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Jane Lee made this Freedom of Information request to Tendring District Council

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Tendring District Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Tendring District council,

Please provide information around the status and nature of new street lighting positions in Station Road, Alresford, Colchester and in Cockaynes Lane around Staunton Gate.
Initially, I would like information on the lighting column situated outside 24-26 Station Road.

Please provide:
1. The height of this lighting column
2. The brand of lantern
3. The brand of photocell
4. The type of lamp (e.g. LED / low pressure sodium / high pressure sodium / Mercury, etc)
5. The type of photocell and nature of the switching regime in operation
6. Is this lighting position connected / switched / monitored / dimmed via an automated reporting system?
7. Is there a 3G / 4G / 5G telecoms transponder fitted to the lantern or the column, making the column a repeater position for such a telecoms service?
8. The manner of electrical connection (electricity company service / council-owned cable looped from adjacent equipment)
With regard to the remaining new lighting columns being erected for the new housing in Staunton Gate Estate, please provide a reduced amount of information:
1. The type of lamp (e.g. LED / low pressure sodium / high pressure sodium/ Mercury, etc)
2. The type of photocell and nature of the switching regime in operation
3. Will these lighting positions be connected / switched / monitored / dimmed via an automated reporting system?
4. Will there be 3G / 4G / 5G telecoms transponders fitted to the lanterns or columns, making the columns repeater positions for such a telecoms service?
Yours faithfully,
(provide your real name!)

Yours faithfully,

Jane Lee

Corporate Information Manager, Tendring District Council

Dear Jane,


In response to your FOI enquiry regarding lighting statuses, which was
received on 07/05/2020, I would refer you to Essex County Council as the
authority responsible for the information you have requested.  Their
contact details are as follows:


Essex County Council – [1]



The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives everyone the right to request
written or recorded information held by Essex County Council.

To email in a request for information please use the Your Right To Know

[2][email address] or send a written request to:

Information Sharing Information Security (ISIS)
PO Box 11
County Hall

You will receive an acknowledgement and your request should be answered
within 20 working days. For more details about what you can expect from us
see the [3]Information Commissioner's website

We publish a lot of information through our [4]publication scheme. Before
making a Freedom of Information request, you may like to check if the
information you require has already been published here.


I hope this is of assistance.


Tendring District Council’s current activities and up to date changes to
our service delivery can be found on our website at


During the pandemic please be advised that our limited resources may have
been diverted away from compliance or information governance work in order
to deal with emerging high priority activities.  Therefore we thank you
for your understanding and assure you that we will continue to respond to
information requests as quickly as we are able.  The Information
Commissioners Office (ICO) has also published information on their website




Kind regards,


Charlene Haynes
On behalf of Corporate Information Manager

Corporate Services

Tendring District Council


Phone: 01255 686063
E-mail: [7][Tendring District Council request email] 


Tendring District Council, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex
CO15 1SE


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