Liam Kelly CEO of Make CIC & Erika Ruston and a £50,000 cash payment from a Liverpool car park! Why?

Roberts made this Freedom of Information request to Liverpool City Council

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Dear Liverpool City Council,

FOI on the persons and companies below.

Liam Kelly CEO of Make CIC, Chair of Baltic Triangle Area CIC 16 Jordan Street Liverpool.
Consultant Everton Football Club Consultant, Beautiful Ideas Co. CIC

1] We are requesting all information on this person [Liam Kelly] who was involved in the Liverpool city council car park as a consultant and was given a £50.000 payment from the Beautiful Ideas company.

2] Has the Liverpool city council in the past ever funded Liam Kelly or his company?

3] Has the Mayor of Liverpool [Joe Anderson] ever funded any of his companies?

4] Has the Mayor of Liverpool ever funded ‘Erika Ruston’ and Baltic Creative CIC company, in the Baltic Area?

5] Has Liverpool city council, and ‘Joe Anderson’ in the past given any grants to, Liam Kelly, or his company and or to Erika Ruston, and or to the ‘Baltic Creative CIC’ or had any hidden links to Baltic Creative CIC?

6] Can the Liverpool city council explain how then Baltic Creative CIC got the land and the units to start off with and was this from the council?

7] Can the Liverpool City Council explain as to who owns the units and land that 'Baltic Creative CIC seen to own and or control, does it all belong to the city of Liverpool?

8] ] We would wish to have all the background information on this matter to forward to the Government inspector Mr. Max Caller, with a file we hold and a number of whistle-blowers, who hold past information of sky high rents in the Baltic Area due to Baltic Creative CIC, wanting them out.

How do we forward this to Mr. Caller please?

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Roberts and Co Liverpool