Joanna Iatridou

Dear Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland,

This is an enquiry under the Freedom of Information Act.
Is it the tribunal or is it another Mental health Authority in Scotland that keeps the full record of names of patients with age and gender and residence area, that were electroshocked ECT treatment from year 1994 to now.

Please publish all names of electroshocked patients by year starting with 1994 to now with their names and if possible with a one line info to establish if they were electroshocked because they complained of Police harassment, Police criminality and also to establish how many bloggers and social media writers were electroshocked as ECT is guaranteed to stop bloggers from writing their thoughts and beliefs by destroying the brain capacity to be focused and articulate.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland

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Ms Iatridou

Please see the attached reply to your requests for information under the
Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA).


Agnes Ferrie
Business Support
Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland Administration
1st Floor, Bothwell House
Hamilton Business Park
Caird Park, Hamilton
Tel: 01698 390012

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Joanna Iatridou left an annotation ()

The Solicitor of the Mental Health Tribunal is informing us that the MHT is not subject to the FOI Scotland Act of 2002, therefore there is no entitlement for these questions I submitted to be answered. Therefore I would classify this as a refusal to all questions I had submitted around the same date to the MHT.

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