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Dear Transport for London,

The announcements at Homerton station have been unacceptably loud for well over a month now, since volumes were increased again at the beginning of May. This is in spite of repeated requests from residents nearby to turn the volume down again so there is no overspill from the station, as was the case before the station renovations.

The same problem occurred last April (2011), and was eventually resolved with the reduction of volumes (and announcement frequencies) to a more acceptable level.

I have written to Mungon Duncan of London Overground (as well as emailing and making several telephone calls to London Overground). I believe Mr Duncan is 'looking into the problem', but I'm yet to hear anything back from him personally about what is going to be done about this persistent problem for residents such as myself within close proximity of the station.

I wish to know exactly what has been done during the past month to put the situation right, and what will be done in the future to prevent this unnacceptable level of station noise intrusion for local residents.

Yours faithfully,

[Name removed]

FOI, Transport for London

Dear Ms [Name removed],


Thank you for your email below.  Your query has been passed to our TfL
Customer Relations team who will respond to you directly regarding your


Yours sincerely


Emma Flint

Information Access Adviser

FOI Case Management Team

Transport for London


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Transport for London

Ref:  1010834911  


Date 05.07.2012 


Dear Ms  [Name removed]


Thank you for contacting us about the noise at Homerton. Please accept my
apologies for the delay in responding to you.


Please be aware that Homerton station is actually managed by London
Overground and as such you will need to contact them directly so that they
can look into this for you. Their contact details are as follows:


London Overground

125 Finchley Road



Email: [1][email address]

Telephone: 0845 6014867


I hope that you find this information useful. Please feel free to contact
me again if you need help with any other matter.


Kind regards


Philip Nelson

Oyster Customer Services


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