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Dear Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland,

I have notice an increase in people looking into! lets call it freeman on the land sort of stuff. personally I am in two minds about their teaching on the one hand I can see the massive benefit to our police if people stand up and take responsibility for their own actions, but I can also see that it would directly damage the "legal" system of law that the society system uses.

I have looked into the contractual side of the society, and to be honest I cannot find a contract, yet the people living on the land mass "Scotland or UK" are forced to follow all the society rules
1, Is this not slavery? when people are not given personal responsibility and are forced to follow rules regardless of their lawfulness or unlawfulness?
2, these freemen claim that statute law requires "consent" before statutes are given the force of law is this correct?
3,if question two is not correct what gives statutes the force of law?
4, if question 2 is correct why do the police enforce it without the individuals consent?
5, reading some statute laws on the website, these "laws" only or mostly talk about "offences" rather than "crimes" are the police here to enforce company/government policy "offences" or are the police here to uphold the peace?
6, how may fixed penalty notices have been issued in the last 6 moths or year lets say for traffic offences?
7, how may fixed penalty notices have been issued for people on their way to burgle or rob a property in the same period?

Thank you in advance for your reply and assistance in my endeavour of understanding and knowledge

Yours faithfully,

D C I Taggart

Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland

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