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LPA 1925 s.136 Deed of Assignment

J. Ross made this Freedom of Information request to High Peak Borough Council

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Dear High Peak Borough Council,

LPA 1925 s.136 Deed of Assignment

1.Does your council tax billing authority assign information and data to any partnership service provider or other organisation for the purpose of collection and enforcement of council tax.
2.Please provide a list and give the precise name and/ or company number you have a data sharing policy with. If this is an internal partnership, provide the name of the partnership and department within this partnership and confirm who you share these services with and how they are authorised and who by to process and share this data.
3. Do you give notice of this assignment to the data subject whose data has been assigned or does your assignee give notice instead. And at which stage is a data subject's data processed and shared with your agents.
4.What chose in action and upon which assignment is a claim bought by the council and/or your agents for enforcement. Please state whether the council billing authority agency or other service provider agent is bringing the claim on behalf of your council, in the name of the Council.
5. Please provide the precise sections of the acts,rules and regulations that confirms payment of council tax is mandatory

Yours faithfully,

J. Ross


Dear Sir

The Council’s response to your information request dated 16 March 2021 is
being prepared and I will respond to you shortly.  Please accept my
apologies for the delay.

Yours faithfully


Jenny Atherton
Freedom of Information Officer 
High Peak Borough Council 

Tel:  0345 129 7777


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are J. Ross please sign in and let everyone know.