Barry Hutton made this Freedom of Information request to HM Revenue and Customs

The request was successful.

From: Barry Hutton


Dear HM Revenue and Customs,

Please disclose invoices rec'd from Common Purpose
dating back to Jan 2011

Please disclose email traffic and letters between Lin Homer
and Common Purpose for the same period

Yours faithfully,

Barry Hutton

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HM Revenue and Customs

FOI 3040/12


Dear Mr Hutton


Thank you for your communication of 10 December 2012 which has been passed
to HMRC’s Freedom of Information Team. 


We have allocated the above reference which you should quote if you need
to contact us. 


The Team will arrange for a reply to be sent to you which will either
comply with HMRC’s obligations under Freedom of Information Act or, if we
think it’s an enquiry that we don’t need to address under the terms of the
Act, let you know why.  If it is the latter we will, if possible, pass it
on to a more appropriate part of the Department for answer. 



Freedom of Information Team


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HM Revenue and Customs

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Attachment 130110 FOI 3040 12 Info disclosed email exchange.pdf
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<<130110 FOI 3040 -12 Response.pdf>> <<130110 FOI 3040-12 - Info
disclosed - email exchange.pdf>> Mr Hutton

I'm attaching HMRC's response to your FOI request, together with two
other attachments.


Aidan Callan
Room 1C/25, 100 Parliament St., London SW1A 2BQ
[email address]

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