Dear NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group,

1: Has the CCG deployed a cross-practice approach to the digitisation (scanning) of Lloyd George (LG) patient records?
a: If so, who is the supplier the CCG has contracted with?
b: When was the contract awarded and for how long?
c: How may patient files are in scope for the digitisation project?
d: If not outsourced, is the digitisation managed internally by CCG/practice staff?

2: If the CCG has not yet started to digitise Lloyd George records across its GP estate, does the CCG know roughly how many Lloyd George records exist in a physical form?
3: Are these physical LG files stored within the respective practice?

4: Are any physical LG files stored with a third-party storage company, off-site?
a: if so, roughly how many (files or boxes is fine)?
b: What is the annual cost to the CCG for the storage of physical patient files within third party storage companies?

5: Is there a uniformed Electronic Document Management system deployed across all practice surgeries?
a: if so, which EDM system has been deployed?
b: when was the contract awarded and how long for?
c: if not, which individual systems are currently being used across the estate?

6: Who within the CCG is responsible for the digitisation of Lloyd George records across the CCG estate, in-line with the NHS England timelines?
a: Please provide name, job title and email address

7: Please also provide the details for:
A: Chief Financial Officer (or equivalent)
B: Chief Information Officer (or equivalent)
C: Chief Clinical Information Officer (or equivalent)
D: Chief Executive Officer (or equivalent)

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Stonard


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Dear Mr Stonard


Please find attached a response to your freedom of information request
sent to NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).


Yours sincerely


Access to Information Team 


(01782) 872648

[1][email address]
Midlands and Lancashire CSU

Information Governance Service

Heron House, 120 Grove Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 4LX

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