This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Looked after children under catagory of emotional abuse due to domestic violence'.


Ref No F09/04

28 October 2009

Angela Wileman
e mail –

Request for Information

Thank you for your request for information dated 30 September (received by the Council on 30 September 2009) which has been passed to me for attention.

I refer to your FOI request regarding looked after children under the category of emotional abuse due to domestic violence.

It is rare that a child or young person will be received into care due to single reason. There are often multiple factors that lead to a reception into accommodation. As Angus Council does not record statistical data on reasons for reception into accommodation that separates out emotional harm I am therefore unable to provide you with the information requested.

The information contained in this reply is believed to be accurate as at 28 October 2009 but no warranty is given. Further, Angus Council does not accept liability for any loss, injury or damage which arises from the use of the information contained in this reply either by you or by any other party.

If you have any queries, please ask for me on 01307 474857 or e-mail

Yours sincerely

Principal Planning Officer

cc Brenda Angus