List of Class III Roads

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The request was successful.

Tony Alice Fawcett

Dear Bradford City Council,

This request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I would like to request a list of roads and their numbers within your remit - including those that are generally not signposted - in addition to the standard M, A and B roads. These "Class III" and unclassified roads tend to go by the designations C, D or U, although the exact details vary by area and may differ from any or all of these. From information I already have, Wakefield, Kirklees and Calderdale councils have numbered C roads - the numbering system seems to be common across West Yorkshire.

A map detailing these roads would be appreciated but is not necessary for you to fulfil your obligation. A list of roads and their numbers in spreadsheet format is preferable, however the basic data in list format will be adequate if a spreadsheet is unavailable.

Yours faithfully,

Tony Alice Fawcett

Freedom of Information, Bradford City Council

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Steve Talbot, Bradford City Council

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Dear Mr Fawcett


Reference no: Freedom of information 9956


I refer to your request dated 26th May 2023 under the Freedom of
Information Act.


Please find the answers to your request on the attached document.


Yours Sincerely


Steve Talbot

Senior Engineer

Tel: 07582 101397


City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Highway Maintenance (North)

Stockbridge Depot, Royd Ings Avenue, Keighley, BD21 4BX