Length of time To investigate a complaint

ismail made this Freedom of Information request to General Council of the Bar
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Dear General Council of the Bar,

I made a complaint about Ms Kuljit bhogal in September 2011. The complaint was dealt by Catherine Mitchell and she kept the file for long. Later this year, Mr david Abrahams took over the complaint and carried on an investigation. He requested many information and I did provide him. He then comes up with an order of a transcript of a particular hearing carried out in Bow County Court last year.

Upon several communications, he re-instates that he is still waiting for Bow County Court.Below is his email:

Dear Mrs Ismail

Thank you for your email. I think you must be referring to the existing transcript of the judgment of HHJ Redgrave on 26 September 2011. You allege that Miss Bhogal was guilty of professional misconduct in the course of the hearing before HHJ Redgrave. It is therefore necessary to obtain the transcript of the hearing. I am sorry that there have been delays in obtaining this transcript. However, the investigation cannot be concluded until that transcript is obtained. I hope to receive it next week. It should then be possible to conclude the investigation.

Yours sincerely

David Abrahams

Senior Case Officer

Investigations and Hearings Team

I have sent various request to him to conclude the complaint as this has taken so long,nevertheless no reply was provided.

Iwill be thankful if you could tell me how long a complaint takes to be investigated and whether it is fair to wait that long.

Yours faithfully,

mrs ismail