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Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Wigan and Leigh Homes Limited should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Wigan and Leigh Housing Company,

I emailed your Freedom of Information Officer, Mr Maurice Leigh regarding this Freedom of Information Request, but as I have not received an acknowledgement, I thought it would be in everyone's interest to have this in the public domain for peer scrutiny, so we can avoid the usual "we didn't get it" or "It was lost" scenarios.

Under the Freedom of Information 2000 I would like to request the following information:

1. Where do you derive your authority from if you are a private limited company? Please provide recorded proof of status that shows Wigan & Leigh Housing Company Limited, to be a Local Authority, as defined by the Housing Act 1985.

2. As a private company, show me recorded proof that Local Housing Authorities Acts and Statutes apply to Wigan & Leigh Housing Company Limited or provide recorded proof why they do not.

3. You have cited in one of your communications with me that the “The Secure Tenants of Local Authorities (Compensation for Improvements) Regulations 1994” is in effect. Please provide recorded proof that this regulation applies to Wigan & Leigh Housing Company Limited, as it is my understanding that this applies to Local Authorities only.

4. Have Wigan & Leigh Housing Company Limited (or in the past) claimed money, grants or financial relief that are exclusively reserved for Local Authorities? if so, please provide details, including any contact details for organisations or entities that you received this assistance from?

5. Are you claiming (or have claimed) at any time, any monies where you have represented yourself as a Local Authority? If so, please give details of these organisations along with their contact details and any recorded proof you hold?

6. Wigan Borough Council have stated that they are the Local Authority. As you claim to be the Local Authority for housing, can you provide me with recorded proof showing your legal title and any applicable Acts or Statutes that enable Wigan & Leigh Housing Company Limited, to use the status of Local Housing Authority and the powers that accompany that status?

7. Are you, Wigan & Leigh Housing Company Limited, a privately owned company? It is my understanding that you are a private company. Please provide any recorded proof you hold to show the ownership of this company.

8. Wigan Council in a recent FoI have claimed that they do not have any franchises and brand names operating, but your website claims that this company is owned wholly by Wigan Council. Please show me recorded proof of your website's claims?

Yours faithfully,

A Ratchford

R Austin left an annotation ()

This response is late.

They responded in private and pass this FoI to WMBC for review.

here is a link to the review request.