Dear Alsager Town Council,

I would like to check matters concerning Alsagers approch to The Vault in Alsager. Did Alsager once support an objection to The Vault and its proposed licensing hours, and what were those objections, which I assume are documented?

I discovered it is possible that Alsager withdrew objections to the licensing hours. Who or what committee withdrew objections, what reasons were discussed and documented, and who from The Vault met with councillors from Alsager? What councillor names are recorded as attending any meeting with The Vault, the architect, or the building owner to discuss concerns, and on what date?

It would also be of interest to know which town councillors declared a personal interest in matters relating to The Vault, its architect and building owner, prior to discussing original planning permission over a year ago, and which town councillors are declaring a personal interest in The Vault, the owner of the building, the architect or suppliers at this time, prior to retrospective plannig permission being applied for this Autumn 2022.

There are nine questions in this request. Please answer all of them, thank you for your cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Seb Ludlow

Deputy Clerk,

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Dear Seb Ludlow,

Further to your email below, I can confirm that Alsager Town Council considered Planning Application number 21/3656C on 17 December 2021, attached are the comments of the Town Councils Planning Committee that were forwarded to Cheshire East Council.

Alsager Town Council considered an application for a premises licence on 23 August 2022, attached are the minutes of the Town Councils Planning Committee and objections were forwarded to Cheshire East. Objections were withdrawn by the Town Council in an email to Cheshire East Council.

Alsager Town Council considered a retrospective planning application on 25 October 2022 and deferred making a decision until the Planning Committee meeting to be held on 15 November 2022.

If any individual Councillor has met with representatives of the Vault, those councillors should declare an interest, this will be recorded in the Planning Committee minutes which can be found on the Town Councils website.

You are, of course, welcome to attend the Town Councils Planning Committee on 15 November and speak in the public participation session on this matter, the agenda for this meeting will be posted on the Town Councils website in due course.

Mrs Carol Bagnall
Deputy Town Clerk
Alsager Town Council

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