paul Stapenhurst
Nyaguthii Maina
Jan Toczynski
Olenka Ntungane
Rafael Veiel
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 101 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Darren Stephen Gill
Mariah Rose Eble
Megan Charlotte Groth
Nan Kang
Nayab Gohar Jan
Alfonso Tomas Montes
Tiffany Frances Lam
Marta Pawinska
Nabeela Seemi Malik
Alfred Daniel Richmond
Tarik Basil Said Mufti
Martyna Malgorzata Sikora
Helena Monteiro Oliveira
Dimitri William Thomson
Mehran Qureshi
Surannit Sureen Chit Sop Chit
Nevin Varghese Abraham
Ana Villarreal Anzaldo
Lucas Leung Bong Chan
Maria Da Costa
Cristian Gerardo Gil Sánchez
Bethany Grace Fox
Sanjeevani Rao
Tengfei Li
María Elena Rioseco Zenteno
Lucy Catherine Nolan
Christian Marc Pelissier
MSc in Comparative Politics
Jingwen Song
Judy Wang
Yibo Xu
Omar Abdelhamid Hussein Talaat Elzoheiry
Max Kiefel
MSc in China in Comparative Perspective
Chelsea Nguyen
Emilia Patino Anaya
Radha Sarkar
Benjamin Allen Bissell
Emily Taylor Strickland
Theresa Katharina Krause
Alexander Wilhelm Von Koskull
Angel Nikolaev Naydenov
Lena Sophie Mariann Von Schorlemer
Yicheng Wang
Ekawut Weskosith
Elias Rafael Zelger
Alicia Junyi Chen Luo
Yuliana Dementyeva
Adebodun Joseph Oluwaloni Adewunmi
Gabrielle Zhang Mo Dumont
Gal Barnea
Samuel Duval
Diego Bermudez Alvarez
Kexin Fu
Klaudia Borysiak
Wing Yan Julian Luk
Guido Castellani
Harris Minihan
Xuanjin Chen
Qianchi Yang
Julia Rose Cole
Runhua Zhao
Beatriz Maria Velasco De Los Mozos
Thea Hellenes Ekre
Yichi Guo
Caroline Rose Federal
Ruilin Li
Kelly Ann Frevele
Jelena Mnacakanjan
Avital Friedman
Krit Muangsiri
Antoine Paul Anne Grosjean
Nikhil Patel
Sebastian Paul Charles Guterres
Jiansi Xie
Qi Zhu
Mathieu Harnois-Blouin
Edward Daniel Jackson
MSc in City Design and Social Science
Qingjia Jiang
Ryan James Kelly
Usama Khilji
Daphne Jia Yin Lee
Mikhail Khutbeev
Heather Nicole Zaccaro
Anam Siddiq Kuraishi
Yee Wing Law
Francis Drake Aguillard
Hannah Anae Elena Le Gendre
Yik Tung Elton Chan
Margherita Mazzucconi
Alejandra De La Mora Maurer
Joseph Macklin Mceachin
Caroline Maria Irene Freisfeld
Carlos Monroy Villalobos
I 102 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Maria Ismaela Murgia
Bagnur Karbozova
Kushboo Jain Nirmalkumar Ghosal
Neivean Fayez Latif
Ismail Noyan
Ingeborg Laugerud
Cassidy Pearl
Giulia Matassa
Evelyn Seidler
Yosuke Nagai
Abdulkareem Sheraif
Fanny Nicolaisen
Malvika Singh
Shreya Paudel
Sofie Eikeland Skodvin
Romy Tahiana Petit
Jack Charles Stevens
David Rutter
Conor James Temple
Marie Sandnes
Victor Clement Joseph Tricaud
Blandine Perrine Marie-Philippine Sixdenier
Jhanvi Tripathi
Maïa Tahiri
Hannah-Sophie Wahle
Julia Martine Teixeira
Renee Williams
Ciara Vancour
Lok Yung Nora Wong
Takayuki Yamamoto
Margaret Katherine Locker
Camille Zanni
Ying Zhao
MSc in Criminal Justice Policy
Bader Aziz R M Kh Aldehani
Antian Huang
Charlotte Ursula Browning
Shresht Jain
Andrea Jane Coady
Eleni Athina Kacher
Leona Nicole Robinson
Paul Alexander Kenney
Seo Young Lee
Natalie Atkinson
Christopher Robert Laurence Morahan
Emily Elizabeth Brown
Jonelle Naude
Janet Jessica Daby
Advait Rao Palepu
Lars-Hendrik Greiwe
Kevin Sivaraj R C Muthi
Matthew Kanawaty
Mingqiao Zhao
Katherine Elise Leidel
Erica Jacqueline Licht
MSc in Conflict Studies
Emma Mcnulty
Daniella Monteith-Acheapong
Alice Nicole Moscicki
Alex Graeme Barnes
Rachel Rix
Jordan Bellquist
Sierra Jennifer Saunders
Marika Ella Virginia Brewitz
Inqilab Shahbazov
Gorkem Dirik
Rieko Shirado
Megan Erickson
Alexandra Smith
Harriet Gruen
Karen Schouw Iversen
Ming Lam Choi
Vanessa Monico
Samantha Kaltsa
Vicky Louise Ramsden
Cheuk Hei Lau
Rachel Wuhrmann
Matthew John Zelina
MSc in Culture and Society
Alexandra Wende Deblock
Marius Peder Djupedal
Sherelle Shantel Davids
Pieter-Jan Dockx
Francisco Javier Figueroa Cerda
Ayse Nur Dok
Jasmina Gavrankapetanovic-Redzic
Nina Andrea Egger
Zofia Katarzyna Sztykowski
Leonard Fried
Elsa Tamara Van Latum
Cole Gibson
Lucy Wood
Soumya Gowda
Matthew Evan Halman
Ana Blloshmi
Lucas Harrigan
Awa Farah
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 103 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Bingbin Han
Hope Kyarisiima
Helen Ho
Jorge Ricardo Lezcano Cadwallader
Wai In Lam
Giannis Mavrogiorgis
Georgia Rose Victoria Langley
Aaron Mweu Munzaa
Antonina Opolska
Andria Nadiradze
Shiyun Qiu
Ahmad Mustafa Nassery
Sarah Mei Wang
Anica Nerlich
Yujia Wang
Leah Alexandra Melcher Newman
Duncan Nyagah Njue
Yuru Cheng
Gabriela Nowalski Nagel
Robert Hall
Katherine Marie Nunner
Da Hee Sohn
Ronald Reagan Ocan
Alina Tiits
Yoshiki Ogiwara
Xinyi Wang
Laetitia Erika Baptistine Pancrazi
Van Thi Hai Phan
MSc in Development Management
Thomas Pieper
Shalini Rajan
Brooks Alexander Reed
Konstantin Born
Marco Rovagnati
Mahmoud El-Ghannam
Alina Ryzhonkova
Billie Madeleine Nhung Elmqvist Thuren
Stefanie Sanches
Josianne Galea Baron
Magnus Stenvag Sandberg
Kora-Lee Holmes
Riya Saxena
Carla Rhode
Jasna Selih Podboj
Janosz Mirco Schaefer
Ronald Seruyombya
Marta Schmidt
Sharifah Sofia Syed Mokhtar Shah
Milou Elise Vanmulken
Michiru Toda
Louisa Elise Tomar
Fang A
Jose Alejandro Torres Gomez
Yasmeen Abu-Taleb
Johanna Van Den Berg
Silky Agrawal
Sabine Jasmin Walther
Altaf B S S A Almadhyan
Carolyne Wanjiru Waraga
Priyanka Rajesh Bijlani
Ahmed Zaqout
Leo Harry Chandler
Rumbidzai Zinyemba
Yan Chen
Minqi Cheng
Marcela Capaja
Josefhine Chitra
Renata Dias Barbosa
Leonardo Cini
Rodrigo Dos Santos Mota
Celia Maria Grazia Francoise Cossu
Turan Eldarova
Jennifer Dahlin Ivarsson
Laura Melissa Guevara Hernandez
Brieuc De Lamotte
Oluwatobiloba Boluwatife Jaiyesimi
Michele Delera
James Alexis Lambert
Emily Barrows Dillon
Lekan Olubodun
Lateefat Durosinmi-Etti
George Asante Owusu
Hippolyte Hugo Thomas Fouque
Kathryn Amelia Mulvaney Pitcher
William Rémy Guicheney
Lara Sibinelli
Selina Gusenbauer
Nelson Ssenyonjo
Megumi Hara
Andrew De Leon Hassan
MSc in Development Studies
Noha Hassan
Ariane Sara Heffinck
Carolin Sophie Hohenegger
Florencia Micaela Caro Sachetti
Marte Jorgine Hurlen
Leah Crowther
Tehniyat Nadir Ijaz
Momina Idrees
Ellinor Jensrud
Jorge Lajos Lajos Kossuth Cabrejos
Ayub Kiranda
Yee Chong Jonathan Neo
I 104 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Camilla Achieng Omollo
Dena Mohamed Mamdouh Ahmed Zaki
Marileen Siebert
Muyun Zhang
Abdul-Wadudu Adam Mohammed
Adoma Afful-Kwaw
Khalid Osman Mahgoub Ahmed
Pablo Aguilera Del Castillo
Leonie Naa Kai Akofio-Sowah
Stephanie Charloa Cassidy
Yesira Alhassan Alolo
Xu Gong
Carmela Tereza Alves Fonseca
Ropafadzo Catherine Maweni
Patricia Maria Antunes
Radhika Mitra
Elena Armas Suarez
Lyndon Mukasa
Fizza Bangash
Colette Zoe Bebee
MSc in Development Studies (Research)
Anshuman Bhargava
Theresa Carthy
Benjamin James John Cooper
Christina Marie Manning
Catherine Elizabeth Courtenay-Barratt
Claire Claudine Genevieve Daum
MSc in Economic History
Oliver Davies
Valerie Johanna Cornelia De Koeijer
Nora Amoakoa Nana Akua Dei-Anang
Jack William Allen
Carl Morrison Ferry
Sebastian Benesch
Ariella Mihi Fish
Samuel Brandom
Oliver Hadfield
Jonathan Lok-Yin Cheung
Betty Hautbout
Shyam Desai
Isabel Alice Hull
Pierre Daniel Jean Hollegien
Anna Jernova
Shreyas Pandit
Roshan Yamna Khalid
Theophile Andre Gerard Marie Pouget-Abadie
Zahra Khan
Merete Lene Jane Poulsen
Johannes Michael Kraus
Jeremy Hugh Punnett
Susan Poni Lado
Amy Regan
Jihye Lee
Kevin Rodgers
Rolf Lienekogel
Nathalie Julia Lindh
Victoria Adams
Meredith Lee Mackenzie
Ruhell Amin
Marianne Helene Maennlein
Nicola Bilotta
Maria Luz Martinez Sola
Robert Butler
Austin Barclay Mccullough
Emerson Ponce De Leon Davis
Hector Camilo Morales Muñoz
Michael John Devine
Angela Njoki Ndiho
Viktor Richard Dietrich
Tanga Jenkins Obbo
Adrian Nicholas Gachet Racines
Mustafa Abdirahman Omar
Georgina Clementine Tinton Green
Mal Osmani
James Jessop
Maria Victoria Pugnali
Fatima Jamal Khan
Redwan B. Rokon
Filip Krivokapic
Juhopekka Rouhiainen
Aedrea-Anne Mcclure
Anna Carolina Runeberg
Catherine Julia Mclaughlin
Nikita Shehani Marina Samaratunga
Lucas Henrik Benjamin Noetges
Rachel So
Alexander Robert Peake
Aleksandar Stojanov
Cheng Qian
Hilal Tekmen
Philip Rauber
Juliet Edith Thompson
Hugh Sheldon
Ana Úngari Dal Fabbro
Pietro Solaro
Jasmine Mireia Vallve
Jonathan Jen Tzen Tho
Justin Villamil
Samuli Hermanni Voltti
Laura Christina Webb
Di Yang
Trevor White
Jillian Elyse Zook
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 105 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Samantha Asbury
Omodara Ekwa Bolanle Olariyike Adigun-Boaye
Roxana Mariel Cañedo Roca
Anastasios Christofi
Andreas Dirk Grueter
Joseph Clemmow
Lilin Li
Qilei Fang
Yu Lu
Emiljan Gega
Alba  Carolina Melchor Simon
Zixiao Ji
Iga Jozefina Pilewska
Christian Koch
Elizaveta Pukhova
Frederik Jan Lambert Laevens
Kelsey Rose
Yuhan Liu
Pieter Francies Snijders
Gauthier Marc Louis Robinet
Astrid Josee Miriam Vancraeyenest
Huiwen Wu
MSc in Economic History (Research)
Badr Berrada
Xingyu Fan
Jennifer Koehler
Yubing Shen
Joost Jacob Le Blansch
Sebastian Schoettler
MSc in Empires, Colonialism and 
Amal Shahid
Daniel Esteban Baquero Mendez
Omer Raphael Bor
A H Behne
Mauricio Jose Canals
Stephanie Leila Cooke
Thea Denise Don-Siemion
Scott Gibson
Georgette Alejandra Fernandez Laris
Aleksandra Katarzyna Komornicka
Yisong Li
Rebecca Christine Lawrence
Vincent Rouven Lindner
Anne Lindsey Meeker
Ivan Jose De Jesus Luzardo Luna
Kenneth Ross
Thomas Adam Wilkinson
Rhys Glyn Llwyd Williams
Rishika Yadav
MSc in Economics and Philosophy
Maximiliano Eduardo Foncillas Graf Von Sponeck
Jasper Jay Heeks
Zuher Jazmati
David Henry Coombs
Isobel Patricia Jones
Martin Kabrt
Istvan Kerekes
Malte Welling
Eunjin Kim
Amir Mehdi
Alexandre Francois Benoit Jean Cailleteau
Guy Philip Campbell Scott
Andrea Gorga
Harpriya Singh
Anna Sofia Kristina Hernnäs
Rachel Ann Way
Felipe Andrés Mendoza Solar
Monu Zhan
Elias Neuendorf
Alexander Sacharow
Tasmin Akbar
Alexander Schätzel
Syahrain Binti Johan
Killian Sean Troy-O' Donovan
Mitsuo Ozaki
Virgilio Urbina Lazardi
Andrea Jean Sutterfield
Pujan Nimesh Modi
MSc in Environment and Development
MSc in Economy, Risk and Society
Timothy Alexander Cozins
Morten Rødgaard-Hansen
Bernardo Machado Esteves
Laura Elizabeth Picot
Felipe Ignacio Araneda Avila
Benedict Sebastian Probst
I 106 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Wangnan Zhou
Zaineb Abidally Akbarally
Yuewen Zhuo
Narjes Abdulelah Ali Bukannan
Sandra Veronica Carrillo Hoyos
Susanna Gionfra
Neha Chakravarty
Jingyi Gu
Min Chen
Shadnaz Khan
Alexandra Elisabeth Foote
Isabell Kiener
Mary Taeyeon Hahm
Qinxin Yuan
Zachary Olang' Mikwa
Dan Zheng
Kyle Thomas Morales
Nadia Papasidero
MSc in Environmental Policy and 
Dario Piselli
Laura Skove
Harriet Alice Taberner
Pablo Ernesto Tapia Ortega
Caroline Sejer Damgaard
Sophie Charlotte Von Loeben
Pauline Op De Beeck
Richard Parfett
Fatima Fuad Azeem
Simon Pickstone
Freya Anna Buck-Emden
Maria Andrea Camponovo
Shinnola Shernai Alexander
Ambra Fusaro
Rhea Dabas
Muhammed Sajjadul Haque
Eleonore Eugenie Devillepoix
Lewis Hicks-Pattison
Alexandra Thi Kim Mai Duong
Julia Kathryn Hodgkinson
Jorg Tobias Fell
Gina Karina
Maria Del Carmen Garcia Espinosa
Hyejin Ko
Anisha Teresa George
Jihyun Lee
Jesse Ariel Germanow
Thandeka Thokozile Mhlantla
Frederic John Hoffmann
Raquel Antonia Solomon
Arden Schuyler Holderby
Yujie Wang
Korinna Julia Jorling
Pei Xuan Tamaryn Kong
MSc in Environmental Economics and 
Miika Johannes Korja
Climate Change
Paula Helena Kovari
Carola Jian Ping Kuklinski
Camille Lancesseur
Marius Menth Andersen
Krista Helmi Eliisa Lankela
Benjamin Wilhelm Arold
Raphael Lefebvre
Julie Johnsen
Maria Caterina Migliorero
David Kampmann
Jennifer Muller
Julia Del Carmen Naime Sanchez Henkel
Maria Jose Nieto
Dora Radosevic
Lana Laura Ollier
Lisanne Geertje Francina Van Wijngaarden
Lori O'Neill
Victoria Pelka
Zarrina Abdulalieva
Anais Rivalier
Come Pascal Billard
Luisa Santos Sette Camara Moreira
Alexandra Doyle
Gayaneh Shahbazian
Simay Erdogan
Rachel Lalanne Silbert
Mariella Goebl
Guillermo Beneduce Van Cruysen
Laura Heidecke
Grant David John Viljoen
Xueyue Hu
Yuchen Yang
Sangita Keshavan
Sejal Patel
Kelly Jo Kramer
Rachel Charlotte Schunith Pekker
Michelle Ping Li
Sarah Pettem
Parvathi Preethan
Michael Kevin Tanner
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 107 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
MSc in EU Politics
Louis Beaudouin
Fabiana Maria Giorgi
Ozlem Okuyucu
Julien Dumont
Thomas Joseph John Romain
Eugenio Frisetti Carpani
Olivia Schuetz
Philip Maria Graefen
Petur Gunnarsson
MSc in European Studies: Ideas and 
Paula Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik
Identities (LSE and Sciences Po)
Wiebke Junge
Mireia Quingles
Diane Aurelie Geraldine Bolet
Diane Aurelie Geraldine Bolet
Nicola Gabrielle Eileen Andrews
Hadrien Jean Sébastien Bajolle
Ted Daniel Apter
Myriam Selma Castello
Sophie Barthel
Victor Coulais Steinberg
Fabio Battaglia
Ségolène De Foucaud
Simona Georgiana Bitianu
Guillaume Delacroix
Laura Neerup Breio
Ariane Forgues
Roberta Brumana
Francesca Bucchi
Leo Wilkinson
Astrid Charlotte Caloren-Bielz
Emily Carver
MSc in European Studies (Research)
Christopher Nicholas Cmoch
Gabriel Coupeau
Jeffrey John Cross
Margherita Galassini
Sila Demirok
Luisa Katharina Dohmann
MSc in European Studies: Ideas and
Elma Durdevic
Ahmet Cemal Erturk
Alienor Mathilde Axelle Fagette
Nurettin Cemil Gokpinar
Leah Selig Chauhan
Sarah Katharina Johanna Jung
Julian Beniamin Kamasa
Luca Nardini
Arvin Nari Khanchandani
Manousos Koumpoulas
MSc in European Studies: Ideas,
Eva Marcen Cruz
Ideologies and Identities
Alice Maria Mihalache
Robert Nathaniel Miller
Daniel Paul Millward
Hana Samieh Ahmed Abdelrahman Amer
Anja Modec
Clara Arielle Boissenin
Katrin Moegele
Junyan Chen
Daniel Muck
Haoye Deng
Klark James Mullen
Margaux Louise Pauline Deplanche
Artur Mundil
Enea Desideri
Albina Paloi
Camille Elise Dobler
Louis Petros
Katarina Ivesic
Regont Pula
Eliska Naegele
Maria Rabanser
Bahar Ayça Okçuoglu
Paul Guillaume Jean Schmite
Emmeline Reed
Elizabeth Kent Stratton
Kevin Oliver Sachs
Peter Kirilov Tzonev
Steven Weiss Samols
Thomas Peter Jorge Van Den Bossche
Szilvia Veres
Beatrice Marie Charlotte Veyrat-Masson
Yael Avidan
Derya Yagmur Bayraktar
I 108 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
MSc in European Studies: Ideas,
Lauren Anne North
Ideologies and Identities 
Chanai Corinne Operanta
(LSE and Sciences Po)
Megan Dawn Raybould
Ivens Reis Reyner
Grace Alix Roman
Thomas Jacobus Franciscus Kerstens
Marion Philippa Sharples
Georgia Beatrice Skupinski
Alessia Mora
Sangita Thebe Limbu
Céline Marie Odile Thomas
MSc in Gender
Paula Jiao Jiao Williamson
Susanna Sandra Helena Larsson
Giulia Giacometti
Pavithra Nandanan Menon
Sadie Elizabeth Hale
Ella Taylor
MSc in Gender, Media and Culture
Leonie Pascale Taylor
Verena Andrea Wetzel
Lena Marie Betker
Annie May Patricia Byrne Noonan
Rebecca Blaine Carper
Elaine Chong
Roy Abiola Oluwagbenga Ogunleye Celaire
Lisa Fratini
Rose Ellen Derricourt
Kris Elaine Heiby
Richard Paul Mcdonald
Shiyue Huang
Alejandra Padilla Padilla
Rosanna Grace Hutchings
Fu-Chun Yu
Roshni Jaura
Nour Jane Kachicho
MSc in Gender (Research)
Kaylah Kleczka
Diana Marie Lozano
Ruiying Qian
Xu Yan
Suzannah Rae Rogan
Aline Ines Acevedo Katagiri Ito
Prakriti Gupta
Maria Ignacia De La Paz Banda Carcamo
MSc in Gender, Policy and Inequalities
MSc in Gender, Development and 

Tomas Ignacio Ojeda Güemes
Tatiana Katya Cary
Zaimal Azad
Victoria Marie Page
Anne Marie Curie
Sonya Sangster
Francesca El Asmar
Dana Katherine Vigran
Kitty Hendrika Bellamy Gardner
Megan Hector
Mitsue Akiba
Eunhye Lee
Debora Albu
Katie Mcmurchy
Panagiota Bizoumi
Honor Mishcon
Hannah Lee Candee
Amar Nijhawan
Eshan Chan
Noelle Elizabeth Spencer
Fanny Goterfelt
Kristin Theresa Trapp
Ayushmita Hazarika
Elisabeth Margarete Zettl
Salonie Muralidhara Hiriyur
Keely Susan Honeywill
Arti Lad
Katherine Laurence
Alessandra Maffettone
Luja Mathema
Alexandria Suseela Mccarthy
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 109 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
MSc in Global Health
Taylor Foshee
Lauren Grainne Ging
Stephanie Guo
Saara Maryam Akhtar
Oscar Howard Vere Isham
Calum Stephen Clark
Regula Franziska Meng
Mariam Hakim
Katherine Elizabeth Muther Gilmore
Seema Kapoor
Jessica Alani Smit
Vishal Khetpal
Si Eun Kwon
Ana Victoria Borja Espinosa
Steven Ma
Cathrine Tian-Mei Cheung
Axel-Konstantin Marko
Joel Whitcomb Colony
Yazmine Mazon
Clelia Marie Compas
Alexandra Taylor Mcmanus
Andreas Demetriou
Pedro Jesus Molleda Claverie
Vlaho Dragic
Ruru Ping
Leena El-Refaey
Manjari Shankar
Laura Gagliardi
Reece Puya Soltani
Marta Björg Hermannsdóttir
Yasmin Teymourian
Clara Gabriela Hervas Lezcano
Aishling Thurow
Caroline Marie Renée Janiak
Pauliina Helena Vaehaeviita
Ariane Lisa Lienert
Rabab Wali
Samuel Andrew Mcgregor
Yezarni Wynn
Robert Brendan Mckinnis
Miriam Theresa Charlotte Zidane
Nhat Hong Nguyen
Matteo Passero
Arsalan Ullah Baig
Dionysios Alexandros Petropoulos
Savin Koc
Caitlin Ann Purdy
Eric Peng
Elliot Clavier Rau
Guohao Wang
Bettina Sophia Rehm
Wenyi Zhao
Flavy Sen Sharma
Hester Albertha Stoker
MSc in Global History
Marianne Strom
Elizabeth Jordan Tucker
Morgan Charles Wack
Anthony Peter Cockerill
Yitong Xu
Melissa Teresa Yrastorza-Daghman
Timothee Gaeremynck
Wai Hon Liu
Minoru Hoshina
Sean George Boyle
MSc in Global Politics 
(Global Civil Society)

MSc in Global History (Erasmus Mundus)
Hannah Slater
Barbara Buzeczki
Hee Chang Jung
MSc in Health Economics, Policy and 
Mascha Roth
Wakana Sato
Mitja Vivian Schulz
Yina Wu
Pieter Pieterse De Jager
Frances Anne Jenkins
MSc in Global Politics
Alexandra Desiree Jensen
Desmond Lucey
Sandra Nestler-Parr
Helle Boman Andresen
Catherine Therese Perrin
Charlotte Louise Badenoch
Merabi Chkhenkeli
Narayanan Govind Adaikappan
I 110 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Matteo Albrizio
Caroline Janet Mitchell
Naima Ansari
Murallitharan Munisamy
Carlos Hernando Arteaga Duarte
Emily Charlotte Newton
Theodoros Balasas
Yunita Nugrahani
Vladimir Valerievich Bezlyak
Ogonna Nwota Odi Nwankwo
Claudia Fabiola Brabata Gonzalez
Sarah Rachel Olver
Minxian Congé
Adrian Paul Jaravata Rabe
Chika Christabel Enweronu-Laryea
Zwesty Viera Putri Rimba
Rikke Frederiksen Franzen
Benjamin Rosen
Helen Anne Hardwick
Saman Rouhani
Emalie Hurkmans
Joseph Stephen Salama
Mark Richmond Inigo-Jones
Ritchie Sama
John Jacob
Ogusa Shibata
Jakub Kakietek
Victoria Lucy Simpkin
Brenda Wanjiku Kariuki
Emma Lucinda Anne Spencelayh
Christopher Karwetzky
Hua Hui Michelle Tan
Etienne Laine
Firdausi Umar Sadiq
Erica Louise Walsh Lester
Eric Petrus Martinus Verschuren
Ritesh Maharaj
Weiyu Wang
Terrence James Mcdonald
Shusuke Watanabe
Seth Procter Mcgovern
Emma Louise Wilson
Chinelo Ebele Onyekwelu
Dongling Xie
Andreas Rudkjøbing
Ekaterina Rykovanova
Ryutaro Aoki
Premila Rebecca Sattianayagam
Olaitan Bankole
Susan Spivey
Samuel Gonzalez Garcia
Karel Christiaan Frederik Stolper
Aditya Avnash Kaushik
Konstantinos Tzanidakis
Joseph Egre Nsor Nkang
William Wynn-Jones
Rhia Roy
Olu Sholagbade
Affy Ko-N'Do Degbe
Yaoling Wang
Miranda Germani
Salamatu Azara Ladi Yisa-Doko
Rebecca Nguyen
Kostas Nikolas
MSc in Health, Community and 
Panagiota Papaioannou
Ishvinder Kaur Paramjit Singh
Ali Seif Amir Hosseini
Laura Cecily Robson
MSc in Health Policy, Planning and 

MSc in Health, Population and Society
Chih-Yuan Cheng
Orsola Torrisi
Po-Han Huang
Emily Joy Shearer
Amelie Charlotte Druenkler
Yasmin Oak Edwards
Amy Abadir
Srobana Ghosh
Luke Byron-Davies
Arantxa Guillen Mendoza
Luis Calatrava Calleja
Daisy Katherine Latham
Wen-Yin Chen
Zihan Liu
Ana Djordjevic
Ekene Ijeoma Ojukwu
Christian Ehser
Jonathan Charles Walker
Marie Claire Harrisingh
Quincy Jones
Leilei Chen
Natasha Mbabazi
Freda Ntumba Katunda
Katherine Elizabeth Mcclain
Hunsun Min
Yurdhina Meilissa
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 111 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
MSc in History of International Relations
MSc in Human Geography and Urban
Studies (Research)

Molly Rae Avery
Alexander Vincent Beck
Tingting Fu
Rezo Bitsadze
Janice Chan
MSc in Human Resources and
Yoav Avraham Ginat
Organisations (Human Resource
Amy Elizabeth Goldsworthy
Joseph Andrew Stephen Hadwal
Christophoros Joseph
Shinji Kasuya
Jeffrey Kempler
Hui Mei Bon
Christopher James Mcnulty
Prof-Collins Ifeonu
Julia Northam Pasieka
Jie Liu
Jamie Alexander Dugald Roxborough
Kathryn Alice Skilling
Gero Wahrenburg
Olivia Morgan Skyaasen
Jesse Weinberg
Emily Grace Sykes
Theresa Marion Weissheimer
Kevin Almerini
Htut Arkar Win
Jeffrey Thomas Aubin
Stuart James Austin
Eleana Agrotou
Ming Canaday
Rana Saleh Altaf
Ismail Can Ceken
Atiya Arayaphong
Pauline De Reynal
Zahra Baig
Christine Dwulet
Sofya Burbasova
Alvaro Florez Diez
Qiqi Cai
Dimitra Iliadi
Rijuta Prashanti Chakravarti
Kaleem Ullah Khan
Irina Andreea Dascalu
Laraib Khan
Alkyoni Doulkeroglou
Sabrina Moslemin Khan
Chenguang Du
Eungseo Kim
Corina Elsa Fernandes
Hsin-Ping Lin
Gazal Godara
Lea Meyer
Maria Alejandra Guerra Alvarado
Scott Wilson Myres
Junjun He
Cameron Nelson
Mats Herman Hjelmtvedt
Alexander Rakitin
Candice Katherine Huang
Aliza Kara Rosenfelder
Reema Mahendra Joshi
Sebastian Shehadi
Antonios Kazouris
Huiling Su
Umair Ahmed Khalili
Salome Tulane
Fernanda Chiara Allegra Kuckertz
Moritz Alexander Vogl
Xiaoqian Li
Woolf Max Winborne
Thomas Charles Longden
Zhixian Lu
Marta Canga Roza
Stefania Alessandra Miro Quesada Ferreyros
Vasileia Filippidi
Sofia Moltke-Leth Varela
Karoline Follo
Altynay Nazarbay
Young Eun Jeong
Mary Angela Wambui Ng'Ethe
Yingying Lai
Maria Pappa
Christian Larisch
Stamatina Patmiou
Manakorn Mekprayoonthong
Yiying Qiao
Kazushi Tani
Thanaporn Rungruangtanaporn
Evelina Vulpe
Rosario Alejandra San Martin Benard
Smriti Sharma
Ying-Chu Shen
Rithika Sundaram
I 112 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Neethi Surendran
MSc in Human Resources and
Nutpicha Surintharaseree
Organisations (Organisational Behaviour)
I-Tzu Tsai
Lemeng Wang
Shuying Wang
Shannon Margaret Caron
Xueru Wang
Jordana Moser
Yue Wang
Hala Ghazi Raji Qubein
Rachel Elizabeth Wilks
Gina Marie Sandulo
Tiancheng Xu
Hannah Pauline Weisman
Yapu Yun
Jessy Alejandra Zumaeta Valenzuela
Lingxin Zheng
Yimeng Zhou
Sirui Che
Sarah Hain
Suravi Agarwal
Chu Han
Anupama Alagarsamy
Pei-Hsuan Ho
Raunak Bhandari
Hassan Javaid
James Butt
Omar Khan
Kyle Christensen
Theresa Elisabeth Maria Lang
Liangchen Jin
Federica Rossi
Pimchanok Khumwongdee
Maria Florencia Sapag Mendoza
Taiye Lawal
Eleonora Sette
Evangelia Zoi Mavraki
Maria Valles
Silvia Simaloi Tikani
Wenye Wu
Jeong Won Yoon
MSc in Human Resources and 
Organisations (International Employment 
Sera Kantel
Relations and Human Resource
MSc in Human Rights
Charlotte Elizabeth Daisy Baker
Stephanie Ying Xiu Tan
Philip Bracey
Katie Fallon
Deeksha Bhandari
Alexandra Funk
Estelle Chappert
Nicolo Maganza
Shubhankar Chaubey
Imogen Sophie Phillips
Sanya Dhruv Gera
Nada Wasim Raslan
Barbora Guobyte
Xin Huang
Noor Sari Asaad Ahmed Arar
Anna Kolesnikova
Gabrielle Alexandra Armstrong
Sai Liu
Farah Malika Bogani
Xinran Ma
Hannah Browne Gott
Aaina Mahajan
Gabriela Burdiles Perucci
Yuyan Miao
Yashasvi Chandra
Noora Maria Helene Nevala
Xiaojun Chen
Xing Zhan
Andre De Lima Madureira
Xiaoyi Zhang
Michaela Dowe-Stephenson
Clara Yee-Ling Fok
Olufunmilayo Rabiat Aboderin
Russel Kevin Harland
Manika Gaur
Ashley Paige Hobson-Garcia
Shreyash Johri
Maria Paula Hoyos Carrero
Cheng Pan
Niki Ignatiou
Sumaiya Ismail
Shakila Khan
Anneliese May Kleinschmidt
Michael Felix Lausberg
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 113 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Melissa Marie Lazaro
MSc in International Affairs (LSE and
Hyun Ju Lee
Peking University)
Marina Luise Lins Do Carmo
Kasumi Maeda
Sophie Moiton
Rodrigo Enrique Belaunde Vargas
Luisa Morandini
Giulia Garbagni
Elizabeth Toni Mucha
Manuel Frederik Holtmann
Salila Narataruksa
Jared Morgan Mckinney
Leila Nasr
Mai Nasrallah
Nicholas Allan Butts
Kim Alexander Nelson
Carl-Johan Thomas Carlstedt
Katherine Odukoya
Ruobing Fang
Tinotenda Gertrud Nomkita Orbon
Lara Grosso
Kevin Louis Orsini
Jinmyung Kim
Jennifer Quarti
Johann Osbakk
Lana N.M. Ramadan
Uh In Park
Ahva Sadeghi
Piera Regina
Deana Janin Safarini
Edoardo Tancioni
Jacqueline Rose Stein
Jikkie Grete Willemien Verlare
Paulina Tandiono
Jingwen Wang
Rachel Tang
Yanjie Yang
Hui Ying Tham
Qixi Zhang
Sophia Marie Underhill
Julia Zhu
Dylan Jaime Ungerman Sears
Margaret Wiggins
Ziou Lin
Sunny Liu
Nadine Aly
Giuditta Matilde Serafina Morandi
Sanghyp Cha
Kamran Jafarov
MSc in International Development and
Malkon Victor Sh. Marizian
Humanitarian Emergencies
Juliette Mouline
Shreya Mukherjee
Praewa Phongpetra
Myfanwy James
Bissan Salman
Tristan Lawrence Minihane
Yuntong Yang
Haruka Naito
Maria Margret Weigt-Bienzle
MSc in Inequalities and Social Science
Maria Lynn Wrabel
Nejat Abdurashid Abdella
Michael C George
Thomas Jack Aedy
Gabrielle Jane Harris
Leisha Beardmore
Hannah Mary Elizabeth Rich
Luis Humberto Benitez Gonzalez
Michael Mcstay Brodsky
Chiara Elena Cooper
Maija Linnea Butler
Lindsay Davis
Mery Paola Cardenas Collante
Magali Marie Perrine Duque
Aline Carruet
Emma Jones
Isabel Cobb
Elizabeth Claire Mann
Samantha Lynn Colvin
Gabriella Eva Monasso
Alexander Conesa-Pietscheck
Mark Rucci
Nicholas James Cotterill
Macarena De Jesus Sanchez Bachmann
Carlos Alberto Dorantes Andrade
Ana Cristina Santellanes Ruiz
Geoffrey Michael Faraday
Aziz Mohamed Sidky Aziz Sidky
Laura Fontana
Chiara Valpiana
Ewa Joanna Gheeraert
Laurie Wdowiak
Andrew Grimmer
Emma Maria Grylle
I 114 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Eliana Maureen Harrigan
Vlad Alexandru Mixich
Aisha Abubakar Ibrahim
Marc Parsons
Mercy Dorah Jelimo
Vanessa Santhakumar
Gulzina Karimova
Kam Suen Wong
Justine Kavanagh
Fan Wu
Shezane Kabura Wambui Kirubi
Saori Kodama
Kaeyun Park
Ellen Kyung Lee
Georgios Skordas
Agnieszka Maciejewska
Youcheng Zhang
Lauren Jane Mawdsley
Silvia Molinari
MSc in International Health Policy
Christopher John Murphy
(Health Economics)
Caroline Susannah Noland
Michael Nyongesa
Ebele Ifeyinwa Obi-Okoye
Eric Hong Wei Koh
Helixs Oroma
Andres Madriz Montero
Osmawani Binti Osman
Ian Nicholas Gregory Nason
Alicia Rioukhine
Anna Strampelli
Christina Choe Sexton
Inna Nicole Thalmann
Robert Slinn
Anupma Sud
Jane Isobel Cheatley
Annabelle Cathryn Wilmott
Sahan Alaka Jayawardana
Jieun Yeom
Rishub Keelara
Leena Noor Zahra
Dionysios Kyriopoulos
Viktorija Zdanoviciute
Hyeon-Ah Lee
Lyudmila Venelinova Marinova
Caroline Nduta Miringu
Mhairi Louise Mckenzie
Wiridiana Gabriela Potocka
MSc in International Employment 
Valeska Andrea Seguel Ravest
Relations and Human Resource 
Eleonora Skentzou
Jie Zheng
Sohini Banerjee
Xirong Song
Sadikshya Dulal
Maria Forcina
MSc in International Management
Christina-Maria Oxinou
Tommaso Francetti
MSc in International Health Policy
Louise Marie Anne Fribourg
Hedy Pui Ying Man
Julius Benedikt Mersmann
Lisa Klara Amelia Altmann-Richer
Andrea Lauren Richardson
Yunica Jiang
Jia Wen Teo
Marie-Therese Dorothea Julie Von Buttlar
Cynthia Blick
Ioana Bodea
Amar Altaf
Yang Chen
Jonathan Michael Nikodemus Baumann
Maneesha Chhikara
Hafez Bin Naimun Ashakli
Joanna Maria Diamantara
Vincent Cicile
Nicholas Fox
Maria Guzzoni
Asmaa Jamai-Ghazlani
Andrea Huang
Jahan Ara Karmali
Philipp Cajetan Koenig
Samantha Machen
Salome Martin Darras
Hélène Annick Maire
Alvise Martini
Timothy James Ming
Francesca Passudetti
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 115 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Martin Plavec
Sophia Allison Goldberg
Shushu Xiong
Simge Guzelel
Jit Wei Yap
Hana Hanifah
Haoyue Zhai
Julia Helfer
Chaofan Zhou
Isabelle Hermes
Yue Zhuo
Gamze Igrioglu
Muhammad Hassan Irshad
Alexandre Guy Humbert Bier
Florentin Philipp Kerschbaumer
Christopher Miess
Marianne Rabe Knaevelsrud
Camille Sophie Francoise Morel
Thomas Matthias Krueger
Ekaterina Pasyada
Riham Mansour
Yan Yang
Robert Matsick
Joshua Emanuel Mcandrew Mechler
MSc in International Migration and 
Petra Salome Merki
Public Policy
Lapatsavee Nilmanat
Hsu-Ting Niu
Jack Herbert William Norris
Margot Marie Charles
Jens Skancke Presthus
Katherine Derosa
Daniel Rebelo Alano
Helena Elisabet Landelius
Bradley Ryan Rotter
Giulia Orlandi
Michelle Elizabeth Ryan
Xiomari Belen Paredes Pazmino
Solveig Jacobsen Standal
Stina Fredrika Wassen
Dinara Tasmambetova
Weddy K Worjroh
Matteo Vidiri
Qianyun Wang
Illan Zary Laurent Acher
Courtney Anne Warren
Sofia Christensen
Ayse Yedekci
Alia Ahmed Hussain Hindawi
Petr Zelenka
Karin Josephine Karlsson
Eleanor Ruth Playfair
Aashna Agarwal
Plinio Antonio Ruiz Tejada
Lu Chen
Mathias Slettholm
Karen Ivette De La Concepcion Duran Torres
Philip Tangermann
Luchen Liu
Kara Elise Van Scoyoc
Xiaoxuan Luo
Agus Catur Aryanto Putro
MSc in International Political Economy
Alba Soriano Arnanz
Xinlan Tang
Antonio Verde
Seth Michael Goldman
Jonas White
Mindaugas Liutvinskas
Xiaoxue Zhu
Lauren Elizabeth Payne
Yannick Stiller
MSc in International Political Economy
Ben Michael Unterkofler
(LSE and Sciences Po)
Majed Almadhayyan
Rodrigo Alves Jafet
Margot Briole
Pooja Arora
Romain Thibaut Champetier
Artem Avetissyan
Kristina Londáková
Fundagül Baci
Andre Nakazawa
Aram Darakchian
Julio Cesar De Albuquerque Barros Viana
MSc in International Political Economy
Anthony Demetriou
Hannah Juliane Veronika Dimpker
Andreas Moritz Fabritius
Federico Maria Ferrara
Robin Hsieh
Shreya Ashu Goel
I 116 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Irene Konstantinos Avramidis
Emily Erin Lawrence
Nathan Louis Elie Bigaud
Ka Man Leung
Boryslav Brekhov
Maor Levin
David Ortan
Ross Philip Linden-Fraser
Nicole Saleh
Rachel Little
Neena Sethi
Carlo Emmanuel Fong Luy
Saloni Malhotra
Ying Xiong
Tessa Martin
Nicolas Alberto Mejia Riano
MSc in International Relations
Norzila Mohamad Fawzi
Grace Katherine Morrissey
Timothy Moyo
Malika Asthana
Per Magnus Blichfeldt Muren
Leo Barincou
Bhavya Durgesh Nandini
Camilla Beretta
Matthew Richard Oddy
Alice Elisabeth Courlander
Christopher John Odisho
Caroline Olivia Dunning
Emma Palios
Alexandra Vlada Dzero
Michael Paolucci
Alex Harris
Purav Patel
Isaac Thomas Holliss
Areesa Peerzada
Josh Howard
Irina Livia Peyer
Patrick James Kennedy Ingle
Andras Radnoti
Gregory Raleigh Jenkins
Lucrezia Raggio
Michael Livesey
Michael William Raven
Anna Nadibaidze
Pauline Juliette Rouillon
Mikael Hiberg Naghizadeh
Tanja Schweinberger
Ciara Elizabeth O'Sullivan
Mian Song
Patrick Pitts
Meruyert Syzdykbekova
Kevin Mark Ponniah
Lisa Marthe Ten Brinke
Harrison Peter Swinhoe
Falguni Tewari
Jonathan Kun Sid Tan
Carolin Wefer
Emilie Charlotte Maris Tant
Sophia Luiza Zaia
Maxwell Votey
James Gerard Wilken-Smith
Catherine Louisa Able-Thomas
Sara Fouad A Almohamadi
Anshika Agarwal
Mylene Virginie Alotto
Sungmin Ahn
Emmanuel Merissa Anna
Laura Katharina Bake
Valentina Aslani
Emily Marie Bayrachny
Gavin Neil Baird
Amel Butt
Hanae Bonet
Edward Geoffrey Callow
Leona Cantillon
Lauriane Helene Mathilde Chakowski
Abdulla Fathi
Wei Chen
Ashling Maura Gallagher
Nathan Collins
Yommi Hori
David Luca Cosolo
Hennashka Israni
Samuel Paul Dowzard
Maya Janik
Alexandra Georgia Egan
Ruya Kaya
Natalia Carolina Encalada Castillo
Jourie Abdallah Kolthoum
Matthew Philip Farrell
Constanza Paz Del Carmen Meneses Santa Cruz
Jai Aiden Galat-Retter
Vaishnavi Amol Mulay
Augustin Gosset
Jenifer Elizabeth Niedenthal
Bhavya Gupta
Lily Peñaranda Ferrufino
Robin Hering
Katarina Sikimic
Xueyi Jin
Antonio Vigil Saldana
Kenji Kokuho
Chao Lan Yang
Robin Alexander Kunst
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 117 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
MSc in International Relations (LSE and
Benjamin Christopher Hetzler
Sciences Po)
Brenna Kelly Henderson
Natalie Sarah Laifer
David William Luke
Manuel Adalberto Anzola
Alaa Murabit
Charles Alexander Hurst
Pauline Clotilde Françoise Vidal
Alastair Aitken
Frank Yvon Raymond Barbaro
Valentin Weber
Viktoria Beromelidze
Ilan Cohen
MSc in International Relations (Research)
Dirk-Jan De Vos
Marina Dracheva
Taikan Edahiro
Julia Ailis Doyle
James Emerson
Yuji Maeda
Timothy Ford
Elisa Teresa Schramm
Mahesh Kumar Joshi
Enrike Van Wingerden
Kamshat Kumisbay
Kamal Marchoudi
Divine Selase Kodzo Agbeti
Alberto Mina
Aldo Carone
Simon Morris
Matthew Mckerlie Klassen
Christina Myers
Arya Sofia Irina Meranto
Timothy Mark Toby O'Connor
Alen Shadunts
Martin Stephen John Payne
Sebastian Petric
MSc in International Relations Theory
Cherisse Esther Rao
Charles Ray
Elise Perla Steinberg
Amir Fleischmann
Mark Richard Sean Howard
Mohamed Al Harbi
Lilit Anna Klein
Paul Alexander
Madeline Rose Mcsherry
Aljohara Al-Jefairi
Isaac Alexander Mills
Kamal Iqbal Oglu Huseynov
Marie Marthe Dany Prum
Fernanda Loustaunau Rosas
Paul Oliver Margolis
Vanessa Di Matteo
Irina Martin
Matthias Distelkamp
Alistair Edward Ford
MSc in Law and Accounting
Paulis Grinhofs
Annie-Marie Katich
Daniel Xu Miller
Qing Hui Chiam
Anke Sophia Obendiek
Yifei Dong
Samuel Schlesinger
Maximilian Schmidl
Mayumi Shimura
Alexander Louis Thalis
Boyu Ai
Munatsi Ziumbe
Danielle Broadfoot
Danqing Chen
Veronica Leticia Bogarin Closs
Laurence Anthony Franklin Harris
Lizbeth America Cabral Hurtado
Sophia Andonova Hristova
Giuliana D'Amico
Nicholas Sau-Lun Hui
Athena Caitlyn Jetty Dupont
Haseeb Hussain
Sumin Kim
MSc in International Strategy and 
Wing Man Lam
Anna Margarete Gabriele Mcdowall
Chern Ron Ong
Jonghyuk Park
Liisa-Maija Harju
Milic Repa
I 118 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Junxi Shao
Yee Fong Lee
Lina Sukarieh
Rafael Leon Monedero
Kamini Suntherasegarun
Tudor Motreanu
Li Yu Tan
Merve Ozcan
Tiantian Wang
Ravi Parekh
Danli Zhuang
Jose Rodolfo Pfaffmann Fiori
Egle Pugaciauskaite
Mustafa Rafi Khan
Hadil Seklaoui
Hasan Shah
Aishwarya Lakshmi Singh
Tong Shen
Julia Suzanne Julia Tory
Xinyu Zhang
Elien Christine A Verstraeten
Kirsten Cornelia Winterfeld
MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society
Yuansheng Yang
Miquel Colomer
Laura Dominique Knopfel
Faiza Imtiaz
Oskar Schortz
Benedict Nisperos
Orkhan Amashov
MSc in Management
Alexander Luc Norman Appelmans
Aslak Johannes Palmstrom Augestad
Samuel Austrums
Konstantinos Giannopoulos
Sofia Cabarcas Macia
Justin Benjamin Jahn
Erin Denton
Philipp Prestel
Sean Basquel Fahy
Anton Walter Johannes Reich
Manuel Jose Gonzalez
Natalya Roy
Yoanna Plamenova Gospodinova
Robert Hartley Tattersall
Yining Huang
Varsha Viswanathan
Gabriela Veronica Leon Cobo
Kaizhan Wang
Nawnika Upadhyay
Xueying Wu
Denis Oscar Wang
Vaibhav Agarwal
William Ian Rashbrook Nicholas
Mathilda Gbemisola Ayeni
Adeline Bastin
MSc in Local Economic Development
Rory A Blackshaw
Jason Paladin Burchard
Bo Chen
Yuxiang Luo
Xiaoshi Chen
Philip James Mellor
Wei-Lun Chiu
Elena Pici
Tiago João Cruz Moreira Da Cunha
Marianne Foskett
Elnura Amatova
Mihika Gadkari
Linbo Chen
Katariina Iiris Hedman
Ching Yat Cheung
Tassilo Koutny
Yunji Choi
Yijun Liu
Mohammad Yaser Emamizadeh
Boyan Mariov Milouchev
Samantha Lynne Flanagan
Mustafa Cem Okay
Koichi Fukuda
Merve Okutan
You Guo
Qian Peng
Deepali Gupta
Daniel Rabaioli
Abdul Malik Bin Haji Omar
Shivika Rawat
Ze Hu
Shreya Shekhar
Yohan Iddawela
Yifeng Tang
Angus Kathage
Hiroko Taniguchi
Maham Khawar
Qui Duong Tran
Hadrian Jean Marcel Lafond
Alexander Verdonck
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 119 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Julia Wacket
Yang Liu
Shourya Wardhan
Robert Macalister Hall
Wai-Sun Wilson Wong
Inga Meladze
Yuen Yin Queena Wong
Dat Duc Nguyen
Jerome Wu
Laura Helena Marine Salamon
Michael John Emrys Wynn Owen
Costanza Signori
Haozhen Zhang
Diana Stenbolt
Shenyi Zhang
Ho Cheong Kelvin Tang
Rolando Vazquez
Jack Michael Jason Ah Teck
Huiliang Zhai
Muhammad Ibrahim Arif
Siyun Zhao
Geoffroy-Alexandre Jürgen Julien Brinks
Sicong Dai
Chloe Chretien
Cyrill Leander Gasser
Haruki Kawano
Virag Harsanyi
Josephine Scarlet Isherwood
MSc in Management and Regulation of
Vipul Jain
Kristina Kovalenko
Toni Lufi
Zihang Qin
Alina Timofeeva
Ilker Sarialioglu
Vladimir Vladimirov Topencharov
MSc in Management and Strategy
Xiaoxiao Zeng
Naixin Zhong
Ayda Hazal Aydin
MSc in Management (CEMS MIM)
Jiawei Bai
Anna Magdalena Berger
Julie Justine Brauch
Louisa Christina Balzien
Gauri Chandra
Moritz Belling
Noé Pierre Marie Denys De Bonnaventure
Frederik Georg Thilo Brandis
Haiyi Dong
Thaneadpol Burapaskul
Qianru Du
Lara Burg
Keyu Guo
Carlo Dürbeck
Sasan Hassanzadeh
Theresa Sophie Eckermann
Sebastian Hausser
Aparajita Gupta
Der-Wei Huang
Julien Gurunlian
Wenjun Huang
Nahla Kaddoura
Paula Sophie Huebner
Paul Mathieu Le Manh
Siyuan Liang
Chen Liang
Kevin Andre Francois Moineau
Elsa Maija Saarela
Benjamin Nikolaus Oliver Moll
Ana Seoane-Rivas
Syed Ali Mehdi Rizvi
Matthew Moey Stein
Fouad Josef Philipp Sadek
Nut Sawangpanich
Megha Agarwal
Valeriia Shvediuk
Elena Kasturi Almeida
Susan Spagnolini
Justyna Belkevic
Xiao Tan
Mathilde Carraro
Jingru Tang
Elies Chemillier
Alexander Hendrik Jan Van De Voorde
Imara Amelia Csoti
Mélanie D'Achon
Daniele Amarossi
Karolien Dirckx
Karina Ayazyan
Marie-Amelie Dunod
Asahita Dhandhania
Wilhelm Frost
Zhe Duan
Alice Fanfan Arlette Guizol
Benjamin David Escaler
Kelly Klifa
Matteo Grassi
I 120 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Ying He
Marija Krasnopjorova
Ruoyu Hua
Sabina Kravcak
Jiamin Huang
Lukas Ferdinand Kuhn
Ashish Jain
Tobias Malmstrom
Benjamin Max Levine
Etienne Olsina
De Liu
Albert Paul
Hiu Ying Luu
Gerardo Perez Borja
Josselin Mahe
Luigi Rucco
Liuyan Pan
Alican Salor
Nipun Patel
Peter Ditlev Schnor
Napim Pulsombat
James Tyler Slack
Chloé Angelica Randle Reis
Raghav Toshniwal
Maxime Fabian Reinermann
Bjoern Christian Markus Wolf
Ann-Katrin Reuel
Abhivyakti Saxena
Daniyal Ahmad
Bingqin Shen
Olufunmilola Damiola Akinmarin
Maria Silvia Simas
Kamilia Armasova
Andrzej Tomasz Szerej
Andina Badri
Chi Koong Tan
Quentin Jacques Pierre Baltus
Susanna Mamen Velluthottam
Sabine Böhmer
Jiaxin Wan
Gerrit Alexander Buschhorn
Regina Weigl
Samantha Jayne Carter
Zhuohui Xu
Punn Chanrasmi
Ze Zhang
Siyu Chen
Longyi Zhao
Ecem Dönmezer
Minqi Zhao
Jingyi Gong
Bozhidar Goranchev
Wei Hsuan Chang
Elena Gorbunkova
Xiaohan Chen
Yujia Gu
Louis Clement Escudero
Ran Guo
Jiazhen Liu
Anoushka Gupta
Liang Ni
Wai Leong Ho
Constance Rabasse
Jing-Chen Hu
Lian Tian
Patricia Jasmine Jafar
Anastasia Tsyurupa
Juliana Jaramillo Sanin
Jialei Wen
Daewu Ju
Yue Wu
Edo Reinier Keijzer
Teruko Yo
Natalie Eva Kolb
Chenzi Yu
Omer Yackov Laor
Ju-Hsuan Yu
Chuan Lian
Yuxia Liang
MSc in Management of Information 
Aaron Yi Xiang Lim
Systems and Digital Innovation
Allegra Hannah Margolis
Anja Matthes
Mauro Camilo Mora Nunez
Mari-Marthe Aamold
Rohit Radhakrishnan Nair
Adeela Afzal
Daria Nikolaeva
Stefan Peter Astfalck
Johanna Elisabeth Nordin
Adam Timothy Suraj Matthew Balwant
Marc Nottelmann
Anniken Brekke
Andre Dmitrij Novikov
Fabian Bürger
Regina Oluwaremilekun Ibukun Oladipo
Matus Dunaj
Amajuoritse Nicole Omatsone
Ava Ghaiumy
Alexandra Angeliki Peirounaki
Chelsea Glenn
Patricio Esteban Perez Alarcon
David Gonzalez
Leo Iisak Andreas Piirto
Manuel Hepfer
Stephanie Yasemin Renique
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 121 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Dylan John Eduard Rhodius
Xinyi Hou
Stephanie Rojas Diestra
Yujia Jiang
Jeyhun Salmanov
Shike Li
Ali Haider Sandhu
Chang Liu
Biying Shi
Ruohan Liu
Amelie Caroline Lisa Stieber
Divya Pratap Nair
Jiaxin Sun
Xueyi Ning
Yan Sun
Ji Wang
Jie Tong
Jiangtong Xu
Magdalena Karolina Urban
Lu Xu
Varun Vijay
Yujie Yuan
Kanyarat Wanachalerm
Juncheng Zeng
Haiying Wang
Yibing Zhang
Hengxu Wang
Manqi Wang
Hanjun Chen
Xiaoye Wang
Shima Ghassemi Gangan
Julien Raymond Weber
Zhao Huang
Xinran Xiao
Dongsheng Li
Orhan Yesilöz
Boyu Wang
Yifang Wang
Rizwan Ahmad
Mengting Wu
Jingmin Dong
Krishan Mahesh Gandhi
MSc in Management Science 
Takumi Konno
(Operational Research)
Shuangpei Liu
Ye Kai Victor Poh
Inka Tuulia Timonen
Alexis Jiannis Becker
Mi-Chi Wu
Felix Carrier
Chunxi Xu
Qiaoyan Chen
Xinyue Zhang
Yalei Chen
Jie Hang
MSc in Management Science
Hannah Maria Jende
(Decision Sciences)
Mi Jun Keng
Yihan Li
Wentao Lu
Maria Danai Christodoulou
Taichi Nakamura
Hanxiao Du
Lars Rade
Liang Jin
Maria Smedoiu
Ahmet Mesut Kocaman
Bolun Wang
Viciano Lee
Mengke Wang
Chi Hon Li
Yiwei Xiao
Ka Man Lok
Yue Yue
Daniel Rudolf Pfaller
Nanyu Zhu
Sophie Jane Spring
Yuliu Su
Chining Chan
Ke Xu
Robert Alexander Edwards
Xiang Fan
Raghav Agrawal
Zifang Huang
Nai-Tzu Chen
Maria Alejandra Jaen
Yilu Chen
Elisavet Leonidou
Lele Ding
Siman Li
Yiran Duan
Xiaozhen Li
Tingting Fan
Rebekah Moore
Chengcheng Gong
Prem Paramasivam
Yang He
Wei Shun Soo
Qianwen Hou
Dehui Xu
I 122 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Ning Yang
Dimitri Penneron
Ahmad Zairi Bin Zaidi
Diego Ignacio Quintana Rivas
Ziang Zheng
Diana Carmen Rus
Daron Saldanha
Yan Feng
Eva Caroline Seipel
Sitong Gong
Yash Somani
Theophilus Advocate Khumalo
Ines Yasmina Dalila Talla
Tzu-Yang Lo
Anissa Teufelberger
Zheyuan Peng
Kalina Orlinova Todorova
Carlota Patricia Van De Koppel
MSc in Management, Organisations and
Alice Von Joest
Hengxiang Yu
Jakob Zimmermann
Alastair Michael Croker
Xiaohang Feng
Maria Joao Ribeiro Da Cunha Ferreira
Min Shen
Anna Stella Fetha
Ka Ching Wan
Luis Felipe Gamboa Lozada
Chuhan Zhang
Sisi Gao
Leonard Joseph Peter Goetze
MSc in Media and Communications
Elias Godtfred Miranda Grindheim
Gresa Jusufi
Eva Marije Le Grand
Tara Bell
Doron Lukat
Yangyiman Fu
Yi Ding Mak
Kelsey Anne Hickson
Julius Söhn
Timothy Huang
Alexander Johan Paul Steeghs
Sophie-Louise Landesmann
Minji Lee
Arbaaz Ahmad
Sebastian Andres Lehuede Bravo
Ali Alwasaibei
Vu Anh Ngoc Nguyen
Fotios Athanassopoulos
Giorgia Salvatico
Oskar Pawel Braszczynski
Manasa Shetty
Nikolai Anand Brolund
Brooklyn Tchozewski
Manuel Julian Correa Zuniga
Ssu-Han Yu
Jules Jean Andre Couten
Ilija Cvetanovski
Emese Krisztina Agg
Daniel Diez
Yiyun Bai
Nazli El-Leithy
Kimberley Natasha Brown
Eren Erbalci
María Gracia Bullard García Naranjo
Frederik Ulf Fogt
Sze Wing Chan
Adriaan Gussmann
I-Hsi Chang
Fabian Leonardo Hansen
Si Ling Aveline Chiok
Alicja Olga Heisig
Pieter Bastiaan Cornel
Christina Elizabeth Herrmann
Vanessa Ann D'Amico
Xiaorong Jiang
Joelle Eid
Iina Aleksandra Kapynen
Taylor Gilmore
Saad Sohail Latif
Tyler Jones
Dongshen Li
Qiaohui Kou
Junfeng Li
Virginia Kouridaki
Saniya Malhotra
Yujin Lee
Erica Michalopoulou
Li Li
Jaroslaw Michalski
Maria Maleeva
Luka Nikolic
Monicca Nivetha Maran
Pasiri Onchuenjit
Chinonye Mbonu
Helena Palsdottir
Collette Claire Miles
Yee Rui Pang
Nigina Mirbabaeva
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 123 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Hanna Elizabeth Morris
MSc in Media and Communications
Hangqin Pan
(Media and Communication Governance)
Ifigeneia Papathanassi
Tuebi Beatrice Porbeni
Jenna Alyssa Quilalang
Afroditi Maria Koulaxi
Johanna Quinney
Joyce Yip
Laura Margarita Rodriguez
Nicoletta Sbordone
Emre Ayaydin
Sally Scannell
Rachel Mei Ling Choong
Hyun Kyoo Shin
Eugenia Coman
Virginia Stagni
Feng Fan
Sahira Rajesh Taneja
Kai-Ting Kao
Amrith Shankar Uppuluri Venkata
Aarshin Sanjeev Karande
Ling Wei
Gulalai Khan
Xiaoxiao Wu
Meiying Li
Lu Xu
Chenchen Liu
Ruojia Yan
Mariia Mitroshina
Xinliang Yu
Omoyosola Olaleye
Yushan Zhao
Simona Iliyanova Petkova
Youzi Zhou
Yifei Qin
Tingru Zhuo
Natali Schejtman
Yun Yi
Laura Margarita Crampon
Xueting Zhang
Ya Liu
Kristina Zimmerova
Tingxiao Lv
Aurore Helene Marie Nedellec
Zhijin He
Zixuan Peng
Ning Kung
Suyoung Shin
Irfan Ashraf Qazi
Pakinee Sripongtanakul
Zarina Seifullina
Ran Suk
Rui Xu
MSc in Media and Communications 
Jieun Yi
Qiuyue Yuan
Yujuan Zhao
Ana Lomtadze
MSc in Media and Communications
Andrea Pavon Guinea
(Data and Society)
Jenny Patricia Azaola Gamero
Julia Susanna Biller
MSc in Media, Communication and 
Lisa Elkhoury
Casey George
Zhiyi Li
Husseina Ummayma Ahmed
Sarah Caitlin Bowman
Esteban Roberto Bertarelli Valcarcel
Jeong-Wan Hong
Do Kyum Kim
Cortney Ann Lassetter
Ilyes Daniel Mebarek Daza
Karen Marie Morton
Mahwish Moulvi
Pinar Sengoz
Anum Pasha
Jules Jean Jacques Soula
Diana Robson
Bixuan Yin
Kuan Yun Wang
Shuyang Wang
Burcu Atay
Yiliu Wang
Johann Herve Pierre Barbe
Noémie Désirée Battini
Yuanjiang Du
I 124 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Aylin Elci
Mads Frank
Paulina Marie Heins
Paul Gomila
Kaitlin Mary Higgins
Esteban Gonzalez Serna
Monica Georges Youssef Ibrahim
Josefa Infante Silva
Tayyaba Iftikhar
Yixin Jiang
Caitlin Sybil Inglehart
Christine Wollesen Jorgensen
Ao Li
Marlene Juenck
Julia Liborio Rocha Lima
Chloe Kalek
Sarah Marie Lipman
Mohammed Iman Karim
Meagan Grace Lynch
Jamison Richard Gene King
Haris Mirza
Mina Kostic
Anulekha Nandi
Aleisha Lambie
Sylvia Patricia Ordonez Torres
Anna Malin Lescieur Ohlen
Avindi Kisara Perera
Yitong Li
Sadichchha Pokharel
Rachael Ling
Haneen Qatamesh
Ugne Maceviciute
Sophia Catharina Samaras
Medhavi Mathur
Claudia Roxana Valdiviezo Leon
Maria-Elisabeth Melissa Louise Melzer
Yi Zhao
Satoko Minegishi
My Lan Nguyen
Akari Aoyama
Aleksandra Ponarina
Ruby Famakinwa
Vandad Pourbahrami
Cydnee Rae Haws
Siyu Qin
Wei Long
Vicky Maria Roijakkers
Benson Garkpah Whea
Deborah Rubinstein
Zaisi Zhang
Laura Susanna Salovaara
Anne-Lorraine Jenny Selke
MSc in Organisational and Social 
Helle Stangeland
Hong Hsuan Tan
Daria Emilia Wilk
Simin Wu
Giulia Bagnasco
Zi Ying Zhao
Helen Christina Bracht
Ying Zhou
Jayani Chakravarti
Zoe Marie Verona Jonassen
Nimisha Bhatnagar
Elizabeth Naomi King
Tanya Dutta
Charlotte Marie Kufus
Xu Ji
Bing-Tao Lee
Jules Kang
Sung Hee Lim
Nour Sameh Jamal Masri
Andrea Lizama Alvarado
Juwahir Aiman Tajuddin
Mariam Maatouk
Evangelia Tsikritsi
Ailis O'Connell
Ruonan Zhang
Gemina Picht
Yumi Sasagawa
MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy
Hayley Michelle Trainer
Lambert Adrian Wagner
Shai Shimon Yehuda Agmon
Samuel James Allen
Matthew Hitchens
Fatimah Ali M Alnamlah
Anthony Michael King
Leslie Andrews
Livia Ester Luzzatto
Aydin Asena
Chelsea Murtha
Melody Barzin
Noemie Miriam Alix Roten
Miklos Blasko
Thomas Tozer
Aishwarya Chidambaram
Aimee Renee Deeken
Mohammed Nour-Eldein Refaat Abdel-Razek
Hannah Jeanne Demblon
John Logan Herrick
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 125 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Francis Higgins
Cristobal Otero Ruiz-Tagle
Samantha Kennedy
Roberto Pezzuto
Katlin Vernoy Kraska
Goya Razavi
Teresa Maria Linzner
Ekemezie Nnanna Kanu Uche
Pranav Lokin
Michael Madry
Rohan Kumar Batra
Theogene Ngirinshuti
Archie Nicholas William Chappel
Sebastian Perez Mora
Nicolas Krsnik
Rishab Reitz
Hoon Jae Lee
Alystar Nicole Sacks
Sebastiano Totta
Lachlann William Tierney
Jemima Jane Welsh
MSc in Political Economy of Europe
Tong Wu
Pau Castellví Canet
Maria Busca
Paula Cecilia Hollstein Barria
Louise Marie Hatem
Masakazu Ogami
Krister Ilmari Koskelo
Frieder Mitsch
MSc in Philosophy of Science
Michel Pierre Daniel Scholer
Felix Christian Johannes Schweren
James George Williams
Lawrence Edward John Evans
Toby Joseph Culverwell Green
Camelia Sarah Abidi
Margherita Harris
Jakob Feveile Adolfsen
Xing Li
Diane Louise Allot
Anna Apkhazava
Laura Julia Blagoev
Oleksandr Arotsker
Tantum Stuart Collins
Sarah Julia Barron
Ana Marrodan Badell
Mehdi Bary
Matyas Molnar
Francesca Bertolino
Max Gabriel Rapp
Sergiu Ioan Bjola
Alexandra Serenhov
Andjela Bojanic
Adele Broccardo
Marco Antonio Ambrosi
Nadiya Didyk
Karin Flieswasser
Cees Jan Geuze
Batuhan Kürsat Hakyemez
MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Inna Hamm
Robert Harrison
Thomasine Grace Huddlestone
Katharina Maria Bernhard
Dominik Johannes Josef Emil Huller
Matthew Thomas Clark
Fiona Kane
Srecko Dzeko
Aydan Karimli
Lukas Jan Grosfeld
Jiyan Kiran
Christian Larroulet
Lorenz Felix Kost
Samantha Nicole Sallie
Nathalie Lambrecht
Jacopo Lange
Dorian Philipp Alt
Lukas Lehner
Ciaran Daniel Patrick Cummins
Jacob Lindenbauer
Nicoletta Grifò
Trenton Gregory Marlar
Nicholas Ichien
Jethro Martin
Anita Kiricenko
Kaveh Emiliano Moussavi
Luke Lattanzi-Silveus
Sumin Nam
Bastian Lux
Diego Oliva-Velez
Jakob Moggia
Yongjian Piao
Mads Mork
Gry Möger Poulsen
David Rainer Nonhoff
Marc John Pierre Salzmann
I 126 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Karl Ansgar Seng
MSc in Political Science and Political 
Fatih Sevimli
Nicholas Edward Peter Shields
Sean Yang Urquhart
Julia Inger Walschebauer
Milinda Kevin Gunasinghe
Pranav Gupta
Matthieu Barral
Mari Hannele Humalajoki
Michelle Chan
Janne Catharina Vink
Fangwen Deng
James Josceline Watson
Luka Herceg
Philip Henry Johns
Alma Teresa Agusti Strid
Carmen Maria Sekulic
Leonard Gergs
Florent Kosove Sherifi
Kyung Roak Kang
Po Yi Tang
Barbora Agne Kudzmanaite
Liqing Xu
Eduardo Maguina Quiroz
Liuyifan Zhang
Pau Vall Prat
Ololade Silvaria Wilkie
MSc in Political Economy of Europe 
Tian Xie
(LSE and Sciences Po)
Babken Der Grigorian
David Eskenazi
Pat Michael Beck Ii
Selina Hofstetter
Romain Pierre Toussaint Raymond Bréhier
Jack Lewis
Paul De Berranger
Hyungmin Park
Adrien Vincent Antoine Gabizon
Gillian Smyth
Piotr Marek Kowalczyk
Gabrielle Sallé
MSc in Political Sociology
Maryambanou Moussaei
Erik Brandes
MSc in Political Economy of Late 
Jorgen August Ek Dessingthon
Jessy Lynne Hampton
Brandon Liu
Nicholas Martindale
Avraham Aryeh Bram
Martha Louise Mccurdy
Jose Juan Bracamontes Zapien
Hala Mohamed Adel Khalaf Abdelgawad
Khurum Butt
Selena Gray
Mengyuan Gong
Sacha Hilhorst
Reena Gudka
Norin Im
Tobias Xaver Adam Hessenberger
Cheng Lu
Javier Irarrazaval
Burcu Mirkelam
Michael Jorgensen
Valentina Nerino
Edgar Martin Padilla
Anna Lee Prouty
Martin Mathus Gomez Sandoval
Jorge San Vicente Feduchi
Aleksandra Pavlovna Milonova
Siravich Sincharoenkul
Sarah-Franklin Schaar
Wanda Maryam Tiefenbacher
Shan Wang
Prachi Gulati
Yewon Choi
Justin Kemp
Mahammad Mamishzada
Janice Cashia Pratt
MSc in Political Theory
Oleksii Tregubov
Vivek Bhatt
Samuel Earle
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 127 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Mark Feldner
Saanya Gulati
Nicholas Foretek
Henry Peter Lyons
David Nikolaus Full
Abigail Tracey Paulson
Daniel Howard
Hannah Small
Sophia Annette Wern Ting Phoon
Jakob Terwitte
Florence Miriam Baker
Diego Ignacio Cespedes Barrales
Katja Francesca Achermann
Jessica Cullen
Mehmet Kaan Bakkalbasi
Cornelia Tyvand Ebbesen
Adam Bartha
Poliana Geha
Glen Michael Billesbach Ii
Adi Granot
Daniela Filipa Martins Cabral
Md Yazdani Ul Islam
Edward Cassidy
Bhavan Jaipragas
Georgios Chatzichristos
Götz-Johannes Kadow
Jorge Daniel Diaz-Guma
Maria Myrto Kalavrezou
Susana Garibay Salomon
Maria Kantzeli
Ruzanna Grigoryan
Sofia Kornarou
Greta Sophie Jasser
Deirdre Livingston
Gregory Michael Kay
En-Kuang Lu
Hasnain Khawaja
Kirstin Paula Macleod
Patrick Kilmartin
Anieze Christiana Osakwe
Yonatan Levi
Adelia Anjani Putri
Meredith Diane Lockman
Emily Revess
Tawan Manakun
Benedicte W Siland
Joshua Margulies
Ema Stastna
Fanhua Meng
Joann Li Hoeng Tan
Daniel Monaghan
Eytan Toledo
Ioannis Moschos
Bunyamin Uzuncan
Hamzah Muneer
Audrey Michele Wozniak
Maria Cristina Perez Venegas
Gregory Pichorowycz
Ndeye Absa-Bleuette Veronique Diobaye
Matthew Razzano
Saleha Malik
Christopher James Neil Telford
Muhammad Arafat Mohd Azwar
Michael Andrew Tokarchick
Hannah Töpler
MSc in Politics and Government in the 
Cordelia Winsome Rose Tucker O'Sullivan
European Union
Xiuan Xu
Davide Zancan
Yichuan Zhou
Muhammed Bilal Aslan
Hyanghee Kim
Halil Halil
Jesus Lara Rodriguez
Maria Janockova
Emil Panzaru
Aleksandar Krasimirov Negencov
Celeste Surang Pattaralowha
MSc in Population and Development
MSc in Politics and Communication
Elizabeth Gabrielle Wilkins
Beatriz Alexandre Furtado Serra
Jae Sarah Aron
Hrishikesh Baskaran
Tomas Borsa
Solène Marie Jeanne Bernard
Henna Butt
Alexandra Rose Bignante
Peter Carrol
Camille Lons
Atilla-Filipe Cevik
Florence Naluyimba
Julianne Quinn Funk
Katherine Jean Northcott
Polissena Galdo
Lloyd Onyeka
I 128 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Lindsay Kathryn Plante
Christian Andre Ekeland Danielsen
Isabella Cecilia Romero Arguello
Chelsea Michelle Forinash
Felicitas Thyssen
Bruno Giannoni Napolitano
Nina Van Der Mark
Jian Huang
Siddharth Varma
Anisoara Huttemann
Denis Martin Andrew Wani
Niki Alexandra Iliadis
Hanxiang Yang
Sakir Karakaya
Laure-Anais Zultak
Kentaro Kawata
Meriem Menani
Mariana Bolivar
Sio Mei Ng
Shona Yvette Noronha
Liza Johanna Ordonez Casallas
Tomas Plaza Reneses
Himani Pande
Alizeh Sarwar
Jaime Alberto Perez Crespo
Rahul Sharma
MSc in Public Administration and 
Sukhveer Singh
Government (LSE and Peking University)
Virendra Singh
Toshiyuki Takahara
Camila Trigo De Achaval
Laurence Andrew Benedict Antao
Alejandra Velasquez Medina
Philipp Gustav Kurt Wolfgang Freiherr Von Und Zu
Josefina Vodanovic Valdes
Yang Yang
Marco Thomas Bridgford
MSc in Public Policy and Administration 
Bastian Maximilian Busshardt
Jennifer Wai-Man Fong
Lavinia Jing Fung
Esma Akkilic
Shihan Li
Queenie Chi Ying Chan
Chiu Fai Lin
Rahila Sonia David
Carlos Eduardo Santos Saint Romain
Qiunan Fu
Michael Edward Wingrove
Lukas Jerg
Xiaoou Yang
Sham Sara
Lingyuan Deng
Christian Joseph Abueg
Nicolás Balcell Gavilán
MSc in Public Management and 
Constanza María Bollmann Schele
Enrique Cadenas
Sandra Lizbeth Carrizosa Guzman
Mauro Casa
Arooba Anwar
Panagiotis Chatzinikolaou
Chour Thong Goh
Suwbha Chopra
Carlos Alberto Guzman Sanchez
Enrique Crespo
Jarrod James Harrington
Alexandre Pascal Jules Detroux
Darpan Jain
Hinrika Droege
Le Kang
Nazly Johanna Frias Gomez
Catalina Lopez
Stefan Gazenov
Saad Malik
Stanislav Ghiletchi
David Philipp May
Joshua James Mccandless Gray
Valentina Mazzi
Kirill Kharlashkin
Ryan Benjamin Mitton
Tijana Kolundzija
Daniel Cormac Mccarthy
Ashutosh Agnihotri
Jessica Middleby-Clements
Aghiles Ait Larbi
Tinaz Keki Mistry
Seiran Aliiev
Jose David Riveros Namen
Fahad Al-Thani
Diego Alonso Salazar Morales
Honghua Chen
Shizuka Shono
Lili Chen
Jessica Anne Stearns
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 129 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Keeton Jared Wilcock
MSc in Regional and Urban Planning
Minfang Xiao
Ziqi Zhuang
Timothy Xia Wei Choy
AAlyssa Margaret Campbell
Yu Mao
Kung Yin Lo
Mauricio Emanuel Ontiveros Briones
Pauline Lucie Niesseron
Xuean Zhong
MSc in Quantitative Economic History
Gabriela Aguinaga Gumuzio
Tsuyoshi Aiki
Antoine Wolfram Cédric Jacquet
Patrick Michael Andison
Christina Teige Apuzzo
MSc in Real Estate Economics and Finance
Ariadne Baskin
Thomas Corbin
Javier Inigo
Katerina Kaimakamis
Emily Anne Marcus
Joven Jia Wen Liew
Mfundo Mlilo
Yang Long
Merdzana Mujkanovic
Hui Qing Teo
Siying Wang
Wenbin Zheng
Katherine Ester Wyndham
Harry Stuart Aaronson
Amir Jabbarin
Alexander Hans Erik Bjorkman
Georgios Kapraras
Piyawit Chamornmarn
Kiana Kalaiku Tatsue Otsuka
Wanzhu Du
Danielle Ricchiuti
Yunhan Gu
Maria Alexandra Suasnavas Salgado
Jingda Hou
Jingyuan Tan
Kui Jiang
Silvia Timu
Clessense Mei Chee Kho
Hao Li
MSc in Regulation
Shuai Li
Xiang Liu
Xuyang Liu
Ella Pybus
Shulin Mao
Xiaomeng Ni
Pablo Pedro Alvarado Alvarez Del Castillo
Shuhei Ogino
Gabriel Cardenas Rios
Xin Tan
Diana Eugenia Chacon
Xuemei Tang
Maria Gracia Garcia Huidobro Rivas
Mikaella Tappa
Carlos Garcia-Cueva
Shaolan Wang
Melanie Goggins
Yuan Xun Lucy Yang
Tsz Hin Leo Kwok
Xiaolun Yu
Joanne Jennifer Lee
Wei Zhang
Kabir Mehta
Chenghuai Zheng
Nader Ignacio Mufdi Guerra
Zeynep Sengoren Ozcan
Yumi Arai
Noa Shukrun
Ying Jiang
Erki Taube
Kazuyuki Komichi
Christian Willmes
Kunwei Liang
Maxim Rozhdov
Julia Batistella Machado
Carlo Soravia
Kathryn Haswell
Lai Wei
Yiyi Li
Ye Yuan
Lucia Maria Luna Negron
I 130 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
MSc in Religion in the Contemporary
Xiaolin Peng
Xiangtong Qiang
Nadjana Stavenhagen
Neda Ardehali
MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology
Jean Le Grix De La Salle
Claire Elizabeth Moll
David Shaw
Hannah Mary Harris
Hana Hawlina
Chang Wang
Nicole Heinze
Nina Martin
MSc in Risk and Finance
Celestin Okoroji
Maria Antonia Santos Rodriguez
Hannah Streck
Yiming Chen
Conghui Duan
Saachi Asthana
Yu Gao
Jennifer Augustine
Laurence Lapierre-Dubuc
Hoi Hei Cachin Chu
Minyu Liu
Dianora Corsini
Phuong Nguyen
Ritika Datta
Ausra Joana Nociute
Tara Goodbody
Federico Prugnoli
Xinyi Guo
Ye Shen
Min Jeong Kim
Jue Wang
Denise Aneta Lake
Liying Wang
Hei Yu Helen Li
Mengru Wang
Siu Fung Jeffrey Man
Qiaoshun Zhang
Ramona Liza Martinez
Ruiyang Zhou
Haani Mazari
Nour Mohanna
Tom Binkowicz
Annemarie Pantke
Xiaoyang Chen
Connair Joseph Stephen Russell
Katharine Countryman
Sophia Ming Kay Phyllis Smith
Jonas Friis Vesterby
Fabio Tadashi Suzaki
Gustav Froberg
Nina Kameyama Szwerinski
Daniel Frost
Jackie Van Dael
Fangzhe Gao
Agustina Belén Vázquez Furgiuele
Anqi Guo
Sze Pui Wong
Thanapol Jiratanakij
Hao Zhang
Mosif Khan
Siqi Zhao
Botros Khoury
Mijung Kim
Leonie Hipkins
Aspasia Kontaxi
Mahima Mehrotra
Yiqiu Liu
Tho Nguyen
MSc in Social and Public Communication
Tobias Danielsen Ogrim
Jiatong Su
Mitali Thapar
Anne Sophie Kiil Bang
Andy Wang
Denise E Baron
Yue Wang
Stanislaw Grunstein
Shihui Xu
Philip Stibius Havmose
Zhou Xue
Jacqueline Sariman
Yelani Chamathka Kodithuwakku Yahampath
Lukas Malte Steinberg
Wenxiu Yu
Zeshu Xu
Xiaoxin Zeng
Bisma Akbar
Soheil Baba Rahmati
Silvia Beretta
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 131 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Sara Bonafair
Bomi Yoo
Isabella Carra
Fangyuan Zhang
Shuer Chen
Myrto Chroniari
Fatima Zahra Ahmed Farouta
Delfina Ada Virginia Cupini
Chunlei Fu
Chloe Alexis Molly Danzig
Shiyi Gao
Karolina Dovgialo
Zhan Huang
Melia Halim
Anmil Vijay
Benjamin James Hudson
Roujing Wu
Zhuo Hui
Lu Xin
Minji Kim
Ming Yang
Xi Li
Xiaoyan Li
MSc in Social Policy (European and 
Shemuel J M London
Comparative Social Policy)
Mohannad Adnan Mousa Shaddad
Ruoyun Song
Samantha Audrey Tam
Angeli Caroline Jeyarajah
Kezia Margaret Thomas
Mengwei Wang
Isobel Anne Brown
Yali Wang
Hugo Filipe Coelho
Zhuoqun Zhang
Kristina Grinkina
John Anthony Hewitt Jones
Arushi Radhakrishnan Menon
Haruka Kanda
Ziqi Wang
Elektra Lapavitsas
Huxuelai Zeng
Veneisha Nicole Reid
Theodore Antoine Sheehy
MSc in Social Anthropology
Petros Koufolampros
Joanna Popis
Sergen Bahceci
Marie Charlotte Stephanie Chabbert
MSc in Social Policy (Research)
David Gacs
Angela Giattino
Sanam Ispahani
David Klas Samuel Andersson
Jieqi Lee
Mario Battaglini
Anton Malakhov
Rana Khazbak
Eve Josephine Mcquillan
Jiyoon Kwon
Lucia Rojas Rodriguez
Chen Shen
Halide Bey
Samuel Rufus Wilby
Loizos Carserides
Adrian Thomas Fillion Wilson
Lara Rachelle Coghlan
Solina Li
Sara Abdullah
Mayaan Zahida Safa
Jaskiran Kaur Bhogal
John Robert Wooldridge
Malak Ashraf Fakhry
Margaux Fisher
Belinda Adjeley Adjetey
Liang-Wei Huang
Clare Greenwald Jordan
MSc in Social Policy (Social Policy and
Cameron Lange
Shilla Lee
Mengjiao Peng
Hyun-Jae Eun-Nyoung Elen Shin
Elizabeth Louise Cain
Steffan Smith
Tsung Ling Katy Lau
Emma Tomlinson
William Michael Harmon Walker
Rebecca Antink
Sze Nga Yvette Wong
Uliane Assumpta Appolinario
I 132 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Joshua Michael Butt
Guido Miani
Matthew Neil Aeneas Campbell
Xin Nie
Deborah De Beukelaer
Anouchka Myanthi Peiris
Gerard Dominguez-Reig
Anita Ximena Peña Saavedra
Rony Erez
Fernanda Pessim Cassiano
Elsa Mary Esberger
Juliana Rios Amaya
Yin Fang
Lujain Mohamed Abdellatif Salama
Christelle Favre
Rishan Sathasivam
Josephine Lillian May Field
Landi Sun
Rosa Natasha Fox
Shu Sun
Tom Gill
Kritika Treebhoohun
Alejandra María Gómez Bocardo
Ya Shin Wan
Sung Jun Kim
Eduardo Agustín Wolff
Katherine Klein
Joel Jun Kai Koh
Shabih Anwer
Daniel Michael Lemer
Asmat Ullah
Tonghui Liu
Angelica María Barón Fonseca
Naixin Luan
Maya Chmayaah
Ananya Nandakumar
Sandra Dominguez Ortiz
Pinyu Qian
Maria Fernanda Elias Vigil
Daniel Camilo Quintero Castro
Yeahyoung Jeon
Prudence Elise Seaward
Hye Young Lee
Sara Shahvisi
Eric Mugaju
Shuo Shen
Fernanda Patricia Sanchez Males
Harriet Ann Sheridan
Rong Sun
Yan Shu
Jialiang Zhao
Cassandra Chiu Ying Tam
Pei-Jun Grace Teo
MSc in Social Policy and Development:
Janaya Courtnay Walke
Non-Governmental Organisations
Kangxin Cai
Wenhui Chen
Myriam Alejandra Hernandez Vazquez
Mai Hattori
Leticia Yumi Ishibashi-Poppenwimmer
Samuel Spong
Mirah Mahaswari
Nan Sun
Xixi Wei
Luma Akkad
Jieyi Zhao
Alejandra Conto Albán
Lina Paola Diaz Lopez
MSc in Social Policy and Development
Luiza Fachin Teixeira
Sulaiman Haqpana
Aisha Ijaz
Arianna Espinosa Oliver
Myra Jaffery
Kieran Way
Palas Joshi
Satoshi Kikuta
Romy Alejandra Alamo Pichara
Giacomo Manca Di Villahermosa Di Santa Croce
Laura Liinu Lyydia Alanko
Ceara Roopchand
Maria Florencia Alejandre
Colin Edward Shiner
Amirah Amir
Taheerah Shadyah Usher
Myriam Andrea Castañeda Solares
Joan Wicitra
Terri B Chapman
Hsun-Yuan Yeh
Rosina De Mucio Vazquez
Ana Virginia Zambrana Gamarra
Abraham Edilberto Hidalgo Mendoza
Omar Jallow
Alizeh Ahmad
Ji-Eun Kang
Daniela Maria Cepeda Tarud
Silvana Belen Lorenzini Cornejo
Qiao Li
Evangeline Dwighta Manohar
Nan Ma
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 133 I 

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Fatima Najeeb
MSc in Sociology (Research)
Nadezhda Trubova
Di Wu
Xiaolei Zhang
MSc in Social Research Methods
Samten Norbu Bhutia
Farah Dossa
Joanna Hemingway
Rabia Nasimi
Lorena Elizabeth Moreno Enríquez
Christian Mueller
Leonor Prata Antunes Coelho Castelo
Stephanie Thuy-Lien Neave
Qinglin Luan
Laura Martha Sochas
Alex Mellbye
Lindsay Abbassian
MSc in Statistics (Financial Statistics) 
Anson Cheuk-Ho Au
Jiabo Chen
Zhiheng Chen
Selina Grace Alice Faulkner
Ruiqi Hou
Constanza Valeria Hurtado Acuña
Ke Yu
Frederik Wilhelm Louw
Yi Ren Thng
Yunyu Ye
Clare Wyllie
Lisha Yang
Miranda Armstrong
Snezhana Ivova Ilieva
MSc in Statistics (Research)
Pernille Hedegaard Jensen
Hector Sandoval Vargas
Thomas Edward Chadwick Scarff
Nefeli Pamballi
Angus James Macdougall Smith
Cassy Singh
MSc in Sociology
Mingyang Ma
Li Ping Tan
Yi Zhang
Benjamin Brundu
Lin Zhong
Raphaelle Grandet
Jalal Andrew Movaghary-Pour
MSc in Theory and History of 
International Relations
Kristina Clare Kazerani
Gulin Okan
Nirmean Sawi
Clara Blamberger
Emma Ward
Polly Clementine Clayton-Hatfield
Megan Elizabeth Wright
Joshua William Strong
Lukas Trakimavicius
Adam James Gemar
Naveen Khan
Olivia Al-Noah
Kunwoo Kim
Adriana Ciefova
Antonio Ignacio Figueroa Bustos
MSc in Sociology (Contemporary Social
Lamiya Guliyeva
Anna Konstanze Klein
Piyali Mandal
Ignacio Esteban Morales
Nader Osama Samir Andawos
Kirsten Elizabeth Short
Peter Yates
Ruth Ofori-Danso
Yue Yu
Yiran Feng
I 134 I LSE Digest 15-16

Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2016
Jiyuan Hong
Yoo Min Kang
Momoko Nishikawa
Bianca Kathleen Pascall
Johanna Eden Day Sitbon
MSc in Urban Policy (LSE and Sciences Po)
Samra Kheira Bouasba
Gaële Bacque
Sydney Leah Baloue
Alice Elisabeth Best
Pauline Bogey
Jeanne Eugenie Charbonneau
Adele Charlotte Fraslin
Luc Giraud
Gabrielle Guidetti
Martin Jean-Marie Habasque
Hugo Halimi
Guillaume Janin
Tifenn Kergosien
Adrien Lafon
Alice Monique Mougin
Maxime Noell
Juliette Clemence Patry
Celine Gruffat
Clemence Rebourg
MSc in Urbanisation and Development
George Barnett
Femke Gubbels
Anders Erik Martin Magnusson
Hilary Malson
Thomas Van Laake
Daniela Katherine Schofield
Ahmed Siba Shani
Thomas Tophof
Rocio Del Pilar Veloza Cantillo
Lan Wang
Wenya Zhong
Haven Barlow
Estefania Lucila Sanchez Lopez
Yixuan Tong
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 135 I 

PhD Awards
Maria Zhivitskaya
Huaizhi Chen
Sergey Vladimirovich Glebkin
Yiqing Lu
Ji Shen
Julia Huang
Wen Yan
Christopher Andreas Martin
Meadhbh Bernadette Mcivor
Gender Institute
Francesca Mezzenzana
Andrea Enrico Pia
Marina Franchi
Fernande Wille-Wietske Pool
Harriet Rosalind Colette Gray
Desiree Remmert
Yang Shen
Nicole Shephard
Economic History
Geography & Environment
Michael James Aldous
Garrick Matthew Hileman
Andrea Ascani
Kazuo Kobayashi
Jonathan Mark Colmer
Cecilia Teresa Lanata Briones
Jennifer Freya Helgeson
Nuno Pedro Palma
Davide Luca
Gerardo Serra
Taneesha Devi Mohan
Judy Zara Stephenson
Zahrah Dominique Nesbitt-Ahmed
Jianjing Tang
Amelia Grace Sharman
Tobias Vogelgsang
Stephan Dietmar Werner
Xun Yan
Carlo Argenton
Erifylli Eirini Bertsou
Juergen Braunstein
Alexander James Clymo
Kenneth Andrew Bunker
Marta De Philippis
Wai Cheng
Laura Cristin Derksen
Alexander Fouirnaies Fouirnaies
Erika Deserranno
Mohanad Assem Hage Ali
Reka Juhasz
Eleanor Katherine Knott
Lena Mareen Koerber
Mona Morgan-Collins
Enrico Mallucci
Suzanne Maureen Morrison
Samuel Humphrey Marden
Zheng Ren
Luis Roberto Martinez-Armas
Randi Helene Kittang Solhjell
Luca Metelli
Slobodan Tomic
Alex Moore
Martin Jefferson Williams
Eremina Gezina Attina Ytsma
International Development
European Institute
Aneela Ahsan  Channa
Sonja Avlijas
Benjamin Haim  Chemouni
Mireia Borrell Porta
Regina   Enjuto-Martinez
Lise Esther Herman
Karl Tan  Muth
Julian Maria Hoerner
Georgina Frances Coleridge Pearson
Athanasios Manis
Alaa A J  Tartir
Maria Carolina Norris
International History
Ranj Alaaldin
Sara Jassem Mohammad Noor Alqaiwani
Rosalind Sarah Coffey
I 136 I LSE Digest 15-16

PhD Awards
Vladimir Evgenievich Dobrenko
Jonas Fossli Gjersø
Tobias Peter Thiel
Glenn Andrew O’Neil
Simon Toner
Takahiro Yamamoto
International Relations
Christopher John Blunt
Johannes Reinhard Himmelreich
Morten Skumsrud Andersen
James Duy Nam Nguyen
Johann Robert Basedow
Magdalena Charlotte Delgado
Psychological and Behavioural Science
Viviane Elena Dittrich
Curran Michael Flynn
Satkeen Azizzadeh
Per-Axel Frielingsdorf
Donna Hebrides Baillie
Borja Guijarro Usobiaga
Kevin Christopher Corti
Melissa Koluksuz
Simon Evans
Reik Christian Kramer
Balissa Pepuki Greene
Benjamin David Mueller
Cathryn Gillian Nicholson
Jie Yu
Kyriaki Tortopidou-Derieux
Teresa Anne Whitney
Mi Zhao
Jarleth Michael Burke
Social Policy
Marie Patricia Burton
Anna Elizabeth Chadwick
Ravit Alfandari
Ailbhe Aideen Mary O'Loughlin
Valeria Cetorelli
Anne Saab
Jack David Cunliffe
Orly Maya Stern
Jonathan Douglas Cylus
Chieh Wang
Rachel Emily Deacon
Susannah Mary Willcox
Nika Fuchkan Buljan
Elena Christine Zaccaria
Thomas Charles Guiney
Janeille Zorina Matthews
Chantal Morel
Scott Michael Naysmith
Esther Inmaculada Canonico Martin
Annika Nadjeli Silva-Leander
Shiye He
Heini Elena Vaisanen
Roohollah Honarvar
Benjamin Michael Wilson
Nadia Miranda Millington
Roser Pujadas Comas D Argemir
Laura Katharina Schang
Siobhan Thomas
Bengi Bezirgan
Rory Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Lee Mager
Olivia Ingrid Mena
Ahmad Mahmoud Y Abu-Khazneh
Tamlyn Jane Monson
Chlump Garry Chatkupt
Michaela Muscat
Mathieu Steve Dubois
Tara Lai Quinlan
Steffen Issleib
Andrea Rota
Claire Frances Roulstone
Richard William Seymour
Media and Communications
Kjartan Pall Sveinsson
Simon James Webster
Marina Gerner
Rahoul Bharat Masrani
Rafal Zaborowski
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 137 I 

PhD Awards
Baojun Dou
Mai Mohamed Sherif Hafez
Cheng Li
Trevor Maynard
Anna Louise Marie Maximiliane Schroeder
I 138 I LSE Digest 15-16

Scholarships and Prizes
CAF Development Bank of Latin America

Adeline and Karl Goeltz Scholarships
Natalia Encalada Castillo
Maximilian Guennewig
Lukas Kremens
Carsten Stoehr MSc Scholarship in

Alan and Christina Macdonald Scholarship 
Neivean Latif
Jethro Martin
Citi PhD Scholarship
Alan Elias Scholarship 
Luting Li 
Rhys Mccarthy
Claudio Ciborra Scholarship Fund
Alf Waddington Scholarship 
Magdalena Urban
Emma Jones
CV Starr Scholarship
Ambassador E.O. Kolade Scholarship 
Sai Liu
Nana Yaw Acquah-Hagan
David Goldstone Scholarship
American Friends of LSE Scholarship 
Akshay Petta
Glen Billesbach Ii
Davina Francescotti Scholarship
Anne Bohm Scholarship 
Muaad Abukur
Tayyaba Iftikhar
Department of Philosophy PhD Partnership
Annual Fund PhD Scholarship 
Barnaby Roberts
Deren Olgun
Baroness Birk Scholarship 
Dev Cropper Memorial Award
Øyvind Skorge
Jasmina Bide
Beavers' Scholarship 
Diana Lee Wong Pui Yue Scholarship
Daniel Cullen
Katy Lau
Betty MacQuitty Scholarship
F M Underhill Scholarship
Amy De Man
Sumaya Chentouf
Bottriell Scholarship 
Fab Gallo Scholarship
Suad Abdi
Matthew So
Lydia Cawthorne-Luff
Harry Doe
The Filiberto and Maria Fuentenebro Memorial
Alex Du
Alleeya Hassim
Sumati Semavoine-Jain
Jake Lambert
Sabahat Mahmood
Firoz and Najma Lalji Foundation Scholarship
Nicholas Massey
Ronald Ocan
Elizabeth Mills
Paige Nicholson
Frederick Bonnart-Braunthal Scholarship
Thomas Parish
Imara Rolston
Mia Pillinger
Bethany Sandland
Golden Scholarship
James Tanner
Nancy Jones
Dominic Tighe
Eve Todd
Amerprit Kingra
Adam Wadie
Hateema Zia
Eleanor Westwood-Poole
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 139 I 

Scholarships and Prizes
Goldman Sachs – Simon Morris Scholarship
Khattar Scholarship
Giles Bethule
Bhavan Jaipragas
Edward Bond
Justin Cho
Programme for African Leadership Scholarship
Liam Gard-Storry
Abdul-Wadudu Adam Mohammed
Rowena Mccaughan
Khalid Osman Mahgoub Ahmed
Jackson Read
Leonie Akofio-Sowah
Mohammad Shah
Naufiku Hamunime
Olivia Williams
Ayub Kiranda
Shezane Kirubi
HighSpen Scholarship
Hope Kyarisiima
Temwani Mwale
Susan Lado
Nyaguthii Maina
Hogan Lovells Scholarship
Zachary Mikwa
Hateema Zia
Caroline Nduta Miringu
Haozhou Qiu
Aaron Mweu Munzaa
Florence Naluyimba
ICAP Undergraduate Scholarship
Duncan Njue
Madvee Moteea
Michael Nyongesa
Tanga Jenkins Obbo
James Jeal Scholarship 
Helixs Oroma
Dane Jones
Ronald Seruyombya
Nelson Ssenyonjo
Jeremy Asher PhD Partnership Scholarship in
Carolyne Waraga
Yatang Lin
Laura Cha Scholarship
Bei Huang
John C Phelan General Course Scholarship
Boryana Uzunova
Peter Lee Scholarship
Haocheng Xie
Ka Man Leung
John J Kerr Jr Scholarship
Lee Family Scholarship
Ruby Famakinwa
Liying Wang
Juan Maria Nin Scholarship 
Leverhulme Trust Scholarship
Laura Ehrich
Sandhya Fuchs
Kristina Kolbe
Judge Rosalyn Higgins Scholarship
Fabian Mushövel
Martin Clark
Nora Ratzmann
Kadas Scholarship
London Business Forum Scholarship 
Yeva Agayan
Jodie Momodu
Martina Bedatsova
Nikola Dacic
Lord Dahrendorf Scholarship 
Erik Dome
Luka Gajic
Kristina Durcakova
Ivan Kotsev
Ania Garbarczyk
Ausra Nociute
Bartosz Kubiak
Jessila Permalloo
Aljosa Markovic
Mert Tasan
Helen Tesfaldet
Kathleen Crabb Scholarship
Begum Ipek Yavuz
Tariq Aziz
Lords Group of Companies Scholarship
Hafizullah Kadamzadeh
Ken Minogue PhD Government Partnership
Marchant Foundation LLM Scholarship
Jakob Huber
Anmol Mehta
I 140 I LSE Digest 15-16

Scholarships and Prizes
Margaret Basu Fund
Norman Jefferies Undergraduate Scholarship 
Flavy Sen Sharma
Taraq Khan
Margaret Bennett Scholarship
Olam Scholarship Yesira 
Ingy Ahmed Abdelraouf Ali
Alhassan Alolo
Middle East Centre Emirates Master's
Pauline Aviges Graham Scholarship for African
Nader Andrawos
Lakshita Rampudaruth
Amir Jabbarin
Jourie Kolthoum
Peter Bence Scholarship
Sian Pierce
Middle East Centre Emirates PhD Scholarship
Mohanad Hage Ali
PhD Partnership in Economics
Pinar Kenanoglu
Hanwei Huang
Yasmine Laveille
Nawal Mustafa
PwC Lord Benson Award
Anastasia Nosova
Linda Kalaj
Bugra Susler
Shamim Miah
Randa Mohamed
MSc Social Policy Scholarship 
Victoria Gilbert
R J Vincent Memorial Scholarship 
Aaron Mckeil
Nehru Shanker Patel Scholarship
Joselene Katayama
Raph Appadoo Scholarship 
Ruby Famakinwa
New Futures Fund Scholarship
Emma Ward
Volkan Aktepe
Lucy Carr
Robert and Dilys Rawson Scholarship
Meryem Cinpolat
Ganga Shreedhar
Georgia Cooper-Dervan
Fortunate Diamond
Rothschild Undergraduate Scholarship
Nimo Dirie
Josephine Frank
Tugse Gazioglu
Yaajan Govindia
Sabine Scholarship
Joseph Hadwal
Merdzana Mujkanovic
Jacob Hodgson Stokes
Haejin Hong
Sally Codrington Scholarship
Adil-Ul Islam
Chardee Ezadkhasty
Chrisann Jarrett
Ahmer Khalil
Santander Scholarship
Sai Liu
Gabriela Aguinaga Gumuzio
Shulin Mao
Yan Chen
Emmanuel Nwokorie
Alastair Croker
Soo Hyun Oh
Shulin Mao
Joshua Oluwafemi
Macarena Sanchez Bachmann
Princessa Rellosa
Sana Riaz
Sho-Chieh Tsiang Scholarship
Tarlach Russell
Pedro Pinto
Macarena Sanchez Bachmann
Seekha Shah
Singapore LSE Trust Undergraduate
Rahul Sugand
Muhammad Tayara
Yong Cai
Nootan Vegad
Reichel Jenifer
Gerald Lai
Jonathan Leaw
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 141 I 

Scholarships and Prizes
Beverley Leung
Woo Family Scholarship
Brenda Tan
Tingting Fu
Sir Siegmund Warburg Scholarship 
Lana N.M. Ramadan
Virginia and L E Simmons Scholarship
Allyn Young Prize – outstanding performance
Chantal  Mcmahon
in micro economics in the 2nd year (EC201) –
joint winner

Spangenberg Family Foundation Scholarship
Ankit Parasrampuria
Joseph Hadwal
Allyn Young Prize – outstanding performance
Stanislaw Karbownicki Undergraduate
in micro economics in the 2nd year (EC202) –
joint winner
Wojciech Zych
Aniket Baksy
Stelios Scholarship 
Altorfer-Ong Prize – best mark achieved 
Sifat Ahmed
in EH240 – joint winner
Lukas Bolte
Bethany Bloomer
Alexander Burgess
Manavi Mehra
Eleanor Buxton
Irene Charalambous
Andrea Mannu Prize – joint winner
Patrick Gaweda
Thomas Tozer
Alamin Hussain
David Coombs
Kaman Liang
Angelina Mylona
Andrea Mannu Prize UG – joint winner 
Eamon O'Keeffe
Geoffrey Keeling
Shane Porter
Samuel Altmann
Marios Savva
Gabriel Sjostrom
Anthony G. Hopwood Prize – outstanding
Artemis Stavrou
examination performance
Rimgaudas Stundzia
Franziska Burkart
Suzanne To
Laurynas Tribaldovas
Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize – 1st Prize
Boya Zhao-Robinson
Minyu Liu
Stonex Eastern EU Scholarship
Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize – 2nd Prize
Szabolcs Perniczki Bozsing
Jue Wang
Stuart Lewis Scholarship
Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall
Azra Kemal
Student Performance in MSc Finance
(Full-time): 1st Prize

UK Undergraduate Scholarship
Thomas Raoux
Daniel Jeremy
Nina Webb
Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall
Student Performance in MSc Finance 

UK/EU Undergraduate Scholarship 2016
(Full-time): 2nd Prize
Giulia Trojano
Fabian Heitfeld
UniCredit and Universities Masters in Research
Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall
Economics Scholarship
Student Performance in MSc Finance
Viola Salvestrini
(Part-time): 1st Prize
Graeme Douglas
Van Almsick PfAL Scholarship
Denis Wani
Janice Pratt
I 142 I LSE Digest 15-16

Scholarships and Prizes
Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall
Betty Scharf Prize for best dissertation in 
Student Performance in MSc Finance
Gender & Religion
(Part-time): 2nd Prize
Xu Yan
Michael Yoganayagam
Blackstone Chambers Prize for
Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall
best performance in Commercial Law
Student Performance in MSc Finance and
Thomas Dean
Economics: 1st Prize
Jiantao Huang
Blackstone Chambers Prize – Human Rights
joint winner

Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall
Abby Buttle
Student Performance in MSc Finance and
Benjamin Helfand
Economics: 2nd Prize
Hanbin Yang
Blackstone Chambers Prize – Law and Inst. 
of the EU

Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall
Hui Zhen Ganr
Student Performance in MSc Finance and
Private Equity: 1st Prize

Blackstone Chambers Prize for best
Jean Vianney Cordeiro
performance in Public International Law
Nicholas Petrie
Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall
Student Performance in MSc Finance and

Bloch and Parry Prize for the best Religion in
Private Equity: 2nd Prize
the Contemporary World dissertation
Yuxiao Xu
Jean Le Grix De La Salle
Atkinson Prize for best overall performance in
Bowley Prize for the Best 3rd Year UG Project
the MSc in Inequalities and Social Science. 
in Applied Statistics (ST312) – joint winner
Michael George
Amisha Unnadkat
Harpreet Bath
Baines Prize: for the best mark achieved
Samuel Woolston
Brian Abel-Smith Prize – best dissertation in
the MSc in Health Economics, Policy and

Basset Memorial Prize
Management – joint winner 
Timothy Rogers
Erica Lester
Ali Seif Amir Hosseini
Bassett Memorial Prize for best performance
in an Organisational Behaviour and 

Brian Abel-Smith Prize – best dissertation in
Employment Relations option course on
the Executive MSc in Behavioural Science –
the BSc Management
joint winner 
Mary Yuet Fan Chu
Zoe Rahwan
Kyoo Kim
Best dissertation Prize
Atilla-Filipe Cevik
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for outstanding
Shutong Wang
performance in the Executive MSc in
Do Kyum Kim
Behavioural Science
Esteban Roberto Bertarelli Valcarcel
Antoine Ferrere
Best overall MSc Performance Prize
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for outstanding
Tomas Borsa
performance in the MSc in Global Health
Best Student Prize for the MSc International
Ruru Ping
Management programme 2015-16
Marie-Therese Von Buttlar
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for outstanding
performance in the MSc in Health Economics,

Best Student Prize for the MSc Management
Policy and Management
and Strategy programme 2015-16
Sandra Nestler-Parr
Susan Spagnolini
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 143 I 

Scholarships and Prizes
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for outstanding
Charltons Prize – best overall performance –
performance in the MSc in Health Policy,
joint winner 
Planning and Financing
Lora Izvorova
Emily Shearer
Rui Low
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for outstanding
Christie Exhibition Prize for individual merit
performance in the MSc in Health, Population
in the MSc in Social Policy (Research)
and Society
Lara Coghlan
Orsola Torrisi
Cities Prize for academic achievement
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for outstanding
Heather Zaccaro
performance in the MSc in International
Health Policy (Health Economics)

Cities Prize for outstanding contribution
Anna Strampelli
Darren Gill
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for outstanding
Clifford Chance prize – Property II 
performance in the MSc in International
Elena Svabic
Health Policy
Lisa Altmann-Richer
Coral Bell Prize for the best degree 
performance overall by a third year 

Brian Abel-Smith Prize for the best
BSc IR student
dissertation in the MSc in Global Health
Alfred Wong
Vishal Khetpal
CS MacTaggart Prize for performance in the
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for the best
first year – joint winner 
dissertation in the MSc in Health Policy,
Michael Mcauley
Planning and Financing
Benjamin Lim
Emily Shearer
Sam Behrens
Hee Woo
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for the best
dissertation in the MSc in Health,

CS MacTaggart Prize for performance in the
Population and Society
second year – joint winner
Orsola Torrisi
Zi Yang Choon
Ka Ngo Chan
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for the best
Wei Li Hoon
dissertation in the MSc in International
Health Policy (Health Economics)

CS MacTaggart Prize for performance in the
Andres Madriz Montero
third year – joint winner
Shi-Xian Tay
Brian Abel-Smith Prize for the best
Teck Lim
dissertation in the MSc in International
Sicen Liu
Health Policy
Yunica Jiang
Cyril Offord Prize
Sicen Liu
British Journal of Industrial Relations Prize
for best overall performance on the 

Dechert Prize – Introduction to the
MSc HRO programme (IER and HRM stream)
Legal System
Stephanie Tan
Segolene Lapeyre
Charles Mostyn Lloyd Memorial Prize for
Dechert Prize – Property I – joint winner
outstanding performance in the MSc in Social
Joshua Phang
Policy and Development (Non-Governmental
Madeleine Teo
Mirah Mahaswari
Delia Ashworth Prize for achievement in the
MSc in Social Policy (Research)
Rana Khazbak
I 144 I LSE Digest 15-16

Scholarships and Prizes
Department of Government dissertation Prize
Foundation on Automation and Human 
Pascal Haller
Development Prize for best overall 
Ellie Heatherill
performance on the MSc HRO programme
Jack Winterton
(HRM/CIPD stream)
Htut Arkar Win
Departmental Introduction to Econometrics
Prize – best performance by an Economics

Foundation on Automation and Human 
Dept student in Introduction to Econometrics
Development Prize for best overall 
performance on the MSc HRO programme
Yi Xian Low
(OB stream)
Jordana Moser
Departmental Principles of Econometrics
Prize – best performance by an Economics

Fred Halliday Dissertation Prize
Department student in Principles of 
Madeline Mcsherry
Econometrics (EC221) – joint winner
Jaume Vives
Geoffrey Stern Prize – for the best IR100 
Structure of International Society examination

Economics Department Prize – outstanding
performance by a first year BSc IR student
overall merit in a BSc programme
Charlotte Morlie
Yong Cai
George and Hilda Ormsby best dissertation
Economics Examiners UG Prize – First year
in Department Prize – joint winner
Sam Behrens
Katerina Kaimakamis
Yuxiang Luo
Economics Examiners UG Prize – Second year
Kai Ling Neo
George and Hilda Ormsby Prize for
best dissertation – joint winner

Ely Devons Prize for outstanding performance
Moritz Schwarz
in the MSc Econometrics and Mathematical
Misaki Beckett
Economics Programme – joint winner
Roger Wiederkehr
George and Hilda Ormsby Prize for best
Xinyu Ji
overall performance in BA Geography
Anna Geatrell
Emeritus Professors' Prize – joint winner
Xiaoyang You
George and Hilda Ormsby Prize for best
Chang Guo
overall performance in BSc Environment
Morten Faye Eriksen
and Development and BSc Environmental
Policy with Economics

Executive Global Master's in Management
Merlin Veron
Best Dissertation Prize or Capstone Prize
Alex Riechel
George and Hilda Ormsby Prize for best 
overall performance in BSc Geography

Executive Global Master's in Management
with Economics
best overall performance Prize
Damini Bhatnagar
Roland Kemper
George W. Jones Prize – best performance by
Farr Prize for best performance in Final
a graduating MPA student – joint winner
Examinations for a BSc Student in the
Hana Chambers
Departments of Mathematics or Statistics
Philip Grinsted
– joint winner
Shi-Xian Tay
Gonner Prize  – Outstanding merit in the final
Xiang Lee
year of BSc Economics
William Parry
Fei Xiaotong prize for the best China in
Comparative Perspective dissertation
Yicheng Wang
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 145 I 

Scholarships and Prizes
Goodwin Prize – for the best examination
Michael George
performance by a second year BSc IR student
Ana Feu Basilio
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
performance in 2nd year

Gordon Smith dissertation Prize
Alvin Ong
Mireia Quingles
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall 
H.C. Edey Prize – top performance in
performance in 3rd year 
BSc Accounting and Finance 
Beth Mooney
Wi Lic Cheong
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall 
Harold Laski Prize
performance on the Masters Programmes 
Holly Smith
in Sociology
Nicholas Martindale
Haya Freedman Prize – best dissertation on
the MSc Applicable Mathematics Programme –

Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
joint winner
performance with Distinction, MSc Culture
Rafael Veiel
and Society
Jessica Ryan
Zofia Sztykowski
Harold Laski Prize
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
Elisa Cencig
performance with Distinction, MSc Economy
Risk and Society

Head of Department's Prize
Morten R Dgaard-Hansen
Nigel Poh
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
Herbert Smith Freehills Prize –
performance with Distinction, 
best performance in Part I
MSc Immigration and Public Policy
Sarah Ku
Margot Charles
Herbert Smith Freehills Prize for the best
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
performance in MSc Law and Accounting
performance with Distinction, MSc Political
Maximilian Schmidl
Nicholas Martindale
Hilde Himmelweit Award – best performance
in their degree

Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
Laura Robson
performance with Distinction, MSc Sociology
Andrea Lizama Alvarado
(Contemporary Social Thought)
Hana Hawlina
Nader Andawos
Denise Baron
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall 
performance with Distinction, MSc Sociology
performance in 1st year
Stefano Hollis
Xiaolei Zhang
Cormack Jackson
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best 3rd Year 
performance with Distinction, MSc Sociology
Sociological Dissertation
Benjamin Brundu
Beth Mooney
Hogan Lovells Prize – Obligations & Property I
Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall
Joshua Phang
dissertation on the Masters Programmes 
in Sociology  – joint winner

Hogan Lovells Prize in Business Associations
Lucy Wood
Hwee Sheng Jesslyn Yep
Ana Blloshmi
Zofia Sztykowski
I 146 I LSE Digest 15-16

Scholarships and Prizes
HSBC Global Asset Management
Janet Beveridge Award – Prize for the highest
best dissertation Prize
aggregate mark by a final year student
Katerina Kaimakamis
Alexander Talbot
Hughes Parry Prize – Contract Law / Law of 
Jean la Fontaine Prize for an outstanding
first class degree
Rui Low
Charlotte Uden
Michael Waters
Hunt Prize for the best dissertation marks in
the MSc in Economic History (Research)

John Griffith Prize – Public Law
Jennifer Koehler
Joshua Phang
Huw Wheldon Prize – outstanding
John Hicks Prize for outstanding performance
performance in final year exams – joint winner
in the MSc Economics Programme
Mark Plackett
Thomas Brzustowski
Shi-Xian Tay
John Hicks Prize for outstanding performance
Iain and Louise Crawford Prize
in the MRes Economics 
Bei Jin
Luca Citino
IMA Prize for outstanding performance in the
Joseph Abraham Prize for outstanding
Final Year of an Institute of Mathematics and
achievement on the MSc Financial
its Applications approved course –
Mathematics Programme
joint winner
Miguel Angel Garrido Garcia
Christopher Benson
Teck Lim
Laura Devine Prize – best performance in
Human Rights

Imre Lakatos Prize – joint winner
Camilla Alonzo
Xing Li
Christian Larroulet
Lauterpacht and Higgins Prize –
Public International Law

International History James Joll dissertation
Joseph Allison
Suyin Haynes
Law Department Prize – dissertation –
best overall performance

Investment Property Forum best dissertation
Abby Buttle
Xiaolun Yu
Lawyers Alumni Prize for best overall mark
Alexia Nadia Staker
Iris Forrester Prize for Achieving 4 Distinctions
in all 4 Units in the 12 Month MSc programme

Lecturer's Prize – Jurisprudence
– joint winner
Sharon Park
Molly Avery
Rishika Yadav
Leonard Woolf Prize for best overall
Polly Clayton-Hatfield
Thomas Kerstens
J.R.(Bob) Gould Prize – best performance by an
Economics Department student in Economics 

Lillian Knowles Prize for a First Year candidate:
B (EC102)
for the best set of marks achieved by a
Yash Salunkhe
candidate studying Economic History 
– joint winner

Janet Beveridge Award – Prize for exceptional
Matthew Walton
overall performance by a continuing student
Georgia Lourandos
Zoe Oakley
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 147 I 

Scholarships and Prizes
Lillian Knowles Prize for a Finalist: for the 
Martin Wight Dissertation Prize
best set of marks achieved in a candidate’s
Yuji Maeda
final year of study – joint winner
Bethany Bloomer
Master's in Management (CEMS MIM) Prize –
Josh Carson
best overall examination performance 
Carlo Durbeck
Linklaters LLP Prize – Commercial Contracts  –
joint winner

Master's in Management Prize –
Hui Zhen Gan
best dissertation
Mohammed Chaudhary
Kelly Klifa
Lloyd Gruber Prize – best MPA Policy Paper –
Master's in Management Prize – best overall
joint winner
examination performance
Hana Chambers
Kaizhan Wang
Genevieve Joy
Genaro Cruz
Maurice Freedman Prize for the best
Social Anthropology dissertation

Loch Exhibition Prize for overall merit in the
Marie Chabbert
MSc in Global Health
Yezarni Wynn
Mazars Prize for best performance in AC340 
Myles Hodgson
Loch Exhibition Prize for overall merit in the
Medlicott Prize – highest dissertation mark
MSc in Health Economics, Policy and
across the MA and MSc Programmes in the
International History Department 
Alexandra Jensen
Anne Meeker
Michael Donelan Prize
Loch Exhibition Prize for overall merit in 
James Wilken-Smith
the MSc in Health Policy, Planning and

Michael Oakeshott Prize for best dissertation
Chih-Yuan Cheng
Leah Selig Chauhan
Po-Han Huang
Michael Sallnow Prize for the best AN399
Loch Exhibition Prize for overall merit in the
extended essay
MSc in International Health Policy (Health
Michael Waters
Ian Nason
Microsoft Research Prize in Data and Society
Atilla-Filipe Cevik
Loch Exhibition Prize for overall merit in the
MSc in Social Policy (Research)

Mike Redmayne Prize – Law of Evidence 
Belinda Adjetey
joint winner
Malvika Jaganmohan
Loch Exhibition Prize for overall merit in the
Sarah Ku
MSc in Social Policy (Social Policy and

Morris Finer Memorial Prize – Family Law
Sara Shahvisi
Esohe Uwadiae
Loch Exhibition Prize for overall merit in the
MSc Comparative Politics Prize for best
MSc in Social Policy and Development
Arianna Espinosa Oliver
Caroline Federal
Lucy Mair Prize for the best Anthropology
MSc Comparative Politics Prize for best
and Development dissertation
overall performance
Marios Falaris
Elias Rafael Zelger
Myriam Amri
I 148 I LSE Digest 15-16

Scholarships and Prizes
MSc Conflict Studies Prize – best dissertation
MSc Local Economic Development Prize –
joint winner
best overall performance
Marika Brewitz
Yuxiang Luo
Rachel Wuhrmann
MSc Management, Organisations and
MSc Conflict Studies Prize – best overall
Governance degree – best dissertation
performance – joint winner
– joint winner
Marika Brewitz
Dingshen Li
Matthew Zelina
Dimitri Penneron
MSc Environment and Development Prize –
MSc Management, Organisations and
best dissertation 
Governance degree – best overall
Laura Picot
performance – joint winner
Leonard Goetze
MSc Environment and Development Prize –
Anna Stella Fetha
best overall Performance
Benedict Probst
MSc Management Science (Decision
Bernardo Machado Esteves
Sciences) – best overall performance –
joint winner

MSc Environmental Economics and Climate
Ke Xu
Change Prize – best dissertation – joint winner
Ahmet Kocaman
Benjamin Arold
Julie Johnsen
MSc Political Theory Prize – best dissertation
Lisanne Van Wijngaarden
Nicholas Foretek
MSc Political Theory Prize – best overall
MSc Environmental Economics and Climate
performance  – joint winner
Change Prize – best overall performance
Samuel Earle
Benjamin Arnold
Mark Feldner
MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation
MSc PKU Prize – best overall performance
Prize – best overall performance
Philipp Freiherr Von Und Zu Gilsa
Simon Pickstone
Richard Parfett
MSc PSPE Prize – best dissertation
Janne Vink
MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation
Prize – best dissertation 

MSc PSPE Prize – best overall performance 
Richard Parfett
Pranav Gupta
MSc Gender and Gender Research –
MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance Prize –
best overall performance – joint winner
best dissertation
Sadie Hale
Katerina Kaimakamis
Verena Wetzel
MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance Prize –
MSc Global Politics Prize – best dissertation –
best overall performance
joint winner
Wenbin Zheng
Regula Meng
Hester Stoker
MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies
Prize – best dissertation

MSc Global Politics Prize – best overall
Pauline Niesseron
Regula Meng
MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies
Prize – best overall performance

MSc Local Economic Development Prize –
Alyssa Campbell
best dissertation
Yuxiang Luo
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 149 I 

Scholarships and Prizes
MSc Regulation Prize – best dissertation –
Premchand Prize – Outstanding performance
joint winner
in the 3rd year paper in Monetary Economics
Erki Taube
Christian Willmes
Nikola Dacic
MSc Urbanisation and Development Prize –
Prize for best 1st year performance in
best dissertation – joint winner
Accounting, Finance and Operations
Hilary Malson
Management on the BSc Management
Femke Gubbels
Xinping Jia
MSc Urbanisation and Development Prize –
Prize for best 1st year performance in
best overall performance
Economics on the BSc Management
Thomas Van Laake
Alexandre Clerc
Nicola Lacey Prize – Criminal Law –
Prize for best 1st year performance in
joint winner
Mathematics and Statistics on the
Rohan George
BSc Management – joint winner
Rui Low
Danyi Chen
Zhen Ming Zhang
Old Square Chambers Prize – Labour Law
Harry Doe
Prize for best 1st year performance in
Organisational Behaviour on the

Otto Kahn Freund Prize for best performance
BSc Management
in Labour, Family, Conflict of Laws,
Felix Reding-Reuter
Comparative, European Law
Stephanie Needleman
Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG201
on the BSc Management

Paul Taylor overall performance Prize
Konstantin Hemker
Philip Graefen
Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG202
Peter Loizos Prize for the best AN298
on the BSc Management – joint winner
ethnographic report
Daniela Fuerst
Aiste Gaizauskaite
Camilla Zanardo
Peter Loizos Prize for the best AN399
Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG205
ethnographic report
on the BSc Management
Wai Chan
Max Winston
Peter Self Prize – MSc Public Policy and
Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG207
Administration – best overall performance –
on the BSc Management
joint winner
Guerini Rocco
Esma Akkilic
Sham Sara
Prize for best 3rd year performance in MG301
on the BSc Management – joint winner

Philip Noel-Baker Prize – for best Dissertation
Cheuk Hak
– BSc IR Year Three student – joint winner
Florian Dahlhausen
Mukami Kuria. 
Rhiannon Clapham
Prize for best extended essay on the
Chris Wenzhong Cai
MSc Economics and Management degree
Marius Benden
Philip Windsor Prize – joint winner
Gregory Raleigh Jenkins
Prize for best overall performance on the
Leo Barincou
MSc Economics and Management degree –
joint winner
Nicole Tan
Yajie Shen
I 150 I LSE Digest 15-16

Scholarships and Prizes
Prize for best dissertation on the
Prize for best overall performance on the
MSc Public Management and Governance
MSc Management Science (Operational 
degree  – joint winner
Research) programme in 2015-16
Fahad Al-Thani
Mi Jun Keng
Sukhveer Singh
Prize for best overall performance –
Prize for best overall performance on the
joint winner
MSc Public Management and Governance
Michel Scholer
degree  – joint winner
Louise Hatem
Ryan Mitton
Darpan Jain
Prize for best overall performance 
Janosz Schaefer
Prize for best dissertation 2015-16
Chelsea Glenn
Prize for best overall performance 
Jorge Kossuth Cabrejos
Prize for best dissertation
Milou Vanmulken
Prize for best overall performance 
Myfanwy James
Prize for best dissertation
Krister Koskelo
Prize for the best EH390 dissertation
Alexandra Esteve Santos
Prize for best overall performance 2015-16 
Luigi Rucco
Prize for the best MPA dissertation
Mari Landsem
Prize for best overall 1st year performance 
on the BSc Management

Pump Court Prize for best performace in
Zhen Ming Zhang
Bruno Vanden Berghe
Prize for best overall 2nd year performance
on the BSc Management

Pump Court Tax Chambers Prize – Taxation
Gordon Yam
Aaron Jenman
Prize for best overall performance on the
Rajendra Bhansali Prize for best overall
BSc Management
performance by an MSc Risk and Stochastics
Yu Shun Leung
Stan Cornelius Graumans
Prize for best overall performance in
MSc Gender, Development & Globalisation

Raynes prize for best final year exam
Dana Katherine Vigran
Xiang Lee
Prize for best overall performance in
MSc Gender, Media & Culture

Richard Hofstadter dissertation Prize –
Lena Betker
joint winner
Laurel Waterhouse
Prize for best overall performance in
Eric Spierer
MSc Gender, Policy & Inequalities
Jason Dibble
Tomas Ojeda Guemes
Rachael Comunale
Hanne Christiansen
Prize for best dissertation in the
MSc Social Research Methods

Rishi Madlani Award – top mark in
Christian Mueller
Macroeconomic Principles paper (EC210) –
joint winner

Prize for best overall performance on the
Miles Preston
MSc Social Research Methods
Amelia Lim
Christian Mueller
Jeremy Yun Loong Wang
Ruoqi Zhou
Junzhang Lu
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 151 I 

Scholarships and Prizes
Royal Statistical Society Prize for the best
Titmuss Prize for outstanding dissertation in
graduate from an accredited MSc course
the MSc in Social Policy
Lok Ting Yuen
(European and Comparative Social Policy)
John Hewitt Jones
Silverstone Prize
Shutong Wang
Titmuss Prize for outstanding dissertation in
Slaughter & May Prize – best overall degree
the MSc in Social Policy (Research)
Solina Li
Malvika Jaganmohan
Titmuss Prize for outstanding dissertation in
Slaughter & May Prize –
the MSc in Social Policy
best performance in Part I
(Social Policy and Planning)
Luey Chng
Tsung Ling Katy Lau
Slaughter & May Prize –
Titmuss Prize for outstanding dissertation in
best performance in Part II
the MSc in Social Policy and Development
Abby Buttle
(Non-Governmental Organisations)
Sulaiman Haqpana
St James Prize for academic excellence in 

Titmuss Prize for outstanding dissertation in
Chung Cheung
the MSc in Social Policy and Development
Aizhan Sambetbayeva
Abraham Hidalgo Mendoza
Akshay Ashok Joshi
Titmuss Prize for outstanding dissertation in
Stanley De Smith Prize
the MSc in Criminal Justice Policy
best performance in Public Law
Andrea Coady
Jan Zeber
Titmuss Prize for outstanding performance in
Stan Cohen Prize – best MSc Human Right
the MSc in Population and Development
dissertation – joint winner
Elizabeth Wilkins
Imogen Phillips
Paulina Tandiono
Titmuss Prize for outstanding performance in
Nada Raslan
the MSc in Social Policy
(European and Comparative Social Policy)

Stevenson Prize for the best performance in
Angeli Jeyarajah
International History – joint winner
Ingrid Hampe
Titmuss Prize for outstanding performance in
Kay Hian Lian
the MSc in Social Policy (Research)
Suyin Haynes
Mario Battaglini
Rhiannon Clapham
Titmuss Prize for outstanding performance in
Susan Strange dissertation Prize
the MSc in Social Policy
Hannah Dimpker
(Social Policy and Planning)
Elizabeth Cain
Sweet & Maxwell prize – best performance
Jumani Robbins
Titmuss Prize for outstanding performance  in
the MSc in Social Policy and Development

Titmuss Prize for outstanding dissertation in
(Non-Governmental Organisations)
the MSc in Criminal Justice Policy
Myriam Hernandez Vazquez
Alice Moscicki
Titmuss Prize for outstanding performance  in
Titmuss Prize for outstanding dissertation
the MSc in Social Policy and Development
in the MSc Population and Development 
Kieran Way
Elizabeth Wilkins
Valentin Ribet Prize for best performance in
I 152 I LSE Digest 15-16

Scholarships and Prizes
Corporate Crime
Lewis Owen
W.T. Baxter Prize for top performance in
BSc Accounting and Finance
Zuzanna Kraszewska
William Robson Award (MSc Regulation) for
best overall performance
Ella Pybus
Winton Prize for academic excellence in
MSc Statistics/MSc Statistics (Financial
Adam Bassett
Winton Prize for best dissertation in
MSc Statistics/MSc Statistics (Financial
Ke Yu
Wolf Theiss Prize for best performance in
Corporate and Securities Law
Martin LI
 LSE Digest 15-16 I 153 I 

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