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Dear Folkestone & Hythe District Council,

1. Is the council a Duty Body and does it have a Statutory Duty to fulfil in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 & Litter Code of Practice?

2. Does the council manage litter picking and fly tipping in-house or has a third party contractor been appointed?

3. Is the latter, who is the contractor and when and for how long have they been appointed?

4. Does the contract reflect and impose responsibility with penalties for failure on the contractor to comply back to back with the council’s Statutory Duty?

5. What is the total number of litter-pickers in place?

6. How many financial penalties and to what value have been imposed on the contractor for the last year for not meeting standards of failing to carry out their work?

7. What is the annual cost of litter-picking for the last 3 years?

8. Does the council directly employ enforcement officers for issuing fines and carrying out prosecutions with regards to littering and fly-tipping offences or has this been outsourced?

9. How many enforcement officers are in place?

10. How many fines have been issued over the last 3 years and to what value for:

FPNs for littering?
FPNs for Fly-Tipping?
Successful prosecutions for Fly-Tipping?

11. How many fly-tips have been recorded in the last 3 years

12. What is the cost to the council per year for clearing these fly-tips?

13. If no costs are recorded please provide costs using national standard cost estimates from the “Waste Data Flow” system that you are legally obliged to use to record all fly-tips.

14. How many fixed or portable CCTV cameras are owned by the council or via an appointed 3rd party for the purposes of fly-tipping prosecutions.

15. Are they all in working order?

16. Are they subject to a service / maintenance contract?

17. Who is responsible for monitoring the footage and how often is it

18. Has any of the footage been used for prosecutions and if so how many and

19. Can you also confirm how many of the CCTV cameras are capable of night

20. If you have no CCTV cameras, when will you be putting these in place?

21. If you only have fixed CCTV cameras, when will you be putting in place
portable ones?

Yours faithfully,

Danny Lucas

Information Governance, Folkestone & Hythe District Council

Thank you for your information access request. A reference number has been
assigned to your enquiry which can be found in the subject line.

A case officer will review this matter shortly. We will endeavour to
supply any information you have requested promptly and within the
requisite 20 working days. If we think that it will take longer, we will
contact you.

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Dear Folkestone & Hythe District Council,

By law, the authority should normally have responded promptly and by 13 April 2021.

Can you please provide the requested information by return.

Yours faithfully,

Danny Lucas

Information Officer Case Management, Folkestone & Hythe District Council

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Dear Danny Lucas,

I am writing in respect of your information access enquiry dated the
3 March 2021. This request has been handled under the Environmental
Information Regulations 2004. 

Please accept our sincere apologies that your request was not dealt with
within the statutory timeframe and we thank you for your patience in this
matter.  As a local authority much of our focus and resource is currently
on helping the community with the impact of COVID-19 and many of our staff
have been redeployed to provide support with respect to this.

Please find attached information in response to your request.

The contents of this request are subject to re-use under the terms of the
[1]Open Government Licence unless otherwise specified. Publications
relying on this data must be attributed accordingly. Where released
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rights, rights to attribution and re-use remain vested in the holder.
Personal data disclosed in conjunction with an information access request
is provided in compliance with the Council’s legal obligations. This
disclosure does not provide consent for direct marketing under the Privacy
and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), and should not be
construed as such.

Should you require any further information, or if you are not satisfied
with our response, please do not hesitate to contact me. You may also
request an internal review by writing to the following address:
[2][email address]

Following this, if you are not satisfied with the internal review response
you may apply to the [3]Information Commissioner for an independent review
at the following address: [4][email address]

Kind regards,

Case Management (Corporate Services)
Information Governance
Folkestone & Hythe District Council
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