Liverpool's Chinatown: 5 years of disputes, delays [extraneous material removed]

pickford made this Freedom of Information request to Liverpool City Council This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was partially successful.

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1. What is the situation now 2021 with this site and what is the outstanding fees due to LCC with all past overdue payments is it over £2.3 million?

2. Why was such a high-profile CEO (Sue Grindrod) sent in to GGSD Ltd [extraneous material removed]

3. Will the LCC (Liverpool City Council) explain if Nick Kavanagh is a part of this company GGSD Ltd or has been a consultant for (Kerry Tomlinson) and or Sue Grindrod?

4. Are the LCC going to launch any investigation into GGDS Ltd or ask for advice from the SFO?

5. Cllr’s Ann O’Byrne, Steve Munby, Gary Millar, all was involved in setting up this horrific Chinatown £240 million project, along with others in 2014/15 will these be coming forward to give any information to the SFO?

6. Are the LCC just going to let this site in Chinatown and at the Metalworks in Vauxhall rot and could devastate these communities or will it act and call in the SFO or do a full investigation?

7. If the LCC fails to answer these serious concerns along with these councilors who were involved in Chinatown and one with Coconut Grove, then {Max Caller }needs to investigate and see the the full report on these developers and links to several in-house members of the staff at the LCC, talk to the many witness and outside reporters have been intimidated, will the LCC assist {Max Caller} and pass over the paper- work on this matter along with Mark Kitts involvement in PHD1 and NPG Ltd?

[extraneous material removed]

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