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The request was successful.

Dear Liverpool City Council,

I recently asked some questions about the recording and playback of calls to Liverpool Direct Limited.

The response to my FOI is pasted below:

1.What proportion of incoming calls to LDL are recorded?
2. For how long are these recordings kept
3.How are they stored?
4.What criteria are used for deciding whether a recording can be played back and to whom?

In the case of e mail enquiries and subsequent replies

5.What proportion of these are saved?
6.For how long?
7.Total number of inbound calls to LDL in a year
8.Total number of inbound e mails to LDL in a year


89.5% of all calls are recorded
Calls are stored for a maximum of 12 months.
They are stored securely on servers via the business IT network.
Calls are recorded for training and quality purposes. The Quality Management part of the system selects a number of random calls each month for each Contact Centre Team Leader.
All emails are archived.
Emails are stored for 12 months.
LDL receives 1,960,33 calls in a year
LDL receives 100,149 emails in a year

Now I happen to know that a call made by a constituent of mine was played back as part of an investigation into a complaint around the behaviour of some baliffs. This play back was done to ascertain the constituent's tone of voice and demeanour at the time a particular call was made. It therefore is innacurate to imply that the only play back of calls is the random selection.

I therefore would like to knowthe following

Outside of the regular review by team leaders of random calls, are any other calls retrieved and played back?

What type of request needs to be made and by whom for a call to be retrieved and played back?

What controls exist to ensure that privacy of callers is protected?

Do those whose calls are retrieved and played back after a period of time have any right to be informed that this has happened?

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Paula Keaveney

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

Dear Ms. Keaveney,

Acknowledgement of your request for information.

Thank you for your recent correspondence requesting information from the
City Council. Your request was received in our offices on 15^th November
2010 and, is being processed in accordance with the Freedom of Information
Act 2000.

A response will be sent to you as soon as possible and in any case within
the statutory deadline which is 20 working days from the working day after
your request was received.

For your information, the Act defines a number of exemptions which may
prevent the release of information you have requested. There will be an
assessment and, if any of the exemption categories apply, the information
will not be provided to you. You will be informed if this is the case.

Please quote the above reference number in all future communications.


Jawahier Sharif Ali (Fatima)

Information Officer

Legal Service

Liverpool City Council

Municipal Buildings

Dale Street,


L2 2DH

Tel: 0151 225 3132

email: [1][email address]

Website: [2]

2010 Year of Health and Wellbeing


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Symm, Kevin, Liverpool City Council

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Please find attached response


Kevin Symm

Senior Information Officer

Legal Services

Liverpool City Council

Municipal Buildings

Dale Street


L2 2DH

TEL: 0151 225 3007

[1][email address]

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