Liability orders.

Tyrone Armatage made this Freedom of Information request to Glasgow City Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Glasgow City Council did not have the information requested.

Tyrone Armatage

Dear Glasgow City Council,

Hello, If a liability order is issued against an individual for non payment of council tax, from where can a copy of the original order be obtained to prove it exists?

Yours faithfully,

Tyrone Armatage

Customer Care Centre, Glasgow City Council

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Dickson, John (Revenues), Glasgow City Council

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Date  3 August  2017  


Mr Tyrone Armatage  



Sent by email to: [FOI #420401 email]



Dear Tyrone,


Freedom Of Information  Request



I refer to your recent Freedom of Information Request which I received on

21 July 2017, wherein you asked that certain information be supplied to
you, namely :-


“….If a liability order is issued against an individual for non payment of
council tax, from where can a copy of the original order be obtained to
prove it exists?”



The Council is treating your request as a request under the Freedom of
Information (Scotland) Act 2002.


I am to advise you, liability orders are not issued in Scotland for
Council Tax arrears. Consequently, Glasgow City Council does not hold the
information which you have requested. Neither does anyone else hold it on
our behalf. Accordingly we are unable to comply with your request.


For your information, where a chargepayer fails to make payment in
accordance with the most recently issued demand notice and subsequent
follow-up notices, the Council would make application to the Sheriff Court
for a Summary Warrant.


If requested, a chargepayer can make application to the Council for a copy
of their Summary Warrant notice.


I trust the above information is of assistance. However, should you be
dissatisfied with the way Glasgow City Council has dealt with your request
you are entitled to require the council to review its decision.  Please
note that for a review to take place you must:


Lodge a written requirement for a review within 40 working days of the
date of this letter. Include a correspondence address and a description of
the original request and the

reason why you are dissatisfied.


Address your request to the :


Director of Governance and Solicitor to the Council

Glasgow City Council

City Chambers

George Square

Glasgow G2 1DU


Email: [1][email address]


You will receive notice of the results of the review within 20 working
days of receipt of your request.  The notice will state the decision
reached by the reviewing officer as well as details of how to appeal to
the Scottish Information Commissioner if you are still dissatisfied with
the Council’s response.  You must request an internal review by the
Council before a complaint can be directed to the Scottish Information
Commissioner.  For your information at this stage, an appeal can be made
to the Scottish Information Commissioner by contacting her office as
follows if you do remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the Council’s
review decision -  


Address: Kinburn Castle, Doubledykes Road, St Andrews, KY16 9DS.

Email: [2][email address]

Telephone: 01334 464610

You can also use the Scottish Information Commissioner’s online appeal
service to make an application for a decision:



Please note that you cannot make an appeal to the Scottish Information
Commissioner until you have first requested an internal review by the



If you wish to submit a complaint to the Council in relation to the manner
in which it has handled your request for information then you can do so by
requesting that the Council review its decision. Details of how to request
a review are set out in the above paragraph “Right of Review”.


Yours sincerely



John Dickson

Executive Compliance Officer

Financial Services


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Dear Dickson, John (Revenues),

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Tyrone Armatage