Local Transport Plan: status, targets and/or indicators

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Roger Geffen, Low Traffic Future

Dear North Lincolnshire Council,

I am making this request on behalf of the Low Traffic Future Alliance (https://lowtrafficfuture.org.uk/), a network of over 20 national NGOs which promotes the benefits of less motor traffic in urban and rural areas alike.

The Alliance is currently looking at how its members can constructively influence their Local Transport Plans (LTPs). For background, please see our LTP full or summary guide for councillors and campaigners (https://lowtrafficfuture.org.uk/LTPs).

We are investigating the status of local authorities’ LTPs (i.e. how up-to-date they are) and how ambitious they are in seeking to halt or reverse the growth of road traffic, increase the proportion of trips made by sustainable transport modes and/or improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

We therefore request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act in relation to your Local Transport Plan.

1. Has your authority commenced or completed a revision or replacement of its Local Transport Plan (LTP) since the Government published its Transport Decarbonisation Plan in July 2021?

2. Which of the following describes the current status of your authority's LTP?

a) It is new or has recently been revised (please give date of publication).
b) A draft has been subject to public consultation that has now closed, with feedback now under consideration. (If possible, please give expected publication date for the final version or indicate if another round of public consultation is expected)
c) A draft is currently subject to public consultation (please give a link to the consultation and its closing date)
d) Internal work on a new or revised version is underway, with publication of a consultation draft LTP to follow (If possible, please give date of expected publication of consultation draft)
e) Our current LTP was published before July 2021 and work to update or replace it has not yet commenced.
f) Other (please state)

3. Does your current LTP or latest draft LTP (if more recent) include targets or performance indicators relating to:

a) Reductions in the volume, or rate of growth, of car or motor-vehicle traffic in your area (or any part of it)?
b) Increasing the number or proportion of trips in your area (or any part of it) made by walking and/or cycling and/or public transport?
c) Reductions in the volume of carbon dioxide emissions from road or surface transport in your area (or any part of it)?
d) Reductions in casualties, casualty rates or other quantified improvements in safety for pedestrians and/or cycle users?

If yes to any of the above, what are these targets or indicators?

4. What is the name, job title and email address for the officer with overall responsibility for your authority's Local Transport Plan?

5. Do you have an email address for inquiries about the Local Transport Plan? If so, what is this?

I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

Roger Geffen, Low Traffic Future

Information Governance Team,

Dear Roger Geffen,

Thank you for your request which was received on 13th February. The
estimate response date for your request is the 12th March.

Should you have any queries, amendments or additions relating to this
request, please remember to quote the reference number above in any future

Yours Faithfully

Information Governance Team
North Lincolnshire Council

Information Governance Team,

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Dear Roger Geffen,

I am writing in response to your request for information, that was
received on the 13th February. Please find our Information Disclosure
letter attached.

If we can be of any further assistance with regard to this request please
let us know quoting the above reference number.

Yours sincerely,

Information Governance Team
North Lincolnshire Council