Local Authorities external solicitors failing to endorse bankruptcy orders with their particulars & conflicts of interests etc

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Dear Insolvency Practitioners Tribunal,

Please can you confirm why it is not a conflict of interest for the Insolvency Service who are accepting bankruptcy orders obtained for local authority councils by externally instructed Insolvency solicitors, who are failing to endorse their particulars onto bankruptcy orders as required under Insolvency Act 1986 and procedures.

Under the FOIA how many Official Receivers and Insolvency Practitioners are accepting these incomplete bankruptcy orders and also themselves omitting this fact (amongst others) when they publish them in the London Gazette etc ?

Please confirm that these solicitors particulars that identify who represented and obtained these bankruptcy orders on behalf of councils, and who also nominate Insolvency Practitioners for Official Receivers to appoint as trustees (prior to April 2017), are also entitled to be overlooked by all involved, council, courts, Insolvency Service, land registry etc.

Unidentifiable external solicitors who choose Insolvency Practitioners on behalf of the councils, can be seen as a massive conflict of interest, all sanctioned by the Official Receiver and Secretary of State, especially when they carry out further litigation on behalf of the Insolvency Practitioner Trustees whose firm also acts as accountants for a senior council director's company, who is a member of the council Corporate Management Leadership Team.

This is the case with J E Baring & Co instructed by Maidstone Borough Council who have nominated Insolvency Practitioners from Myers Clark as joint Trustees, Mr Michael Goldstein and Mr James Paul Shaw.

Please provide all cases you have published regarding conflicts of interests between insolvency solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners etc.

Yours faithfully,

Deb Williams

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STEDLYN Retreat Management Limited
Nature of - Residents property management
Accountants - MYERS CLARK
Director William Edward Cornall appointed 6 December 2012

William Cornall - Maidstone Borough Council Director of Regeneration and Place, Corporate Leadership Management Team

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I write in reply to your e-mail received 23/06/17 reproduced below.


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Yours sincerely


Mrs Webb


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