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Matthew Haywood

Dear Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust,

I would be grateful if you would provide the following information
under the FOI Act.

1) What for lighting exactly (specific model numbers) does the
Trust use for: i) hospital ward ceilings, ii) floors and iii)
bedside lamps?

2) For each hospital in the Trust, what was the annual electricity
energy consumption (in KWH, figures for the last 5 years - if there
are electricity metres purely for lighting, please include)

3) For each hospital in the Trust, was was the annual bill for
electricity (in pounds sterling, figures for the last 5 years if
there are costs purely for lighting, please include)

4) The number of patient beds in each of the hospitals in the Trust
(figures for the last 5 years)

5) The patient turnover in each hospital in the Trust (please
include day surgery separately - figures for the last 5 years)

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Haywood

Freedom Of Information \(RBK\) Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust,

Good Morning Matthew

Thank you for your email of 04/05/2011 requesting information relating to electricity and lighting usage.

Your request is being dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and will be answered within twenty working days.

If you have any queries about this request do not hesitate to contact me quoting the reference number as above.

Kind Regards

Freedom of Information / Information Governance
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Walsall Manor Hospital
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Macmillan Kirstie (5M3) Walsall PCT,

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Dear Matthew,
Please find attached our response to your Freedom of Information request.

Kind Regards,

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Matthew Haywood

Dear Kirstie

I am a little confused as to the answered supplied to my questions 4 and 5. IN question 4, how is it possible for the Trust to have e.g. 502.5 beds?!! This I do not udnerstand, can you clear it up for me please?

Also in question 5, it states patients turnover, however the data is e.g. "71.48" - how can the number of cases in the trust possibly be decimalised?

Please clarify this for me!

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Haywood

Freedom Of Information \(RBK\) Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust,

Good Afternoon Matthew

Thank you for your email.

For question 4, the number of beds in the Trust flexes on a near daily basis making it unrepresentative to use the number of beds on a given day as reflective of the year as a whole. Therefore, the figure of 502.5 beds is an average figure for the number of beds available over the one year period.

In the same vein, the answer to question 5 is again an average ratio and so will contain a fractional element.

I hope this has suitably clarified our response to your request.

Kind Regards


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