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Dear Gloucestershire County Council,

I would like information on the library service.

1.For the past five years can I have your library CIPFA Submissions. To avoid confusion below is a request to another authority for their data:

CIPFA charge the public for this information that is paid for by the taxpayer and other authorities have released their submissions without issue because they already exist so I cannot see how it would involve any cost or further work.

2. Can I have a diagram of the management and support structure of the library service which banded salary information for each role? Because the salaries are banded I cannot see any issue with releasing this data. Again to avoid confusion please see the information released by Oxfordshire county council:

The structure:

The management/professional/service support:

Also can you make sure any spreadsheet data you release is kept in its original format and not converted to PDF.

Yours faithfully,

Trevor Craig,

Freedom of Information questions/information requests, Gloucestershire County Council

Dear Trevor Craig

We have just sent you an acknowledgement to a very similar request to this. Please be aware that as this request is so similar we will be treating it as the same request.

Yours faithfully

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Yes please treat them as the same request, I logged it a second time by mistake. I will close one of the requests on the "what do they know" site.

With kind regards,

Trevor Craig

Ganesh Sittampalam left an annotation ()

I have marked this request as withdrawn to reflect that it is a duplicate of

Ganesh - WhatDoTheyKnow volunteer