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Liverpool FC Car park Anfield/Cllr Nick Small /£186,000 in taking

Li Lee HK buyers made this Freedom of Information request to Liverpool City Council

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

A match-day car park in Anfield is set to bring in a £186,000 windfall for good causes in the local community.

Could the Liverpool council and or Cllr Nick Small please name all the good causes in the local community s who had funds to benefit from the £186,000 in cash?
"Anfield, County and Kirkdale wards are all set to benefit from the profits of the community car park run on football match days at Priory Road".

Q.2 Please name all the companies and or persons who were to benefit from this project?

Q.3 were Liverpool FC part of this?

Q.4 Who owns the car park and in total what cash over the years has been taken?

The Beautiful North Partnership, which was established to improve the local area and has its address as: BEAUTIFUL IDEAS COMPANY (NORTH) CIC 19 Devonshire Road, Princes Park, Liverpool, Company number 09138025

Why is the LCC given Erika Ann Rushton the name of" Neighbourhood Director"
and what is her role with this car park in Anfield?

Q.6 Is LCC paying any fees or commissions to Erika Rushton for her services in running this car park or is her role free to the public?

Assistant mayor Cllr Nick Small, chair of the Beautiful North Partnership community interest company, said: “The community car park has been a tremendous success, improving life for the local community and raising money which we can now reinvest back into the local area.

Please can Cllr Nick Small account from the 1st week one as to all cash income and where has it gone?

Will LCC please tell the public has Cllr Ann O'Byrne had any role / part in this with Erika Rushton and have these in the past worked together on other LCC projects?

Is the car park still in use and if so who runs it and where is the income going to?

Can the LCC please tell me the link to a person : Gemma Louise Mcgowan as also being a part of "Beautiful North Partnership" at the same time running this other company.

Could the LCC please ask Cllr Ann O'Byrne is she or any other family member and or friends linked to this company "THE ISLA GLADSTONE OUTSIDE CATERING LTD" ?

Will the LCC please sullpy the infomation on who owns the land and or the building of the Isla Gladstone and whats the rents or and other income to the LCC in the event LCC do own it?

Yours faithfully,

Mr Li Lee HKG & Chinatown

Regeneration and Employment, Liverpool City Council

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A very interesting series of requests

Dear Liverpool City Council,
I am still awaiting this reply please and do not understand as to why its taking your office so long to reply?

Yours faithfully,

Li Lee HK buyers

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Dear Mr Lee


Please see attached response to your FOI Request as submitted to Liverpool
City Council. Our apologies for the delay, which has been necessitated in
view of the scale and extent of the questions raised in the multiple
requests you made.




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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Li Lee HK buyers please sign in and let everyone know.