Livetime CSO releases, you hold the data, now please tell us when sewage is poodumped: the people pay for it!

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Natural Resources Body for Wales should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Natural Resources Body for Wales,

Please release into the public domain, instantly, as soon as they happen, ie ideally within one minute, full details of every individual combined sewer outlet release into all rivers and lakes that you cover and into watercourses feeding them.

I ask for reasons of Public Safety. People using rivers etc need to know, in livetime, exactly when where and how they are polluted. Not months of years later! I also ask because the public are paying for this data and at present you and watercos are not releasing it. All we get is a small amount of combined and fuzzy data released to surfers against sewage. This is not enough.

There needs to be full livetime public access to all of the data right now. Initially it can be on some of obscure portal, it doesn’t matter. Just stop hiding it. Please!

Why am I writing to you? 1. Welsh water are hopeless. It is now five years since I spoke to Martin Williams, Operations Manager of Welsh Water, who said that in principle this would be feasible thing to reveal to the public. I spoke to him again today and he still could not say when the data would come. Hence this request born from contamination and frustration. 2. OFWAT recently told my MP Chris Matheson you are the people to ask.

Yours faithfully,

Barry Johnston

Access to Information Team,

Diolch ichi am eich cais am wybodaeth. Pwrpas yr e-bost hwn yw cydnabod
ein bod wedi derbyn eich ebost.

Bydd y Tîm Mynediad at Wybodaeth yn ymateb i'ch cais cyn gynted ag y bo
modd, a dim hwyrach nag 20 diwrnod gwaith ar Ă´l derbyn eich cais.

Croesewir gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg a byddwn yn ymateb yn Gymraeg, heb i hynny
arwain at oedi.


Thank you for your request for information, this email is to acknowledge
that we have received your email.

The Access to Information Team will respond to your request as soon as
possible and no later than 20 working days from when we received your

Correspondence in Welsh is welcomed and we will respond in Welsh without
it leading to a delay.


Access to Information Team,

Good morning Barry,

Apologies for the delay responding to your email.

I don't identify this enquiry as a request for information.

With your permission, can I please direct your email to be dealt with by the business directly?

Although the whatdotheyknow website is useful when making requests for information, it would be better for us to contact you directly. Can you please share alternative contact details with me please? You may want to do this from your own email to avoid any personal data being published publicly.

Kind regards,


Sera Jones
Cynghorydd Cyswllt Cyfoeth / Customer Hub Advisor
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Croesewir gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg a byddwn yn ymateb yn Gymraeg, heb i hynny arwain at oedi.

Correspondence in Welsh is welcomed, and we will respond in Welsh without it leading to a delay

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