Local authority Emergency Assistance Grant for Food and Essential Supplies

The request was partially successful.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like some information about the Local authority Emergency Assistance Grant for Food and Essential Supplies your local authority has received from the government as part of its Covid support measures for communities.

If you could answer the following questions by filling in the attached form I'd be most grateful.

1) Can you please state
a) the amount your local authority has received under the above mentioned scheme, ANSWER: £________
b) when the money was received, ANSWER: _dd/mm/jjj_
c) how much of it has been spent to date? ANSWER: _£___________
If all of it has been spent, please
d) can you state by what date the money had been spent? ANSWER: __dd/mm/jjjj__

If less than 51% of the money your local authority received from the government in this scheme had been spent within 12 weeks of your authority receiving it, can you
e) please state why? ANSWER: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2) Can you state how much of these funds that have been awarded to private citizens who applied for emergency support was
a) awarded to women ANSWER: £____/ ____% (of all grants awarded)
b) awarded to men ANSWER: £____ / ____ % (of all grants awarded)
b) awarded to single parents ANSWER: £____ / ____% (of all grants awarded)
c) awarded to people with disabilities £____ / ____% (of all grants awarded)

3) Can you please state
a) how many applications in total your local authority received for emergency grants from members of the public? ANSWER: _____
b) how many of these were successful? ANSWER: _____ / _____% (of all applications)
c) what the highest grant was worth you awarded overall? ANSWER: £______

4) Can you please state how many people applied for assistance with
a) food? ANSWER: ____
b) energy? ANSWER: _____
c) accommodation costs? ANSWER: _____
d) other? ANSWER: _____

Yours faithfully,

Laila Devro

Access 2 Info (Commissioning Communities and Policy), Derbyshire County Council

Dear Ms Devro

I refer to your request for information received on 18 February 2021.

We will be dealing with your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In accordance with the legislation, the deadline for responding is 20 working days from the receipt of the request, this being the 18 March 2021. However, we shall endeavour to deal with your request promptly, and if possible before this date.

Yours sincerely,

Access to Information Team
Derbyshire County Council
County Hall

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ASCH Adult Social Care and Health FOI (Adult Social Care and Health), Derbyshire County Council

1 Attachment

Dear Ms Devro


Thank you for your information request dated 18/02/21.  I can confirm that
we do hold  some of the requested information. The request has been
considered under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  The response to
your request is attached, please note that some links may need to be
copied and pasted:


I hope this now deals with your request for information. However should
you wish the outcome to be reviewed, please follow the procedure as set
out below;


Stage 1:

In the first instance, please send in your comments, and wherever
possible, a copy of your request and the covering letter enclosing the
information or refusing your request to:


Access to Information Solicitor

Legal Services

Derbyshire County Council

County Hall



Email: [Derbyshire County Council request email]


Please ensure that correspondence is marked as “Request for a review of my
Freedom of Information Act / Environmental Information Regulations
request”, and bears any case references you have been given.  


Stage 2:

After completing the above procedure, if you wish to challenge the
decision further, then you have a right to contact the Information
Commissioner’s Office as follows: 

Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane





Tel. 0303 123 1113/ Fax: 01625 524510


ICO Weblink: http://www.ico.org.uk/complaints.aspx


Kind regards

Peter Cordiner

Information Governance Officer

Efficiencies and Performance

Adult Social Care and Health – Room 262

Derbyshire County Council | County Hall | Matlock | DE4 3AG


Tel: 01629 532058 | Ext: 32058 | [mobile number] | Email:
[email address]


Chat with me on Teams!


I am working at home for the foreseeable future, please contact me via
email or MS Teams.



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