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LOBO loan details for 2015/16 & 2018/19

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Research for Action

Dear Gwynedd Council,

A. Please provide a spreadsheet in .xls format containing the following information for each of the LOBO loans you held in the 2015/16 financial year (please use a row for each loan and a column for each parameter indicated below):
1. Internal reference number
2. Principal
3. Initial counterparty
4. Date loan was signed
5. Drawdown date
6. Maturity date
7. Option period (number of months)
8. Start date for teaser rate (if applicable)
9. Teaser interest rate (if applicable - intended as the discount rate sometimes offered before the initial rate)
10. Start date for initial rate
11. Initial interest rate (intended as the rate set for the term of the loan until the first option is called)
12. First option date
13. Has the option been exercised?
14. Most recent date when option was exercised (if applicable)
15. Interest rate in 2015/16
16. Interest paid in 2015/16
17. Fair value in March 2016
18. Interest rate in 2018/19
19. Interest paid in 2018/19
20. Fair value in March 2019
21. Current counterparty
22. Name of treasury management advisor when the loan was taken out
23. Name of broker who arranged the loan
24. Fee paid to the broker for the loan

B. Please provide copies of:
1. The original LOBO loan contracts
2. The invoices for the broker fees

Kind regards,

Ludovica Rogers

Gwynedd Council

Rhyddid Gwybodaeth / Freedom of Information

Dear Ludovica Rogers,

Freedom of Information (ref 86)

Thank you for your recent request under the Freedom of Information Act

Your request has been passed to me to process and I can confirm that it
has been logged under the reference number 86.

The Council may take up to 20 working days, from the date of receipt, to
respond to your request. You should therefore receive the information you
have requested, subject to the application of any exemptions permitted
under the Act, by 04/06/2019. If you require further information please
contact me by phone on 01286 679809 or by emailing
[1][email address].cymru by quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely,
Gwawr Owen


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Rhyddid Gwybodaeth,

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+ Good afternoon,


Freedom of Information
(Ref86 )


Thank you for your
recent request. Please
see attached for the
information requested:



Please note that where
information is subject
to copyright belonging
to the Council, you
will need to obtain the
permission of the
Council to re-use it
for purposes other than
private study or
research. The Council
may charge for re-use.
Where third party
copyright material is
disclosed, you must
obtain permission to
re-use from the
copyright holders




If you are unhappy with
the way the Council has
handled your request,
you may ask for an
internal review. Please
contact me if you
require an internal
review of your case. An
internal review will be
conducted by the
Monitoring Officer or
Head of Service and we
will aim to respond
within 20 working days.
However, if we are
unable to complete the
review by this date, we
will advise you


If you are not content
with the outcome of the
internal review, you
have the right to apply
directly to the
Commissioner for a
decision. Please see
below for the contact


Commissioner’s Office

2^nd Floor

Churchill House

Churchill Way




Telephone: 02920 678400

[1][email address]

Fax: 02920 678399


Yours sincerely,








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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Research for Action please sign in and let everyone know.