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Graham of the family: Axtell made this Freedom of Information request to Gravesham Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Graham of the family: Axtell

Dear Gravesham Borough Council,

Please provide the exact legislation including section and subsection that allows you to issue your own court summons with magistrates court headings and photocopied signatures.

Do all council officers need to swear an oath? and if so do they need to swear the oath annually?
What is the oath? Who do the officers swear the oath to?

Yours faithfully,

By: Graham of the family: Axtell

Customer Services, Gravesham Borough Council

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your email. This has been passed to our Freedom of Information Officer for their attention. If you have anymore queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,

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Freedom, Gravesham Borough Council

Dear Graham of the family: Axtell


Further to your request for information regarding the legislation that
allows us to issue a court summons, please see the information below.


This is the authority to apply for a summons;


SI 1992 No.613 - The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement)
Regulations 1992 Application for liability order Section 34 states:


(1) If an amount which has fallen due under [paras. (3) or (4) of reg. 23
(including those paras as applied as mentioned in reg. 28A(2)] is wholly
or partly unpaid, or (in a case where a final notice is required under
regulation 33) the amount stated in the final notice is wholly or partly
unpaid at the expiry of the period of 7 days beginning with the day on
which the notice was issued, the billing authority may, in accordance with
paragraph (2), apply to a magistrates' court for an order against the
person by whom it is payable.


(2) The application is to be instituted by making complaint to a justice
of the peace, and requesting the issue of a summons directed to that
person to appear before the court to show why he has not paid the sum
which is outstanding.


A complaint is laid by emailing the chief clerk of our area who then
considers our complaint list and then confirms by email if it has been
granted and we then print the summonses with a facsimilie of his signature
on it. It is not a photocopied signature it is a printed signature.


Case law - R v Brentford Justices ex parte Caitlin states that a
facsimilie signature is acceptable as long as the actual complaint has
been properly considered by a Justice of the Peace, or delegated to a
Clerk to the Justices by the Justice of the Peace.


So who actually prints and posts the summons is not relevant as long as
the complaint has been correctly considered and granted by the appropriate
court official.     


When submitting evidence we always either take the oath or affirm before
making the application for bulk liability orders. It isn't required
annually as the evidence given is solely for that particular hearing, and
must be taken each time evidence is submitted.


I trust this information is of help to you.



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