Dear Falkirk Council,

I am emailing to request a list of council owned/maintained children's playparks within the local authority area. I would be grateful if this list could be supplied in a spreadsheet format, detailing the playpark name; address; and datazone in which the playpark is situated.

Furthermore, if you hold the information, I would also like an indication for each playpark as to whether it contains any accessible play equipment. Where possible, I would appreciate if this could indicate the type of accessible play equipment present e.g. accessible roundabout; high-back/adaptive swing; wheelchair swing; sensory play equipment.

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Alasdair Rutherford

FOI, Falkirk Council

Good afternoon,

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

We acknowledge receipt of your information request received on 29/05/19. The Reference Number for this is 97708.

We have 20 working days to deal with your request from the date that we received it but we will respond earlier where possible.

On behalf of Falkirk Council
Information Team

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Edwards, Ian, Falkirk Council

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From: Edwards, Ian
Sent: 21 June 2019 14:53
To: '[email address]'
Subject: ar 210619 FOI 97708 Rutherford


Dear Mr Rutherford


Freedom Of Information (Scotland) Act 2002


I refer to your request regarding playparks owned or maintained by Falkirk
Council. This has been dealt with as an information request under the
above Act. 


The attached list is an inventory of the play parks the Council is
responsible for.  Unfortunately it was not possible to provide this in
spreadsheet format as requested.  Please note there are 2 additional sites
that need to be added to this list - Kersiebank housing project site, and
Helix Park which is managed by Falkrik Community Trust.  This list does
not include privately owned or privately factored play spaces, typically
in new housing developments.


Please note this will not include data for play projects in progress or
nearing completion.  Otherwise it is complete as of April 2019.  Current
projects will be captured on the inventory later this year.


A summary of the information you require is given below:


•             List of Play park sites not in Excel format – ( see
attachment) inclusive of Falkirk Community Trust sites = 133

•             Number of play items in active use district wide – 1,200 
fixed play equipped items for the above sites.

•             Accessible roundabout – number of sites  = 1 ( Helix park) 

•             High back/ adaptive swings – number of sites = 2  ( Zetland
& Duncan Stewart parks)

•             Wheelchair swing – number of sites  = 0  

•             Wheelchair seesaw – number of sites =1 ( Helix park )


We have also included partially inclusive play items which comprise one or
more of the following attributes:


•             Ease of transfer to apparatus, provide some additional
support for some wheelchair users or  young children with mobility issues

•             enable use of some/all aspect of the item with other users
in social play


These items equally may not be suitable for wheelchair users with very
limited upper body strength and/or without care handler support and/or
those with higher levels of special needs.


These partially inclusive play items include one or more of the following

 •            Basket swings, dish roundabouts , pedestal mounted
roundabouts ,acoustic play, play panels/tables, inclusive springies,
cradle swing seats( toddlers)


Number of sites with partially inclusive play item/s = 101

Total number of  partially inclusive play items district wide =402


I trust this is the information you require.


Please refer to the attached leaflet which explains your right to complain
about the handling of your case and/or the decision made.


Yours sincerely


Ian Edwards

Projects And Development Co-ordinator

Planning & Environment Unit

Development Services

Falkirk Council

T: 01324 504714



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Dear Mr Edwards,

Thank you very much for this comprehensive response. Is there anyway that the table provided could be made available in its original file format (whatever that was), rather than as a PDF of a scanned image? The PDF is quite hard to read, split across several pages, and the original file containing the table of information would be a great help.

If that is not possible, are you able to explain the reason?

Thanks again for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Mr A Rutherford

Edwards, Ian, Falkirk Council

Dear Mr Rutherford

The response was prepared by a colleague who is on leave until next Tuesday. I shall ask him then if the information can be provided in its original file format.



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Dear Mr Edwards,

That's greatly appreciated, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Rutherford

Edwards, Ian, Falkirk Council

Dear Mr Rutherford

I refer to your message below. Unfortunately we cannot find the original spreadsheet. The system that holds this information is currently being upgraded and this, coupled with a change in personnel, means that we are unable to locate the original file.

I am sorry I cannot be more helpful. If we do manage to locate the file I shall forward it to you.



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