Location of road traffic collisions along the A55

Huw Waters made this Freedom of Information request to Welsh Government

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The request was successful.

Dear Welsh Government,

Please, can you provide the location of all known road traffic collision sites along the A55, both eastbound and westbound? If the exact location is not known is it possible to provide a more approximate location, such as between which junctions the crash occurred?

Can you provide information regarding the number of vehicles involved?

Additionally, can the date and time of the collision also be provided, and for dates ranging from now back to 2010, or earlier, for all known events?

Yours faithfully,

Huw Waters

Dear Welsh Government,

I write to check on the progress of my request. Have you had any success in finding any suitable information?

I await your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Huw Waters

Welsh Government

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Hi Huw,

Please find attached the data requested.

This data is made freely available by public request, as part of our ad-hoc statistical releases. We will be publishing this release on our website - to ensure that other users have access to this data we will be publishing this on our website (alongside other ad-hoc statistical data requests - please see http://gov.wales/statistics-and-research...).

To request an update to this data in the future - we would be happy to receive the request to: [email address]. We will also be publishing an accident level dataset on 29 June, which will cover data up to 2016 on the StatsWales website: https://statswales.gov.wales/Catalogue/T...

Diolch/ Thanks,

Mr Craiger Solomons
Pennaeth Trafnidiaeth, Economaidd ac Lafur Marchnad Ystadegau /
Head of Transport , Economic and Labour Market Statistics
Gwasanaethau Gwybodaeth a Dadansoddi / Knowledge and Analytical Services
Llywodraeth Cymru/ Welsh Government
Ffon/ Phone: 03000 25 6960

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