Dear Cherwell District Council,

When will the benches and bins be sited, and the lights switched on please?

Yours faithfully,

B Bennett

CherwellFOI, Cherwell District Council

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Reference: 0909 FOI-CDC


Dear B Bennett,


Thank you for your request of 17 November 2020, in which you requested the
following information. Please find the Council’s response, in bold.


When will the benches and bins be sited, and the lights switched on


Longford Park is an ongoing development that is due to be completed
approx. end of 2021.


The Benches and bins are on order and will be put in once we are nearer
the practical completion date of the transfer: so we do not have a precise
date at the moment.


The lighting along the paths are awaiting connection and the feeder pillar
is on order.  These will also become live once we are closer to the
transfer completion date: but we have no precise date at the moment.


To advise you further about this development, we are working very closely
with the developers to ensure delivery.  The Country Park landscaping is
still ongoing and has not been completed.  The developers are working with
the Landscaping Team at Cherwell District Council to get this approved.
Once this is done, the Country Park will be transferred to Cherwell
District Council and then eventually to Banbury Town Council.


I hope this has answered your questions.


Internal Review

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review by contacting the FOI Team at [1][email address].


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response, you are advised to contact the Information Commissioner directly
at the Information may Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow,
Cheshire SK9 5AF


If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting us, by citing
the reference number above.


Kind regards,


Karyn Panting

S106 Development Monitoring Officer– Planning and Enforcement Team

Place and Growth Directorate

Cherwell District Council



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