List of businesses in Brighton and Hove

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The request was successful.

Anonymous User

Please may you provide a list of businesses that operate in Brighton and Hove, specifically detailing the address, contact details and number of employees.

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Brighton and Hove City Council

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Please see attached.

Note: Where the liable party is an individual or partnership, the account details are considered to be personal and therefore exempt from disclosure. We do not hold data regarding the number of employees at each business.

Brighton and Hove City Council

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Please click on the link below.

Richard Taylor left an annotation ()

We have been asked to remove a mobile phone number from the original response and have done so.

See our policy at:

The latter response is a replacement response from the council without the mobile number in question.


Richard - volunteer

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This request was made by Marc O'Brien through mySociety's now defunct FOI Register software ( The integration has now been removed. The external URL for the request was